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Collegeport Photographs

Collegeport Homes

Collegeport Houses

Central Avenue Residences in Collegeport, Texas c 1912
Foreground to the bay
Duffy Home;
George Ross Home 1911, sold to Matt Pierce in 1913, later Boeker home and
burned while Boeker family lived there;
A. W. Blackwell Home;
Verner Bowers Home;
Hotel Collegeport (at the end of the street)


Later picture of Central Avenue residences in Collegeport, Texas - c 1930

Holsworth Home in Collegeport, Texas

Holsworth Home
Courtesy of Mike O'Day


Vincent  R. & Sarah Ida Haisley in front of their home
east of Collegeport.

Van Ness, Herbage, Woodhouse & Glasser Homes on South Boulevard

Van Ness Home

Family home of the Heffelfingers, Rolens, and Gerald & Mamie Franzen Wells.

Home of Lester & Agnes Liggett and children

Courtesy of Bridgett Gonzales

Robert Blackwell Family were the last residents of this home. Faced Central Street.

Taken from a scrapbook donated by Fay Smith Soli, daughter of Lizzie Will Morris Smith.

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