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March 1941



Herald Correspondent


Mrs. Kopecky has gone to Houston for medical treatment.


Misses Beula and Gene Lashbrook of Bay City visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. Lashbrook last week-end.


Phyllis and Margaret Ann Holsworth spent the week-end in Houston.


Mrs. Sloan [Slone] is visiting her daughter Mrs. E. M. Huitt.


Dean Merck was a business visitor in Houston last week.


Mrs. Frank Kubela is visiting in San Antonio.


Mrs. Welsby's sister arrived from Ohio last Wednesday for an extended visit with Mrs. Welsdy.


The Kings Daughters met at Mrs. Harbison's Thursday. A quilt was quilted. A lovely luncheon was served.


The P. T. A. met Friday night. The Wadsworth P. T. A. had charge of the program. They presented a Founders Day program which was enjoyed by all.


School News


James D. Langer has withdrawn from our school and entered school at Prairie Center.


Michael Davis has been absent from school on account of illness.


Perfect spellers are Melba Pierce, Billy Blackwell, and Lupe Hemjosa.


Eugene Corporon suffered an appendicitis operation last week. He is improving rapidly.


The Herald, March 6, 1941


Mrs. S. L. Holloway had as Wednesday guests, Mrs. S. F. Cook of Palacios and her mother, Mrs. Pate? Duglas of Dalhart, Texas.

We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Fred Law’s father, Mr. Bell, is seriously ill in the hospital in Temple.

Mr. and Mrs. John Carrick visited their son and wife in Palacios Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harbison and Mr. Evans drove to Palacios Sunday afternoon.

Women from our P. T. A. and Woman’s Club who attended the Federation at Blessing Saturday were Mesdames Nelson, Crane, Liggett, Hensley, Johnson, Fred Kelly, Harbison, Guyer, P. V. and R. L. Corporon, Holloway and Lashbrook, Misses Elva Cotton, Annette Johnson, Delores Guyer and Bettie Lashbrook.

Mrs. Dean Merck was hostess Thursday to the Missionary Union. Business meeting was called to order at 10 a. m. We are glad to report that all our obligations for the year have been met and $25 added to various offerings above our regular pledges.

A delightful luncheon of sandwiches, conjealed salads, coffee, tea and cake was enjoyed at the noon hour. We also had as luncheon guest, Mrs. Harrison, County Nurse. The afternoon was spent in electing officers and having our mission book review.

At four o’clock we were again happy to have as our guest, Miss Charley Mae Carter of Houston a Y. W. worker.

Officers for the coming year are President, Mrs. Liggett; vice president, Mrs. Merck; sec’y, Mrs. Wright; treasurer, Mrs. Gerald Wells.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown of Pecan City neighborhood bought the Jimmie Cottongame house and remodeled it. They have moved here and we are glad to welcome them to our community.

A baby girl was born to Mrs. Robert Wells. Her name is Virginia Jo.

Margaret Ann and Phyllis Holworth were in Houston Friday and Saturday with their grandmother.

The G. Holloways visited Mrs. Holloway’s mother, Mrs. Cook of Palacios.

Mr. M. M. Wells and family visited the Eugene Harveys in Palacios.

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Blackwell and family were visitors in the Nelson Blackwell home in Bay City.

Mary Sojak spent the week end with her parents.

Miss Elva Cotton visited in Bay City Sunday.

Collegeport Home Dem. Club

The Demonstration Club met at Mrs. J. Harbison’s. Miss Alma Stewart was present and gave an interesting talk on National Defense after the business was over, refreshments were served. There were twenty members present.

The next meeting will be at two o’clock sharp at Mrs. Verne Bowers. Will be about kitchen improvement, March 25.

Those present were Mrs. Gerald Wells, president, Mesdames Dorothy Merck, Henry Guyer, Jerry Lashbrook, Gust Franzen, Frank King, C. L. Holloway, Fred Law, Amos Johnson, Galen Savage, Verne Bowers, Lutie Shoemaker, Fred Kelly, Percy Corporon, Richard Corporon, F. Brown, Ethel Holsworth, Austin Jenkins and Mrs. M. M. Wells.

The Daily Tribune, March 12, 1941



Herald Correspondent


Nancy Sutton of El Campo spent Wednesday night with her parents Mr. and Mrs. E. Sutton.


Betty Lashbrook spent Thursday night in El Maton with Evelyn Spies.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wells are the proud parents of a little daughter, who arrived Saturday morning. They will call the little lady Virginia Joe.


Mr. L. E. Liggett was a business visitor in Liverpool last Wednesday where he has stock on winter pasture.


Lex Sutton had the misfortune to break his wrist this week, when he fell at school.


Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Franzen and son Gustav were guests of Ethel Nelson and Emma Franzen in San Marcos last week-end.


Gladys Mica was the guest of Erma Lashbrook Wednesday night.


Arthur E. Liggett  who is stationed in the Quartermasters Division at Fort Crockett, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Liggett. He is well pleased with his work in this division.


Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison, Miss Cotton, Miss Johnson and Mrs. Hensley attended the teachers meeting in Bay City Monday night.


Miss Charlie Mae Carter of Houston was a caller in Collegeport Thursday.


Mrs. Harris, our County Health Nurse was a pleasant caller in Collegeport Thursday.


The W. M. U. met Thursday with Mrs. Dean Merck. This was the annual meeting. The following officers were elected. President Mrs. Agnes Liggett; Vice-President, Mrs. Dean Merck; Sec'y, Mrs. Rena Wright; Treasurer, Mrs. Mamie Wells. The Mission Study for the year was closed by reviewing the book "Dangerous Opportunities in China."


