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Collegeport Woman's Club

"Magnify the Good"

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PRESIDENT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MRS. FRED LAW

VICE PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MRS. L. C. SMITH

SECRETARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MRS. W. L. ELLIS

TREASURER . . . . . . . . . . . . .MRS. M. S. HOLSWORTH

SOCIAL CHAIRMAN  . . . . . . . . . . . MRS. JOHN MERCK



Collegeport was founded by Burton D. Hurd Land Company, May 25, 1908, at which time a tract of land was deeded to Mr. W. A. Travis for the building of a College of Industrial, Domestic and Agricultural Arts and Sciences, and for the opening and development of waterways.


The year 1912 found a town of 496, a Business Men's League of 90 members, a Federated Church of 14 denominations, a Woman's Club of 86 members and the first free public library in the county.


On May 19, 1910, 36 ladies of Collegeport assembled in Mrs. Burton D. Hurd's spacious parlors for the definite purpose of forming an organization. Mrs. Will Travis moved that a Woman's Club be organized--the work of same not to be restricted or bound. There were 56 charter members, and Mrs. Burton D. Hurd was the first president. Mrs. Roy Nelson is the only charter member remaining in Collegeport. She was often a delegate to the Federation meetings and always on the local social committees. Her daughter, Mrs. W. L. Ellis, is our secretary. Mrs. M. S. Holsworth, daughter-in-law of Mrs. E. A. Holsworth, is following in the footsteps of her mother-in-law who was treasurer at various times. Mrs. John Merck and Mrs. Dean Merck are actively working in the Club as did their mother-in-law, Mrs. B. V. Merck, who was a charter member.


The Club adopted the motto Magnify the Good and has been a continuous Power for Good for 55 years, always interested in the school, Library and Community improvements.


In 1911, Mrs. Hansel moved that the Club join the State Federation. February 12, 1912 the Club made application for membership in the State Federation and on March 25, 1912 paid $3.25 for initiation into State Federation of Clubs.


April 13, 1911 -- Mrs. John Evans moved that the secretary be instructed to write the School Board that before adopting plans for a new building they confer with a committee chosen from the Woman's Club. (Classes were taught in educational wing of First Church Federated.)


The Club organized the first free public library in the county. Club accepted Mr. W. W. Wilkinson's offer to use his office building (real estate) for a temporary reading room and library. February 1, 1912 -- this being Library Day -- members presented 17 books to the library. The Library was opened on February 10, 1912.


May 9, 1912 -- Mrs. Burton D. Hurd was made chairman of the Collegeport Day Celebration for May 25th.


May 22, 1913 -- Mrs. Kone extended an invitation and the use of Hotel Collegeport to the Woman's Club, and the people of Collegeport Saturday evening, May 31, for the celebration of Collegeport Day.


In October 1912 the Club rented a reading and library room in Buchen's Store for $5.00. On June 30, 1914 final plans were made to move the library to the west room in the public School House.


February 3, 1916 an invitation from Mrs. Abel Pierce of Blessing was read to the Club to attend a banquet at Blessing on February 18. Mrs. Corse was appointed to attend. Mrs. Corse gave an interesting account of the banquet at Blessing--the Club voted to join the Get To-Gether-Club. Dues of $1.00 were paid and Collegeport Woman's Club was to affiliate with the Matagorda County Federation.


The Woman's Club made plans to entertain the County Federation of Clubs on September 7, 1917. Mrs. Sholl -- Boss of the Commissary for the Luncheon to be given the County Federation -- was appointed to arrange for two boat trips to Palacios; Mrs. Van Ness was appointed to write the Palacios Club and Mrs. Clapp was appointed to put an ad in the Palacios Beacon through Mr. Rodebaugh, owner of the Collegeport Chronicle.


In 1918 and 1918 members were busy taking a Study Course from the University of Texas and doing Red Cross work. They made a quilt which was auctioned off for the Red Cross on Collegeport Day which was held May 27th, 1918. They made payments on their war pledges made by the district, etc.


August 19, 1918 -- Mrs. Hurd moved that the corresponding secretary write a letter to Gov. Hobby asking him to consider the subject of complete survey of Educational Institutions at the next meeting of the State Legislature.


September 25, 1919 -- The Woman's Club filed a complaint against the owners of the stock that was running at large on the Collegeport streets and voted to propose Mrs. B. V. Merck as a member of the School Board.


