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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Saturday, May 7, 1910

Ben Kricken                                                            Ionia, Kans.

W. E. Rolf and Wife                                        Wesigh?, Nebr.

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

J. F. Ball                                                                     Peoria, Ill.

J. V. Brasfield

L. H. Corse                                                            Kansas City

G. W. Corse                                                          Kansas City

Mr. & Mrs. L. F. Erickson                                     Red Oak, Ia.

Robb                                                                      Red Oak, Ia.

C. V. Blade                                                         Stanton , Iowa

J. B. Bridges                                                           Arcola, Mo.

Amos Anderson                                                 Conrad , Neb.

S. G. Anderson & Wife                                      Conrad , Neb.

C. F. Dixon                                                              Arcola, Mo.

Robt. Boyd                                                         Larned, Kans.

T. R. Montgomery                                            Dighton? Kans

J. F. Ladd                                                     San Angelo , Tex.

Chas. Bursott?                                                       Tamms,? Ill.

J. L. Meeker                                                      Larned , Kans.

O. L. Jones                                                                  Joliet , Ill.

Tina Pickle                                                          Blessing, Tex.

Clyde A. Hibbs                                             Collegeport , Tex.

Bryan Perry                                                       Telephone Co.

Murrah Crosby                                                  Telephone Co.

Chas. Fay                                                        Waterloo , Iowa

S. S. Kiehl                                                    Collegeport , Tex.

Mr. & Mrs. Wood & Family

W. R. Sutterfield (marked out)


Sunday, May 8, 1910

Theo Smith                                                                          City

J. B. McCain                                                                        City

Geo. Hill                                                                                City

H. N. Sholl & Family                                                            City

Adolph Fenske?                                                          Houston

Ben Kierken?                                                        Ionia , Kans.

H. G. Galeel & Mrs.                                        Larned, Kansas

Miss Loula Repsdorph                                       Houston, Tex.

Wm. M. Glasser                                                   College Port

Arthur Larson                                                                       City

Miss Kendrick with Mr. Lake                                              City

Mr. & Mrs. Edmonds

Mr. & Mrs. Gables (marked out)                               De Moss


Monday, May 9, 1910

Adolph Fenske                                                   Houston, Tex.

Amos Anderson                                                     Collegeport

Louis Hirsch                                                                          Ho.

Chas. Morris                                                                Palacios


Tuesday, May 10, 1910

C. W. Nirvill?                                                Stamford , _____

Mrs. C. E. Duller "with Miss Fay"

W. C. Lloyd                                                                  Bay City

Wednesday, May 11, 1910

Geo. Kane                                                        De Moss , Tex.

R. A. Thompson?                                        ?

Wm. S. Gosney "The Texas Co."                               Houston

E. L. Ives                                                                 Collegeport

O. C. Bundick                                                    Markham, Tex.


Thursday, May 12, 1910

W. D. Pack                                                                  St. Louis

Theo Smith                                                                          City

N. C. Sweet                                                                        D. H.

Geo. V. Kane                                                               DeMoss


Friday, May 13, 1910

Theo Smith                                                                          City

G. S. Gideon

W. R. Sutterfield


Saturday, May 14, 1910

S. L. Bay                                                          Richmond , Mo.

J. Westfall                                                        Laurance? Kas.

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

E. S. Darling

Geo. Southwell                                                            Bay City

Mr. Jim Finnegan                                                        Chicago

H. Simon                                                                       Bay City

Mr. Pfeiffer

E. E. Wood                                         

W. R. Sutterfield

Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Trego

Mr. & Mrs. McCain


Sunday, May 15, 1910

J. B. Leaman                                                      Blessing, Tex.

B. J. Leaman                                                      Blessing, Tex.

Theo Smith                                                                          City

K. H. Kahnt

G. J. Hill

Glen Miller "with Delaplain"                                 Citrus Grove

Wm. M. Glasser

Geo. V. Kane


Monday, May 16, 1910

Miss Kendrick "with Mr. Lake"

E. B. Wallers (marked out) with Lake


Tuesday, May 17, 1910

Chas. Tew                                                                    Bay City

Mr. & Mrs. McCain                                                              City

N. C. Sweet                                                                        D. H.


Wedn'day, May 18, 1910

M. J. Endres                                                                         Ho.

Mrs. Gaumer

A. B. Pierce                                                       Blessing, Tex.

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

N. C. Sweet                                                                  Dena H.


Thursday, May 19, 1910

Theo Smith                                                              Cport, Tex.

