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O. B. KONE, Manager

Collegeport Home Page

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Friday, Jan. 20, 1911

Wm. Cooper & Wife                                          Wayne , Neb.

Wm. Root & 3                                                     Wayne, Neb.

H. N. Sholl                                                             Collegeport

Geo. Parr "With Sholl"                                                    Kans.

Ray Davis                                                                        Kans.

M. E. Aldrich & Wife                                                       Kans.

Chas. L. Simpson? & Wife                           Hammond , Ind.

H. O. Terwilliger                                         Devil's Lake , Wis.

C. Glover                                                           Baraboo, Wis.

W. Schuebring                                                 Baraboo , Wis.

J. A. Shuey                                                                     _____

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

J. J. Gillespie                                                              Houston

F. L. Erickson                                                       Red Oak, Ia.

Henry T. Baldwin                                                        Joliet , Ill.

Geo. Zapliff?                                                      Esbon , Kans.


Saturday, Jan. 21, 1911

D. Hutchinson                                                             Joliet , Ill.

M. Glaros                                                                           D. H.

Dr. Geo. S. Dobbins                                                  Elgin , Ill.

Mrs. Geo. S. Dobbins                                                Elgin , Ill.

Geo. S. Dobbins, Jr.                                                  Elgin , Ill.

Genevieve H. Scoville                                 Indianapolis , Ind.

Irene Heall                                                         Bay City , Tex.

O. S. Chilcott                                                    Billings , Mont.

Wm. Malone                                                      Houston , Tex.

Mrs. Judge Jones & 2 young ladies


Sunday, Jan. 22, 1911

Glenn H. Galloway                                            Denver , Colo.

E. S. Hardesty                                                  Denver , Colo.

M. Glaros                                                      Launch "Dena H"

F. B. Woods                                                  Lebanon , Kans.

D. Hutchinson & Wife & Son                                    Joliet , Ill.

J. M. McCain                                                                      City


Monday, Jan. 23, 1911

J. M. McCain                                                                      City

L. P. Mills

M. Glaros                                                      Launch "Dena H"

M. A. Hart                                                                     Houston

W. M. Ballard                                                               Houston

O. S. Smith                                                                  Houston

G. F. Thomas?                                                     Houston , Tx

J. E. Miller                                                            Bay City , Tx.


Tuesday, Jan. 24, 1911

J. B. McCain                                                                       City

J. W. Howard & Wife                                                 Chicago

O. S. Chilcott                                                    Billings , Mont.

M. Glaros                                                      "Launch Dena H"

Mrs. V. M. Shank and Children                      Red Oak, Iowa

Mr. C. Heck & Wife & Son

"Mr. Martin left"


Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1911

J. B. McCain

A. B. Pierce                                                                Blessing

J. E. Pierce                                                                 Blessing

Mrs. Lee Hall                                                                St. Paul

Miss Hall                                                                       St. Paul

W. E. Heffernan                                             El Campo , Tex.

T. Coons?                                                                   So. Dak.

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."


Thursday, Jan. 26, 1911

Geo. W. Hurd                                                              Houston

Burton D. Hurd                                                                    City

L. S. Green                                                                  Houston

Glenn H. Galloway                                       Barnesville, Ohio

M. A. Travis                                                                         City


Friday, Jan. 27, 1911

H. C. Eaton                                                               K. C., Mo.

F. A. ____                                                       Watauga, S. D.

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."

J. W. Peters                                                       Columbus, O.


Saturday, Jan 28, 1911

J. L. Parker & Wife                                                     Bay City

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."


Sunday, Jan. 29 & 30, 1911

J. S. Cutter

W. H. Gammill "Gulf Nursery"                             Alvin , Texas

Mr. & Mrs. Hansel                                                 Collegeport

H. J. Putzier                                                  Davenport , Iowa

Jay Long                                                         Ft. Dodge, Iowa

J. F. Putzier                                                    Ft. Dodge, Iowa

G. A. Dunscombe                                          Ft. Dodge, Iowa

Jas. P. Cherry                                                             Bay City


Tuesday, Jan. 31, 1911

C. J. Allen                                                                    Houston

R. T. Bigelow                                                              Bay City

J. E. Miller                                                                   Bay City


Wedn'day, Feb. 1, 1911

W. L. Stanton                                                           El Campo


Thursday, Feb. 2, 1911

Mrs. W. S. Baldwin                                                    Palacios

Mrs. F. W. Tucker                                  San Augustine , Tex.

