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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Tuesday, June 28, 1910

J. B. Stiteler & Wife                                                     Dallas

Geo. Murphy                                                            Sherman

H. Wood                                                                   St. Louis

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

W. J. Watkins                                                 Corpus Christi

Roy Shuman?                                     

John W. Hansel                                                        Chicago

Mrs. John W. Hansel                                               Chicago

J. O. Murphy                                                             Blessing

D. W. Murphy                                                           Blessing


Wedn'day, June 29, 1910

Miss Mattie? Grace                                               Lane City

Miss Emma Sebly?                                                Palacios

G. Louran?                                                               Palacios

W. J. Watkins                                                 Corpus Christi

S. ___ Davis & Wife

Mrs. C. E. Duller & Children                                   Blessing

Vivian E. Roach                                                       Blessing

Mr.  & Mrs. J. O. Murphy                                         Blessing

Ellis C. Ives                                                                      City

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

John N. Simpson                                              Simpsonville

Helen Beadle                                                    Simpsonville

Mrs. Nola Underwood                                             St. Louis

Mr. Mrs. B. D. Hurd                                                          City

L. C. Sellers                                                         Síville, Tex.


Thursday, June 30, 1910

Amos F. Johnson

Geo. Hill                                                                            City

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

J. W. Magill                                                               Bay City

Mrs. Jno. Magill                                                        Bay City

Lucille Magill                                                             Bay City

Ealena Harris?                                                        Angleton

Abbie Harris                                                            Angleton

Jas. P. Cherry

Jas. O. Murphy                                                         Blessing


Friday, July 1, 1910

A. E. Wickham                                                        Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                   D. H.

J. O. Murphy                                                             Blessing

J. M. Ayres                                                               Bay City

Ellis C. Ives                                                                      City

Uhland Cary                                               Collegeport, Tex.


Saturday, July 2, 1910

A. K. Peterson                                                      Fort Worth

Chas. C. Johnson                                      Rockport, Texas

J. W. Canada                                                           Houston

H. R_____ & Wife                                             San Antonio

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

G. M. Magill                                                              Bay City

J. M. Ayres                                          

Geo. Hill

Mr. Rugeley


Sunday, July 3, 1910

E. L. Ives                                                             Collegeport

Mr. & Mrs. L. G. Cobb                                        Citrusgrove

Ben Dobbs? and Wife                                     Citrus Grove

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

F. H. Jones                                                               Bay City

Chas. E. Duller                                               Blessing, Tex.

Mrs. Chas. E. Duller                                       Blessing, Tex.

Alice E. Duller                                                 Blessing, Tex.

Gertrude R. Duller                                          Blessing, Tex.

Chas. Ethan Duller, Jr.                                   Blessing, Tex.

Geo. Dixon                                                               Blessing

___ Pugh?                                                      Blessing, Tex.

V. H. Harding                                                           Blessing

J. M. Ayres


Monday, July 4, 1910

Harry Austin Clapp          The Homecrofters

Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp   The Homecrofters

Mrs Phoebe Ann Warren Van Ness   The Homecrofters

E. L. Ives                                                             Collegeport

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

H. N Sholl & Wife                                                             City

K. H. Kahnt


Tuesday, July 5, 1910

J. A. Badger                                                                 Austin

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.


Wedn'day, July 6, 1910

Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Wood & Family                               Pecan

Miss Louise Green                                                   Yoakum

Miss Dorothy Kirkland                                       Rio Grande

Chas. Tew                                                                Bay City

D. D. Rittenhouse                                                    Palacios

W. M. Teal                                                                Palacios

E. N. Green                                                               Houston

J. J. Gillespie                                                            Houston

J. M. Ayres                                                                Houston


Thursday, July 7, 1910

P. F. Waters                                                             Houston

Dr. J. R. Elliott                                                          Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

Ellis Ives                                                                            City

Mrs. Hansel "off for Chicago after dinner"



Friday, July 8, 1910

L. D. Slocum                                                             Bay City

M. A. Travis "with Mr. Hansel"                                        City

H. N. Sholl                                                                         City

Col. Simpson                                      

J. B. Swansey                                                  Bay City , Tx.

Ben Cary

Mr. Rugeley                                                              Bay City


Saturday, July 9, 1910

O. C. Arnold                                                             Palacios

D. Brooks                                                  Indianapolis , Ind.

Mrs. Waldron                                              Bay City , Texas

Mr. & Mrs. E E. Wood & Family                                Pecan

N. T. Pickle                                                     Blessing, Tex.

A. D. Duffy                                                 Collegeport, Tex.

Orland Cary                                               Collegeport, Tex.

