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1975 - 1976


Collegeport News

Mrs. Duane Corporon accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Corporon to Biloxi, Miss. where they were visiting Mrs. Duane Corporonís mother, Mrs. Jack Ussery, who is seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck visited Mrs. Merckís ďother motherĒ Mrs. W. C. Foulks, and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bryan while they were in Houston Friday afternoon.

Mrs. C. H. Wilson, Wilford and Helen Wilson had Motherís Day dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Gus Franzen and family.

The R. L. Corporon family enjoyed having their children home during the Motherís Day weekend. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Corporon and children of Victoria, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Corporon and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keszler and daughters, from Point Comfort and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Corporon, Kim and Tod from Citrus Grove.

Mrs. John Merck split her Motherís day by visiting Mrs. Charlotte Merck in Bay City and Mr. and Mrs. John Maurice Merck in El Campo.

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jenkins spent last week visiting relatives in Collegeport. Mrs. Clyde Ware accompanied them on their return Centerville.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Wells hosted a dinner for their daughters and families Sunday at noon. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Rhymes and Stefani of Bay City, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck and sons and Miss Wanda Collins of League City.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean F. Merck, Mark Russell and Galen and Miss Wanda Collins had supper with Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck Sunday night.

Robin, Karen and Deborah Law of Bay City spent Saturday night with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Law.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Law joined their children, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Law and family, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Law and family at a Motherís Day dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Huitt of Palacios Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wells, Jr. and Meloni of Palacios, Mrs. Buddy Lenz, Traylor and Garrett had Motherís Day dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wells, Sr.

Mrs. L. C. Smith left for Conroe Sunday afternoon to attend her sister-in-lawís funeral.

Mrs. Buddy Lenz is acting postmaster while Mrs. Smith is out of town.

Palacios Beacon, May 15, 1975

Womanís Club makes plans for Collegeport Day

The Womanís Club of Collegeport met Thursday night to make plans for Collegeport Day which will be celebrated the last Saturday in May, May 31st.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. L. C. Smith. Mrs. Dean Merck read the minutes of the previous meeting and Mrs. M. S. Holsworth gave the treasurerís report.

The secretary was instructed to write letters of appreciation to our county commissioner, G. L. Harrison, who had a sign ďMopac House, Collegeport, Texas, Collegeport Day, May 31Ē made and put on the lawn in front of the Mopac House and to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wells, Jr. who donated to the library.

Mrs. W. L. Ellis was elected vice-president of the Womanís Club.

It was announced that the meat donors for the Collegeport Day dinner are Mrs. Aaron Penland of Bay City and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck. After some discussion, the group decided that there would be no meat sales after the dinner. Committee chairmen were appointed.

W. L. Ellis and Dean Merck, also, Mrs. M. S. Holsworth, members of the Mopac House Foundation, concurred with the club that it was necessary to have the Mopac House and library building exterminated for termites. They voted to let the contract to Texas Pest Control.

Palacios Beacon, May 15, 1975

Collegeport News

Family and friends gathered at the Gerald Wells home May 14 to honor Alex Franzen on his birthday. His sisters, Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Dean Merck and sister-in-law, Mrs. Gus Franzen, served birthday cake decorated with a boat pulling a can of sardines (his favorite food) with candles surrounding Happy Birthday, sandwiches, cinnamon rolls and coffee. While the guests were still seated at the table Alex opened his cards and gifts. Present for this gala affair were the honored guest and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Corporon, Mrs. V. L. Bowers, Mrs. John Merck, Traylor Lenz, Gerald Wells, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gus Franzen, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wells.

Mrs. M. S. Holsworth spent a few days in Katy visiting her mother, Mrs. Sirmon, and her daughter and son-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. Bill Hodge.

Mrs. Duane Corporon who is in Biloxi, Miss., reported that her mother, Mrs. Jack Ussery, is out of the Intensive Care Unit.

Thursday afternoon Dean Merckís relatives paid him a surprise visit, including his 92-year old aunt, Mrs. T. P. Jordan of Custer, Okla., her son, Tapley Jordan of Hawaii and grandson, Theodore Jordan of San Francisco, also his sisters, Mrs. J. F. Kilpatrick and Mrs. C. E. Wilson of Dallas, sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Legg of Bay City. The family enjoyed hearing Theodore Jordan, a member of the Symphony Orchestra in San Francisco, play the violin. Before leaving for their respective homes, Mrs. Merck served supper.

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Lenz, Traylor and Garrett enjoyed a trip to Livingstonís Indian Reservation a week ago Saturday.