In 1921 the Club met with the King's Daughters once a month as they did not have time for so many meetings. And they lowered the club dues from $1.00 to 50c.


July 20, 1921 -- Read a communication from Mrs. Abel B. Pierce, secretary of the County Federation, asking that a Club History be written and given to her as soon as possible. Also wanted a picture of the Club Room or place of interest. Sent a picture of the Library for the County History book to be published.


June 14, 1923--Mrs. Corse moved and Miss Ruth Braden seconded that the Club extend a vote of thanks to the Industrial League for the purchase of a lot for the Library Building. The Club purchased Mr. J. H. Adam's (he was our second Post Master) house for $50.00 and the men of the Industrial League moved it and the Club paid for repairs and painting, etc. Mr. Corse was appointed superintendent of the Library Building. The library was moved from the School House and Mr. R. E. Coffin was appointed assistant librarian so that the school children could have better benefit of the library.


In 1932 the Woman's Club began sponsoring the Girl Reserves under the leadership of Miss Beryl Bell -- now Mrs. Fred Law -- and Mrs. R. L. Corporon.


May 4, 1935--The Club had the privilege and pleasure of serving Luncheon on the Opening Day of Mopac House and made $41.00.


May 9, 1935--The following resolution was presented by Mrs. Burton D. Hurd: Resolved that we the Collegeport Woman's Club express our appreciation and sincere thanks to Mr. H. A. Clapp, secretary of the Industrial League, for his untiring efforts in the presenting of Mopac House to the Community, also the gift of the Reading Room.


June 13, 1935 -- The Club sent a letter of appreciation to Mr. Tom Hale, County Superintendent, for his efforts in securing affiliation for our school, and expressed our hope that he will continue to retain it.


October 10, 1935--The Library chairman reported 1640 books on the book shelves.


December 1937--Mrs. M. S. Holsworth and Miss Margaret Holsworth were hostesses for the annual Christmas party.


May 2, 1939--Mrs. Burton D. Hurd departed from this life.


May 9, 1939--Following a business meeting a Memorial Service was held for Mrs. Hurd, consisting of favorite hymns and living words of memories, and appreciation of Mrs. Hurd and her years of service in the Club and the community work. How can we fill her place, was in the hearts and minds of our Club members.

Mrs. Agnes Liggett, Secretary


1940--Chairman of the Library Committee reported over 100 books had been donated during the year and an attendance of 480.


March 30, 1944 -- A meeting called by the Club to start the organization of a new YWCA Council. The present organization of Woman's Club to be merged with this and the business of the Club, as a member of the County Federation of Woman's Clubs of Matagorda County, be taken care of in this Council.


In 1944 the Council and Club became sponsors of the Mopac House. Mrs. Holsworth was named Mopac House Chairman and she reported $182.06 had been spent to wire the building and to do repair work. The Club continued to make improvements up to the time a new Board of Trustees was elected in 1960. The Club pays for the electricity and gas, supplies for all the dinners and entertainments. Money is made by selling Collegeport Cook Books, All Occasion Cards, Christmas cards and gift items which our president, Mrs. Fred Law, orders and displays. Recently the Club has purchased enough folding chairs so that we no longer need to struggle with the original benches on which we were always snagging our hose.


The Club meets quarterly for business meetings. It sponsors the New Year's Day Dinner, Washington's Birthday Dinner (this one, a covered dish dinner Sunday noon, February 20) and the Collegeport Day Celebration.


Compiled by Mrs. Dean Merck


Golden Anniversary of Matagorda County Federation of Clubs

to be celebrated at the home of

Mrs. Abel B. Pierce

in Blessing

on February 9, 1966


Lovingly printed by Burton D. Hurd's niece, owner of K & R Reproductions

Houston, Texas  1973


Organizational Minutes


Three o'clock on the afternoon of May 19, 1910 found 36 of the ladies of Collegeport assembled in the spacious parlors of Mrs. Burton D. Hurd's home.


These ladies had met with the definite purpose in view of forming an organization, the purpose of which was yet to be determined.


After a charming little speech of welcome and explanation by Mrs. Hurd, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously carried that she act as chairman of the afternoon.


The field then being open for discussion Mrs. Van Ness, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Travis & several others made very able and enthusiastic talks on the subject at hand.


