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Family of Theodore Smith





Grace Chapel of St. Mary's Mission

History of the Smith/Mowery/Canfield Home

Mowery Family

 Died Saturday Evening at His Home in Houston, Texas
 Was Pioneer Settler of Phillips County

     While knowing that our good friend, Theo. Smith, was quite ill at his home in Houston, Texas, and that he was in a very critical condition, yet, when his son, Karl, telegraphed to the city last Sunday that his father has passed to Great Beyond the previous evening, the news was passed around among the friends of the Smith family with a touch of sadness which is beyond our power to describe.
     The last time we saw Mr. Smith he was in splendid health and enjoying every minute of his visit in this city among his many old-time friends and acquaintances and it seemed impossible for one to imagine him as one who had departed this life for the Great White Way.
     Mr. Smith was a pioneer settler of Phillips county, coming to Phillipsburg in the year 1889. Being of exceptional business ability, he at once saw the possibilities of this great western country of ours and established a hardware business, later on, as the country grew, he established a branch store at Glade, and as the years began to roll around, this combined business grew and kept growing, even beyond Mr. Smith’s most fondest dreams?.
     As soon as his son, Karl, left the High School he was taken into the business as an equal partner, and as he began to master the more important details of the business, the elder Smith, now getting along in years, entrusted in the hands of his son the management of the stores in this city and at Glade.
     Several years ago Mr. Smith moved to Texas, first locating at Collegeport and later on moving to Houston.
     He was a man of keen judgment of human nature, and being of a mild and gentle disposition, made friends with all who were fortunate to come in contact with him. He loved his home and home surroundings more than glittering fashion and sought to honor in the consciousness of doing good, and it was a trait which clung to him through life.
     His form is one that will remain sacred in memory’s gallery and his face is one which can never be erased. This man who dear to us all, gentle to both friend and foe, and who loved us ere we knew what love was, and taught us the right ere we knew the wrong, goes from the walks of mankind to seek his nitche in the palace built by his Master with sublime smile upon his calm face and the assurance, that his work here, below has been well done, and that, by his kind deeds and gentle words, he has made a place for himself in the hearts of mankind that can never be filled.
     The body was shipped from Houston to Toledo, Ohio, last Sunday, where interment was made in the family cemetery.

Phillips County Post, April 1, 1918


Theo Smith Home

Theo. Smith Home c 1921
Courtesy of Margaret Ann Hodge

Emma Smith



Theo Smith Bank Ad
November 1911          August 1910
October 29, 1914

Theo Smith Bank & Business Ads
April 1910            November 1914
October 15, 1914 

September 8, 1910

Courtesy of Grace Henley & Frank & Betty Canfield

Theo Smith & Son Lumber & Hardware, Collegeport, Tex.

(Photo courtesy of Grace Henley and Frank & Betty Canfield)

Theo Smith & Son Lumber & Hardware, Collegeport, Tex.

(Photo courtesy of Grace Henley and Frank & Betty Canfield)



Karl Smith (Son of Theo Smith) Theo (l) and Karl (r) Smith

(Photos courtesy of Grace Henley & Frank & Betty Canfield)


Grace Theodora


Grace Theodora Smith Brown Jones

Photo courtesy of
Grace Jones Henley
& Frank & Betty Canfield

Mrs. Grace T. Brown is a prominent young lady who recently moved to Palacios. She is an accomplished musician and a great addition to Palacios society. --San Antonio Daily Express, March 28, 1909 (The Theo Smith family lived in Palacios until their home was completed in Collegeport.)

A Former Topeka Man to Wed.

Mr. Chauncey Brown, of Garden City, former of Topeka, and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brown of 633 Taylor street, will be married the 5th of June to Miss Grace Theodora Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Smith of Phillipsburg. The wedding will take place at the Smith home and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brown will go to Phillipsburg to attend it. Miss Smith, with her mother, has been visiting in Topeka this week with her fiance's family and other friends and left for her home yesterday. Miss Smith is a charming young woman and a pianist of more than ordinary skill. After being graduated from Bethany Music school at Lindsborg she studied under Mr. Rudolph Ganz, the Swiss pianist, in Chicago. Mr. Brown is a graduate of Washburn college both in the school of arts and the school of law, and has been practicing law in Garden City for a little over a year. -- Topeka Daily Capital, May 10, 1907


The marriage of Mr. Chauncey Brown of Garden City, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brown of Topeka, and Miss Grace Theodora Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Smith of Phillipsburg, will take place today. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brown will go to Phillipsburg to attend the wedding. Mr. Brown is a graduate of the school of law of Washburn College and has been practicing his profession in Garden City for about a year. Miss Smith is a graduate of the department of piano of Bethany College, Lindsborg, and had studied with Mr. Rudolph Ganz in Chicago. -- Topeka Daily Capital, June 5, 1907


Married at Collegeport on Wednesday night of last week, by Rev. John Sloan of this city, Miss Grace Theodore Smith and Mr. Edgar G. Jones of Amarillo. Miss Smith was one of the most charming young women of Collegeport, the Grace chapel of the Episcopal Church being named in honor of her many good deeds and as a tribute to her lovable character. The chapel was beautifully decorated for the occasion, and the ceremony witnessed by many friends.

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 5, 1914

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Grace Hinsdale Jones Henley at age 3 (1919)
Daughter of Grace Theodora and Edgar G. Jones

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