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October 1940



Mrs. Carey Smith Sr., Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Jane Smith of Bay City were callers at the Boeker home Wednesday.


Mr. J. T. Jenkins and sister, Mrs. Ira Corporon returned from Madisonville, Wednesday where they were called by the sickness and death of their brother-in-law, Mr. Knight.


Mrs. Sam Sutton visited Thursday with Mrs. Shows in Palacios.


Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Kingham of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wheathington of Corpus Christi and Ermine Harbison of Rockport were week-end visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Harbison.


Mrs. Huitt, Mrs. Vern Bowers, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Wright, Mrs. John Merck and Mrs. M. S. Holsworth attended the funeral of Mrs. Charles Fox of Palacios, Friday.


Misses Jean and Bulah Lashbrook of Bay City visited homefolks over the week-end.


Miss Lottie May Johnson who has been vacationing with her family returned to Houston Saturday. Her mother, Mrs. Johnson, sister, Annette, and brother, Francis, accompanied her to Danbury.


Mrs. Tex Spates and children of Richmond visited her mother, Mrs. Boeker, Thursday.


Mrs. Leo Duffy and Mrs. Warfield were shopping in Bay City, Friday.


The Graves family who have lived in the Cottingham house for a year moved to East Texas last week.


Mr. Bob Wells and Mr. Austin Jenkins were in Dilly, Texas, last week.


Mrs. Clyde Ware attended the funeral of her brother-in-law at Madisonville, Tuesday.


School P. T. A.


The first meeting of the P. T. A. was held at the Community house, Friday night. A very enthusiastic meeting was held. Thirty-six members started our work off with a number of visitors.


After the business meeting a social hour was given in honor of our teachers, trustees and bus drivers. Punch and cake was served.


Mrs. Hensley, Misses Colton and Johnson and Mr. Harbison attended the Teachers meeting in Bay City Saturday.


We are all thrilled because our Rhythm Band instruments have arrived, also new dictionaries, other music and school paraphernalia.


The school bus drivers took their busses to Bay City Saturday for inspection.




The woman's club will have a Jitney Supper at the MoPac house Friday night proceeds will go for various club projects.


The Herald, Bay City, Texas, October 3, 1940


The P. T. A. met at the community house last Friday evening. There were thirty-eight members present, and a drive is being made to get many more members. The Choral Club of the school gave several selections accompanied at the piano by their music teacher, Miss Elva Cotton. Elva Jean Wells, directed the singing.

Punch and cake was served.

Mr. and Mrs. Kingsman of Houston visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison, this week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Weathington of Corpus Christi, accompanied by Miss Ermine Harbison, also visited here this past week end.

Mrs. Hensley, Mr. Harbison and Miss Cotton attended the teachers meeting in Supt. Hale’s office in Bay City Saturday morning.

The Woman’s Club will sponsor a jitney supper on Friday evening, October 4th, the proceeds of which will go to help equip the first aid room at the school. Every item on the menu will be five cents.

Mrs. Bert Kelley, who recently underwent an operation at the General Hospital in Bay City, was removed to her home at Citrus Grove, Saturday. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Mesdames Leo Duffy, Warfield and Arthur Liggett were Sunday afternoon visitors in Palacios.


Mrs. Hensley’s room had their monthly birthday party Friday evening. Mrs. Holsworth, the room mother, was assisted by Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Merck and Mrs. Jenkins, in planning entertainment and serving refreshments. The following mothers were present: Mesdames Joe Frank Jenkins, Jack Holsworth, Dean Merck, Charles Williams, Austin Jenkins, A. D. Langer, John A. Clark, Galen Savage, Clyde Ware and Melvin Smith. Mrs. Roy Nelson was a pleasant visitor for the occasion.

The different rooms in school selected their room mothers for the P. T. A. They are: Primary room, Mrs. M. S. Holsworth; 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade room, Mrs. J. F. Jenkins; 6th and 7th grade room, Mrs. M. M. Wells. The 8th and 9th grades have not yet selected theirs.

Besides the members of the Choral Club previously mentioned, Erma Lashbrook, James Franzen and Ray Lee Penland sing with the club most of the time.

The Graves family have moved from Collegeport.

Lottie Mae Johnson returned to Houston Saturday after spending her two week’s vacation at the home of her parents.

Mrs. Johnson, Francis, and Annette were visiting in Danbury, Saturday.

Mrs. Glen Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Weborg of Houston, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson of Wisconsin, visited Mrs. Amos Johnson, Sunday.

Dr. and Mrs. Durant and son, were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hill.

Mr. Frank Knight of Madisonville, was a visitor in Collegeport and vicinity.

