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Collegeport Photographs
Photos courtesy of Mopac House Foundation

Collegeport Rice and Irrigation Company

Pumping plant under construction (above and below)
(picture taken from the north)



Collegeport Irrigation Company built a pumping station on the Lower Colorado River to the East of the Collegeport area. Canals were constructed using mules and fresnos. The first year, rice crops were lost due to the system being incomplete. The second year, salt was was pumped from the river which damaged the crops. These canals were planned to be used for transportation, and high bridges were built over them to allow the passage of barges. However, in order to maintain water levels to achieve irrigation flows, checks or locks had to be built across the channels, thus making them unusable for transportation. The bridges were difficult to cross with the steel-wheeled steam engines, and were soon taken down. The pumps from this facility were used in an irrigation operation in the Rio Grande Valley.

Collegeport Canal Pumping Plant

Collegeport Pumping Plant--another view from the south



Photo courtesy of Ethel Nelson

Canal Pumping Plant Near Collegeport Tex.

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