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Charles H. Judin Family


Charles Henry Judin was born 16 October 1869 in Tonawanda, New York and died 13 November 1954 in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada at the age of 85. He was the son of Fred Judin (06 Sep 1825 Baden, Baden, Germany - 20 Sep 1872 Prairieville, Barry County, Michigan) and Harriet Hunsinger Judin (04 Mar 1831 Alsace Loraine, France - 12 Sep 1884, Prairieville, Barry County, Michigan) who were married in 1850 in Erie, New York. His family name, Judin, evolved from Tschudy to Tschudin to finally Judin--the family being from Switzerland and Germany.


On 17 Dec 1895, Charles married Sara Dearing. Sara was born March 1878 and died 08 Mar 1932 in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada at the approximate age of 54.


The Judins along with their sons, Carl Henry and Frank Leon were in Collegeport, Matagorda County, Texas by March 14, 1910 as the names of C. H. Judin and wife appear on the Hotel Collegeport register. They were probably there to enjoy a meal. The sons attended the Collegeport School.


Their son, Carl Henry Judin was born 09 May 1895 in Michigan and died 02 March 1972 in Houston, Texas at the age of 76. Frank Leon was born 01 Jun 1905 in Berry County, Michigan and died 15 April 1984 in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada at the age of 85.


The last known mention of their names in a Collegeport news column was in July, 1915, so they must have left the area shortly after that time. Many families moved from the area during that same time period.


Below are various items scattered through the Collegeport web page that give a small insight into the lives of the Judin family. Mr. Judin was quite resourceful and had many different responsibilities while living in Collegeport.


Photo courtesy of Ethel Williams

Frank and Charles Judin below          Frank and Sara at right
Photos courtesy of Ethel Williams



Hotel Collegeport Register
(probably there to eat lunch or supper)

Monday, Mar. 14, 1910

C. H. Judin & Wife    City



Hotel Collegeport Register

Wedn'day, May 25, 1910

Collegeport Day

C. H. Judin & Wife




1910 Federal Census Page 3A  Stamped Page 139  Town of Collegeport  April 26 & 27, 1910

Charlie Judin, head, male, white, age 29, married 15 years, born in New York, father's birthplace unknown, mother's birthplace unknown, occupation, meat cutter


Sarah Judin, wife, female, white, age 32, married 15 years, two children, two children living, born in Michigan, father and mother born in Germany


Carl Judin, son, white, age 13, single, born in Michigan


Frank Judin, son, male, white, age 3, single, born in Michigan



By Harry Austin Clapp [date unknown]


When you read this, forget the Collegeport of today and think only of the Collegeport of 1910 for all this copy is from the columns of the Collegeport Chronicle of that year.


Work on the roads and repairing bridges and washouts has kept overseer Judin on the alert this week.



Thoughts About a Saga of Collegeport


Old timers, do you remember with what pride you used to listen to the wonderful music produced by the Collegeport band? Do you remember those boys? L. E. Liggett, business manager; Mr. Harsh, director; Abbot Kone, cornet; Donald Travis, cornet; J. Walters, clarinet; Carl Judin, Clarinet; G. Yeamans, baritone; C. Yeamans, bass; A. Morris, snare drum; Geo. Martin, bass drum; Ora Turner, alto; Joe Paine, alto; George Corporon, slide trombone.


Matagorda County Tribune, December ??, 1929, Harry Austin Clapp Scrapbook 2, pp 38 & 39




Hotel Collegeport Register - Saturday, Apr. 23, 1910 -  [Industrial League] Banquet

C. H. Judin & Wife





Blanks were distributed to parents for the purpose of securing the names and ages of children of school age and the following were reported: Russel Vaughn, June, Laura and Florence Mott, Carey Knight, Ray Turner, Barbara Turner, Kenneth House, Leota Miller, Dwight Sholl, Carl Judin, John Pierce, Charles Elmer, Archie Larkin, Irvin Hale, Floyd Maples.


The League voted to set aside the second and fourth Wednesday of each month as a regular half holiday, and Messrs. Leggett, Livers and Judin were appointed a committee to provide entertainment for those occasions.


Collegeport Chronicle, Thursday, April 28, 1910




Burton D. Hurd Land Company Sales Schedules - Collegeport Townsite

Combined lists for April 6 & May 18, 1910


13 14        9-10          Chas. H. Judin, Collegeport, Texas




Burton D. Hurd Land Company Sales Schedules - Ace of Clubs Ranch [undated]

Block No. 1  Lot No.     42    C. H. Judin, Collegeport





On Saturday evening Messrs. J. B. McCain, C. H. Judin, J. D. Evans and G. A. Lake engaged the E-Z for a trip to the pass to fish for tarpon. They returned on Sunday with two fine specimens, one measuring five feet nine inches landed by Mr. McCain, at the other measuring three feet nine inches, _____ of Mr. Lake. It took three [quarters] of an hour to land each of the _____fine sport was enjoyed______ fact the fishermen _______ well exhausted before [the] victims were willing to give themselves up. A large number of others were hooked, one of them measuring even larger than those landed. One monster, according to the enthusiastic sports went up in the air to a dizzy height and came down so dangerously near the boat that they lost control of it. In all, sixteen were hooked and there were plenty more to be seen.

The tarpon is said to be the sportiest fish afloat and this recreation is sure to have many enthusiastic followers among our citizens and tourists. A large number of the citizens viewed the fish upon the wharf, and pictures were taken of them to send to friends in other places.

