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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Sunday, Jan. 1, 1911

W. A. Bradshaw                                                                 City

H. A. Clapp                                                                         City

Mrs. H. A. Clapp                                                                 City

Mr. & Mrs. Thoman

M. M. Bell                                                                            City


Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1911

A. A. Sullivan                                                        Dallas , Tex.

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

A. T. Chilcott                                                      Billings , Mon.


Wedn'day, Jan 4, 1911

G. H Laughter

F. J. Moyer & Wife                                            Dallas , Texas

W. A. Bradshaw                                                                 City

Cecil Morris                                                                        City


Thursday, Jan. 5, 1911

W. A. Bradshaw                                                                 City

Cecil Morris                                                                        City

W. L. Stanton                                                           El Campo


Friday, Jan. 6, 1911

H. L. Bentley                                                              Phila. Pa.

J. S. Clarkson                                                                      Ho.

Dayton Hutchinson & Family                                    Joliet , Ill.

F. E. Brown                                                                 Bay City

J. C. Vorrier                                                       Dubois , Neb.

Jerome Hill                                                           Esbon, Kas.

R. Gaede & Wife                                                 Fairfax , Mo.

Mrs. M. V. Robinson, Daughter & Baby            Fairfax . Mo.

R. E. Neighbor                                                    Melvern? Ks.

Elmer Austin                                                       Melvern?, Ks.

E. Rogers                                                           Melvern?, Ks.

Frances Sn_____                                               Red Oak, Ia.

Anna Blair                                                             Clarinda, Ia.

Lewellen Blair                                                       Clarinda, Ia.

Chas. E. Anderson                                              Red Oak, Ia.

W. A. Lough                                                               Dixon , Ill.

Charles Barton                                                          Dixon , Ill.

J. L. Woodhouse & Wife                                     Fairfax , Mo.

L. W. Brown                                                       Bay City , Tex

S. A. Howell                                                         Cu_____, Ia.

J. A. ___th                                                            Clarinda , Ia.

Chas. Hobson                                                      Clarinda , Ia.

L. C. Crum?                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

Mrs. S. K. Smith                                                   Red Oak, Ia.

Mable & Ola Smith                                              Red Oak, Ia.

Clark Bulter                                                          Ausberg? Ill.

M. Anne Bulter                                                     Ausberg? Ill.

Garland Bulter                                                      Ausberg? Ill.

Geo. W. Follis                                                  Scottsville , Ky.

L. Marvin Follis                                                 Scottsville, Ky.

John Stauffer                                                  Blackwell, Okla.

H. T. Lynch                                                                             Io.

F. Silkenat                                                                   Chicago

E. Silkenat                                                                   Chicago

B. N. Cederquest                                             Red Oak, Iowa

Joe Nelson                                                       Red Oak, Iowa

Mrs. Irving R. Pearl                                          Fremont , Wis.

H. S. Kennedy                                                             ______

W. Roystor                                                        Kan. City , Mo.

J. H. Proctor                                                     Kan. City , Mo.

M. Lerew                                                           Kan. City , Mo.

M. Catron?                                                       Kan. City , Mo.

Thos. Boyle                                                   Blanchard , Iowa

C. Asbury                                                                K. C. ____





Kirkpatrick "cornet"                                             Clarinda , Ia.

Herbert Barger "clarinet"                                    Clarinda , Ia.

Arthur Mahlmberg "clarinet, tailor"                     Clarinda , Ia.

John Keener "horn, lumber"                               Clairinda, Ia.

Fred Jelson "baritone, painter"                              Villica , Ia.

Chas Fulton "Bass Drum"                                   Clarinda, Ia.

J. W. Sellards "Cornet, Dr."                               Clarinda , Ia.

R. H. Moore "Base, Druggist"                              Atlantic , Ia.

Roy Welch "Trombone, Dry Goods"                 Clarinda , Ia.

Earl Nelson "Trombone, Telephone"                Clarinda , Ia.

E. B. Mercer "Bass, Dry Goods Clk"                Clarinda , Ia.

Chas. Heulen? "Traps?, Real Es."                    Creston , Ia.

O. D. Bouff? "Horn, Druggist"                            Clarinda , Ia.

E. R. Bailey "Cornet"                                           Clarinda, Ia.

J. R. Payne "Clarinet, Supt. State Hospital "    Clarinda , Ia.

Geo. E. Ackerman                                       Kaneville , Illinois

Mrs. E. B. Mercer                                                 Clarinda, Ia. L. H. Corse (marked out)                                    Kansas City

John Grisham?                                                 Sterling , Neb.

Wm. J. Wiesbrook                                                       Lisle, Ill.

