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God bless our boys, our noble boys,

Who went to do their work

In the service of their country;

From no duty did they shirk.

And we would do honor to them,

These, our warriors, true and bold,

Whether they come home a-wearing

Silver stripes, or stripes of gold.


God bless our ever faithful boys

Who "stayed beside the stuff,"

Till the Hun gave up his fighting,

For he said, "It is enough."

And they're coming home to greet us

And when we their stripes behold

Shall be truly filled with gladness

Silver stood behind the gold.


They have never crossed the waters

'Though their hearts have ached to go.

But they've showed no streaks of yellow

When their leader said, "Not so."

They have worked with zeal increasing

And have done what they were told.

And they wear the stripes of silver,

But their hearts are of pure gold.


May the blessing of Almighty

Be with them where'er they go

In the service of their country

Or in homes that love them so.

They have kept their hearts from evil

And have not their manhood sold,

All honor to the brave boys wearing

Stripes of silver, hearts of gold.


God bless our earnest, happy boys

Who come to us once more,

With their joy of having served us

In this world of sorrow sore;

And we want to greet you smiling

As in our, your hands we hold,

We shall know no sore regretting

For the silver or the gold.


But your loved ones who are waiting

For your coming back again,

Are so glad the war is over,

And your service was not vain

And as we shall speak of sorrows

And of joys to you untold,

God's great love be with those wearing

Stripes of silver and of gold.

--Mrs. Louella Heisey

Collegeport, Texas

The Daily Tribune, April 30, 1919



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Aug. 2, 2006