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February 1941


The community is busy getting ready for Easter, practicing the Easter songs and parts for the program.

Various children groups will be having fun with Easter egg hunts this week.

The ladies of the community had a bake sale Saturday at the school.

Corporal Boldin and Durward Wells spent the week-end with the Wells family.

Misses Jean and Maud Lashbrook and friend, M. Barber, spent Thursday evening at the home of their parents.

Mrs. F. A. King and son, Hutchins, drove to Dallas Monday night. Her daughter and children will return with her.

Miss Ermine Harbison of Rockport and cousin, Leona Jensen, of Palacios were in Collegeport Saturday.

Mrs. Ethel Holsworth, Mrs. Roy Nelson, Mrs. L. E. Liggett, Mrs. D. Merck, and Mrs. Harbison went to Houston to the Presbytery.

Mr. and Mrs. Shows were visitors in the G. R. Hendrix home. Mrs. Hendrix’s daughter, Mrs. J. W. Shows and baby are spending the week with them also.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Matthes visited Mrs. Roy Nelson and friends Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Duffy and J. L. Duffy visited the Leo Duffy family Sunday.

F. J. Sojak and Dave Carpenter were business visitors in Houston recently.

Mr. Boeker, Sr. is visiting his son and family here for the week. Mr. Boeker now lives in New Jersey.

T. H. Blackwell of Angleton was a visitor in the J. F. Jenkins home Sunday.

Mrs. Morrow of Houston visited friends here Sunday.

Everyone is invited to attend Easter services at the church. One hundred and six were present last year. Let us keep that number.

The Daily Tribune, April 9, 1941


Mr. and Mrs. Fleming and daughter visited Sunday in the Carrick home.

Mrs. Clapp of El Campo has purchased the Jack Holsworth house and moved it on their bay front property remodeling it for a summer home.

The bridge across Oyster Lake connecting this district with the land across the Intracoastal Canal is nearing completion.

We are very happy to report our Easter services. We had about 120 persons at our program. We are so glad to see as many and are inviting you all to come every Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Murry and Miss Mamie Murry visited their sister and family near Angleton Easter morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Franzen of Houston and Ellen Franzen of San Marcos visited home folks Easter vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson drove to San Marcos Thursday for their daughter, Ethel, and Ellen Franzen who are attending college there.

The Woman’s Club met at the home of Mrs. Harbison last Wednesday night. Most of the members were present.

Week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harbison were their daughters, Gladys of Cuero, Ermine of Rockport, Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Jennings and family of El Campo, Mr. and Mrs. McCain of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Wortham? of Houston, Ross Wilder?, and H. C. Ward of Hallettsville.

J. D. Metcalf? of Houston spent Friday night with his mother Mrs. Vera? Metcalf?.

Mrs. Vera Metcalf and mother, Mrs. S___, went to Houston Saturday for a week-end visit with Mrs. Metcalf’s son and family and with the new granddaughter.

The Home Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Franzen on April 9 at 2:00 p. m. Mrs. Gerald Wells, president, in the chair. Mrs. M. M. Wells gave the opening exercise and her subject was “Cultivate your vision to see.”

After the regular business routine, the meeting was turned over to Miss Alma Stewart who gave a demonstration on the kitchen.

“Since all women spend so much time in their kitchens, it should be as convenient  and as pretty a room as there is in the house,” Miss Stewart said.

This room should be light; dust, dirt and roaches won’t accumulate in Iight corners as they will in a dark, drab place. It should be airy, the windows should be so they may be opened at the top. The screen should be of the best as they will last longer. Some members reported that copper screens last as long as 20 years.

Miss Stewart had with her so many pretty curtains that we could pick the pattern that was most suited to our kitchens. Kitchen curtains should be practical as they need repeated launderings. Miss Stewart also brought a curtain rod that fastened on the window frame without so many nails and pieces which we all decided was also a time saver.

The hostess served a delicious refreshment plate to a large number of ladies.

Miss Rosalie Nelson of Richards visited home folks this weekend.

Mr. Aaron Penland and his girl friend visited Aaron’s people this week-end.

Milford and Roberta Liggett of Kingsville visited their parents this week-end.

Mrs. Leo Duffy and daughter moved to the Duffy ranch last week for the summer.

Mrs. Penland gave an Easter egg hunt at her home Sunday afternoon. Many children and grown-ups attended. Delicious refreshments of cookies, mints and ____ was served. Everyone had a happy time.

The Daily Tribune, April 19, 1941


The P. T. A. will have its regular meeting Monday night, April 28, instead of Friday night. All parents are urged to come as the school expects to have its exhibits on display.

The Boys’ and Girls’ 4-H Clubs, with Mr. and Mrs. Ash as chaperones, boarded the bus at 8:30 a. m. Saturday and went to Bay City to the 4-H parade and play day. We all had a good time. First, we were in the parade, then we went to LeTulle Park for games and lunch. The lunch was extra good, if it did rain on us. After lunch we attended a show, getting home late, but happy, thanking everyone who helped to give us such a nice day.

Mrs. Edith Woods and Mrs. George Bunk of Wadsworth visited friends and attended King’s Daughters meeting here Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison were Saturday night guests of their daughter and family in El Campo.

Misses Annette Johnson, Elva Cotton, Francis Johnson, Mrs. Hensley, Mr. and Mrs. Harbison were Saturday visitors in Bay City.

Students of the school had their various group pictures taken last week.

The Girl Reserve group and some of the older girls accompanied by Mrs. Hendrix and Miss Cotton, went to the Vesper Service at the First Baptist Church in Bay City Sunday evening.

The Girl Reserve 60th anniversary party will be given by Mrs. L. E. Liggett Saturday afternoon. A program is being arranged by the Girl Reserves.

The Daily Tribune, April 24, 1941


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