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O. B. KONE, Manager

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Guests without baggage will please pay in advance.

The proprietor will not be responsible for monies, watches,
diamonds or other valuables unless deposited at the office.

Thursday, Apr. 21, 1910

John W. Hansel                                                          Chicago

J. H. Smith & Wife                                      Monroe City , Mo.

W. H. Harding                                                             Blessing

Geo. Raitt                                                                   Blessing

J. J. Gillespie                                                              Houston

W. Verne Batchelder                                                         City

Gust Franzen                                      

Arthur Larson                                                                      City

G. Edwin Lipsitt                                                                  City


Friday, Apr. 22, 1910

Miss Repsdorph "with Miss Faye"                           Houston

C. H. Trego                                                                 Palacios

Guy G. Eidman                                                           Bay City

H. Peterson                                                     Kenosha , Wis.

J. Gregory & Wife                                           Kenosha , Wis.

S. S. Schofield                                                     Freeport , Ill.

S. O. Schofield                                                     Freeport , Ill.


Saturday, Apr. 23, 1910

 [Industrial League] Banquet

W. R. Sutterfield

Mrs. D. H. Brasfield                                         Bay City , Tex.

W. C. Fick?                                                           Quinney , Ill.

J. C. Sproull                                                 Lawrence , Kans.

A. ? S. Holman                                                           Bay City

L. G. Cobb                                                         Blessing, Tex.

Harry Austin Clapp                The Homecrofters

Mrs. H. A. Clapp                    The Homecrofters

Mrs. C. Van Ness                  The Homecrofters

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                              City

C. H. Judin & Wife                             

Theo Smith             

W. H. Travis                                                                        City

Mrs. W. H. Travis                                                               City

Margaret Travis                                                                 City

Mrs. Kermott

I. M. Glasser                                                                       City

W. M. Glasser                                                                     City

H. L. Miller & Wife                                                              City

W. B. Gaumer & Wife & Daughter                                   City

G. A. Lake & Miss Kendrick                

A. J. Palmer                                                                        City

L. E. Liggett                                                                        City

W. S. Wright and Wife                                                       City

K. H. Kahnt & Wife                                                             City

M. A. Travis & Wife                                                            City

N. P. Knight & Wife                                                            City

Judge Holman "Charge to League Industrial League"

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

E. C. Ives                                                               Collegeport

Mr. & Mrs. J. B. McCain & Miss Repsdorph                   City

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Harris                                                      City

Ed Olson                                                                             City

G. E. Woolpert & Wife                                                       City

C. B. Dierke                                                                        City

C. E. Sterling & wife                                                          City

J. D. Evans & Wife                                                             City

C. E. Pielstick                                                                     City

D. S. Morris                                                                        City

C. H. Trego

Cletus Jones & Miss Leach                                              City

House & Wife                                                                     City

Mr. & Mrs. Hurd & guest

Mr. & Mrs. A_______ & Daughter                                   City

Mr. & Mrs. Leach                                                                City

Mr. & Mrs. Sicks                                                                 City

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gregory & child

Miss Fay                                                                             City

Mr. Adams                                                                          City

Miss Myrtle Morris                                                              City

Dr. Lipsitt                                                                            City

Mrs. D. H. Brasfield                                         Bay City , Tex.

W. C. Fick                                                              Quinney, Ill.


Sunday, Apr. 24, 1910

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

S. S. Kiehl                                                          Satsuma, Tex

Roy C. Keeley  "With Geo. E. Black"

T. M. Jones  "With Pielstick"

W. M. Glasser  "With Dierke"

Mrs. D. H. Brasfield                                         Bay City , Tex.

W. C. Fick                                                                Quiney, Ill.

G. A. Delaplain                                                                   City

S. S. Schofield                                                     Freeport , Ill.


Monday, Apr. 25, 1910

J. W. Turner                                              Beaver City , Nebr.

Lee Brandon                                                             Herrin, Ill.