The fishermen speak very highly of E. A. Sugg as a conductor of fishing party and recommend him to others.



Three bay front lots joining boulevard at reasonable prices. Terms, one third down and balance in two equal annual payments. For particulars, see C. H. Judin.


The Collegeport Chronicle, August 4, 1910




Burton D. Hurd Land Company Sales Schedules - COLLEGEPORT TOWNSITE

September 26, 1911

BLOCK       LOT                 PURCHASER

14                9-10                C. H. Judin, Collegeport, Texas




Sportsmen G. A. Lake and W. L. Green donned the garbs of the real hunter and hied themselves away last Friday to Mad Island lake and in an hour's time they had a bag of 23 teal duck when night drove them in. It is not known what liquid refreshment they indulged in on this trip--but they saw millions of duck. They only reported 23 taken because of the fact that game warden Judin is a determined protector of the game in our midst, and believes in rigid enforcement of law.

Collegeport Chronicle Reprinted in The Palacios Beacon, October 20, 1911




Central avenue was treated to a new dress by our efficient road master C. H. Judin on Saturday, which was a very substantial improvement needed since the recent rains.

Collegeport Chronicle
- Reprinted in The Palacios Beacon, November 17, 1911




Our constable, Judin, got busy last week--serving subpoenas--and never let up until he had 15 jurors under the mandate of the court. Fifteen full grown jurors from our little burg make us look like everyone has gone a-fishing. Don't hit us so hard anymore constable!

Matagorda County Tribune
, June 27, 1913




Chas. H. Judin has completed a silo near his residence to take care of the crop on his five-acre tract. 

Matagorda County Tribune
, July 25, 1913




Mr. and Mrs. Judin and family went to Citrus where they were guests of friends Christmas.

Matagorda County Tribune
, January 1, 1915




Mrs. C. H. Judin entertained the Women's Union last Tuesday afternoon, and owing to stormy weather there was not a large attendance, but those who ventured out were well repaid and a most enjoyable afternoon was spent. 

Matagorda County Tribune
, March 5, 1915




The Woman's Club of Collegeport held a business meeting last Thursday afternoon and the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. H. C. School; vice president, Mrs. H. A. Clapp; recording secretary, Mrs. Pine; corresponding secretary, Mrs. L. E. Liggett; treasurer, Mrs. Judin.   

Matagorda County Tribune
, March 12, 1915





A serious shooting occurred last Friday when Lela Moore, colored, was shot three times by her husband who had come from Beaumont . The would be murderer was taken to Bay City by Deputy Judin. It is said the woman will recover.    

Matagorda County Tribune
, May 14, 1915




Mr. C. H. Judin returned home the first of the week after a several weeks' stay at Blessing.

Matagorda County Tribune
, July __, 1915




Mr. and Mrs. Judin and son, Frank are spending a few days at Blessing.

Matagorda County Tribune
, July __, 1915, (before July 24th)



By Harry Austin Clapp  [Date unknown]


The Collegeport Industrial League, once with ninety members, now gasping for breath with three members: S. W. Corse, Hugo Kundinger and H. A. Clapp. For the interest of the readers I give a list of names of those who were members of the league and community. Events long forgotten will return. Memory of folk well known will come back and reappear, bringing happiness and sorrow. Where are these folk this day? Dead, gone back to their home in the north, a fine type of Americans who had they stayed might have built a town.


Read the list: Theo Smith, W. H. Travis, H. A. Clapp, F. House, L. E. Liggett, H. N. Sholl, Dr. Knight, C. E. Judin, Chas. Pierson, Wes Miller, O. B. Kone, W. B. Gaumer, E. C. Van Ness, A. J. Palmer, Ed Olson, Arthur Morris, H. P. Socks, Burton D. Hurd, C. E. Sterling, Dr. Darling, G. E. Lipsett, J. D. Evans, I. N. Glasser, M. L. Herbage, A. F. Livers, M. A. Travis, W. N. Glasser, J. H. Adams, N. C. Sweet, C. B. Dirke, Geo. A. Lake, O. S. Leach, Cletus Jones, W. W. Wilkinson, Thomas Jones, D. H. Morris, William Pfeiffer, W. R. Cobb, E. L. Ives, George Black, Mac Jones, T. McM. Clark, W. S. Wright, E. L. Gable, Frank Ocutt, H. C. Harrington, G. A. Delaplain, O. Gabelman, Henry Kahnt, G. S. Welsby, J. W. Grimes, L. C. Sellers, Ed Wilder, E. T. Carey, D. E. Hurd, J. W. Maples, L. S. Hutchinson, Robert Murry, E. C. Hoffhines, D. Sachett, J. W. Hansel, W. S. Elmer, Dr. Pridgeon, M. A. Nelson, George Brown, Robert Price and E. A. Holsworth.



Mrs. Roy Nelson brings me a paper printed in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada, which gives an account of the death of Mrs. Chas. Judin. The Judins built the house north of the Holsworth home and lived there several years. Mrs. Judin was a very fine woman, who enjoyed the love and respect of those who knew her and all the early settlers will learn with regret of her passing. Carl Judin lives in Hartford, Conn., while Frank lives on the farm near Kindersley. Mrs. Judin was 55 years of age and died in the local hospital following an operation. The funeral services were held in St. Paul's United Church and interment in the Kindersley cemetery.

Thoughts From Observation by Harry Austin Clapp, The Daily Tribune, March 29, 1932

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