After some little time given to the expression of the individual views Mrs. Will Travis made a motion to organize a woman's club. This was seconded & carried. After some discussion in regard to the clearness of the motion it was again made by Mrs. Travis--that a Woman's Club be organized--the work of same not to be restricted or bound. This was seconded and carried unanimous.

The Chairman then read a list of prospective officers as follows:


Vice Pres.

2nd Vice Pres. whose duties shall be along church lines.

3rd Vice Pres. whose duties shall be along line of work with the children.


Corresponding Secry &



Motion was made, sec. & carried to accept the list as read.


The club then voted on a motion made by Mrs. Knight to elect officers by ballot. Same being carried. Mrs. Sterling, Mrs. McCain, Miss Morris were appointed to prepare, collect and report the ballots.


Ballots were then distributed for the election of a Pres. resulting in the election of Mrs. Hurd by a practically unanimous vote.


Ballots were then distributed for election of Vice Pres. A motion was carried to the effect that largest no. of votes cast should elect. Mrs. Knight was found to receive the electing votes.


The following officers were then elected in the following order.

Mrs. Van Ness - 2nd Vice Pres.

Mrs. Sicks - 3rd Vice Pres.

Grace T. Smith - Secry

Myrtle Morris - Corres. Secry

Mrs. Sholl - Treasurer

(Mrs. Dena D. Soekland Hurd, first president)


Following this the Pres. appointed Mrs. Kone, Mrs. M. A. Travis, [Mrs.] W. A. Travis, as the Executive Com. to assist the officers in drafting by laws & constitution.


Mrs. Kone then very hospitably invited the club to meet with her on the following Thursday.


A motion then made to adjourn until that time. Same was seconded & carried after which the members retired to the dining room at the gracious invitation of Mrs. Hurd where, refreshing and cool, amid dainty and pleasing surrounding most delightful Nectar and Ambrosia awaited the ______ Goddesses of Collegeport's first organization for betterment & improvement.


Grace Smith Secry


May 26, 1910


The 2nd meeting in the history of the Cport Woman's Club was held at the Hotel Cport. on the afternoon of May 26 at 3 o'clock.


Meeting was called to order by the Pres. after which the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.


The Pres. then read the Constitution as drafted by the advisory Committee and same was adopted by unanimous vote, each article being voted upon separately. Constitution adopted as follows.



Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the "Collegeport Woman's Club."


Article II - Object

The object of this organization shall be: To bring together the ladies of Collegeport and Community into social relationship.


To unite into one body the best ideals of each individual for the promotion and endorsement of all causes or movements that shall stand for the advancement of mental, moral, spiritual and physical improvement.


To encourage the building up of the community along methods of true moral and physical excellence and beauty.


To influence careful thought in the establishment of all public interests and civic improvements.


To maintain an interest in religious improvements without prejudice.


To maintain persistent efforts in the up lifting of the ideal of the young by personal influence in whatsoever shall promote purity of thought and action, hygienic habits or right living, spiritual growth and the molding of character.


To Be a Power for Good.


Article III - Officers

The officers of this organization shall be chosen by ballot and shall consist of the following:

President - whose duties shall be to preside at all meetings and act as member of Exofficio of all committees to maintain the dignity and harmony of all club meetings.

1st Vice Pres. - whose duty shall be to support and assist the President and to act as Pres. in her absence, maintain the same duties.

2nd Vice Pres. - whose duty shall be to preside as chairman of the religious department of this organization.

3rd Vice Pres. - whose duty shall be to preside as chairman of the children's department of this organization.

Recording Secr'y - whose duty shall be to keep the records of this organization and to report from them upon request from the organization. To receive and keep accurate account of all moneys, turn the same over to treasurer, taking a receipt for same.

Corresponding Secr'y - whose duty shall be to attend to the correspondence of this organization and to preside as Secr'y in her absence.

Treasurer - whose duty shall be to have charge over all moneys of this organization and to disburse same at request of 2/3 of the membership.


Article IV - Committees.

Advisory Board

Sec. I. The Pres., officers, and three members of the club shall constitute the advisory board, the latter being appointed annually.

Sec. II The Advisory Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the club and shall hold business meetings at the call of the Pres. or upon request of 2/3 of the voting members and at such other times as shall be necessary. Five members of the advisory board shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. III Other Standing Committees may be chosen by the Pres. in counsel with the advisory board and such Committees shall hold office for one year or until their successors are chosen.


