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October 1941


Mrs. Ray Waters and children of San Antonio visited friends here last Thursday. Mrs. Waters’ mother, Mrs. Louis Walter, returned home with them.

Mr. Wilton Miller of Sinton was a Sunday guest of Miss Ruth McGregor.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Slone and family of Baytown spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Huitt.

Week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lashbrook were daughters, Maud, Beulah, and Jean of Bay City and Privates Harper Bowermaster and Paul Griffeth of Camp Hulen.

Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Duffy of El Campo visited the Leo Duffy family this week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bowers and family visited friends in Angleton Sunday.

Mr. T. J. Sajak was a business visitor in Floresville.

The Daily Tribune, Thursday, October 9, 1941


Mr. and Mrs. Leo Duffy and Bobbie Ann were visitors in Beeville Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Earl L. McGregor and daughter were guests of Miss Ruth McGregor Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Huitt and children were Palacios visitors Sunday.

Mrs. Blandine Larrison spent the week end at home in Huntsville visiting her family.

Frances Johnson has joined the ___ and is now in San Diego.

Mr. T. S. Sojak and Billie ____ ____ went to Floresville Saturday on business.

Mrs. Grace Scarborough of Kennedy visited the J. L. Pierce _____ this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Boeker and son, Billy, were guests in the Dean Merck home Sunday.

Club News

The Home Demonstration Club will meet Tuesday at Mrs. M. S. Holsworth. A demonstration on the use of cotton for Christmas gifts will be given.

The Woman’s Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Amos Johnson Wednesday night. The ladies of the community are cordially invited to attend.

The Girls 4-H Club held a meeting Tuesday and discussed the Rice Festival. Miss Stewart met with them and all members were present.

The Boys 4-H Club met with Mr. Montague last week and organized their club for the school term. Further plans will be made this week.

Christian Endeavor was well attended last Sunday night. Fifty people were present in the Adult Young People and Junior Department. Several visitors from ____ ____ were present. Everyone is cordially invited to return next Sunday night.

The Daily Tribune, October 15, 1941


Mrs. Roy Nelson left last week for Oklahoma where she will visit her brother for several weeks.

Mrs. Earl Hill is visiting Mrs. Victor Gallegher.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Crane and Mr. Crane’s mother of Houston, spent the week end with the Amos Johnson family.

Sunday guests of Misses Blandine Larrison and Ruth McGregor were Mr. Philip Brown of Huntsville and Mr. Wilson Miller.

Mr. Lawson and Miss Margaret Hill were guests in the Leo Duffy home Sunday.

Mr. E. M. Huitt and several members of his family in Palacios attended the funeral of his sister in Indiana last week.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Blackwell and family of Angleton visited the J. W. Blackwell family this week end.

We are glad to welcome Marje Nell Purswell back to school. Marje Nell has just recovered from an appendicitis operation.

Mrs. H. A. Clapp was called to the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Oscar Crane of Austin, who is very ill.

Mr. Arthur Liggett of Fort Crockett visited friends in Collegeport last week end.

P. T. A. will meet Friday, Oct. 24 at the Community House. A reception for the teachers and trustees will be given.

Home Demonstration Club

The Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. Ethel Holsworth on Oct. 14, at 2:30 p. m.

Mrs. Wells, the president, called the meeting to order and the roll call was answered by each one telling a useful Christmas gift that could be made at home.

The Daily Tribune, October 22, 1941


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