A. G. Haebel                                                         Freeport , Ill.

W. G. Dunn                                                            Clarinda, Ia.

H. A. Meyers                                                     Norwalk , Ohio

Geo. Louis                                                        Norwalk , Ohio


Saturday, Jan 7, 1911

J. J. Stafford                                                                        Ho.

Mr. & Mrs. Trego                                                        Palacios

Henry Sander                                                Arapahoe, Nebr.

W. F. Thomas                                               Arapahoe, Nebr.

Q. H. Stevens                                                         Allen , Neb.

A. A. Rahn                                                   Newcastle , Nebr.

W. B. Gaumer                                                  Midfield?, Tex.

Guy S. Hutchinson                                          De Moss , Tex.


Sunday, Jan. 8, 1911

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

E. E. Wood & Family

Wm. M. Glasser                                                    Collegeport


Monday, Jan. 9, 1911

Guy Hutchinson                                                                  City


Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1911

S. T. Echols                                                         New Orleans

M. Glaros                                                                 This World

Wm. L. Hipp                                                             Galveston

J. E. Vinsohn?                                                          O____, Ill.


Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1911

M. Glaros

W. Grimm                                                                    Bay City

H. Chilcot                                                          Billings , Mont.

Wm S. Gosney                                                            Houston

G. W. Rousk?                                                         Pioneer O.

Thomas Moffett                                                Kerkuk, Iowa ?

Mrs. W. L. Day                                                Pittsburgh , Pa.

Mrs. M. A. Travis                                                   Collegeport

Hubert Travis                                                         Collegeport

Frank D. Travis                                                     Collegeport

M. A. Travis                                                           Collegeport


Thursday, Jan. 12, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                           D. H.


Friday, Jan. 13, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                           D. H.


Saturday, Jan 14, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."

R. Gaede                                                              Fairfax , Mo.

G. L. Tull                                                                      Palacios

Theo Smith

H. J. Archer                                                      Carthage , Mo.

C. A. Kidd                                                             _____, Ohio

Geo. E. Ackerman                                       Kaneville , Illinois


Sunday, Jan. 15, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                 This World

Roy Hazelleaf                                                                      City


Monday, Jan. 16, 1911

M. Glaros                                            

E. N. Green                                                                  Houston


Tuesday, Jan 17, 1911                    

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

Mrs. Wm. Waldron                                                      Bay City

M. Glaros                                                                 This World

N. C. Stockwell                                                       Alvin , Tex.

J. E. Miller                                                                    Bay City

H. H. Fell                                                                      Bay City

M. J. Endres                                                                Chicago


Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                 This World

O. C. Arnold                                                                Palacios

W. R. Sutterfield                                                          " Dixie "


Thursday, Jan 19, 1911

J. R. Beck                                                             Kansas City

_______________                                                    Wharton

W. H. Borsoch?                                                          Wharton

M. Glaros                                                      Launch "Dena H"

B. F. Cain                                                          St. Louis , Mo.

Henry Harting                                               Brownwood , Tex

H. J. Myers? & Wife                           

Mrs. Roy R. Keeley "With Geo. E. Black"

M. J. Draper                                                                   Dallas

L. E. Maynor                                                                Houston

H. H. Fell                                                                     Bay City

W. J. Paden                                                      Norwood , Mo.


Friday, Jan. 20, 1911

B. F. Damon                                                               Houston

J. V. Brasfield & Wife                                          Chicago , Ill.

S. Mather?                                                            Chicago , Ill.

A. Wade? & Wife                                            Lincoln , Kans.

Jno. W. Kirkpatrick                                                            City

F. N. Barnes                                                         Red Oak, Ia.

Miles Burden                                                        Cawker City

Don Atkins                                                            Cawker City

Ed Bracken                                                          Cawker City

Thos. Tighe                                                           Cawker City

A. R. Rogers                                                         Cawker City

F. E. Brown                                                        Bay City, Tex.

H. F. Hartenbower                                                    Tonica, Ill.

L. Does                                                                     Tonica, Ill.

Jacob Schide                                                              Pern, Ill.

O. E. Danielson                                               Emerson, Neb.

Wm. Shearer                                                   Emerson, Neb.

A. Hallen                                                          Emerson, Neb.

John Provanche                                              Emerson, Neb.

Geo. Heitzman & Wife                                    Emerson, Neb.

J. F. Marten                                                                 Joliet, Ill.

Willis Dutchman                                                          Joliet, Ill.

L. N. Sproak?                                                    Ashland, Neb.

Geo. Maknister?                                               Ashland, Neb.

Mrs. E. R. Nelson                                              Ashland, Neb.

W. F. St. Clair                                                    Ashland, Neb.

L. Lerew                                                                Kansas City

C. A. Berry                                                           Wayne, Neb.

W. Williams & Wife                                             Wayne, Neb.


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