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Confederate Veterans Buried at Matagorda Cemetery
Matagorda, Texas


Capt. E. S. Rugeley's Company
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William D. Barbour

Joseph Berg

Arthur Cleveland Bruce

Arthur Cleveland Bruce

October 28, 1921

Mr. Arthur Cleveland Bruce, a long time resident of the town of Matagorda, passed away at his home in Matagorda October 11, 1921, at the ripe age of 83 years, 8 months and 20 days.


Mr. Bruce was born on the west side of the Colorado River in this county, Jan. 24, 1838, and when war was declared between the states, he volunteered and was in Company D, 6th Texas Infantry.


He was first lieutenant and color bearer and on one occasion his life was saved by a pair of boots that he had captured from the enemy the previous day and he immediately donned them.


The next day his feet were so blistered he was sent behind the lines to recuperate and the flag bearer, taking his place, was hit in the forehead with a bullet and immediately killed.


At another time, in the battle of Chickamauga, the enemy seemed to take the flag for its target and Mr. Bruce has laughingly related many times how he reversed it, putting the flag down and the staff up.


He served the South faithfully until sent home on furlough and the war closed during that period.


In 1866 he was united in marriage to Miss Mary Smith, also a native of this county, and there were eight children, six of them and his widow surviving. They are Mrs. Thos. Kain, Mrs. G. B. Culver, Mrs. J. B. Hawkins and C. A. Bruce of this place; Mrs. J. J. Funk of San Marcos and Gene Bruce of Palacios. There are also a number of grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. He and the late C. D. Bruce were brothers.


Mr. Bruce was a gentleman of the "old school," quiet and unassuming, "a friend to all and enemy to none" and always had a pleasant word for everyone, consequently he will be greatly missed by all his friends in his home town.


He as a member of the Baptist Church and attended services whenever able. Of late years he has been continually in poor health and even though his death was expected his family are none the less grieved and their friends sympathize with them in their bereavement.


Charles David Bruce

Alexander C. Burkhart


Alexander C. Burkhart


George Burkhart, Sr.
Caroline Young Burkhart
George Burkhart
Catharine C. Burkhart

Henry Cookenboo
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John Culver

Lydia Van Dorn Currie & Archibald Currie
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William Elliott, Sr.

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