The Daily Tribune, October 4, 1940


The English Dramatic Club

The sixth and seventh grade in Miss Cotton’s room have a club. The officers are: Elva Jean Wells, president; vice president, Kathryn Bowers; secretary is Mayie Nell Purswell; treasurer is Carroll Hunt. The poster chairman is Bessie Bagley, and her helper is Muriel Howey. The chairman of the good manner committee is Paul Harvey, and helper Marguerite Hendrix. The program chairman is Eugene Penland, helper, Carroll Hunt.

Each one brings a dime for dues. We take the money from dues paid and buy refreshments for a party each month. We buy paper with it and things we need. We will have plays and do other things later on.

School News

Mrs. A. A. Penland visited the primary room Monday afternoon and Mrs. Earl Huitt visited us Thursday afternoon. We are always glad to have the mothers visit us.

Hardy Christmas, formerly of Wharton, is a new first grade pupil in our school.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peters of Bay City were Sunday visitors in the Franzen home.

Mrs. Gerald Wells was shopping in Bay City Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson, attended the funeral of Howard Matthes in Palacios Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cotton of Beaumont are spending a few days with their daughter, Miss Elva Cotton.

The Woman’s Club sponsored a jitney supper at the community house Friday night, the proceeds of which will help furnish the first aid room at the school.

A nice menu of chili, crackers, sandwiches, vegetables, salads, coffee, cake, pies and cookies was served to a large crowd of people. Each item on the menu was five cents.

The Daily Tribune, October 10, 1940



Miss Charlie Mae Carter of Houston was in Collegeport Tuesday.


Mrs. C. L. Boeker visited her mother in Palacios Monday.


Louis Duffy of Beeville visited relatives here last week.


Galen Savage and family moved to the Travis farm they recently bought and improved.


Mrs. Tex Spates and children visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Boeker, Tuesday.

Maude Lashbrook of Bay City, spent Sunday night of last week with her parents.


Mr. and Mrs. John Shoemaker were in Houston, Wednesday.


Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kingham of Houston were Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harbison.


Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson were in Palacios, Friday attending the funeral of Mr. Matthes.


Mr. and Mrs. Peters of Bay City were Sunday guests in the Franzen home.


Mamie Murry was a business visitor in Palacios, Saturday.


Miss Elva Cotton spent the week-end in Beaumont with her parents.


Bay City goers Saturday were J. F. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. King, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Liggett, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison, Mrs. Hensley and Miss Annette Johnson.




The Missionary Union met at the home of Mrs. Harbison, Thursday afternoon.


The Houston Presbytery will meet with the Collegeport women the last of September, we are looking forward to a very enjoyable meeting and invite all women to be present. Our program was on Social Action and Education. After the business and program the hostess served sandwiches, cake and punch to the following ladies: Mesdames Stall, Nelson, Liggett, Crane, F. Kelly, Wright, Guyer, D. Merck, Huitt, Lashbrook and hostess Mrs. Harbison.


The Jitney Supper given by the Woman's Club Friday night was attended by a large crowd and the club realized a nice sum for their treasury.


The Herald, Bay City, Texas, October 10, 1940


Mr. C. E. Holmes of Houston is a guest in the Frank King home.

The Woman’s Club met Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Roy Nelson. American democracy will be the theme of the club’s program for this year. After the program the hostess served delicious refreshments consisting of lemon pie, tarts and hot tea.

Mrs. Bert Kelley and children, of Simpsonville, are visiting her parents at Alvin.

The King’s Daughters will meet Thursday at the Mopac House.

Mr. Gerald Merck of San Antonio, spent the week end in Collegeport with his father, D. B. Merck.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Franzen spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Franzen.

Mrs. Oscar Crane of Cameron, spent last week visiting her mother, Mrs. H. A. Clapp.

Jack Holsworth and children were week end visitors in Markham and Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson visited Mrs. Ella Braden of Blessing, Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Guyer and daughter, called at the Roy Nelson home Sunday afternoon.

Mr. W. L. Ellis of Georgia, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Victor Galliger of Simpsonville.

Mr. and Mrs. John Shoemaker moved to Palacios last week, we don’t like to give these people up but wish them well in their new home.

Mrs. Clapp of El Campo, moved into the Shoemaker house, Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown moved into the Kundinger house.

Miss Cotton, Mrs. Hensley, Mr. and Mrs. Harbison, were at the F. A. King’s ranch, Friday night. The above with Mrs. King prepared the yearbook for the P. T. A.


Home Demonstration Club of Collegeport met with Mrs. Gust Franzen.

Our President, Mrs. Dean Merck presided over the short business meeting; after this, Miss Stewart gave a very interesting demonstration on “Fall Care of Chicks.”

Young fall pullets should be healthy and free of disease and worms. Capsules for worms give the best results. There are two kinds of worms, get the correct kind of capsule.

