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Collegeport Who's Who

North Cable, standing, and two brothers

John & Helena Carrick

Harry Austin Clapp & Louise Van Ness Clapp

Mary Louise Clapp

Erastus S. Darling

Gustave Albert Franzen, Sr. & Ellen Carlson Bladlund Franzen

Franzen Family in December 1951
l-r Alex, Dorothy, Arnold, Gustave, Ellen, Clifford, James, Emma and Mamie


Tom & Maud Fulcher

Ruth Glasser

Haisley Family
Hattie May Haisley Kundinger, Hugo Kundinger, Faye DeWald,
V. R. Haisley, Mrs. Haisley and Haisley Mills

John B. & Louella Heisey


Earl Sr., Hilma, Fred, E. M. Jr., Billy Mack and Larry in 1942

Tressie Huffhines

Burton David Hurd

Dena D. Soekland Hurd

Vernon King Hurd


Freeland L. and Annie Belle Duncan Jenkins


Hattie May Haisley & Hugo A. Kundinger


Abner B. Luce

Dr. George Lipsitt

Ora Luce


Baulser Van Buren Merck & John Maurice Merck

R. Kay Legg, Viola Merck Legg, Bessie Merck Wilson, Jessie Merck Kilpatrick


Dolphus Hughes & Mary Henton Fort Morris


Sons of Dolphus Hughes & Mary Henton Fort Morris
Albert, John & Adolph


Ben Mowery

Ruth Mowery Barker & Children, Peggy & Bennie Barker


lts l to r: W. L. & Rosalie Ellis, Carrie & Roy Nelson,
Ethel & Roy Williams
Grandchildren: left, Jesse, Tommy, Jerry & Gilbert Ellis; right, Sherry & Lynda Williams

Dr. Norval Pembrook Knight


Carrie Nelson
Charolotte Walter
Ellen Franzen


Daniel & Cora McKitrik Oneth
Aaron A. & Vannie Huffhines Penland


Jonathan Edwards Pierce


Lizzie Primm

Esther Schubring

Emma Smith

Theo Smith

Karl Smith

Grace Smith

Murry Alberton Travis

William Travis

Anna Weborg, center back
Wilhelmina Jacobson, Anna's mother,
Nellie Jacobson Christenson, Anna's sister
and Amy? Jacobson, Anna's sister


Walter William Wilkinson

Helen Gossett Wilkinson and children
l to r Walter, Jr., Virginia, John Paul and Robert Jay

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