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O. B. KONE, Manager

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Tuesday, Mar. 1, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

Theo Smith                                                           

C. E. Harter                                                                 Blessing

C. E. Wakefield                               City of Collegeport, Tex.


Wedn'day, Mar. 2, 1910

T. F. Diekert                                                                    Ashby

Theo Smith

J. J. Stafford                                                                Houston

F. W. Searles

F. L. Brown

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Thursday, Mar. 3, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

A. M. Horn                                                                   Blessing

Clyde Smith                                                                Blessing

Theo Smith                                                           

G. L. Womble                                                    Raleigh, N. C.

Russell Stapp                                                 Houston, Texas

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

L. W. Coons                                               Hong Kong, China

Clyde Smith                                                                Blessing

S. S. Kiehl                                                        Wichita , Kans.

J. D. Stewart (marked out)                                              Paris


Friday, Mar. 4, 1910

L. O. Garrison                                                             Palacios

N. A. Pfeiffer & Wife                                       Washington , Ill.

C. H. Talcott                                                                Joliet , Ill

R. G. Talcott                                                                Joliet , Ill

Theo Smith                                                           

Fred Talley                                                         Minot, N. Dak

T. O. Gensin? (marked out)                           Glade, Kansas

S. S. Kuhl                                                            Wichita , Kan

Roy C. Keeley and wife                                      Carrollton , Ill

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Saturday, Mar. 5, 1910

B. V. Cole                                                       Shenandoah, Ia

R. M. Pritchard                                              Shenandoah, Ia

Theo Smith

Jesse J. Davis                                                            Dena H.

J. J. Howbridge                                                          Blessing

Tom Morris                                                                 Blessing

R. J. Rankin?                                                         _________

B. E. Allison                                                             Beaumont

Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Brasfield                               Bay City , Tex.

D. J. Sparks                                                          Alton, Kans.

Mr. Storer                                                             Alton , Kans.

Jos. Roberts                                             Cawber City, Kans.

Henry Craybill                                           Cawber City, Kans.

H. Boyd                                                     Cawber City, Kans.

A. Woodbury                                            Cawber City, Kans.

Miles Burden                                            Cawber City, Kans.

F. E. Brown                                                                 Bay City

C. V. Tourlett?                                                  Sterling, Nebr.

Wm. Austin?

Geo. M. Whitcoms                                         Gr. Bend, Nebr.

Ed Gates                                                         Gr. Bend, Nebr.

E. Brachen/Broches?                                    Gr. Bend, Nebr.

John Harrison?                                              Gr. Bend, Nebr.

W. J. Smith                                                      Dakota City, Ia.

Wm. Schinkel?                                              Dakota City , Ia.

L. A. Smith                                                     Dakota City , Ia.

F. Lehman                                                       Dakota City, Ia.

F. A. Schwaller                                              Burlington , Wis.

O. S. Heienbauch?                                       Scotts, Michigan

C. E. Storer (marked out)                                   Alton , Kans.

Joseph Drake?                                                    Chicago , Ill.

L. H. Corse                                                   Kansas City, Mo.

H. B. Morgan                                                Phillipsburg , Ks.

Geo. O. Kane                                                  Harrison , Neb.

Guy Hutchinson                                                         De Moss

Nelson C. Sweet                                                        Dena H.

J. V. Brasfield & wife                                            Chicago, Ill.

Tina Pickle                                                                 Blessing

Walter Bradshaw                                                       Blessing

H. Lusk                                                          Partridge, Kans.

D. S. Lusk                                                      Partridge, Kans.

David Brown                                                              Buckeye

T. B. Hillman                                                                       City

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

C. E. Pielstick                                                                     City

G. A. Lake

E. P. Rugeley (marked out)                                       Bay City


Sunday, Mar. 6, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Mr. & Mrs. Vogelsang                                                Bay City

A. S. Collins                                                                Bay City

J. M. Moore                                                                 Bay City

M. Vogelsang Jr.                                                        Bay City

J. L. Pybus                                                                  Palacios

Jos Pybus Sr.                                                             Palacios

S. J. McDonald                                                          Palacios

Edward Morris                                                  Satsuma, Tex.

Carl Roesch                                                      Satsuma, Tex.

