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Harry Austin Clapp

Harry Austin Clapp, who passed away at his home in Collegeport, Christmas Day, 1937, and was buried in the Palacios Cemetery December 26, was born at White Pigeon, Mich. , in [June 16] 1862. His father was Theodore E. Clapp and his mother, Mary Austin. He was graduated from the local high school and followed that early training with a banking course in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He was for several years in the banking business with his father and then was in charge of a branch bank belonging to his father in Sturgis, Mich.

On July 24, 1895 he was married to Miss Louise Van Ness in Owosso, Mich., and from that union, one daughter came to make life happy for this loving couple, Mary Louise. A son by a former marriage, Harry Bishop Clapp, lives in Battle Creek, Mich.

For years he was engaged in the mining business in California and traveled through Mexico and other countries. In 1909 he moved to Matagorda County and made this his home until his end came December 25, 1937.

The Daily Tribune ( Bay City, Matagorda County, Texas) January 6, 1938 


Missionary union met with Mrs. Nelson, Thursday.

Mr. Vernon Hurd of Matagorda was Saturday night guest of his mother.

Rev. Pope and Mrs. Penland were dinner guests at the Harbison home Saturday.

Mrs. Munson and Mrs. Beck of Angleton were Friday night guests of Mrs. Harbison.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Corporon and son visited Mrs. Corporon’s mother, Mrs. Crane, Sunday.

Mrs. Hensley, Miss Johnson and Mr. Harbison were in Bay City, Saturday attending the Teachers Meeting.

Mr. Dean Merck and family and Mr. John Merck and family were Saturday guests at the Merck Sr., home

Misses Roberta Liggett and George Alice Jones spent a few days with home folk. They are attending school in Kingsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Ethel, and Miss Margaret Hill went to San Marcos Friday to spend the week end with Rosalie Nelson and Eldon Hill who are attending college there.

A meeting was held at the community house Friday night for the purpose of organizing a P. T. A. After a short program Mrs. Munson and Mrs. Beck spoke on the need of a P. T. A. which every one enjoyed. Other discussions followed before the organization. 30 charter members were secured and the following officers were elected: Pres., Mrs. Holloway; vice-pres., Mrs. Harbison; Sec., Mr. Dick Corporon; Treasurer, Mrs. Ira Corporon.

Palacios Beacon, February 3, 1938


Supt. T. P. Hale was a school visitor Tuesday.

Mesdames Hurd, Liggett and Clapp were Bay City visitors, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carrick were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Crane.

Mr. Harris Jones is carrying the mail from El Maton to Collegeport now instead of Mr. Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Kingham of Houston and Mrs. Stall were week end visitors at the Harbison home.

The Murry family has moved into the Hunt house recently vacated by the Miller family who moved to Rosharon.

Mrs. Leola Cox Sides, County Home Demonstration Agent, met with the 4-H Club Girls Tuesday morning and the Women’s Club at Mrs. Harbison’s in the afternoon.

Mesdames Percy and Dick Corporon and Miss Annette Johnson were in Bay City, Saturday to attend the County Council and Committee meetings of the Women’s Demonstration Club.

Little Phyllis Holsworth, who has been ill for several days, was taken to Dr. Loos Saturday who said she was threatened with Bronchial Pneumonia. She will remain with her grandmother Mrs. Sirmon at Markham for a few days.

A called meeting of the P. T. A. was held Friday night to finish the organization. Various committees were appointed and By-Laws were read. After the business meeting a social hour was held.  Refreshments of coffee and cake were served. Regular meetings will be held the fourth Friday night of each month.

The Missionary union met with Mrs. Nelson, Thursday p. m. with 12 present. Washington Day Dinner was discussed and it was decided to have a chicken pie dinner Feb. 22 at 6:30 p. m. Officers were also elected for the coming year. Mrs. King, president; Mrs. Liggett, vice-president; Mrs. Wright, secretary; Mrs. Carrick, treasurer.

Palacios Beacon, February 10, 1938


The Woman’s Club met at the Library, Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Corse of Blessing was in town Tuesday greeting old friends.

Mr. Travis of Alamo, Texas, spent Thursday night with Mr. Evans.

Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Corporon and Duane and guests were week end visitors at Freeport.

Mr. Felix Calk and family moved to Wadsworth this week we regret losing this family but hope they like their new home.

Mesdames Liggett and Hurd were in Bay City, Monday helping to put before the County Commissioners the County Hospital plan.

Little Phyllis Holsworth who has been ill at the home of her grandparents at Markham returned home Saturday much improved.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Waters and family of Seguin visited Mrs. Waters’ parents Mr. and Mrs. Louie Walters, Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wells and Mary Louise of Cedar Lane visited their parents and grandmother, Mr. and Mrs. Franzen and Mrs. Lashbrook, Sunday.

