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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Sunday, Oct. 30, 1910

K. H. Kahnt                                                            Collegeport

S. J. McDonald                                                           Bay City

G. C. Fulton                                                     City Matagorda


Monday, Oct. 31, 1910

W. B. Gaumer                                                       Midfield, Tx.


Tuesday, Nov. 1, 1910

Jn. Carrick                                                                   ______

G. L. Crawford                                                           Palacios

Ellis C. Ives                                                         Collpt. Texas

J. B. McCain                                                                       City


Wedn'day, Nov. 2, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

R. T. Bigelow                                                               Bay City

E. E. Wood & Family                                                    Pecan

T. Frank Liddy                                                                  Chgo


Thursday, Nov. 3, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

G. L. Tull                                                                      Palacios

W. S. Hipp                                                                   Houston

Robt. Boggs                                                                Houston

N. Bonaparte "with Mr. Glaros"


Friday, Nov. 4, 1910

H. O. Terwilliger                                        Devil's Lake , Wis.

George Graves                                               Merrimac, Wis.

J. V. Brasfield                                                             Chicago

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

George Rosenkranz                                            Freeport , Ill.

Henry Brick                                                           Freeport , Ill.

J. J. Gillespie                                                                       Ho.

D. N. Jacobs Family                                          Pennsylvania

Bert D. Terwilliger "With H. O. Terwilliger"

A. D. Duffy                                                                           City

G. S. Hutchinson                                                        De Moss


Saturday, Nov. 5, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

J. T. Clarkson                                                              Houston

Miss Driskill                                                                Palacios

Dr. Hal Reece                                                            Palacios

C. G. Clark                                                              Pecan City

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

J. A. Stanton                                                             El Campo

Clifford King                                                         Red Oak, Ia.

Kathryn Eidman (marked out)                                   Bay City


Sunday, Nov. 6, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Pierce                                             Blessing

Miss L. E. Duffield                                                     Blessing

A. B. Pierce Jr.                                                          Blessing

J. E. Pierce                                                                 Blessing

C. A. Murphy?                                                    Wharton , Tex

Wm. M. Glasser                                           Collegeport, Tex.


Monday, Nov. 7, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

C. E. Sylvester                                                                Dallas


Tuesday, Nov. 8, 1910

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

W. R. Sutterfield                                 

A. H. Knapp                                                             Peoria , Ill.

John N. Simpson                                                            Dallas

B. M. Connor                                                                  Dallas

Geo. C. Robinson                                                      St. Louis

C. G. Roesch                                                                      City

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

J. J. Gillespie                                                                      Ho.

L. S. Green                                                                          Ho.


Wedn'day, Dec. 21, 1910

A. B. Pierce                                                                Blessing

Miss L. E. Duffield                                                      Blessing

J. E. Pierce                                                                 Blessing

S. F. Waddell                                                    Blessing, Tex.

L. S. Green                                                                  Houston

W. H. Eberhardt                                                   Dallas , Tex.

Burton D. Hurd, Wife & Son                                              City


Thursday, Dec. 22, 1910

Zed Porter                                                          Victoria , Tex.


Saturday, Dec. 23, 1910

G. M. Magill & M_____                                              Bay City

Brasfield and Wife                                                     Chicago

Mrs. & Mrs. Jno. B. Heisey                           Frankfort, Kans.

Oreo Brown                                                               K. C. Mo.

E. A. Holsworth Family                                              Joliet , Ill.

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                         Lincoln , Kansas

A. Huttner?                                                        Lincoln , Kans.

F. G. Gilliland Jr.                                         Winfield , Kansas

F. G. Gilliland Esq.                                      Winfield , Kansas

J. Gilliland                                                 Kingmore , Kansas

W. D. Winfield                                             Winfield , Kansas

H. O. Terwilliger                                         Devil's Lake , Wis.

C. C. Pratt                                                         Baraboo, Wis.

M. Glaros


Sunday, Dec. 25, 1910

W. A. Bradshaw                                                                 City

E. C. Pickle

H. A. Clapp              The Homecrofters

Mrs. H. A. Clapp     The Homecrofters

Mrs. C. Van Ness   The Homecrofters

Dan Shaw & Wife                                                    Glade, Ills.