To keep lice and mice down, spray every six weeks with good stock spray.

For fleas, throw table salt or sulphur where the chicken dust.

A good spray is Carbolineum 1 part to 5 or 6 parts kerosene. Do not spray this on setting hens as it will keep the eggs from hatching.

To get fall eggs, the hens must have good treatment. Cull hens and feed them a safe diet. In putting out mash, only put out enough for one day at a time, green feed is necessary if you do not have a good range. Swiss Chard, rope and alfalfa leaf meal are good in vitamin A which is needed. Finely ground oyster shell should be fed and plenty of clean water must be kept out at all times as the egg is made up of lots of water. 10 pounds of grain per 100 hens per day scattered is better. A busy hen is a hungry hen. Warm water in cold weather will assure the hen will drink all she needs. The egg is made of the surplus food so the hen must eat 70 percent for herself and 25 percent for the egg.

When feeding sour milk, only give what can be eaten in 15 minutes.

After Miss Stewart’s demonstration, the hostess served coffee cake and cookies. As this was our achievement day, we went to the home of Mrs. Penland where we first saw her clothes closet made from a folding bed with the clothes racks the right height for her twin son and daughter who are just starting to school. Bags were hanging at the right height to hold their socks and undies. Shoe racks were on the floor for their shoes. We then viewed her canned goods. She has canned 750 quarts this year.

Delicious looking home cured bacon, home ground corn meal, sacks of dry beans and peas, milk butter and eggs showed Mrs. Penland’s family lives at home.

Mrs. Penland showed us her brooder house, Rhode Island pullets, also her garden which has been planted and is being irritated.

Several of our members are going to have exhibits at the fair at Wharton.

Those present were Mesdames Nelson, D. Merck, J. Merck, Crane, G. Wells, Huitt, Holsworth, Boeker, Ware, McKissick, Harbison, Penland, Franzen. New members Bowers, A. Jenkins, Ira Corporon, Miss Stewart and Miss Carroll of Bay City.


The pupils are rejoicing over the fact that their first six weeks tests are over.

Mesdames Joe Frank Jenkins and A. A. Penland were pleasant callers at our school last week.

Mr. L. E. Liggett presented a nice ball to our second and third grade ball team.

The program committee of the P. T. A. met at the home of Mrs. Frank King last Friday night and outlined the program for the year. We hope all our matrons will be able to attend all these programs.

Perfect attendance for first six weeks.

Primary room: Paul Penland, Netina Jenkins, Charles Bowers, Elaine Spoor, Vernelda Harvey, Effie Mae Sojak, Lawrence Greenwood, Jeanette Williams Fostine Harvey.

Third and fourth grade: Charles Carpenter, Jas. Carpenter, Louis Greenwood, Billy Gene Hendrix, Robert Dean Holloway, Joe Frank Jenkins, Jr., Tommy Jenkins, Donald Wells, Marion Sojak, Bobbie Ann Duffy, Aileen Grubaugh, Dovie Lee Spoor, Bobbie Ruth Ware.

Sixth and seventh grades: Alfred Smith, Sidney Thompson, Blanch Brown, Marguerite Hendrix, Jeannine Spoor, Bessie Bagley.

High School: Emma Lashbrook.

Perfect spellers for last week:

Second grade: Netina Jenkins, Frederick Huitt, Effie Mae Sojak, Amy Ware, Vernelda Harvey.

Collegeport school had 100 per cent enrollment in Junior Red Cross.

The pupils are eagerly looking forward to Friday when they will board the busses to attend the Wharton County Fair at Wharton.

The Daily Tribune, October 17, 1940  also Palacios Beacon, October 17, 1940


By Herald Correspondent


Miss Rosalie Nelson, who is teaching in Richards, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson over the week-end.


Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck attended the Saturday football game in Houston between Rice and Texas.


Misses Jean, Maud, and Beulah Lashbrook spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook.


Mrs. Warfield is spending the week in Bay City with Mrs. Tom Hale.


Arthur Liggett was a visitor in Brownsville and Kingsville this week. He returned home Saturday.


Mrs. Galen Savage visited in Bay City Wednesday.


Goose Franzen is sporting a brand new Chevrolet.


Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shows visited her mother, Mrs. G. R. Hendrix here.


Miss Margaret Hill and friend, Mr. Larson, were Sunday guests in the Leo Duffy home.


Mr. L. E. Liggett attended the auction sale in El Campo Thursday.


Mrs. R. T. Sirmon of Markham visited the Holsworths Sunday.


The P. T. A. meeting was well attended last Friday. Miss Johnson's room won the banner again for having the most mothers and fathers present. Mrs. A. Jenkins, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Penland and Mrs. Franzen were hostesses.


The Presbyterial Meeting will be held here at the Community House Friday. Luncheon will be served. The ladies in the community are cordially invited.