Article V - Meetings

Sec. I The regular meeting shall be held once in 2 weeks.

Sec. II The Regular Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Thursday in January.

Sec. III Twelve members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Article VI - Membership

Sec. I The membership of this organization shall consist of active and honorary members.

Sec. II Any resident lady who registers her name in pledge of endorsement and support of the constitution of this organization, and whose name has been presented by a member in good standing, and has received a 2/3 majority of votes, shall become an active member.

Sec. III Any lady who is aged, an invalid or a resident guest may become an Honorary Member upon being presented by a regular member and having rec'd a majority of 2/3 votes.


Article VII

This constitution may be amended at any regular business meeting by a 2/3 majority of those present and voting provided that one month's notice in writing be given.


Following the adoption of the constitution Mrs. Kone made a motion to effect that a com. of 3 be appointed to consider matter of club colors and report at next meeting. Motion being seconded and carried the Pres. appointed Mrs. House, Mrs. Cobb, Mrs. Gaumer on said Committee.


Mrs. Kone, Mrs.. Sholl, Mrs. Knight were then appointed to constitute a Com. to report on a suitable club motto.


Committee consisting of Mrs.. Van Ness, Mrs. Clark, & Mrs. Haisley was appointed to report on appropriate flower for the club.


Following appointment of committees came discussions as to entertaining of the Club, resulting in a motion to effect that no Refreshments be served at regular club meetings, the members be allowed to Entertain on other days in a manner of their own choosing. This motion was seconded and carried.


The matter of standing Committees being taken up the following ones were elected by vote of the club.


Com. on New Membership - Kahnt, Haisley, Edwards

Com. on Caring for the Sick - Cobb, Miller, Evans

Com. on Hygiene - Elmer, Judin, Wright

Com. on Streets & Roads - Woodland, Logan, Brown

Com. on School - Knight, House, Sicks


After several minutes spent in discussion in regard to matter of dues a motion was made, seconded, & carried that 1.00 a year dues be assessed same to be paid on first meeting of each quarter.


A motion was then made to begin meetings at 3 o'clock promptly.


This was seconded & carried unanimously.


Following this Mrs. Sholl extended an invitation to meet with her on the next Club Day, June 9, 1910.


After the motion to adjourn Mrs. Kone served a very dainty and refreshing little lunch after which the several members wended their ways to their various habitats, thus closing an exceedingly pleasant afternoon.


Grace T. Smith





Collegeport Woman's Club
"Magnify the Good"