________                                                               Red Oak

M. Payne?                                                               Red Oak

Guy G. Eidman                                                         Bay City

Louis Stratz & Wife & 2 children               Fondu Lac Wis.

Bert Shores                                                   Wichita , Kans.

M. C. Petermann                                           Goldfield, Nev.

J. V. Brasfield                                                    Chicago , Ill.

Chas. Flor?                                                   Griswold [Iowa]

Chas Brattain                                               Griswold [Iowa]

F. W. Ponder                                                 Griswold, Iowa

F. L. Thompson                                            Hamburg, Iowa

C. F. Nord                                               Plattsmouth, Nebr.

H. Boggess                                                       Red Oak, Ia.

M. E. Barrett                                                Indianapolis , In.

Matt Pierce                                                              Red Oak

L. F. Erickson                                                    Red Oak, Ia.

G. M. Magill & Son                                                   Bay City

Geo. E. Black                                                     Collegeport

V. H. Harding & Wife & Children                           Blessing

Wm. L. Hipp                                                              Houston

J. J. Gillespie                                                   Houston , Tx .


Sunday, July 10, 1910

H. E. Springer                                                    San Antonio

Tipton Grover                                                           Palacios

H. Black                                                                            City

O. A. Greenwood                                                    Palacios

K. H. Kahnt

E. L. Ives                                                             Collegeport

Ellis Ives                                                              Collegeport

W. V. Batchelder                                                             City

H. N. Sholl and Wife                              City of Collegeport

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

Arthur Larson                                                                   City

Luther Peters                                                     Red Oak, Ia.

Amelia Larson                                                   Red Oak, Ia.

Jennie Peters                                                    Red Oak, Ia.

S. J. McDonald

J. W. Shuey                                                         Citrusgrove

Uhland Cary                                               Collegeport, Tex.


Monday, July 11, 1910

G. D. Greenhart?                                                      Ganado

Miss Crozier

Theo Smith

Mr. Bonner                                                               Palacios

E. E. Wood                                                                  Pecan

N. C. Sweet                                                              Dena H.

Geo. C. MacDonald "Off after breakfast for Chicago "


Tuesday, July 12, 1910

L. W. Brown                                                              Bay City

N. L. Smith                                              Logical point 1915

Wm. J. Kroschel                                                      Houston

J. W. Ayres


Wedn'day, July 13, 1910

L. Hirsch                                                                             Ho.

Amos Ward                                                                  Dallas

W. Carpenter                                                 Bay City , Tex.

E. E. Wood                                                                  Pecan

Mrs. Waldron                                                           Bay City


Thursday, July 14, 1910

Mr.? ______                                                      Dallas , Tex.

W. R. Sutterfield

John W. Hansel "off for Houston after B"


Friday, July 15, 1910

G. L. Tull                                                                   Palacios

Virgil A. Freeman                                                    Palacios


Saturday, July 16, 1910

W. R. Sutterfield

Chas. E. Harding                                                Chicago, Ill.

E. E. Wood & family                                                   Pecan

J. H. Pridgen Jr.                                                      Palacios

R. E. R______ M.D.                                               Palacios


Sunday, July 17, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                    D. H.

E. L. Ives                                                             Collegeport

Ellis Ives                                                              Collegeport

E. L. Gabel                                                                       City

H. A. Bybee                                                              Houston

J. R. Pontus?                                                             Victoria

McCain & Wife                                   

J. J. Gillespie                                                            Houston


Monday, July 18, 1910

Roy C. Keeley "with Geo. E. B."


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