Mr. Gammill "Off After Dinner"

Roy W. Chapman                                                  Rosenberg

G. G. Roane                                                        Missouri City

Theo Smith


Friday, Feb. 3, 1911

M. A. Travis "With Geo. E. B."

H. Black                                                                               City


Saturday, Feb. 4, 1911

O. F. Asberry                                                               Houston


Sunday, Feb. 5, 1911

H. A. Clapp

Mrs. H. A. Clapp

Theo Smith

Theo D. Smith


Monday, Feb. 5, 1911

Lewis Hirsch                                                                Houston


Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1911

R. H. Burgess                                                                 Dallas

C. W. Kellogg?                                                            Houston

H. Wood                                                                      St. Louis

Mr. and Mrs. Thoman


Wedn'day, Feb. 8, 1922                   

J. D. Moore                                                       Bay City , Tex.

J. W. Stevenson                                                                N. Y.


Thursday, Feb. 9, 1911

J. W. Good & Wife                                                    K. C. Mo.

Thos. H. Lewis                                                            Bay City

Frank W. Ives                                                  Bloomington, Ill.

Ellis C. Ives                                                     Bloomington, Ill.


Friday, Feb. 10, 1911

J. L. K.

H. O. Terwilliger                                         Devil's Lake, Wis.

C. Lee & Wife                                                   Baraboo, Wis.

Geo. Rehm?                                                        Oak Park, Ill.

Stella Rehm?                                                      Oak Park , Ill.

Geo. Lerew                                         

M. Lerew

Mr. Foulks

Mrs. Foulks "not here"

Mr. Sparks "not here"

Mrs. Sparks

Mrs. Erickson                                                    Denver , Colo.

Mr. Hauser

Mr. Stehr                                             

Mr. Christensen

H. Meyers

Wm. Meyers

Mr. Royer

Mr. Introvich?

Mr. Lee

Mr. Stevens

Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Bean                                    Wantoma, Wis.

Miss Mildred Bean                                         Wantoma, Wis.

Guy G. Eidman                                                   Bay City , Tx.

W. H. Moore                                                                  Lincoln

A. Wells                                                                Seneca, Ks.

J. C. Trout

Geo. Whitcomb

O. A. Brown                                                   Gr. Bend , Kans.

H. N. Sholl                                                             Collegeport

D. D. Garver                                                Republican, Neb.

L. C. Garver                                                 Republican, Neb.

T. G. Connor                                                             Morris , Ill.

W. Craft                                                                     Morris , Ill.

James Straka                                                          Joliet , Ills.

K. H. Kahnt                                                               Joliet , Ills.

E. H. White                                                           Fairfax , Mo.

Frank Miller & Wife                                                     Winfield

W. D. Winfield                                                             Winfield

J. M. Bradley                                                                Winfield

J. T. Carlson                                                           Tarkio, Mo.

Lee T. Witty                                                      Memphis , Mo.

C. R. Huston                                                  Blandinsville? Ill.

Walter Hickerson                                              Memphis, Mo.

John Sparger                                                    Memphis, Mo.

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Mulch                                      Memphis, Mo.

M. A. Slack                                                       Graton? N. Y.?

A. D. Beirs                                                                Chgo. Ills.

James Palmer                                    

Mrs. Jane Palmer                                                 Washington

Thos. Morrison                                                  Memphis, Mo.

F. E. Brown                                                                 Bay City

R. H. Morrison                                              Lawrence, Kans.

S. Stull                                                           Lawrence, Kans.

Mr. & Mrs. D. B. Van ____ham                               Tonica Ill.

Mr. & Mrs. F. X. Ranwolf                                     Chicago , Ill.

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Matt Pierce                                                                Red Oak

J. V. Brasfield                                                             Chicago

F. A. Yanochowski                                                    Henry , Ill.

Frank G. Brune                                                    Red Oak, Ia.

Rev. G. O. Gustafson                                          Red Oak, Ia.

N. R. Collins                                                                 Houston


Saturday, Feb. 11, 1911

Haisley Mills                                                                        City

V. R. Haisley                                                                       City

E. C. Hoffhines                                                                   City

Geo. M. Engles                                                 Ipswich , S. D.

J. J. Price                                                      Aberdeen , S. D.

M. Griffith                                                        Cresbard, S. D.

Jim Harris                                                       Blessing, Texas

E. E. Wood & Family                                                     Pecan


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