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Pilkington Slough Ranch

Collegeport, Texas


History of Pilkington Slough Ranch

Historical Marker Dedication

Franzen Family

Aerial View of the Ranch
Courtesy of Grace Pierce



Slone first cousins on the fence behind the Slough Ranch house
celebrating the Jesse Slone's birthday in July, 1945.
Courtesy of E. M. Huitt
l to r

David Slone, Barbara Ann Slone, Mary Carolyn Machen, Larry Huitt, Arthur Ray Slone,
Jesse Howard "J. H." Slone, Rusty Machen, Roy Walter Machen II, E. M. Huitt,
Richard Lee Slone, Billy Mack Huitt, Charles Slone, Fred Huitt, and Wayne Slone


Birthday party of J. H. Slone held at the Slough Ranch
Courtesy of Sue Jenkins Clayton


Buffalo, Collegeport, Tex. Slough Ranch
Courtesy of Matagorda County Museum

Col. Johnathan Pierce has secured three young buffaloes, one male and two females, from 101 Ranch of Miller brothers, Bliss, Okla., which arrived here the first of the month and were taken to his Collegeport ranch one mile south of this city. These animals are only partly domesticated and are quite timid and not easily approached. Just what Mr. Pierce’s intentions are is not publicly known as he is assembling a fine herd of animals of fine quality and breed, and it is time well and enjoyably spent to visit this ranch and see the herds of his selection. He has ideas peculiar to the man of such varied experiences and has hopes of some peculiar achievements and we may look forward for the results with interesting pleasure. He is proud of his herds and delights in showing his visitors around his premises.—Collegeport Chronicle.

Palacios Beacon, February 9, 1912

101 Ranch

Slough Ranch, Collegeport, Tex.



Slough Ranch House After 2006 Restoration
Pictures courtesy of Bratten Thomason


South and East Sides

East Side

Porch on East Side

East Side


South Porch



Water Tanks

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