Mrs. C. H. Wilson of Deutschburg spent a few days with her daughter and family, the Gus Franzens.

Mrs. Roy Sjoquist of Houston, Burton D. Hurdís niece, plans to print some more copies of Mrs. Hurdís History of Collegeport which will be distributed Collegeport Day, Saturday, May 31st.

The deer are destroying the ladiesí garden in Collegeport.

Mrs. Earl Hill is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Milton Morehead in Cotulla, Texas.

Mrs. D. N. Tate has returned from Kansas City where she visited relatives..

Mrs. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith, Jr. and family were Motherís Day guests in his motherís home, Mrs. L. C. Smith. Other guests were the Royce Brune family and Cullen Smith.

Palacios Beacon, May 29, 1975

Weather Clears Up On Collegeport Day

Collegeport observed the 66th homecoming at Mopac house Saturday, May 31st, with friends and former residents coming from as far away as Oklahoma. The attendance was in the neighborhood of 300.

Many, some who returned after years of absence, remarked "I believe this is one of the best homecomings we have ever had.

The day was beautiful, following the terrible storm Friday afternoon, and the people seemed to have more time for visiting, enjoying the delicious covered dish dinner and the historical display in the library, which was very interesting.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sjoquist of Houston brought more copies of the the "History of Collegeport" by Mrs. Burton D. Hurd, "M. A. Travis' Autobiography" and "The History of Collegeport Woman's Club," which were given in loving memory of Mrs. Sjoquist's uncle, Burton D. Hurd.

If anyone in the area who was unable to attend the homecoming Saturday when the copies were distributed and would like to have copies, call Mrs. Dean Merck, club secretary, who has some extra copies.

The Woman's Club president, Mrs. L. C. Smith, welcomed the guests and the Rev. Leslie E. Webb gave the invocation.

While the guests were seated at the tables, Dean Merck acting as master of ceremonies, expressed appreciation to the club members for all the work they did to promote the wonderful day of fellowship; to all the community people who pitched in to help; to the local men who barbecued the beef; the meat donors; Mrs. Aaron Penland of Bay City and the Dean Mercks of Collegeport; Billy Boeker of Bay City for P. A. System; Glen Adams for welding the covers for the barbecue pit; to anonymous donors; to our county commissioner Billy Harrison who had a sign "Mopac House, Collegeport, Texas, Collegeport Day, May 31st" placed on the Mopac lawn and for the firewood.

At the close, Mr. Merck remarked "With your help, we'll try to have even a greater day in 1976." The Holsworth family volunteered to furnish the meat in 1976, Ira and Chester Corporon and Sanford Crabill in 1977.

Palacios Beacon, June 5, 1975

Collegeport News

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Pyles of Pilot, Va. were holiday guests of her mother, Mrs. Earl Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck, Jr. and family of League City were holiday guests of their parents, the Dean Mercks and R. L. Wells.

Mrs. Margaret Tate has returned from Houston where she spent Christmas with her sons, James A. Tate and G. W. (Bill) Tate and their families.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Smith, son Mark and Mrs. Doris Hegwood of Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Smith, Jr. and sons, Norman and Andy, Mrs. Ted Roller and children Mandy and Morgan of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Royce Brune and Jason Cullen Smith of Palacios were home with their mother, Mrs. L. C. Smith, for Christmas dinner on Sunday, Dec. 21st.

Mr. and Mrs. Gus Franzen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Merck were Christmas eve guests of their brother, Alex Franzen.

Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ellis spent the holidays with their daughters and families, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Lewis, Jr. in Cleveland, the Walter Dowells in Port Lavaca, also with their son, M. D. Ellis and family in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ellis had their sons, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ellis and son, Jesse Jr. of Port Lavaca, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ellis and children of Palacios, also Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ellis and Mrs. L. C. Smith of Collegeport for a six o'clock dinner on Christmas day.

Mrs. Earl Hill had Christmas dinner with her granddaughter and family, the Curtis Brothers in Port Lavaca. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Pyles of Pilot, Va.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Semingson of Little Rock, Ark. were guests of their uncles and aunts, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Ellis, the Hills, Tates and Smiths on Sunday. They were enroute home from San Antonio where they had spent Christmas with his parents, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Mike Semingson.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Corporon and daughter of Wichita Falls were holiday guests of his parents, the Chester Corporons.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Law were holiday guests of their sons, the Fredrick and Russell Laws in Bay City.

Gerald Wells returned from Diagnosis Hospital in Houston on Saturday and is feeling much better we are happy to report.

Palacios Beacon, January 1, 1976


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