Mr. and Mrs. Joe Frank Jenkins were Thursday visitors in El Campo.


Mr. E. M. Huitt was in Bay City Wednesday.


Messrs. Bill and Joe Stubblefield of Houston were guests in the Roy Smith home this week.


Mr. and Mrs. Harvey are the proud parents of a little son.


The Herald, March 13, 1941



Herald Correspondent


Mrs. Callie M. Metzger, of Bay City was a business visitor in Collegeport the first of the week.


The Sojak family was badly frightened last week when the soot in the chimney caught fire. It was extinguished before any damage was done.


Mrs. Frank Kubella has returned from an extended visit to Fort Worth.


Mrs. Frank Sojak and children spent the week-end in Sealy with Mrs. Sojak's parents.


The following women attended the Federated Club meeting in Blessing last week. Mesdames Percy Corporon, Dick Corporon, Anios Johnson, L. E. Liggett, Jerry Lashbrook, Roy Nelson, J. J. Harbison, Fred Kelley, Henry Guyer, N. T. Hensley, Miss Elva Cotton and Miss Annette Johnson.


The Collegeport Demonstration Club met Tuesday afternoon at the teacherage.


Mrs. Gerald Wells called the meeting to order and the business was cared for. Mrs. Harbison was elected chairman of our health committee.


Little Joy Corporon and E. M. Huitt are among those who are on the sick list this week.


Mrs. Verner Bowers was hostess to a shower for Mrs. Frank Brown Wednesday. Mrs. Brown received many beautiful and useful gifts. The hostess served sandwiches, cookies and coffee to about twenty-five women.


Rev. Gillespie who has been preaching for us the first and third Sunday nights each month will not be with us any more as he will fill the appointments at Blessing.


Mr. and Mrs. Lashbrook were business visitors in Bay City last Wednesday.


Mrs. Hendrix is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Shows near Markham.


Mrs. Stella Cast who has been the guest of Mrs. Tom Hale in Bay City has returned home.


Mrs. E. M. Huitt was a Bay City visitor last Thursday.


L. S. Greenwood was a business visitor in Bay City and Pledger.


Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook was hostess to the Womens Club last Wednesday night. An interesting program on Democracy was given.


Mrs. Fred Law was called to Temple Tuesday afternoon to be at the bedside of her father, who was seriously ill in the sanitarium. At last reports Mr. Bell was improving.


The Herald, March 20, 1941


Home Demonstration Club

The Collegeport Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday p. m. at the teacherge.

Mrs. Gerald Wells, president, called the meeting to order and the business was cared for. Mr. Harbison was elected chairman of our health committee.

Trays were worked on before the meeting was called to order.

Miss Alma Stewart, county demonstration agent, was present and talked on “Preparedness for Defense.”  We, as a highly civilized and cultured nation, are having too many of our young men rejected from service because of their health.

It is our part as women to feed our families for defense.

She said in this time of unrest we should prepare our food at home, raise gardens and can, that our pantries may be stocked with the food that keeps our bodies fit.

She told us that we did not eat enough of the whole grain. We don’t want anything but the finest wheat bread, therefore, losing the food value of the grain. Three-minute cereals are not as wholesome as longer cooked ones.

She had prepared a hygeria cereal and also some cookies made from hygeria flour. We agreed that they tasted good.

Mrs. Fred Kelly treated the club with delicious candy and Mrs. Harbison served refreshments of coffee and cake to twenty-one women.

School Notes

Eugene Corporon is back in school after an absence of three weeks recovering from an appendicitis operation.

Eugene Penland happened to a painful accident when his fingers were caught in the sausage wheel while grinding sausage.

Members of the Girl Reserves and Little Pals of the Collegeport School are: Emma Lashbrook, Mava Nee Harvey, Otha Lee Harvey, Kathryn Bowers, Blanche Bowers, Marguerite Hendrix, Dolores Thompson, Bobbie Ann Duffy, Muriel Harvey, Jeannine Spoor, Jessie Tweedle and Lupe Hinojosa.

The Daily Tribune, Thursday, March 20, 1941


Mr. and Mrs. John Merck and little son are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Lowery at Livingston.

Mrs. Tex Spates and children are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Carl Boeker.

Mrs. Roy Nelson and Mrs. Harbison were co-hostesses at a St. Patrick’s Day party for the Girl Reserves last week. Games were played and delicious refreshments of cookies and cocoa were served later.

The Girl Reserves, in turn, gave Mrs. Nelson a handkerchief shower as this was her birthday.

Aaron Penland, who is a student at A. & M., spent the week end with home folks.

Hutchins King, of Freeport, visited his parents Sunday.

Ray Lee, Eugene, Ralph, and Curtis Penland, Roddin Purswell and James Franzen were Thursday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harbison, after attending Choral singing at Markham.

Elva Jean Wells had as a Thursday night guest, Marjie Nell Purswell.

Erma Lashbrook had as Thursday night guests, Gladys Mica and Jeannine Spoor.

Miss Rosalie Nelson of Richards visited her parents, over the week end. Miss Nelson is Home Economics teacher of the Richards School.

Mr. and Mrs. Lashbrook were happy to have their daughters, Beulah, Jean and Maude of Bay City, home over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Waters and daughters, Mrs. Waters of San Antonio, were Sunday visitors in Collegeport. Mrs. Waters remained for a longer visit.

The Daily Tribune, March 27, 1941


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