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O. B. KONE, Manager

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Sunday, Feb. 12, 1911

M. M. Bell                                                                            City

M. Moore                                                                       Lincoln

E. S. Sterrett?                                                          Henry, Ills.

C. A. Camp                                                              Henry, Ills.

C. E. ______                                            Kennington? Kans.

Frank W. Ives                                               Bloomington , Ills.

D. H. Baldwin


Monday, Feb. 13, 1911

C. L. Montgomery                                        Goodland, Kans.

F. E. Nelson                                                         Lowell ? Ind.

J. W. Hutchinson                                          Rochester , N. Y.

U. W. Garrison                                                                   City

Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Trego                                             Palacios

H. Norris                                                                              Ho.

Chas. Tew                                                                  Bay City



Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1911

W. B. Willis                                                                 Palacios

M. R. Nelson                                                               Palacios

W. A. Stockwell                                                       Alvin , Tex.

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

Frank W. Ives

M. Lerew

O ___________

Geo. M. Whitcomb                                    Great Bend, Kans.

O. A. Brown                                               Great Bend, Kans.

N. W. Garrison                                                                   City


Wedn'day, Feb. 15, 1911

F. E. Nelson                                                           Lowell , Ind.

Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Pierce                                    Blessing, Tex.

J. E. Pierce                                                        Blessing, Tex.

C. C. Mason                                                      Blessing, Tex.


Thursday, Feb. 16, 1911

Wm. S. Gosney "The Texas Co."                    Houston , Tex

W. R. Sutterfield                                 

A. A. Sullivan                                                                  Dallas


Friday, Feb. 17, 1911

W. H. Gammill                                                         Alvin , Tx .


Saturday, Feb. 18, 1911

Peter Connor                                                Watertown , Wis.

Wm. Schiebel                                               Watertown , Wis.

Andrew Roeyner?                                        Watertown , Wis.

A. Cayse?                                                              Dallas , Tx .


Sunday, Feb. 19, 1911

T. L. Jones


Wedn'day, Feb. 22, 1911

Mrs. J. M. Davis                                                          Houston

H. Sums (marked out)                                         San Antonio


Thursday, Feb. 23, 1911

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

R. S. Bigelow                                                              Bay City

A. A. Tilden?                                                              Markham

M. J. Draper                                                                    Dallas


Friday, Feb. 24, 1911

W. R. Sutterfield

H. N. Sholl                                                           Lincoln Kans.

Guy G. Eidman                                                           Bay City

Miss H. P. Evan                                          Winnecome, Wis.

H. O. Terwilliger                                         Devil's Lake , Wis.

J. Corber?                                                        Baraboo , Wis.

Wm. Miller                                                        Baraboo , Wis.

J. V. Brasfield                                                       Chicago , Ill.

G. M. Magill                                                       Bay City , Tex.

H. D. Streator                                             Kalamazoo, Mich.

P. K. Cross & Wife                                                  Morris , Ill.

Mrs. C. H. Talcott                       Joliet , Ill.    Van Vleck , Tex.

W. T. Alexander                                          Kansas City , Mo.

Elias Brown                                                                Joliet , Ill.

J. Tower & Wife                                                   Laurel , Neb.

Jno. W. Kirkpatrick & Family                      Collegeport, Tex.

C. W. Mattern                                                       Chicago , Ill.

R. C. Williamson                                                       K. C. Mo.

A. H. Stukey                                        

H. R. Smith

M. Lerew

Joe Roberts                                                 Cawker City , Ks.

Mrs. F. H. Jones                                          Kansas City , Mo

C. T. Hales                                                              Oberlin, O.

Geo. C. Serrill & Son                                         Hicksville , O.


Saturday, Feb. 25, 1911

Stanley Baxter                                                  Palacios, Tex.

L. Schwartz                                                       Bay City , Tex.

T. J. Rogers                                                 Barnesville, Ohio


Sunday, Feb. 26, 1911

John N. Simpson                                                            Dallas

E. E. Wood & Family                                                     Pecan


Monday, Feb. 27, 1911

Geo. Rehm                                                                  Chicago

Stella Rehm                                                                Chicago

W. H. Badger                                                                 Austin

W. D. Bachelor                                                               Dallas

G. M. Lambert                                                            Palacios

W. H. Gammill Gulf Coast Nursery                                 Alvin

M. Lerew


Tuesday, Feb. 28, 1911

M. A. Travis                                                                        City

W. L. Greene                                                       New Orleans

Guy S. Hutchinson                                                     De Moss

Walter Bradshaw                                                               City

Robt. Price "With Sholl"                                                    City

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."