Names as Enrolled by Members
May 26, 1910
56 Original Charter Members

Mrs. Ida Haisley

Mrs. Octavia Kone Carey

Mrs. Carrie Nelson

Miss Dora Duffy

Mrs. Matilda Sholl

Mrs. Georgia D. Knight

Mrs. Amanda D. Van Ness

Mrs. Augusta K. Elmer

Blanche C. Evans

Mrs. Evelyn Logan

Mrs. Clara Maples

Miss Grace Shuey

Mrs. Pearl Shuey

Mrs. Anna Weborg

Mrs. Eva E. House

Mrs. Nelda Buchen

Mrs. R. H. Batts

Mrs. Sadie Merck

Mrs. M[ary]. A. Cobb

Rena Wright

Mrs. H. A. [Louise] Clapp

Mrs. Clara Clarke Trego

Mrs. Sarah Judin

Miss Ethel Cobb

Mrs. Effie Sicks

Mrs. Laurene Travis

Mrs. Mollie Kahnt

Mrs. A. E. [Etta] Soekland

Mrs. F. L. Miller

Mrs. Haddie Woodland

Mrs. W. B. [Florence]  Gaumer

Miss Fay Leach

Mrs. Virginia Woolpert

Mrs. Anna Wall

Mrs. Clara Hoffhines

Mrs. W. H. [Elizabeth] Travis

Mrs. Almeda Welsby

Mrs. O. B. [Eliza] Kone

Mrs. Dena Hurd

Miss Myrtle Morris

Mrs. D. [Cora] Oneth

Mrs. [Mary] Edwards

Grace Smith

Mrs. T. M. [Laura] Jones

Mrs. Bess Doris

Mrs. Laura McCain

Mrs. Grace McLandrove

Mrs. Emma Herbage

Mrs. Frank [Lizzie T.] Aucutt

Mrs. C. E. [Leota] Sterling

Mrs. Mary R. Clark

Mrs. Ada Rice

Mrs. Robt. [Norma]  Price

Mrs. [Sarah] Leach

Mrs. Theo [Emma] Smith

Mrs. Phoebe Van Ness - Honorary Member


Elected Members

Mrs. Emma Anderson - July 1910

Mrs. O. Regnier - July 1910

Mrs. Wm Pfeiffer - Aug 1910

Mrs. Helen Wilkinson - Sep. 1, 1910

Mrs. Cletus Jones - Sep. 1, 1910

Mrs. Geo. [Laura F.] Ross - Sept. 15, 1910

Mrs. John Hansel - Sept. 15, 1910

Mrs. Turner - Dec. 1910

Mrs. T. C. Morris - Jan. 5, 1911

Mrs. Lena Corse - Jan. 19, 1911

Mrs. [Helen] Holsworth - Jan. 5, 1911

Miss [Pearl?]Corse - Jan. 19, 1911

Mrs. Robinson - Jan. 19, 1911

Mrs. Walter Culp - Jan. 24, 1911

Mrs. Josephine Spurrier - Mar. 2, 1911

Mrs. A. R. Livers - Mar. 2, 1911

Mrs. Mary Schofield - Mar. 2, 1911

Mrs. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick - Mar. 2, 1911

Mrs. E. L. Cling - Apr. 13, 1911

Mrs. E. L. Ford - Apr. 13, 1911

Mrs. Jesse Davis - Apr. 27, 1911

Miss Eula Glasser  - Apr. 27, 1911

Mrs. F. H. Jones - Aug. 3, 1911

Mrs. Powers - Aug. 3, 1911

Mrs. Price - Sept. 24, 1911

Mrs. Duckworth - Sept. 24, 1911

Miss Crabill - Sept. 24, 1911

Dierlam - Sept. 24, 1911

Mrs. Halbert - Sept. 24, 1911

Mrs. Virginia Kern - Sept. 24, 1911

Miss Irene Jacobs - Nov. 9, 1911

Mrs. Luce - Feb.15, 1912

Mrs. Roberts - Feb. 15, 1912

Miss Christine Walter - Feb. 15, 1912

Miss Elsie Walter - Feb. 15, 1912

Mrs. Orville White - Mar. 14, 1912

Mrs. Goodman - Mar. 14, 1912

Mrs. Heck - Mar. 28, 1912

Mrs. Livers - Mar. 28, 1912

Miss Agnes Spence - May 23, 1912

Mrs. Woodhouse - Sept. 26, 1912

Miss Ethel Spence - Sept. 26, 1912

Mrs. Gates - Oct. 24, 1912

Miss Jones - Oct. 24, 1912

Miss Bannister - Oct. 24, 1912

Mrs. Odom - Nov. 7, 1912

Mrs. Hull - Nov. 7, 1912

Mrs. Sholl - Jan. 2, 1913

Mrs. C. E. Heard - Jan. 17, 1913

Mrs. W. L. Green - Jan 30, 1913

Mrs. Anna D. Hurd  - Apr. 10, 1913

Mrs. Myrtle Hurd Boody  - Apr. 10, 1913

Mrs. Amelia Wiedemier - May 8, 1913

Miss Nell Wiedemier - May 8, 1913


Alphabetical List of Members

[Compiled from minutes & dues lists where names were often listed and spelled differently.]


Anderson, Mrs. Emma - July 1910

Aucutt, Mrs. Frank [Lizzie T.]

Bannister, Miss - Oct. 24, 1912

Batts, Mrs. R. H.

Boody, Mrs. Myrtle Hurd - Apr. 10, 1913

Buchen, Mrs. Nelda

Carey, Mrs. Octavia Kone

Carrick, Mrs. - Dec. 16, 1915

Clapp, Mrs. H. A. [Louise]

Clark, Mrs. Mary R.

Clements, Mrs. Ward - Oct. 7, 1915

Cling, Mrs. E. L. - Apr. 13, 1911

Cobb, Miss Ethel

Cobb, Mrs. M[ary]. A.

