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October 1937

Mrs. J. J. Harbison

Mr. Franzen accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Goff were Bay City visitors one day last week.

At the called business meeting of the Church it was voted to retain the present pastor, Rev. Pope.

We are glad to report that Mr. H. A. Clapp, who has been ill for some time, is better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison, Mrs. Hensley and Rev. Pope were business visitors in Bay City, Sat.

Misses Margaret Hill and Annette Johnson attended the Teacher retirement meeting in Bay City, Sat.

The Women’s Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Crane, Tuesday, and finished plans for achievement day which will be Oct. 12.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Goff and family of Houston were Sunday guests of their parents Mr. Boeker and Mr. and Mrs. Goff Sr.

Misses George Alice Jones and Roberta Liggett, who are students at A. and I. in Kingsville, were week end visitors with home folk.

The Girl Reserves had a weiner roast Friday night on the beach near the Mowery home. About 7 p. m. we all gathered to hunt wood for our fire. We roasted weiners, bacon and marshmallows, having lively conversation and songs for our entertainment. Before our fire died out, we played numerous games and sang more Reserve songs. Our teachers and high school boys were our guests.

The Girl Reserves held their regular meeting Thursday afternoon in room four of the High School building. Miss Carter, our counselor from Houston, was with us and talked about our years work, giving some good instruction. She also gave the Cabinet members some books relating to their official duty. Our sponsor, Miss Hill, told Miss Carter of our plan to have a Girl Reserve room for our meetings also to hold our entertainments in as we expect to entertain our mothers and friends. As a group of new girls we are going to do our best. Members present were Nancy Sutton, Dorothy Williams, Betty Lashbrook, Otha Floyd Mize, Oneida Bullington and Florence Clark.

Palacios Beacon, October 7, 1937


Mr. Carl Boeker was in the Valley on business several days.

School was dismissed Wednesday so the pupils could go to the circus at Bay City. The school bus took a load.

Mr. C. W. Boeker of Bay City was an over night visitor with his grandfather Boeker one night last week.

Mrs. Ellis Jensen of Palacios was a Saturday guest at the home of her brother, Mr. Harbison and Mrs. Harbison.

Mrs. Fulcher visited her daughter, Mrs. Tom Hale at Yoakum, Wednesday. Mrs. Hale is there under a Doctor’s care.

Mrs. Sides, County Demonstrator, was here Monday conferring with the 4-H Club and Women’s Club about their achievement day. She and Miss Ethel Nelson were College Station visitors Tuesday where Ethel had a 4-H Club display.

The Women’s Union met with Mrs. Holsworth, Sr., Thursday, at 2:30 p. m. with twelve members and guests attending. After a very interesting lesson on India and Alaska a social hour was enjoyed. The hostess served punch and cake. The King’s Daughters will also meet with Mrs. Holsworth, Oct. 21.

The 4-H girls and Women’s Club held their achievement day at the Community House Tuesday afternoon and evening. The display of fancy work, canned goods, cake and bread, made one think they were at a county fair. This work is one to be commended. We hope next year to have a bigger and better display.

The boys of the sixth, seventh and high school grades, with their principal, Mr. Harbison, camped on Coon Island, Friday night. Plenty of fish for breakfast was caught and a most enjoyable time was had. May it not be long before we can again hitch a trailer to Mr. Harbison’s car and go on another camping trip.

Palacios Beacon, October 14, 1937


The 4-H Club will meet Tuesday in the Science room.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison were week end visitors in Palacios.

Mr. Carl Boeker was in Bay City last week doing jury duty.

Mesdames Hurd and Liggett and Rev. Pope were Bay City visitors Monday.

Mrs. Fred King accompanied her mother and brother on a trip to Kentucky. They expect to be gone about a month.

Miss Charley Mae Carter of Houston met with the Woman’s Club, Thursday. She also had a conference with Miss Hill, sponsor of the Girl Reserves.

The school trustees met Thursday night  in their regular monthly meeting. Supt. Hale of Bay City was present. A new bus was added to our transportation list.

The stunt night program given at the community house Friday night by the school pupils was enjoyed by everyone. After the program a social hour was held. The Girl Reserves served cocoa, coffee and cookies to the guests.

Palacios Beacon, October 21, 1937


Mr. Boeker, Sr., spent several days in Bay City this week.

Mrs. Carl Boeker of Bay City, visited in Collegeport, Saturday.

Mr. Vernon Hurd of Matagorda was over Sunday guest of his mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Carrick were Sunday guests at Mr. and Mrs. Harbison.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Corporon were Sunday dinner guests at Mrs. Cranes.

Miss Annette Johnson and Mrs. Hensley, went to Wharton to the fair Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Franzen and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck were Houston visitors Monday.

Mrs. Wright and son, Mr. Stanley Wright, were at the Wharton County Fair, Thursday.

Mrs. Braden of Blessing attended the King’s Daughters meeting at Mrs. Holsworth, Thursday.

Mrs. Frances Barton of Bay City visited at her father’s, Mr. Frank King, the first of the week.

The Girl Reserves are working hard on their room and articles they are preparing for the Bazaar.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thompson are moving into the McCune house. We are glad to welcome these old neighbors back to Collegeport.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson and daughter Ethel went to San Marcos, Saturday to visit Rosalie who is in College there. They returned late Sunday.

There will be a Halloween Carnival at the Community House Friday night. The school is putting on a short program. Come and see the Ghosts and Goblins.

Miss Nancy Sutton entertained a number of friends and schoolmates Friday night at her home. An enjoyable evening of games and dancing was had. Guests from out of town were Wilburn Miller, J. W. Shows from Manvel and Leonard Hamlin of Bay City.

The King’s Daughters met Thursday with Mrs. Holsworth with a good attendance. The luncheon was only one such as the King’s Daughters can prepare with the addition of a delicious platter of trout fresh from the bay that morning. After lunch the usual business meeting was held and the lesson was found in Acts. Mrs. Walters will entertain the November meeting.

The deepest sympathy of the neighborhood goes to Dr. Fausset and sons in the death of their wife and mother, also to Mr. and Mrs. Crabill and family, Mrs. Fausset’s parents, brothers and sisters. Dr. and Mrs. Fausset used to live in Collegeport where Mrs. Fausset was known and loved by many.

Mrs. Caulk gave an afternoon party Sunday, Oct. 24, for her little daughter, Sadie Ruth, who was 10 years old. The afternoon was spent in playing games after which refreshments of cocoa and cake were served. A very happy time was had and each guest departed wishing her many more happy birthdays.

The Home Dem. Club met with Mrs. Anna Crane, Tuesday afternoon, with nine members present. Officers were elected: Mrs. Crane, president; Mrs. Dean Merck, vice-president; Mrs. Percy Corporon, Sec.-Treas.; Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Harbison, Council Delegates. After a social hour the hostess served tasty refreshments of coffee and cake.

Girl Reserves

The Girl Reserves held their meeting at three p. m., Friday, Oct. 22, 1937 at the Girl Reserve room. The meeting was called to order by the president. The minutes were read and approved. The roll was then called. Old and new business was discussed. A number of songs were sung. Plans for improvement of Girl Reserve Room were discussed. The meeting was then adjourned to meet Oct. 29, 1937—Bettty Lashbrook, Secretary of Collegeport Girl Reserves.

Palacios Beacon, October 28, 1937


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