H. P. Eoan?                                        

H. Harting                                                               Collegeport

John N. Simpson


Wedn'day, Mar. 1, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."


Thursday, Mar. 2, 1911

M. Glaros                                                        Dena H. Launch

Robert Price                                                                       City

A. L. Lagger                                                                Houston

F. M. Hall                                                                      Beeville

Mr. Stephens                                                                 Lincoln

M. J. Draper                                                                    Dallas


Friday, Mar. 3, 1911

H. D. Streator                                                         Kalamazoo

J. W. McKelvy                                                             Bay City

V. H.. Harding                                                             Blessing

Pearl Shurtz

W. R. Sutterfield

John M. Hobbs

C. W. Christian

J. H. Torley & Wife                                                Tarkio , Mo.

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Chas. Fay                                                         Waterloo, Iowa

C. A. Kirkgard                                                       Dallas, Tex.

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."

Stanley Baxter                                                   Palacios, Tex.

Paul S. Morison                                                           Ganado

C. E. Sylvester                                                                Dallas


Saturday, Mar. 4, 1911

H. C. Kelley                                                        Victoria , Tex.

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."

W. F. Garver                                                 Humboldt , Nebr.

Roy C. Keeley, Wife & Son "With Geo. E. Black"

C. C. Talcott                                                Van Vleck, Texas

C. E. Sylvester                                                                Dallas

Miss Morris                                                                         City


Sunday, Mar. 5, 1911

Miss Pearl Northington?                                    New Orleans

Miss K. Kendall                                                   New Orleans

R. Ensminger?                                                    New Orleans

_____                                                                   New Orleans

Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson

M. Glaros                                                                  "Dena H."


Monday, Mar. 6, 1911

M. Glaros                                                                     Dena H.


Tuesday, Mar 7, 1911

Paul H. Smith                                                                  Austin

Frank Johnson                                             Lake ____ , Wis.

Frank Johnson, Jr.                                        Lake ____ , Wis

A. A. Sullivan                                                                  Dallas

M. Glaros                                                                Dena H. Jr.


Wedn'day, Mar. 8, 1911

W. A. Moore                                                      Palacios, Tex.

Jas. C. Perry

A. M. Clark                                                   Gage, Oklahoma

W. L. Greene                                                                      City

Jesse M. Davis                                                 Houston , Tex.

Elias Brown                                                                 Joliet , Ill

M. Glaros                                                             "Dena H." Jr.


Thursday, Mar. 9, 1911

E. C. Smith                                                                          Ho.

L. E. Moreland                                                                    Wh.

A. Cornet                                                                        _____

W. A. Stockwell                                                       Alvin , Tex.

Miss Owen? Stockwell                                           Alvin , Tex.

C. S. Baldwin                                                 Palacios, Texas


Friday, Mar. 10, 1911

J. H. C. Eaton                                                            K. C. Mo.

J. H. Torley & Wife                                                Tarkio , Mo.

M. Glaros                                                                Dena H. Jr.

F. O. Corse

Mr. & Mrs. J. O. Braesfield                                   Chicago , Ill

Julian Jantzen                                                    Houston, Tex.

Jno. W. Kirkpatrick                                                             City

H. Lindeman & Son                                   Plattsmouth , Neb.

J. F. Marten                                                                Joliet , Ill.

G. H. Cooper                                                              Joliet , Ill.

C. S. Schmuhl                                                            Juliet , Ill.

Henry Harting                                                                     City

Mrs. A. C. Gibson                                       Lawrence , Kans.

Miss McAlpine                                             Lawrence , Kans.

Miss Watt                                                     Lawrence , Kans.

T. M. Vankirt? & Wife                                      Sherwood , Ia.

Mrs. Stratton                                                     Sherwood , Ia.

Will Donelan                                                      Sherwood , Ia.

Walton Ridgeway                                              Sherwood, Ia.

H. McCluskey                                                   Sherwood , Ia.

Homer Daniels                                                 Sherwood , Ia.

A. Heinshimer                                                   Sherwood , Ia.

C. W. Brewer? & Wife                                            K. C., Mo.

S. H. Thomas & Wife                                       Farragul , Ia. ?


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