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O. B. KONE, Manager

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Friday, Apr. 1, 1910

J. White                                                              Blessing, Tex.

C. J. Howard                                              Osage City, Kans.

I. G. Colea                                                            Blessing, Tx.

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.


Saturday, Apr. 2, 1910

W. R. Sutterfield

W. C. Smith                                                               New York

J. L. Harris

G. A. Delaplain                                                                   City



Sunday, Apr. 3, 1910

S. S. Perry                                                                 Markham

C. J. Burkhardt                                                            Houston

Ellis Ives                                                                            City

Mr. and Mrs. McCain                                            Collegeport

Nelson O. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Ellis Ives                                                                              City


Monday, Apr. 4, 1910

Bon H. Smith                                                              Palacios

J. T. Murdock                                                        Steaton, Ills.

Mr. & Mrs. McCain                                                             City

J. W. Orr                                                                          Dallas

L. W. Brown                                                                 Bay City

T. J. Battaglia                                                       San Antonio

Clymer Williams

W. Kaufman                                                    Waterloo , Iowa


Tuesday, Apr. 5, 1910

C. N. Kellogg?                                                             Houston

J. M. Stenaplain?                                                        Houston

Miss Myrtle Morris  "With Miss Fay"

R. T. Bigelow                                                               Bay City

Nelson C. Sweet                                                         Dena H.

Mr. & Mrs. McCain                                                             City


Wedn'day, Apr. 6, 1910

C. R. Huntington                                                       Galveston

R. J. Sisk                                                           Bay City , Tex.

J. R. Reynolds                                                   Bay City , Tex.

W. S. Terry                                                                      Ashby

A. S. Colliers                                                               Bay City

Thos. H. Lewis                                                            Bay City

  "Call for boat for Palacios in the morning."


Thursday, Apr. 7, 1910

Mr. McCain

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

P. S. Murdock                                                 Sabetha, Kans.

Jackson Hughes                                               Palacios, Tex.


Friday, Apr. 8, 1910

D. Ronstein?                                                               Houston

C. E.? Parsons?                                               Houston , Tex.

L. Woolf                                                       New Orleans , La.

A. M. Weborg & Wife                                   Kenashaw , Wis.

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

Ellis Ives                                                                              City

Dr. Darling  "With Geo. Black"


Saturday, Apr. 9, 1910

Geo. G. Lovering                                                       Palacios

J. D. Stewart  "With Pielstick"

Bon H. Smith                                                              Palacios

P. F. Franz                                                                  Palacios

G. Lawson

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

W. R. Sutterfield

Wm T. Hipp                                                          Houston , Tx.

H. F. Hartenhauser                                            Tampico ?, Ill.

E. L. Ives                                                         Bloomington , Ill.

W. G. Pugh & Wife                                    Jennings , Kansas

P. Berkes                                                              Chicago , Ill.

Lee Brandon                                                              Herrin, Ill.

J. V. Brasfield                                                             Chicago

Russell Armstrong & Wife                                                Wis.

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

L. F. Erickson                                                       Red Oak, Ia.

C. O. Johnson                                                    Wahoo, Nebr.

H. O. Terwilliger                                         Devil's Lake , Wis.

John Wm. Hansel                                                       Chicago

Charles Morrison                                       Phillipsburg , Kan.

W. A. Bradshaw                                             Blessing, Texas

J. W. Turner                                               Beaver City , Nebr.

H. Black                                                                      Satsuma

Miss Shuey                                                                 Satsuma

Geo. Hill                                              

Dean Travis                                                                        City

S. S. Kiehl                                                                           City

L. H. Corse                                                           Kansas City

Guy S. Hutchinson                                            De Moss, Tex.

Fanny L. Hutchinson                                                  Joliet , Ill.

W. R. Moore                                                          Collegeport

J. J. Gillespie                                                               Houston

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.


Sunday, Apr. 10, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

Bert Killebrew                                                            Satsuma

G. A. Delaplain                                                                   City

W. Verme Batchelder

F. N. Sholl &  Family                                                           City

D. Barchers                                                  Ness City , Kans.

E. Barchers                                                  Ness City , Kans.

G. E. Launders                                        Yates Center, Kans.

Wm. Launders                                        Yates Center , Kans.

