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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Friday, Oct. 7, 1910

Velander                                                               Red Oak, Ia.

Lewis                                                                    Red Oak, Ia.

Showver                                                               Red Oak, Ia.

Roy Hazelleaf                                                       Red Oak, Ia.

Comer                                                                   Red Oak, Ia.

C. Hazelleaf                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

H. Hazelleaf                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

Beardsley                                                             Red Oak, Ia.

Hardwick                                                               Red Oak, Ia

Kirkpatrick                                                            Red Oak, Ia.

Schadel                                                                Red Oak, Ia.

Kipwell                                                                  Red Oak, Ia.

Ellwood                                                                 Red Oak, Ia.

Miss Alva Ramsey                                               Red Oak, Ia.

Mrs. Ivan Ellwood                                                 Red Oak, Ia.

W. A. Gilmore                                                      Red Oak, Ia.

F. E. Brown                                                                 Bay City

Fred White                                                        Emerson Iowa

D. C. Powers                                                       Red Oak, Ia.

A. J. Flood                                                          Red Oak , Ia.

Jas. A. Huneter                                                    Fairfax , Mo.

E. H. White                                                            Fairfax, Mo.

Chas. S. Muinch                                               Rockport , Mo.

E. S. Evans                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

F. H. Boggess                                                      Red Oak, Ia.

Mr. & Mrs. W. Gaddis                                      Conesville , Ia.

J. S. Thoman                                                        Freeport , Ill.

J. V. Brasfield                                                       Chicago , Ill.

G. M. Magill                                                       Bay City , Tex.

Matt Pierce                                                           Red Oak, Ia.

Thos. R. Williams                                                      Elliott , Ia.

W. H. Allison                                                         Griswold, Ia.

A. E. Lantis                                                          Griswold , Ia.

Gus S. Anderson                                                   Elliott, Iowa

Thomas Flynn                                                           New York


Saturday, Oct. 8, 1910

E. C. Pickle

A. D. Duffy                                                                           City

John Logan                                                                         City

J. B. McCain                                       

Zed? Porter                                                                  Victoria

J. W. Wood                                                        Speed, Kans.

C. E. Walker                                                       Dunbar , Tex.

F. J. Powers                                                       Dunbar , Tex.

N. C. Sweet                                                                      D. H.

J. W. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Robt. Y. Adams                                                                 L. A.

W. W. Whitled?                                                           Bay City

Miss C. M_____                                                         Bay City

J. P. Cherry                                                       Bay City , Tex.


Sunday, Oct. 9, 1910

John Logan                                                                         City

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                  

V. Batchelor                                                                        City

John N. Simpson                                                            Dallas

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

G. C. Fulton?                                                                       City

Mr. Glasser Sr.                                                                   City

Mr. Glasser Jr.                                                                    City

C. H. Turner                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

W. E. Anderson                                                   Red Oak. Ia.


Monday, Oct. 10, 1910

John Logan                                                                         City

T. Peltier                                                        Concordia, Kas.

F. M. Wright                                                           Manteno, Ill.

J. W. Reid                                                                   Houston

W. W. Wilkinson                                                                 City

J. B. McCain

J. J. Gillespie

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

B. A. Wall                                                                        Dallas

C. Pirrott                                                  Cawker City , Kans.

L. G. McCoy                                            Cawker City , Kans.


Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1910

John Logan                                                                         City

Chas. McClanahan                                  LeCompton , Kans.

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

Miles Burden

J. B. Leaman                                                              Blessing

L. E. Chase                                                          Esbon, Kan.

A. M. Sturmpi?                                                    Esbon , Kan.

Ben G. Leamay                                              Blessing, Texas

M. J. Draper                                                                    Dallas

T. M. Wright                                        

C. T. Minson                                                           Algoa, Tex.

R. H. Lumpkin                                                             Bay City

E. C. Parks?                                                                   Pecan

J. W. Magill                                                       Bay City , Tex.

M. A. Travis & Family                                                        City

J. B. Leaman                                                              Blessing

Jas. A. Hunt

Roy C. Keeley & Wife & Ruth "With Geo. E. Black"

J. L. Thoman                                                         Freeport , Ill.

I. M. Glasser                                                                        City

Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Wright                                                    City

Mrs. Philips & Child                                                     Dunbar

Mrs. Z. G. Garrison                                                 Glade, Ks.

