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Collegeport Articles

October 1938

Marriage and Home to be Discussed at Y W C A Dist. Meet

Collegeport Will Entertain With Lunch Saturday

“Marriage and the Home” will be the subject of the discussion led by Mrs. Cecil Gregory of Houston, guest speaker at the luncheon meeting of the Galveston-Houston District Y. W. C. A. at Mopac House, Collegeport, Texas, Saturday October 22. Mrs. C. E. Duller of Blessing, president of the District Association will preside at the business session of the Board of Directors, with Mrs. H. McMullen of Newgulf in charge of the program. A novel discussion on the Standards Study, with Mrs. Parker Robbins of Newgulf as chairman, will be one of the high spots of the day. The health program of the National Agricultural Committee of the Y. W. C. A. will be presented by Mrs. L. E. Liggett of Collegeport. Reports of the development of the coordinated health program of various counties, will be given by Mrs. A. B. Pierce of Blessing, Mrs. H. McMullen of Newgulf and Mrs. C. D. Barrell of Alvin. Special topics presented by committee chairmen will include: “What Makes Good Association Newspaper Publicity,” by Mrs. J. W. Dismukes, Palacios; “The District Association Plan of Finance” by Mrs. J. S. Caldwell, Freeport; “Public Affairs in the Y. W. C. A. by Mrs. Claire Pollard, Bay City; “The Girl Reserve Program,” by Mrs. H. Gerald, Newgulf; “Extension Work of the Y. W. C. A.,” by Mrs. E. E. Pierce, Newgulf.

Plans will be made at this time for a music conference to be held in November under the leadership of Miss Marion Peabody of New York City, National Music secretary, Mrs. F. McCall of Newgulf, district music chairman, will be in charge of the arrangements of the conference.

The district board and membership meeting is one of the outstanding association events of the year and will be attended by representatives from Houston, Galveston, Alvin, Freeport, Velasco, Bay City, Markham, Newgulf, Boling, Pledger, Iago, Wharton, Blessing, Palacios and Collegeport.

Palacios Beacon, October 20, 1938

Kent Boeker, Collegeport Youth, Suffers Serious Injury From Freak Accident

Ken Boeker, 14, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boeker of Collegeport, is battling off complications at the Loos Hospital where Dr. H. H. Loos and Dr. Bryan Simons are working diligently over him, following a freak accident Monday afternoon at 5:30.

Young Boeker fell from a hay stack while gathering eggs at his home in Collegeport and rammed a stick completely through his body. The stick entered his right side and came through below his lungs in the back. The child attempted to pull the rapier like stick from his little body and in so doing broke it off. He was rushed to the Loos Hospital where Dr. Loos performed an operation on the boy at 6:30 Monday evening. He removed the splintered stick from between the bones in the boy’s back. He removed his appendix and 8 inches of his intestines that were bruised and punctured by the stick.

The boy is now finding it difficult to breath and the attendants are preparing an oxygen tent to assist the boy’s breathing. This condition of the lung is causing concern.—Bay City Tribune.

Palacios Beacon, December 22, 1938


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