Earl Bryan

J. L. Harris                                                                    Monroe 

T. Miller & Wife                                                                   City

C. E. Sterling & Wife                                                         City

William Erickson                                                        Satsuma
Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

Monday, Mar. 7, 1910

J. J. Jackman "With Smith"                          Bismarck, N. D.

Mrs. C. H. Talcott                                                       Joliet , Ill.

Theo Smith

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

E. P. Rugeley                                                              Bay City

L. O. Garrison                                                Palacios, Texas 

L. C. Davis                                                    Montrose , Colo.


Tuesday, Mar. 8, 1910

R. T.  Bigelow                                                   Bay City , Tex.

Theo Smith

E. R. Forbes                                                                Bay City

Charles Tew                                                                Bay City 

T. D. Frick                                                                   Palacios

J. D. Madison                                              Concordia, Kans.

H. Lague?                                                   Concordia , Kans.

S. J. Coleman                                                      San Antonio

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

A. E. Bridges?                                                Clayton?, Okla.

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Wedn'day, Mar. 9, 1910

Jesse M. Davis                                                           Dena H.

Russell Armstrong                                                              City

Geo. Hill                                                               

F. J. O'Brien                                                    Kenosha , Wis.

W. H. Shermer?                                           Milwaukee , Wis.

Theo Smith                                                           Monroe , La

J. L. Harris

D. E. Morris                                                                 Houston

John. P. Slattery                                               Houston , Tex.

Geo. R. Burke                                                           Markham

L. O. Garrison                                                Palacios, Texas

Vernon Hurd                                                                       City

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

L. O. Garrison                                                            Palacios


Thursday, Mar. 10, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                        Dena H.

G. A. Lake                                                                          City

Claude Heard "Surveyor"                                           Refugio

M. Rigby "Surveyor"                                                    Refugio

Sam Adler "Surveyor"                                                 Refugio

N. Harrell "Surveyor"                                                   Refugio

E. C. Burgess "Surveyor"                                        Kingsville

E. S. Heyser "Surveyor"                                           Kingsville 

[water damage on this page]
Jno. Droddy "Surveyor"                                              Refugio

J. L. Cross "Surveyor"                                             Kingsville

Ed. Goll? "Surveyor"                                           

W. M. And___ "Surveyor"                                  

Jessie M. Davis                                                          Dena H.

Friday, Mar. 11, 1910

Jessie M. Davis                                                       "Dena H."

G. A. Lake                                                                           City

M. A. Travis                                                                        City

Wm S. Hipp                                                        Houston , Tx .

J. L. Harris                                                           

J. J. Gillespie                                                               Houston


Saturday, Mar. 12, 1910

Chas. Clayton                                                             Bay City

L. G. Cobb                                                                  Blessing

Jessie M. Davis

_____ Balew

G. A. Lake                                                                          City

J. B. Hillman

J. J. Gillespie                                                               Houston

S. G. Cobb                                                                  Blessing

Carl Pielstick                                                                      City


Sunday, Mar. 13, 1910

Amos F. Johnson                                                Simpsonville

E. L. Lusk                                                             Simpsonville

D. W. Kessler                                                    Blessing, Tex.

Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Tull? & Fay                       Blessing, Tex.

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Jas. Hubbell?                                                        Wilton, Neb.

W. C. Lloyd                                                        Bay City , Tex


Monday, Mar. 14, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

T. A. Coons                                                          

J. N. Best

James H. Letts

W. R. Sutterfield

Gust Franzen

A. L. Higgins                                                         Wash. D. C.

W. Bradshaw

O. E. Robinson                                                          K. C. Mo.

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Mr. Wood & Mother                                                       Pecan

Jas. P. Cherry                                                             Bay City

W. S. Stalmon & wife & son                                      Bay City

Theo Smith                                                                          City

K. H. Kahnt & Wife                                                             City

C. H. Judin & Wife                                                              City

A. J. Palmer                                                                        City

J. H. Adams                                                                        City

Geo. E. Black                                                                     City

Ed Olson                                                                             City

Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Clark                                                    City

I. M. Glasser                                                                       City

N. P. Knight                                                                        City

Mrs. N. P. Knight                                                                City

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                                                  City


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