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Collegeport School Students circa 1919

Photo courtesy of Margaret Ann Hodge.

This is the list as it appeared on the back of the photo.

Miss Margaret [Holsworth]

Cecil McNeill

Paul Braden

George Bieri

Austin Jenkins

Albert Dorris

Joe Frank Jenkins

Nellie Place

Fannie Jenkins

Arline Jackson

Edith Bieri

Evelyn Heck

Helen Duckworth

Mary Louise Clapp

Dale Welsby

Miss Evans

Nellie Hunt

Grace Parker

Raymon Burnes

Thomas Shriver

Sidney Hill

Harry Shriver

Thomas Clark

Verrell Hill

Alexander Clark

Matt Pierce

Julian Jenkins

Patt Jenkins

Ralph Place

Charles Heck

Stanley Duckworth

Henry Legg

Alice Shriver

Bessie Jenkins

Lera Hunt

Minnie Lee McNeill

Milburn McNeill

George Hubert

Dayton Parker

Leval Brassfield


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