The men of the community are cleaning the church yard this week. This is a much needed improvement


School News


Mr. Hale was a pleasant visitor at our school last Thursday.


Mrs. Hensley's and Miss Johnson's room had their regular monthly birthday party Thursday evening.


Refreshments consisting of apple jack-o-lanterns were enjoyed by the children.


The children in Mrs. Hensley's room made some clever masks. Petra Campos' mask was judged the best. Games were enjoyed by all.


At last reports Kent Boeker has been removed from the sanitarium in Houston to the home of his sister, Mrs. Tex Speight in Richmond. Kent is doing as well as can be expected.


Perfect Speller for this week. Second Grade, Jeanette Williams.


Mrs. Joe Frank Jenkins, the room mother for Miss Johnson's room attended their birthday party last Thursday. The birthday children for this month are Billy Blackwell, Eugene Corporon, Lewis Greenwood, and Delores Thompson.


The Herald, Bay City, Texas, October 31, 1940


Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck were in Houston last Wednesday. They also attended the Rice football game Saturday.

Arthur Liggett is in Brownsville.

Mr. Liggett was in El Campo Thursday attending an auction sale.

Mrs. Galen M. Savage visited in Bay City, Wednesday.

Goose Franzen is sporting a brand new Chevrolet.

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jenkins were shopping in Bay City Friday.

Mrs. Warfield is the guest of Mrs. Tom Hale in Bay City this week.

Mrs. Hensley, Miss Johnson, James Johnson, Elva Cotton, Mrs. and Mrs. Harbison shopped in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and children were in Bay City, Saturday.

Mr. John Shoemaker of Palacios visited the Mowery’s Sunday.

School News

Collegeport, Texas
October 7, 1940

Dear Wilbur,

We received a letter from Pearl last week and was glad to hear that you are enjoying your trip in Idaho. We are very sorry to hear that your mother was operated on, but we are glad to hear that Pearl will soon be able to walk again without her crutches.

I think that the White Shriners’ Hospital at St. Louis, Missouri is a wonderful institution. Think of all the help that they have been to the sufferers of the infantile paralysis. It has really been very helpful to Pearl.

One of my girl friends and I went to a Girl Reserve camp at Casa Del Mar this summer this summer. We really had a good time, and we hope to go again sometime. I have been receiving a number of letters from some of the girls that I met while I was there.

Write and tell me about the country where you are located and about the different crops they raise there. I will be looking for a letter soon.

Your Cousin,

Erma Lashbrook

Mrs. J. F. Jenkins, the room mother for Miss Johnson’s room, attended our birthday party Thursday. The birthday children for this month are: Louis Greenwood, Eugene Corporon, Billy Blackwell, and Delores Thompson.

Mrs. Hensley’s room enjoyed the party with us. We voted Petra Campos’ mask as the best.

Daily Tribune, October 31, 1940


The P. T. A. met in regular session Friday evening. A very interesting and instructive program was given on the “Creative Home.” Refreshments of coffee and cookies were served followed by a social period of games which was enjoyed by all. The hostesses were: Mrs. Austin Jenkins, Mrs. Franzen, Mrs. Crane, and Mrs. Penland.

The Presbyterial meeting will be held in our church this Friday. A good attendance is expected, and tasty refreshments are being planned by the ladies of the church.

Our annual Hallowe’en Carnival is being planned for this Wednesday. A program is being planned and there will be several spooky booths. There will be concession booths also where refreshments can be purchased.

The following rhythm band pupils will give several Hallowe’en selections attired in Hallowe’en regalia: Tommy Jenkins, Melba Pierce, Margaret Ann Holsworth, Donald Wells, Eugene Corporon, Doval Graves, Billy Blackwell, Wanda Retha Bell, Anna Nell Penland, Phyllis Holsworth, Fostine Harvey, Genelle Clark, Paul Penland, Noble Chandler, Charles Bowers, James D. Laugler?, Ross Kelley, Galen Savage, Netina Jenkins, Vernelda Harvey, Jeanette Williams, Betty Jean Jenkins, Lawrence Greenwood, Dorothy Ann Shilling, Bobbie Joy Kelley, Elaine Spoor, Dean Merck, Frederick Huitt, Thomas Holsworth, Roy Smith, James Penland, Billy Doil Mills, Effie Mae Sojak, Annie Bell Ware, Fredo Arredondo, Josefa Arredondo, Felipe Arredondo, Petra Campoz.

The director is Miss Elva Cotton; the student director is Margaret Ann Holsworth.

Perfect Spellers

Second Grade—Jeannette Williams.

Mr. T. P. Hale, our County Superintendent, visited our school Thursday.

The Daily Tribune, Thursday, October 31, 1940


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