Miss Johnson gave the 4-H club a valentine party at her home, Friday night at Citrus Grove. We played out doors and had a good time. Miss Johnson, assisted by her Mother, served Valentine Hearts and Cocoa.

Miss Beulah Lashbrook had the misfortune of being badly scalded Tuesday morning. Mr. Holsworth took her to Dr. Loos in Bay City where she remained at the hospital for treatments. We hope she will soon be resting easier.

Midfield school visited our school Friday for an afternoon of games. They won over the girls in Volleyball and playground ball and our boys won a closely contested game of soft ball also several races. We expect to go to Midfield to play return game.

Mrs. P. V. Corporon has had as her guests the past week her brother and wife from Milwaukee, Wis., also her brothers Mr. Allen Fox and wife and Mr. Ralph Fox and wife of Freeport; Mr. and Mrs. George Fox and Mr. and Mrs. Miram Fox of St. Louis Coast Guard Station near Galveston.

Mr. Harbison accompanied by 16 boys went to LeTulle Park, Saturday to the barbecue for the Boy Scouts. They all had a good time, after the rally they went to Bay City to the show. Jimmie Murry took the boys in the school bus. Mr. Reid will be here this week to organize a troop here.

Palacios Beacon, February 17, 1938


Mr. Louie Walters has been on the sick list this week.

Frances Goff and friend Billie Bobbitt of Houston visited his grandparents through the week end.

King’s Daughters met at the home of Mrs. Crane, Thurs. A good crowd was present despite the rainy day.

Miss Beulah Lashbrook, who has been in the Loos hospital recovering from severe burns, returned home Wednesday.

Mesdames Holsworth, Hurd and Liggett went to Wharton, Thurs. attending a school of parliamentary Instructions.

Mr. and Mrs. Watson Barker and family of Robstown are visiting Mrs. Barker’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Mowery.

P. T. A. meeting was postponed until March 4, so the teachers might attend the banquet of the Teachers Association in Bay City.

Mrs. Rena Wright who was operated on last week at the Loos Hospital in Bay City is improving satisfactory and expects to leave the hospital in a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kucher of Rosharon are the proud parents of a little daughter. Mrs. Kucher will be remembered as Jessie Murry before her marriage. Grandma Murry is in Bay City helping care of the little miss.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpatrick of Wharton and friends Rev. and Mrs. Bradley of Iago were in Collegeport, Tuesday evening greeting old friends. They attended the Washington day supper where Rev. Bradley gave the address of the evening.

The Collegeport annual Washington day supper was given Tuesday night at the Community House, about 100 guests were present to enjoy the chicken pie supper and short patriotic program. Several candidates were there to greet the people and give short talks.

Mr. Franzen is enjoying a visit from his brother and family from Wisconsin. This was quite a surprise as Mr. Franzen did not know they were coming. They enjoyed various kinds of weather on their trip and are enjoying the green of South Texas as they went to the Valley Wednesday to see more of Texas wonders in winter.

Palacios Beacon, February 24, 1938


Mr. Pete Johnson of Chicago is visiting his uncle Mr. Hugo Kundinger.

Mr. H. Jones and family moved into the house recently vacated by Veryl Hill.

Miss Margaret Hill went to Houston, Saturday to attend a Girl Reserve meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Veryl Hill moved to near Richmond where Mr. Hill will farm rice.

Rev. James Aiken of Houston was in town Tuesday on a combined business and pleasure visit.

Mesdames Liggett and Hurd went to Bay City, Tuesday afternoon to hear Dr. Parker’s speech.

Miss Emma Franzen, who is attending school in Houston, was a week end visitor with home folk.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Waters of Seguin spent several days with Mrs. Waters parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Walters.

Eleven ladies motored to Blessing Saturday to the County Federation of clubs. This was a very fine meeting which every one enjoyed.

The Woman’s Civic club met Thursday at the Library. Mrs. King was chosen delegate to the Federation. An interesting program on International Relations was led by Mrs. Liggett.

Palacios Beacon, March 17, 1938


Mr. W. H. Boeker is spending the week in Bay City.

Mr. and Mrs. Goff and Mr. and Mrs. Franzen were Palacios visitors Wednesday.

Mrs. King, Mrs. Crane and Mrs. Liggett are in Houston attending Presbyterian meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Knight of Long Beach, Calif., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and other old friends in Collegeport this week.

The Women’s Home Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Harbison, Tuesday afternoon with 6 members and two visitors present.

Miss Dorothy Thompson of Benavides, Mrs. Arthur Stayton of LaWard and Mrs. A. D. Thompson who has lately returned from California called at the Harbison home Sunday. Mrs. Thompson remained for a longer stay.