A. T. Booze & Wife                                      Springwood, Va.

A. Maroni                                                               Collegeport

A. Maroni  with Dierke

Cletus Jones

Miss Faye Leach

Tom Jones

Miss Ethyle Cobb

Fred Hansen

C. E. O'Neil                                                  Portsmouth , Tex.

S. S. Kiehl                                                    Portsmouth , Tex.


Monday, Apr. 11, 1910

R. J. Sisk                                                                     Bay City

Jno. Price                                                                   Palacios

Miss Hutchinson                                                         Joliet , Ill.

L. Hirsch                                                                       Houston

J. H. Kaiser                                                            Larned, Ks.

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                  

E. M. Yeamans                                                           Palacios

Sutterfield                                                                    Palacios

D. Barchers                                                  Ness City , Kans.

E. Barchers                                                  Ness City , Kans.


Tuesday, Apr. 12, 1910

L. R. Willis                                                                             Ho

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

Percy Elliott                                                                     Dallas

Okla Sicks  With Vernon                         Collegeport , Texas

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

R. J. Sisk                                                           Bay City , Tex.


Wedn'day, April 13, 1910

Mabry Mellin                                                Kansas City , Mo.

H. Homer?                                                                Galveston

M. J. Endres                                                                        Ho.

A. L. Loggen                                                                Houston

W. V. Traegin?                                                               Dallas

L. W. Brown                                                                 Bay City

C. E. Harter                                                                 Blessing

D. W. Smedley?                                                     Agra , Kas.

W. C. Carpenter                                               Bay City , Tex.

J. W. Turner                                               Beaver City , Nebr.

J. Putnam                                                       Brewster , Kans.


Thursday, Apr. 14, 1910

J. S. Clarkson                                                                      Ho.

W. C. Lloyd                                                                  Bay City

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

G. A. Delaplain "Error" (name marked out)


Friday, Apr. 15, 1910

W. A. Justice                                                               Houston

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                               City

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

F. H. Jones                                                                  Bay City

E. M. Anderson                                                               Dallas

W. S. Johnson                                                                Dallas

E. T. Milligan                                                                   Dallas

Geo. Hill

N. C. Sweet                                                                         City

J. Putnam                                                         Brewster , Kan.

Mr. & Mrs. L. Edwards                                              De Moss

  "With B. D. Hurd"


Sunday, Apr. 17, 1910

S. J. McDonald

Dr. C. Pickle                                                               Blessing

W. A. Bradshaw                                                         Blessing

K. H. Kahnt, Wife & Daughter                                           City

H. N. Sholl & Family                                                           City

W. Verne Batchelder                                                 Satsuma

Dierke                                                                                  City

Mr. & Mrs. Wilkinson                                                          City

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

Will Glasser                                                                         City

Miss Kendrick                                                                     City


Monday, Apr. 18, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

Wm. M. Glasser                                                                 City

W. B. McClary                                                            Palacios

Chas. E. Ferguson                                                     Houston

A. Maroni                                                               Collegeport


Tuesday, Apr. 19, 1910

Joe E. Price                                                   Stephenville, Tx.

Grover Tull                                                                   Palacios

A. Maroni                                                               Collegeport

Jno. Price                                                                    Palacios

E. E. Wood                                                                     Pecan

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

Dr. D. H. Driskill                                                         Palacios

Mrs. ____ Driskill                                         Palacios , Texas

Mrs. W. L. Lawson                                                     Palacios

J. F. Sullivan " Austin Nursery"                                      Austin

W. H. Sturgis, Wife & Child                                       Palacios

C. S. Sturgis


Wedn'day, Apr. 20, 1910

John F. Sullivan " Austin Nursery"                        Austin , Tx .

A. E. Woolpert?                                                                  City

J. J. Wofford?                                                                      Ho.

A. B. Pierce & Wife & Baby                                      Blessing

Miss Duffield                                                               Blessing

Wm. Pfieffer

J. L. Allhands                                                        St. Elmo , Ill.



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