Jno. T. Price                                                                Palacios

E. E. Wood                                                                  Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                        D. H.

P. C. Winor?                                                              K. C., Mo.

Ben Long                                                                             City

Theo Smith

McCain & Wife

A. H. Wehahn?                                              Great Bend , Ks.

C. E. Gates                                                    Great Bend , Ks.

Guy S. Hutchinson                                                     De Moss

Dayton Hutchinson                                                              City

Ellis Ives                                                                               City

E. J. Travis, " with Millikin"


Saturday, May 21, 1910

Theo Smith

E. L. Ives                                                                 Collegeport

E. C. Ives                                                                Collegeport

Geo. A. Isold                                                         Red Oak, Ia.

P. D. Clark                                                             Red Oak, Ia.

J. L. Thomson                                                        Freeport , Ill.

George Graff                                                         Freeport , Ill.

A. B. Taylor                                                            Seneca, Ills.

T. M. Pine                                                       Jennings , Kans.

W. H. Pardue                                                                   Dallas

Matt Pierce                                                                  Red Oak

Geo. T. Southwell                                                        Bay City

J. V. Brasfield                                                              Chicago

E. T. Milligan                                                                    Dallas

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

P. C. Winor                                                  Kansas City , Mo.

A. E. Allen                                                                            City

Chas. Woodland and Wife                                                City

W. Verne Batchelder                         

Carl Pielstick


Sunday, May 22, 1910

L. C. Davis                                                Citrus grove, Texas

K. H. Kahnt                                                                          City

H. N. Sholl & Wife                              

Murrah Crosby                                                 Telephone Man

Bryan Perry                                                      Telephone Man

Miss Kendrick                                                                     City

Mr. Glasser

W. Verne Batchelder                         

I. M. Glasser                                                                         City

Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Trego                                           Poco Agua


Monday, May 23, 1910 "Skidoo"

Theo Smith                                                                           City

W. R. Sutterfield

Miss Myrtle Morris                                                             City?

N. C. Sweet                                                                  Dena H.

A. F. Livers                                                                           City

Mr. & Mrs. McCain                              

Louis Hirsch                                                                 Houston

A. Morris                                                                              City

L. W. Brown                                                                 Bay City


Tuesday, May 24, 1910

Theo Smith                                                         Cport & Citrus

G. S. Gideon                                                                    Citrus

W. M. Hill                                             

H. A. Clapp                                                                           CP

Mr. Trego "with P. C. Winor"

W. R. Sutterfield

G. A. Delaplain                                   

Geo. Hill

H. N. Sholl & wife                                                                 City

O. L. Jones                                                                  Joliet , Ill.

Frank Bieth                                                                  Joliet , Ill.

Wm. S. Hipp?                                                               Houston

E N. Green                                                                    Houston

Mr. Gillespie


Wedn'day, May 25, 1910

Geo. Groff                                                              Freeport , Ill.

J. L. Thoman                                                          Freeport , Ill.

E. S. Heyser                                            Simpsonville , Texas


The Homecrofters celebrate Collegeport Day

   Harry Austin Clapp

   Mrs. Louise Van Ness Clapp

   Mrs. C. Van Ness


Theo Smith

J. G. White                                                                  Bossley?

G. E. Smith                                                                  Palacios

Ira L. Smith                                                                  Blessing

Dora Smith                                                                  Blessing

Jno. Price                                                                    Palacios

A. Maroni                                                                             City

C. Henry Harrington                                                            City

Eldon Travis

Shelby A. Harrington                                                           City

W. R. Farquhar

C. H. Judin & Wife

W. H. Travis

Mrs. W. A. Travis

A. J. Palmer

Miss? Taylor

W. R. Laroch

E. C. Van Ness & Wife & Daughter

W. M. Hill


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