John Shaw & Wife                                                   Glade, Ills.

N. W. Garrison & Family                                                   City

Geo. Fitch?                                                             _____, Ks.

Ellis C. Ives

R. K. Legg


Monday, Dec. 26, 1910

Mr. & Mrs. Trego                                                        Palacios

O. J. White                                                            Fairfax , Mo.

David Metzger                                                  Dallas , Texas


Tuesday, Dec. 27, 1910

M. Glaros

C. E. Kennemer                                                             Dallas

J. H. Hunt                                                                        Dallas

C. R. Jones                                                                     Dallas

Fred Webber                                                                  Dallas

S. F. Waddell                                                              Blessing

M. Glaros


Wedn'day, Dec. 28, 1910

J. E. Miller                                                                    Bay City

P. A. Winstrand                                                 Houston , Tex.


Thursday, Dec. 29, 1910

F. G. Gilliland & Son

W. D. Winfield                                                Winfield , Kans.

G. M. Magill & _______                                             Bay City

Mr. E. P. Rugeley & Grace Magill

W. Brasfield & Wife                                                   Chicago

John Sloan                                                        Bay City , Tex.

M. Glaros

J. L. Blair                                                                     Palacios

J. P. Banks                                                                 Palacios

S. H. Dunbar                                                               Palacios

Chas. Morris                                                               Palacios

O. W. Pitts                                                                  Palacios

L. E. Gordy                                                                 Palacios

J. H. Haughton                                                            Palacios

S. Knickerbocker                                                       Palacios

John Ralston                                                               Palacios

E. I. Daniels                                                                Palacios

J. H. Bristor                                                                 Palacios

A. F. Swinhardt                                                          Palacios

J. C. Mapes                                                                Palacios

C. E. Leares?                                                             Palacios

F. H. Ralston                                       

C. C. Tabor

G. McDonald

George F. Perry

C. H. Moore

G. L. Tull                                             

John M. Hobbs

Z. B. Hudson                                                               Palacios

J. B. Cornett                                                               Palacios

A. E. Wickham                                                           Palacios

Jas. Grimes                                                                Palacios

P. H. Franz


Friday, December 30, 1911            

G. H. Hughes

J. T. Spidle?

A. J. Hughs

T. S. Schroeder

G. N. Doss

Roy Shuman

R. H. O'Neal

John C. Hellums

A. Nelson                                                                    Palacios

M. R. Nelson                                                               Palacios

S. J. Franz

W. A. Moore

M. H. Powell

O. A. Rittenhouse                                                       Palacios

Lyda Williams

Mrs. H. C. Hunt

Mrs. C. Parks

Mrs. L. L. Powell

Mrs. L. B. Cox

W. R. Sutterfield

F. C. Wickham & Wife "With F. H. Jones"        Norwalk , O.

F. H. Jones & Wife "With F. H Jones"                      Bay City

Ralph W. Jones "With F. H. Jones"                          Bay City

Marian Jones "With F. H. Jones"                              Bay City

Charlotte Jones "With F. H. Jones"                          Bay City

W. A. Stockwell                                                       Alvin , Tex.

J. Gilliland                                                   Kingman , Kansas

C. E. Kennemer                                                   Dallas , Tex.

J. H. Hunt                                                              Dallas , Tex.

C. R. Jones                                                           Dallas , Tex.

Fred Webber                                                        Dallas, Tex.


Sunday, Jan. 1, 1911

Geo. Martin                                                                         City

Geo. E. Black                                                                     City

H. Black                                                                               City

Geo. Lake                                                                           City

Ed Morris                                                                            City

C. S. Eidman                                                                      City

F. H. Jones                                                                         City

Miss Barnes                                                                       City

J. E. Velander                                                                    City

W. L. Green                                                                       K. C.


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