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O. B. KONE, Manager

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Monday, Mar. 14, 1910

Wm. M. Glasser                                                   

Harry Austin Clapp "The Homecrofters"                          City

Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp                                                     City

Mrs. C. Van Ness                                                               City

D. E. Hurd                                                                            City

E. C. Hoffhines                                                                    City

W. H. Travis                                                                         City

Mrs. W. H. Travis                                                                City

Eldon Travis                                                                        City

Miss Kendrick                                                                     City

A. F. Livers                                                                          City

E. C. Van Ness                                                                   City

S. W. House & wife                                                            City

Robt. L. Price & wife                                                          City

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                               City

Glennie Gilmore                                                                  City

Amanda Anderson                                                             City

L. W. Brown                                                                 Bay City

Wm. Pfeiffer

W. B. Gaumer and wife and daughter

G. O. Se____

Dan Oneth & wife

Dr. Darling


Tuesday, Mar. 15, 1910

W. B. McClary                                                             Palacios

Ed. Springer                                                   Palacios, Texas

Theo Smith

W. R. Sutterfield                                                   

H. B. Robinsmitz                                                      Richmond

E. G. Cloar                                                                   Bay City

C. H. Trego                                                          

Mrs. Trego                                                           

G. A. Lake

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Carl Pielstick


Wedn'day, Mar. 16, 1910

E. E. Wood & wife                                                          Pecan

Carl Pielstick                                                       City - Supper

H. B. Allen?                                                                         City

A. B. Pierce                                                                 Blessing

H. H. Hargis                                                                 Blessing

J. S. McIntyre                                                           Willis, Tex.

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

H. B. McDonald                                                          Joliet , Ill.

Mr. Gaumer                                                          

T. B. Hillman                                                                        City

Jas. P. Cherry                                                              Bay City

Theodore Schlaman?                                                 Bay City

Robert Hodge                                                              Bay City


Thursday, Mar. 17, 1910

H. Simon                                                             Bay City , TX.

J. N. Best                                                                     Palacios

W. R. Sutterfield

F. W. Whiteowl                                                           Satsuma

A. Maroni                                                                  Collegeort

L. Schwartz                                                         Bay City, Tex.

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

R. Hodge                                                                      Bay City

Theodore Schlotman                                                  Bay City

D. N. O. Newton?                                             Palacios , Tex.

Wm. S. Gormey?         "The Texas Co."         Houston , Tex.

J. F. Sutterfield                                                  Palacios, Tex.


Friday, Mar. 18, 1910

C. D. Bachelor                                                                Dallas

A. E. Kaufman                                                            Satsuma

E. E. Wood & Son

Miss Hutchinson                                                               Joliet

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Saturday, Mar. 19, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet

T. B. Hillman                                                                        City

John N. Simpson                                                            Dallas

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

F. C. Kent                                                         Esbon, Kansas

Wm. Wiesbrook                                          Naperville , Illinois

Thos. R. Williams                                                   Elliott, Iowa

F. E. Shires                                                            Elliott , Iowa

Philo? D. Clark                                                 Red Oak, Iowa

Z. T. Fisher                                                        Red Oak, Iowa

F. C. Meinhardt                                         New Cambria, Mo.

Joe Nordmann                                           New Cambria, Mo.

J. V. Brasfield & Wife                                                 Chicago

Mrs. Alice Wilson                                          Fish Creek, Wis.

Hugh Tronberger                                              Memphis , Mo.

Clifford King                                                          Red Oak, Ia.

Matt Pierce                                                                 Red Oak

F. G. Cobb                                                           Blessing, Tx.

A. J. Howard                                               Osage City, Kans.

Walter Bradshaw                                           Blessing, Texas

David Brown                                                               Buckeye

J. L. Harris                                                              Monroe La.

J. R. Gaumer "Will not be here"                                    Kirwin

Joe Hawks                                                                    Midfield

G. H. McDonald & cousin                                          Palacios


Sunday, Mar. 20, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                       Collegeport , Tex.

Miss Glenny Gaumer                                  Collegeport , Tex.

Miss Amanda Anderson                             Collegeport, Tex.