King’s Daughters Meet

The King’s Daughters met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Harbison in one of the most enjoyable meetings of the year.

The luncheon table decoration carried out St. Patrick’s color green and white. The occasion was also a surprise party for Mrs. Nelson one of our most loved members. Two lovely birthday cakes helped to decorate the table.

After the delicious luncheon that the King’s Daughters always serve, the regular business meeting was held. We adjourned as quickly as possible and while every one was visiting, a door opened and a lovely gift basket decorated in green and white and a gorgeous bouquet of roses was wheeled in. The guests sang “Happy Birthday” much to the surprise of Mrs. Nelson. After unwrapping the many beautiful and useful gifts the guests departed wishing Mrs. Nelson many more happy birthdays.

Thirty-eight guests were present. Out of town guests were Mrs. Duller, Mrs. Braden and Mr. Corse of Blessing and Mrs. Barton of Bay City.

Palacios Beacon, March 24, 1938


Mrs. Crane is spending the week with her daughter Mrs. Dick Corporon at Citrus Grove.

Mr. and Mrs. Sellers and family were week end visitors at their old home in Barbers Hill.

Mr. Franzen and family were Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. Wells and family at Cedar Lane.

Mrs. Helen Holsworth returned from Houston, Tuesday. She attended Presbytery meeting also visited friends.

The Women’s Demonstration Club and 4-H girls are having a social Friday night, April 22, to raise money for their trip to short course.

Regular P. T. A. meeting will be held Friday night, April 1. We want a good attendance as we expect a very enjoyable social hour afterwards.

The Girl Reserves of Collegeport gave a social Friday night at the community house. Two short skits were given and enjoyed by all. Coffee and pie were sold to make money to send a girl to camp this summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and Mrs. Thompson visited the Laslie home at Prairie Center, Sunday and found Mr. Laslie had fallen Saturday and fractured his hip. He was just recovering from a stroke of paralysis and it is hoped he will soon recover.

Rev. Rogers and Rev. Aiken of Houston held a business meeting at the church Monday night after which Mr. Aiken gave us a good sermon. We hope every one will come out Sunday night at 7 p. m. to C. E. and hear him preach again at 8 p. m.

Collegeport was well represented at the interscholastic meet in Bay City last week. Donzal Harvey took first place in both the 100 and the 50 yard dash and second in the broad and high jump. Harold Hunt first in shot put. Our junior boys took first in playground ball and second in the relay. Bettie Lashbrook first in junior declamation; third in three R’s; and second in high school spelling; Elsie Maddox took second in story telling.

Palacios Beacon, Thursday, March 31, 1938


Mrs. Liggett was in Houston Thursday evening a Y. W. C. A. meeting.

Mrs. Ellis  and Mrs. Bowers of Bay City visited Mrs. Thompson, Thursday.

Mr. Liggett hauled calves to Houston market Wednesday and Thursday.

School starts at 8:15 now, giving students and pupils a longer afternoon at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Kimble Roberts, of Hemberlic?, Texas, called at the Nelson home Friday.

P. F. Campbell, of Palacios, was a business visitor in Collegeport Thursday evening.

Miss George Alice Jones was a week end visitor with her parents. She is a student at A. & I. in Kingsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowery, of near Cleburne, visited their daughter and family Mr. and Mrs. John Merck over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Stall motored to Francitas and Deutschburg, Sunday and called on old friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Kingham of Houston returned home Friday after a after a week’s vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and Mrs. Thompson.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson went to San Marcos, Thursday, for their daughter, Rosalie, who will spend Easter Vacation with home folk.

Mrs. Richardson, of Ashby, gave the Standardization test to the grade pupils Friday while Mr. Harbison went to Midfield for the same purpose.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Law are the proud parents of a baby daughter born Friday, April 8 at the Loos hospital in Bay City. Mother and babe doing fine.

Mrs. Hurd spent several days last week in Houston. She brought home about 50 new books for our library which were given by a friend. We very much appreciate this gift.

Missionary union met with Mrs. Kundinger, Thursday p. m., with 11 members and two visitors present.

After the usual business and devotional meeting, a social hour was enjoyed. A delicious plate lunch was served by the hostess.

Mrs. Sides, our Home Demonstration Agent, held a 4-H club meeting at Mrs. Lashbrook’s Tuesday at 1 p. m. The girls had a very interesting lesson on Every Day Courtesies. At 2:30 the Women’s Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Crane.

The intermediate C. E. enjoyed a hobo party Tuesday night. The hoboes started at the Guyer home and proceeded down the street, gathering from house to house any thing good to eat we could find. Stopping at Mrs. Harbison’s we made Cocoa and enjoyed a delicious feast and play hour.