L. G. Cobb                                                                  Blessing

S. C. Schofield                                                     Freeport , Ill.

A. B. Cushing                                                              Houston

W. H. Featherston & Wife                                        Henrietta

John N. Simpson                                                           Dallas

Jno.T. Price                                                                Palacios

John Hansel                                                                Chicago

E. S. Darling                                                                       City

L. Cirset?                                                                     Houston


Tuesday, April 26, 1910

Jno. Price                                                                   Palacios

F. J. Ulland                                                                 Palacios

Geo. Hill                                                                              City

C. H. King                                                                            Ho.

A. S. Roberts                                                              Houston

F. H. Jones                                                                 Bay City

Jas. P. Cherry                                                             Bay City

S. M. Lesesne                                                    Edna , Texas

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

J. L. Allhands                                                         St Elmo , Ill.

Jno. T. Price                                                               Palacios


Wedn'day, April 27, 1910

Sam Floxman?                                                           Houston

Dr. & Mrs. G. McAbney                                            Plainview

Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Wood & Children                               Pecan

H. N. Sholl & Wife                                                              City

W. B. Gaumer

E. L. Ives                                                                Collegeport

G. A. Delaplain                                      Sing Sing, New York


Thursday, Apr. 28, 1910

J. L. Harris

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.


Friday, Apr. 29, 1910

G. McDonald                                                              Palacios

Chas. J. Johnson                                                       Palacios

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

W. R. Sutterfield  "with Mr. Price"

C. A. Harris                                                        Bay City , Tex

W. E. Percival                                                   Blessing, Tex.


Saturday, Apr. 30, 1910

Mr. Price                                                       Palacios , Texas

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Ralph W. Jones                                                           Bay Cy.

F. H. Jones                                                                   Bay Cy.

Mrs. Jones                                                                   Bay Cy.

Marion ? Jones                                                            Bay Cy.

Charlotte Jones                                                           Bay Cy.


Sunday, May 1, 1910

Mr. & Mrs. Sholl & Son                                                      City

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.


Monday, May 2, 1910

C. A. Nichols                                                               Ho Post

Amos Lee                                                                   Bay City

C. A. Harris                                                                 Bay City

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.


Tuesday, May 3, 1910

Chas. Tew                                                                   Bay City

Joe E. Price                                                Stephenville, Tex.

J. L. Allhands                                                        St. Elmo , Ill.

S. E. Monroe                                                               Houston

S. Montgomery                                                           Houston

A. B. Pierce                                                                Blessing

C. M. Hocker                                                              San Ant.

G. M. Magill                                                                 Bay City

Jas. P. Cherry                                                             Bay City


Wedn'day, May 4, 1910

W. H. Thompson                                                         Houston

Joe Hall                                                                       Palacios

D. S. Hoffman                                                             Houston

E. Sterling                                                                       City

Jno.T. Price                                                                Palacios

L. C. Sellers                                                          Stephenville

F. E. Mather & Wife                                                   Chicago

L. W. Brown                                                                Bay City

C. E. O'Neil                                                  Portsmouth , Tex.


Thursday, May 5, 1910

R. T. Bigelow                                                              Bay City

W. M. Shi____                                                          _______

W. D. Mehill?                                                             _______

G. W. Rose                                                                  Houston

C. E. O'Neil                                                  Portsmouth , Tex.

N. C. Sweet                                                                 Dena H.

G. A. Delaplain


Friday, May 6, 1910

R. Miller                                                                      Satsuma

W. S. Elmer                                                           Collegeport

R. M. Wynne                                                                Bay City

J. W. Sanders                                                             Wharton

H. J. Bolton

Will Farquhar

Bertha Maynard (marked out)

Bryan Perry

Murrah Crosby

Arthur Larson                                                                      City

J. W. Bowman                                                         Texarkana


Saturday, May 7, 1910

W. R. Sutterfield                                                         Palacios

Wm. Ever "with W. R. Sutterfield"

Wm L. Hipp                                                          Houston , Tx .

Mr. Gillespie

Ernest Remmer? & Wife                                   Sweeny , Tx .

Geo. C. Mick & Wife                                               Iago , Tex.

Lester Esrey                                                   Richmond , Mo.

Ruby Bens?                                                    Richmond , Mo.

Mrs. M. Green                                                       Hardin, Mo.

Leslie Mick                                                                  Iago, Tx.

A. B. Hughes                                                            Iago, Tex.

Jesse Sullinger?                                                     Iago , Tex.

James Renick                                                Richmond , Mo.

J. K. James                                                    Richmond , Mo.

D. L. Bay                                                         Richmond , Mo.

Adolph Fenske                                                  Houston, Tex.

Mr. & Mrs. Vonwey                                              Ionia , Kans.


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