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O. B. KONE, Manager

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Sunday, Sept. 18, 1910

W. W. Stribling                                                  Blessing, Tex.

C. E. Duller                                                        Blessing, Tex.

G. J. Phelps                                                       Blessing, Tex.

M. A. Travis & Wife & Boy                                                City

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

S. J. McDonald

A. Morris                                                                             City


Monday, Sept. 19, 1910

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

A. E. Kaufman                                                            Palacios

J. J. Gillespie                                                               Houston

Arthur Larson                                                                      City


Tuesday, Sept. 20, 1910

E. Smith                                                                              City

A. Maroni                                                                            City

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

H. A. Cole                                                                       Dallas

R. F. Lumpkin?                                                           Bay City


Wedn'day, Sept. 21, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

E. E. Wood                                                             Pecan City

Theo Smith                                                                         City

R. E. Ward                                                                  Blessing

M. H. Williams                                                              Victoria


Thursday, Sept. 22, 1910

J. J. Stafford                                                                Houston

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

Jno. W. Hornsby                                                          Houston

O.? Mitchell?                                                               Houston


Friday, Sept. 23, 1910

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

Miss Elsie Schickle                                                   Palacios

Theo Smith                                                                         City

C. Parks                                                                      Palacios

Grover Tull                                                                  Palacios

G. A. Delaplain                                                                   City

J. J. Gillespie                                                               Houston

Wm A. Cade                                                        San Antonio

A. E. Trainer?                                                      Wheaton , Ill.

Theo Smith                                                                         City

John E. ______                                                           Kansas

J. M. Hughes                                                                   Kans.

Guy S. Hutchinson                                           De Moss , Tex.

J. W. Turner                                              Beaver City , Nebr.

N. C. Cook                                                                  Stanford

H. W. Garrison                                                        Glade, Ks.

J. W. Wood                                                        Speed, Kans.

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

Mr. & Mrs. Clap[p] "with Mr. Hansel"


Saturday, Sept. 24, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

J. J. Gillespie                                                              Houston

Mrs.? C. G. Clark                                                        Houston

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

W. R. Sutterfield                                                         Palacios

J. W. Hafer                                                                  Bay City

A. Crabill & Wife & 5 children                    Cawker City , Ks.

J. W. Wood                                                        Speed, Kans.

J. M. Hughes & Wife                                  Kensington , Kan.


Sunday, Sept. 25, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

A. D. Duffy                                                                   Blessing

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

Henry Austin Clapp         The Homecrofters

Louise Van Ness Clapp The Homecrofters

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

F. H. Jones                                                                         City

J. M. Hughes                                            Kensington?, Kans.

Miss Carrye Daniels                                                  Palacios

O. A. Rittenhouse

R. P. Ansley _____                                             Blessing, Tx.

J. J. Gillespie                                                               Houston


Monday, Sept. 26, 1910

G. A. Delaplain                                   

G. H. Laughter

H. W. Hafer                                                       Bay City , Tex.

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

E. N. Green                                                                  Houston

J. J. GiIlespie                                     



Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1910

Mrs. H. A. Clapp                                                                 City

G. A. Delaplain                                                                   Pal.

John N. Simpson                                                 Simpsonville

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.


Wedn'day, Sept. 28, 1910

A. Van Dyck                                                      Topeka , Kas.

J. W. Spencer                                                     Dunbar , Tex.

H. W. Hafer                                                       Bay City , Tex.

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

H. W. Garrison                                                         Glade, Ks

Wm. S. Gosney                                                 Houston , Tex.

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

Thursday, Sept. 29, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

J. B. McCain                                                                      City

G. H. Laughter                                                            Palacios

C. Parks                                                                     Palacios

Theo Smith

G. W. Hinson                                                                   Algoa


Friday, Sept. 30, 1910

G. H. Laughter                                                                   F. B.

G. A. Delaplain

J. B. McCain                                       

Theo Smith

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.


Saturday, Oct. 1, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

H. E. Springer                                                            Palacios

Harry Austin Clapp          The Homecrofters

Louise Van Ness Clapp The Homecrofters

A. B. Pierce                                                                Blessing

J. P. Plummer                                                             Blessing

G. H. Laughter                                    

Theo Smith

J. L. Pybus                                                                  Palacios

Miss J. L. Pybus                                                         Palacios

Miss Mary Louise Pybus                                           Palacios

Dr. Hal Reece

A. Morris                                                                             City

Mrs. L. E. Beadle                                                        ______

Miss Beadle                                                                ______


Sunday, Oct. 2, 1910

C. A. Newton                                                              Palacios

John H. Regan                                               Palacios, Texas

Frank Travis

G. H. Laughter

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

W. S. Hipp                                          

J. J. Gillespie


Monday, Oct. 3, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

G. H. Laughter

Theo Smith

E. E. Wood                                         

M. B. McCain                                                                      City


Tuesday, Oct. 4, 1910

Mrs. H. A. Clapp "With Mrs. Hansel"

G. H. Laughter

J. B. McCain

M. J. Draper                                                                    Dallas

A. L. Loggen                                                                Houston

R. T. Bigelow                                                               Bay City

Theo Smith                                         

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.


Wedn'day, Oct. 5, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

J. B. McCain


Thursday, Oct. 6, 1910

J. B. McCain

Joseph Walter                                                           New York

T. C. Morris


Friday, Oct. 7, 1910

J. B. McCain

Miss Edith Fox "With Dr. Pridgen"                      Thomaston

Mrs. C. J. Wildman "With Dr. Pridgen"

Dr. R. E. Pridgen                                                                City

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

J. W. Shuey                                                                     Citrus

Geo. Braden                                                                    Citrus

J. ___ Ellis                                                                    Dunbar

C. F. Ifland                                                                     Dunbar

Miles Burden                                               Cawker City , Ks.

Lee McCoy?                                                Cawker City , Ks.

Christ Pirrott                                                Cawker City , Ks.

L. Chase                                                      Cawker City , Ks.

C. M. Strunk                                                 Cawker City , Ks.

J. H. Corse

Chas. B. Sims                                                      ______, Ks.

N. E. Anderson                                                    Red Oak, Ia.

C. H. Turner?                                                       Red Oak, Ia.

T. B. Lackey & Wife                                            Red Oak, Ia.

E. T. Younker?                                                  Glenwood , Ia.

Wm. De Moss

Jno. S. Cutter?                                                    Red Oak, Ia.

Wm. De Moss

Jno. S. Cutter?                                                     Red Oak, Ia.

A. L. Taylor                                                           Red Oak, Ia.

E. M. Murph                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

R. O. Briggs                                                         Red Oak, Ia.

R. B. Stroll                                                         Haykin,? Neb.

B. Seler

W. H. Stafford

J. A. Campbell & Wife                                           Esbon, Ks.

G. H. Topliff? & Wife                                              Esbon, Ks.

Percy Lay & Wife                                                  Merino, Ill. ?

C. F. Cardiff & Wife                                         __esson, Iowa

C. I. Miller                                                              Red Oak, Ia.

R. J. Franklin                                                        Red Oak, Ia.

Hush                                                                      Red Oak, Ia.


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