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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Sunday, Aug. 7, 1910

E. E. Wood & Family                                                     Pecan

Mrs. E. E. Wood                                                         Bay City

K. H. Kahnt

W. F. Egan                                                        Houston , Tex.

W. E. Singleton                                                  Denton , Tex.

G. B. Egan                                                          Denton , Tex.

A. A. Highborge? (marked out)                       Bay City , Tex

A. W. G_____ (marked out)                                    Okla. City

Harry Austin Clapp                                     The Homecrofters

Louise Van Ness Clapp                            The Homecrofters

Phoebe Warren Van Ness                        The Homecrofters

E. L. Ives                                                        Bloomington , Ill.

Ed. W. Leach                                                                      City

Kelly? Thormaker?                                   Hunt? Co. ?, Nebr.

Roy Haring?                                                                        City

F____ Leach                                                                      City

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

H. Suppers?

H. N. Sholl & Wife

E. C. Sterling & Wife “with H. N. Sholl”


Monday, Aug. 8, 1910

J. B. McCain

Nelson Sweet


Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1910

Marshall Bell                                       

Roy Keeley, Wife & Daughter                                      Pecan

R. T. Bigelow                                                      Bay City , TX.

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

Theo Smith                                                            Collegeport

F. E. Shires & Wife                                              Elliott , Iowa

Mrs. C. T. Archer                                             Red Oak, Iowa

W. H. Travis

E. N. Sanctuary?                                            Galveston , Tex.

E. H. Sorenson                                                Osceola , Neb.

Mrs. E. H. Sorenson                                        Osceola , Neb.

D. H. Kunkel?                                                   Osceola , Neb.

Mrs. D. H. Kunkel?                                          Osceola , Neb.

Misses Lillian & Althea? Sorenson               Osceola , Neb.


Wedn'day, Aug. 10, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

Theo Smith

C. E. O'Neil                                                                         City

Miss Nannie McGee                                     Bay City , Texas

Jed? Porter                                                                  Victoria


Thursday, Aug. 11, 1910

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

J. H. Roach                                                        Blessing, Tex.

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.


Friday, Aug. 12, 1910

W. R. Sutterfield                                                Palacios, Tex.

L. S. Green                                                                  Houston

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

J. J. Gillespie                                                                      City

A. T. Morris                                                 Jungle Town, Tex.

C. B. Dierke                                                Jungle Town, Tex.

H. E. Wieland                                              Jungle Town, Tex.

Jas. W. Reid                                               Jungle Town, Tex.

M. Gaffney?                                                Jungle Town , Tex.


Saturday, Aug. 13, 1910

J. E. Groce                                                                  Bay City

A. D. Sammuels                                                                N. Y.

Roy Shuman                                                                     Pals.

Theo Smith

W. R. Sutterfield

Frank Rugeley                                                             Bay City

F. S. Crews                                                                    Caney

Frank G. Donell                                              McKinney , Tex.

Ray Lawrence                                                       Collegeport

E. E. Wood & Wife                                                        Pecan

Guy S. Hutchinson                                                         Pecan

J. O. Murphy & Wife                                      Blessing, Texas


Sunday, Aug. 14, 1910

Ray Lawrence                                                                     City

Nelson Sweet                                                              Dena H.

K. H. Kahnt                                                                          City

W. H. Sholl & Wife                                                              City


Monday, Aug. 15, 1910

Col. Simpson                                                                  Dallas

Judge Holman                                                             Bay City

Major Howell                                                             Galveston

Mr. Wilcox                                                                 Galveston

B. D. Hurd                                                                           City

Theo Smith                                                                         City

W. R. Sutterfield                                                         Palacios

A. H? Milstead "with Adams "             

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport


Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

H. N. Sholl & Wife


Wedn'day, Aug. 17, 1910

E. D. Hightower                                                              Dallas

E. S. Hall                                                                      Houston

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

A. B. Pierce                                                       Blessing, Tex.

E. L. Black                                                                   Bay City

J. E. Pierce "with A.B.P. supper"                             Blessing

Jas. L. Pierce "with A.B.P. supper"                         Blessing

Theo Smith


Thursday, Aug. 18. 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.


Friday, Aug. 19, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

C. E. Gates & Wife                                               Collegeport

Chester Gates                                                                Bay P

Theo Smith                                                            Collegeport

G. W. Jones                                                                Bay City

C. C. Dalziel                                                  Gt. Bend , Kans.

Dr. and Mrs. Griffith                                             Freeport , Ill.

Geo. R. Perry                                                       Chicago , Ill.

J. D. Perry                                                            Chicago , Ill.

E. Peters                                                                 Petersfield

W. Gaddis                                                         Caneville?, Ia.

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                              City

H. J. Davis                                                           Burns, Kans.


Saturday, Aug. 20, 1910

Theo Smith

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

E. E. Wood                                                             Pecan City

J. J. Gillespie                                                                      City

John Sloane "gone to Mr. Hurd's"               Bay City , Texas

Guy S. Hutchinson                                           De Moss , Tex.

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

E. J. Giering?                                                        Collegeport

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                               City


Sunday, Aug. 21, 1910

Theo Smith                                                                          City

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                               City

H. A. Clapp                                                                         City

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                                                  City

K. H. Kahnt                                                           College Port

G. J. Hill & Wife                                  


Monday, Aug. 22, 1910

Miss Kate May Gillett?                                              Palacios

Miss Martha Bess Loader                                        Palacios

R. T. Bigelow                                                              Palacios

C. B. Cates                                                                 Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

A.? Gunther                                                      New Braunfels


Tuesday, Aug. 23. 1910

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

Theo Smith                                         

B. F. Dye                                                                        Moody

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

M. O. Hart                                                    New Orleans , La.

Dr. D______ & Wife                                                 Palacios

Mrs. A. E. Kaufman

Mrs. J. H. Pridgen                                                      Palacios

Mrs. W. B. Grizzard & Child                                          Cuero

E. E. Wood & Wife                                                            City

J. J. Gillespie                                                          Pecan City

E. E. Wood & Family                                             Pecan City


Wedn'day, Aug. 24, 1910

R. A. _____ [name covered with date sticker]

John N. Simpson                                

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

F. H. Jones                                                                  Bay City

M. P. _____                                                       Kin_____, Ills.

M. E. Barnett                                                               Bay City

Dr. W. A. Newton                                                       Palacios

G. A. Lake


Thursday, Aug. 25, 1910

Theo Smith

J. P. Parris                                                                 Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

J. J. Gillespie                                                         Jungletown


Friday, Aug. 26, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                     City, Coll.


Saturday, Aug. 27, 1910

E. E. Wood & Family                                        Pecan, Texas

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

J. M. Moore                                                                 Bay City

John N. Simpson                                                            Dallas

Ellis Ives                                                                      Buckeye

Miss Shuey “with Edd Morris”                                Citrus City

G. A. Lake “for supper”                     

J. J. Gillespie                                                   Woodville, Tex.


Sunday, Aug. 28, 1910

H. E. Springer                                                      San Antonio

K. H. Kahnt                                                                          City

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                                                  City

Theo Smith                                                                          City

Mr. & Mrs. Roy C. Keeley & Ruth                                 Pecan

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

D. D. Smith                                                            Lodi , Calif.


Monday, Aug. 29, 1910

Theo Smith                                                                          City

Geo. Austin                                                         Bay City , Tx.

D. D. Rittenhouse                                               Palacios, Tx.

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.


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