W. B. Gaumer                                           Collegeport, Texas

Guy G Eidman                                                             Bay City


Sunday, Mar. 20, 1910

Burt? Killebrew                                                           Satsuma

D. W. Findley                                                              Satsuma

Dr. C. Pickle                                                                Blessing

Mr. A. M. Leach

Miss Ethel Cobb

Cletus Jones

Miss Faye Leach

W. A. Newton                                                              Palacios

W. H. Locke                                                          Dallas , Tex.


Monday, Mar. 21, 1910

R. J. Richarson                                                    Humble, Tex.

V. Sparks                                                             Humble, Tex.

W. K. Keller & Wife                                             Midfield, Tex

Theo Smith

D. E. P.? Forbes                                                         Bay City

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Tuesday, Mar. 22, 1910

Ed Springer                                                       Palacios, Tex.

J. W. Canada                                                               Houston

W. A. Stonewell                                                     Alvin, Texas

J. W. O’Neil                                                                     Austin

D. W. A. Newton                                                Palacios, Tex.

F. C. Kent                                                            Esbon, Kans.


Wedn'day, Mar 23, 1910                                    

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

C. M. Stegar?                                                              Bay City

R. J. Powers                                                          Dallas, Tex.

Tom Crowder                                                             St. Louis

F. C. Kent                                                            Esbon, Kans.

E. L. Gabel                                                                          City


Thursday, Mar. 24, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Okla Sicks "With Vernon Hurd"                           Collegeport

E. M. Yeamans                                                           Palacios

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

L. S. Green                                                                   Houston

W. Carpenter                                                               Bay City

A. B. Pierce & Wife & Nurse                                     Blessing

C. B. Bailey                                                                 Blessing

Jas. P. Cherry                                                              Bay City


Friday, Mar. 25, 1910

W. R. Rickard & Wife                                     Houston, Texas

E. E. Wood & Wife                                                         Pecan

Mr. McCain & Wife

S. J. Cleveland and Family                                        Bay City

Frank Standefer                                                      Platter, Ok

Carl A. Albrecht                                                           Cinti. O.

S. W. J.? Graham                                           Springdale, Ok.

Mr. & Mrs. McCain  "With S. J. Cleveland"

L. W. Wright                                                          Port Lavaca


Saturday, Mar. 26, 1910

Chas. Tew                                                                    Bay City

Allen    "With Stewart"

Ben H. Smith                                                               Palacios

J. F. Grant                                                                 Galveston

John Vanhorn

Mr. & Mrs. McCain

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Sunday, Mar. 27, 1910

H. Black    "With G. E. B."                                         Satsuma

G. M. Magill                                                                  Bay City

Mrs. Jones                                                                   Bay City

Mrs. Metzker                                                                Bay City

Mr. Cherry                                                                    Bay City

Howard N. Sholl & Wife & Son                            Collegeport

Donald Travis "With Vernon "

Okla Sicks  "With Vernon "

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Wm. M. Glasser


Monday, Mar. 28, 1910

Ed Springer                                                    Palacios, Texas

L. Hirsch                                                                       Houston

F.? H. Foster                                                                Houston

G. W. Delaplain                                                     Collegeport

L. W. Brown                                                                 Bay City


Tuesday, Mar. 29, 1910

Bon H. Smith                                                               Palacios

L. O. Garrison                                                             Palacios

W. R. Sutterfield                                                   

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Wedn'day, Mar 30, 1910

R. T. Bigelow                                                               Bay City

W. R. Rickard                                                  Houston, Texas

J. A. W. Spargur                                                 LaPorte, Tex.

Mrs. J. A. W. Spargur                                        LaPorte, Tex.

Mrs. J. W. Watts                                               Hillsboro, Ohio

Amos Lee                                                                    Bay City

Guy S. Hutchinson                                                     De Moss

Jack H. Tost?                                                                  Dallas

C. L. Reeves                                                        College Port

C. E. Crary?                                                                 Houston


Thursday, Mar. 31, 1910

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

C. E. O'Neil                                                          New Orleans


Friday, Apr. 1, 1910

J. G. White                                                         Blessing, Tex.


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