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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

May 25, 1910

Thos. W. Jones

Wm. M. Glasser

D. D. Rittenhouse

L. C. Davis                           Citrus grove, Texas

I. M. Glasser                                                   City

S. F. Perry                                              Palacios

G. W. Perry                                            Palacios

J. B. Leaman & daughter                      Blessing

Miss Johnson

A. C. Allen                                                       City

C. E. Wakefield                                             City

Mr. Lawrence

A. Morris                                                         City

W. Verne Batchelder                                    City

J. W. Sanders

H. Heath

Miss Kendrick                                                City

Mr. & Mrs. V. E. Melberg                      Palacios

Guy F. Perry                                           Palacios

G. N. Doss                                             Palacios

G. L. Tull                                                 Palacios

O. A. Rittenhouse                                  Palacios

Miss Mount                                             Palacios

Hugh Powell                                           Palacios

Miss Shuman                                         Palacios

J. D. Evans

Mrs. J. D. Evans

J. J. Gillespie                                          Houston

H. Black                                                           City

Geo. Hill                                              

L. C. Sellers                                                    City

Henry Dean                                                     City

J. B. Leaman & Daughter                     Blessing

Iniss?  Johnson                                  

C. B. Dierke                                                   City

Howard N. Sholl & Wife & Boy                     City

A. Morris                                                         City

V. Batchelor  with Morris

J. E. Groce                                              Bay City

Guy Hutchinson                                     De Moss

Layton Hutchinson                                 De Moss

R. L. Orr & Wife                           Palacios , Tex.

Robert Lee Orr

Miss Alma Hairston                    Rockdale, Tex.

Master Hienz Keuman               Rockdale , Tex.

W. J. Watkins                                        Ft. Worth

E. F. Blakeman                                             Hou.


Thursday, May 26, 1910

Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Trego                          Palacios

Theo Smith                                                     City

Wm. Pfeiffer

Mr. & Mrs. Van Ness (marked out)


Friday, May 27, 1910

Theo Smith                                                     City

Geo Hill                                               

N. C. Sweet                                                  D. H.

G. M. Magill                                             Bay City

Mrs. J. W. Magill & baby                        Bay City

Mr. Cherry                                               Bay City

Mr. Glasser                                                     City

E. E. Wood & Wife                                    Pecan

Mr. & Mrs. Gillespie & Daughter

O. Hutchinson                                              Joliet


Saturday, May 28, 1910

Theo Smith                                                     City

E. L. Ives                                            Collegeport

Ellis C. Ives                                        Collegeport

Wm. M. Glasser                                Collegeport

Harrington Bros. "With Millikin"

Mr. & Mrs. Van Ness


Sunday, May 29, 1910

A. Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Van Ness                                     City

Wm. M. Glasser

R. Leach

Mr. M. Black "with Mr. Gillespie"         Satsuma

                                                           (Citrus City)

H. Kendrick                                    Waco , Texas


Monday, May 30, 1910

Theo Smith                                                     City

W. D. Wagner                                         Houston


Tuesday, May 31, 1910

Chas Tew                                                Bay City

H. Norris                                                  Houston

Col. J. N. Simpson                                     Dallas

Miss Beadle                                    Simpsonville

Miss Hope                                       Simpsonville

C. H. Trego

D. Hutchinson                                        Joliet , Ill.

Theo Smith                                         

H. N. Sholl & wife

Louis Walter "von New York "

J. O. Murphy                                           Blessing


Wedn'day, June 1, 1910

Mr. and Mrs. Van Ness                                 City

Theo Smith                                         

E. E. Wood                                                 Pecan


Thursday, June 2, 1910

B. R. Benjamin                                             Cinti.

Jake Armstrong                                             N.O.


Theo Smith                                                     City

Hermon F. Lloyd                                     Houston


Friday, June 3, 1910

H_______ Mercer                    Beaumont , Tex.

Roy Sh_______                                  Palacios?

C. J. Hill                                                   Bay City

Ned Hawkins                                          Bay City

L. W. Brown                                            Bay City

Geo. E. Serrill                                         Bay City

W. R. Sutterfield

R. M. Wynne                                           Bay City


Saturday, June 4, 1910

G. Edwin Lipsitt

Theo Smith

W. R. Sutterfield

J. B. McCain

D. Hutchinson                                         Joliet, Ill.

Mr. McCain

Mr. Repsdorph


Sunday, June 5, 1910

E. L. Ives                                            Collegeport

E. C. Ives                                           Collegeport

Mr. & Mrs. Van Ness & Daughter

Verne Batchelder

Wm. M. Glasser

Mr. K. H. Kahnt

Isaac Miller "with Geo. E. B."

Carl E. Pielstick                                             City

N. C. Sweet                                                  D. H.

W. H. Lock & Wife                            Collegeport

J. B. McCain


Monday, June 6, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                   City

Mr. Repsdorph                                        Houston

G. L. Tull                                                  Palacios

Theo Smith                                                     City

L. Hirsch                                                          Ho.

Mrs. J. R. Keethly & Daughter               Houston

Royal A. F____                             Dallas, Texas

John N. Simpson                           Dallas, Texas


Tuesday, June 7, 1910

Chas. Tew                                               Bay City

_____ Clarkson                                              Ho.

L. D. Slocum                                           Bay City

Theo Smith                                                     City

John H. Roach                              Blessing, Tex.

L. D. Slocum                                           Bay City


Wedn'day, June 8, 1910

L. D. Slocum                                           Bay City

L. S. Green & Party                                Houston

Rich Love                                             El Campo

E. L. Ives                                     Bloomington, Ill.

E. C. Ives                                           Collegeport

Mrs. H. N. Sholl & Dwight                   

C. T. Norwood                                Humble, Tex.

C. V. Sparks                                   Humble, Tex.

Mr. & Mrs. Murphy                        Blessing, Tex.

John H. Roach                              Blessing, Tex.

N. C. Sweet                                             Dena H.

L. C. Sellers                                                    City


Thursday, June 9, 1910

W. Verne Batchelder                                     City

Theo Smith                                   Cport & Citrus

Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Trego                          Palacios

W. O. Tice                              Dresden , Kansas

S. S. Kiehl                                                       City

Geo. Yeager, Jr. (marked out)              Bay City

H. W. Yeager                                          Bay City

Jno. H. Walton                                        Palacios


Friday, June 10, 1910

W. R. Sutterfield                                     Palacios

H. W. Yeager                                          Bay City

Geo. Yeager                                           Bay City

W. V. Batchelder

J. S. Harris                                          


Saturday, June 11, 1910

Jno. H. Walton                                        Palacios

Theo Smith                                                     City

S. W. Corse

L. H. Corse

W. H. Rife

J. V. Batchelder & Wife                       Henry , Ill.

Geo. E. Ackerman & Wife       Kaneville, Illinois

Phil Pollock                               Kenosha , Wisc.

W. P. Harman                         Kansas City , Mo.

L. F. Erickson                                  Red Oak, Ia.

Louis Stratz                                Fonddulac Wic.

W. D. Morrison                                        Kansas

G. M. Magill                                            Bay City

T.? H. Jones & Wife & Family              Bay City

Mrs. E. Stafford                                San Antonio

Miss J. Sadler                                  San Antonio

G. A. Delaplain                                               City

A. Maroni                                                        City

John Heneisen, Jr.?          Great Bend, Kansas

Jno. M. Cabott                            Bay City, Texas

J. R. Green                                    Kerwin, Kans.

Jas. P. Cherry


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