Mrs. Bonnett

Mrs. Bonnett, 85 years old, a pioneer resident of Collegeport, died Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Hill in Richmond. Funeral services were at Bay City and burial in the Collegeport Cemetery beside her husband who died several years ago. Two daughters, Mrs. Geo. Hill and Mrs. Kimble Roberts, of Hemberlic?, beside several grand children are left to mourn her loss. The sympathy of their friends is extended to them.

Palacios Beacon, April 14, 1938


Miss Alline Harbison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison, Collegeport, Texas, became the bride of Lowell Jennings of Mineral Wells Saturday, March 26, in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Rev. Lewis, pastor of the First Christian Church, officiated.

Mrs. Jennings wore for the occasion a becoming costume of copper with white accessories. She had a shoulder corsage of white carnations. She is a freshman in the College, has also attended T. S. C. W. and is a member of Physical Educational Professional Club and the W. A. A.

Mr. Jennings is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Jennings of Mineral Wells. He has attended Texas Tech in Lubbock and New Mexico State A. & M.—N. T. S. T. C. Campus Chat, April 6.

Palacios Beacon, April 14, 1938


Mr. Norman Carrick came home Tuesday after having spent several years in U. S. Army.

The young people are enjoying play hours at the MoPac house on Saturday afternoons.

Mrs. L. E. Liggett left Monday for Columbus, Ohio, to attend the National Y. W. C. A. meeting.

Mrs. C. L. Boeker and son, Kent, were week end visitors with their husband and father, C. L. Boeker.

Missionary Union had an Easter Bake sale Saturday and several dollars were cleared for their treasury.

Miss Dorothy Thompson of Benavides and Mrs. Ellis of Bay City were Saturday callers on Mrs. Thompson.

Mrs. Hensley and Mr. W. H. Boeker motored to Seadrift, Sunday, to visit Mr. Boeker’s granddaughter and family.

The school bus took a load of students to Bay City Tuesday afternoon to see “Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm.”

Miss Johnson and Mrs. Sellers took the 4-H club to Bay City, Saturday, where they gave a program on 4-H work to the Commissioners Court.

Mr. Harbison took Bettie Lashbrook and Donzal Harvey to the District meet at Victoria. Friday and Saturday. Bettie won 3rd place in Junior declamation.

The Girl Reserves and Boy Scouts had a weiner roast at the home of Mrs. Harbison Friday night. After games had been played, the scouts went home, the girls spending the night with Mrs. Harbison.

Students home for Easter were Miss Rosalie Nelson of San Marcos, Misses George Alice Jones and Roberta Liggett of A. & I. Kingsville and Aaron Penland and friend, James Strickland, of N. T. A. C. Arlington.

Several birthdays were celebrated around Collegeport last week among them were Mrs. Welsby, Mrs. Wright, and Mr. Haisley who celebrated his 85th birthday. We wish these people many more happy birthdays.

The Woman’s Club met Thursday at 2:30 p. m. at the Library with 11 members and 1 visitor present. Mrs. King led the regular study on Government and Mrs. Guyer gave an interesting paper on Better Homes. Miss Carter, of Houston, Y. W. C. A. worker visited the club.

Mr. Franzen’s home was the scene of a happy Easter gathering, all of the children being home. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Franzen, of Port Arthur; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Franzen and sister, Emma, from Houston; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wells and daughter, Mary Louise, of Cedar Lane; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck of Collegeport.

Palacios Beacon, April 21, 1938


Mr. Franzen went to Houston on business Wednesday.

Mrs. Helen Holsworth left Wednesday for Chicago, Ill.

Mrs. H. A. Clapp was a Palacios visitor several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson were in Houston Monday on business.

Mrs. Evans and Mr. Dean Merck were Bay City visitors, Tuesday.

Mr. Dick Corporon was in Bay City, Thursday night attending a Scout Committee meeting.

Mr. Clyde Ware and family visited Mrs. Ware’s sister, Mrs. Wells and family at Citrus Grove, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Heisey of Houston spent Wednesday and Thursday with old friends around Collegeport.

Mr. and Mrs. Franzen, Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and Mrs. Thompson called at the Dick Corporon home at Citrus, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Barton of Bay City have moved to Collegeport this week. We are glad to have them back with us.

Miss Frances Scott of San Antonio, State Consultant of Child Welfare of the Welfare Department spoke to the P. T. A. Friday night. A good crowd heard this address.

Friday was achievement day at the school and open house was observed. Besides quite a number of parents, Wadsworth, Cedar Lane and Lukefahr schools visited our school.

P. T. A. elected officers for the coming year as follows: President, Mrs. Harbison; Vice-President, Mrs. Dorothy Merck; secretary, Mr. W. H. Boeker; Treasurer, Miss Annette Johnson.

Palacios Beacon, May 5, 1938


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