A. U. Garrison                                                         Glade, Ks.

J. C. Murphy?                                                             Blessing

W. Carpenter



Wedn'day, Oct. 12, 1910

J. L. Thoman                                                          Freeport , Ill

John Logan                                                                         City

S. E. Monroe                                                               Houston

N. C. Sweet                                                                       D. H.

J. B. McCain                                       


Thursday, Oct. 13, 1910

J. B. McCain                                       

C. W. Gibson                                                              Blessing

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

E. O. Burgess                                                           Kingsville

Mr. D. Finnegan?                                                     Kingsville


Friday, Oct. 14, 1910

V. H. Gammill?                                                       Alvin , Tex.

J. J. Howbridge                                                 Blessing, Tex.

Roy C. Keeley & Wife & Ruth                                       Pecan

Manuel Glaros


Sunday, Oct. 16, 1910

Theo Smith                                         

G. H. Laughter

H. E. Springer & Wife                                                Palacios

C. B. Dierke                                                                       City


Monday, Oct. 17, 1910

Mrs. E. E. Wood & Children                                         Pecan


Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1910

R. S. Regelo?                                                             Bay City

M. J. Draper                                                                Bay City

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

W. R. Sutterfield                                                         Palacios


Wedn'day, Oct. 19, 1910

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Mr. & Mrs. Edwards "with Hansel"

R. E. Pridgen                                                                      City

Clara E. Kirkwold                                                       Blessing

Mrs. A. B. Pierce                                                        Blessing

Miss L. E. Duffield                                                      Blessing

A. B. Pierce                                                                Blessing

Abel B. Pierce Jr.                                                       Blessing

Jno. Hy Pierce                                                            Blessing

John M. Corbett                                                          Bay City

A. S. Martin                                                                 Bay City

Mrs. E. E. Wood & Children                                         Pecan

W. B. Gaumer & Wife                        

Mrs. J. M. Hillman


Thursday, Oct. 20, 1910

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

J. V. Brasfield & Wife                                          Chicago , Ill.

E. A. Holsworth & Wife                                             Joliet , Ill.

Mrs. Buckman                                                        Elwood, Ils.

T. Frank Liddy                                                             Chicago

C. W. Keeley & Wife                                          Carrollton , Ill.


Friday, Oct. 21, 1910

W. B. Gaumer                                                     Midfield, Tex.

H. N. Sholl                                                                           City

Will Wade                                                         Lincoln , Kans.

Frank Fagan                                                     Lincoln , Kans.

S. W. Corse                                                                        City

Chas. Ells______                              

H. Deutchman                                                        Elwood , Ill.

O. L. Jones                                                                 Joliet , Ill.


Saturday, Oct. 22, 1910

J. L. Logan                                                                          City

A. Duffy                                                                                City

Manuel [Glaros]                                                                  City

John N. Simpson                                                            Dallas

F. C. Kent                                                           Esbon, Kans.

Guy S. Hutchinson                                           De Moss , Tex.


Sunday, Oct. 23, 1910

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                                                  City

G. Brown                                                                             City

R. N. Lawton                                                 Palacios , Texas

E. D. Mitchell                                                        Tulsa , Okla.

C. D. Janel?                                                         Tulsa , Okla.

Mr. & Mrs. Van Ness                          

Mr. & Mrs. Robt. L. Price

S. J. McDonald


Monday, Oct. 24, 1910

T. H. Johnson                                                  Hartman, Colo.


Tuesday, Oct. 25, 1910

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

M. J. Endres                                                                    Chgo.

M. J. Draper                                                                Bay City


Wedn'day, Oct. 26, 1910

Geo. E. Serrill & Wife                                                 Bay City


Thursday, Oct. 27, 1910

V. L. LeTulle                                                                Bay City

A. S. Collins                                                                Bay City

W. C. Lloyd                                                                 Bay City

W. L. McCamly                                                           Bay City

Earl J. Johnson                                                           Bay City

A. Rugeley McCamly                                                  Bay City

H. N. Sholl                                                                           City

Chas. Ells____

W. Wade   Lincoln , Kans.


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