Corse, Miss Lena - Jan. 19, 1911

Corse, Mrs. [S. W.] [Pearl?] - Jan. 19, 1911

Crabill, Miss - Sept. 24, 1911

Culp, Mrs. Walter [Nora Bell] - Jan. 24, 1911

Davis, Mrs. Jesse[ie?] - Apr. 27, 1911

Dierlam, Miss - Sept. 24, 1911

Dorris, Mrs. Bess

Duckworth, Mrs. - Sept. 24, 1911

Duffy, Miss Dora

Edwards, Mrs. [Blanch]

Elmer, Mrs. Augusta K.

Evans, Blanche C.

Ford, Mrs. E. L. - Apr. 13, 1911

Gates, Mrs. - Oct. 24, 1912

Gaumer, Mrs. W. B. [Florence]

Glasser, Miss Eula [Eurie?] - Apr. 27, 1911

Goodman, Mrs. - Mar. 14, 1912

Green, Mrs. W. L. - Jan. 30, 1913

Haisley, Mrs. Ida

Halbert, Mrs. - Sept. 24, 1911

Hansel, Mrs. John - Sept. 15, 1910

Heard, Mrs. C. E. - Jan. 17, 1913

Heck, Mrs. - Mar. 28, 1912, Dec. 16, 1915

Heemer, Mrs. - Sep. 14, 1916

Heisey, Mrs. - Oct 12, 1016

Herbage, Mrs. Emma

Hoffhines, Mrs. Clara

Holsworth, Mrs. [Helen] - Jan. 5, 1911

House, Mrs. Eva E.

Hull, Mrs. - Nov. 7, 1912

Hunter, Edna - Jan. 28, 1915

Hurd, Mrs. Anna D.- Apr. 10, 1913

Hurd, Mrs. Dena

Jacobs, Miss Irene - Nov. 9, 1911

Jones, Miss - Oct. 24, 1912

Jones, Mrs. Cletus - Sep. 1, 1910

Jones, Mrs. F. H. - Aug. 3, 1911

Jones, Mrs. T. M. [Laura]

Judin, Mrs. Sarah

Kahnt, Mrs. Mollie

Kern, Mrs. Virginia - Sept. 24, 1911

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Elizabeth - Mar. 2, 1911

Knight, Mrs. Georgia D.

Kone, Mrs. O. B. [Eliza]

Leach, Miss Fay Leach

Leach, Mrs. [Sarah]

Livers, Mrs. A. R. - Mar. 2, 1911, Mar. 28, 1912

Logan, Mrs. Evelyn

Luce, Mrs. - Feb.15, 1912

Maples, Mrs. Clara

McCain, Mrs. Laura

McLandrove, Mrs. Grace

Merck, Mrs. Sadie

Miller, Mrs. F. L.

Morris, Miss Myrtle

Morris, Mrs. T. C. - Jan. 5, 1911

Nelson, Mrs. Carrie

Odom, Mrs. - Nov. 7, 1912

Oneth, Mrs. D. [Cora]

Pfeiffer, Mrs. Wm - Aug 1910

Pierson, Mrs. [Charles U.]

Pine, Mrs. - Sept. 24, 1911

Powers, Mrs. [D. C.] [Mary] - Aug. 3, 1911

Price, Mrs. Robt. [Norma]

Regnier, Mrs. O. - July 1910

Rice, Mrs. Ada

Roberts, Mrs. - Feb. 15, 1912

Roberts, Mrs. - Oct. 7, 1915

Robinson, Mrs. - Jan. 19, 1911

Ross, Mrs. Geo. [Laura F.] - Sept. 15, 1910

Schofield, Mrs. Mary - Mar. 2, 1911

Sholl, Mrs. Matilda "Tillie" [Howard N.]

Sholl, Mrs. - Jan. 2, 1913

Shuey, Miss Grace

Shuey, Mrs. Pearl

Sicks, Mrs. Effie

Smith, Grace

Smith, Mrs. Theo [Emma]

Soekland, Mrs. A. E. [Etta]

Spence, Miss Agnes [Mrs. L. E. Liggett] - May 23, 1912

Spence, Miss Ethel - Sept. 26, 1912

Spurrier, Mrs. Josephine - Mar. 2, 1911

Sterling, Mrs. C. E. [Leota]

Sweet, Mrs. - Dec. 16, 1915

Taylor [Talor?], Miss

Travis, Mrs. Laurene [M. A.]

Travis, Mrs. W. H. [Elizabeth]

Trego, Mrs. Clara Clarke

Turner, Mrs. - Dec. 1910

Van Ness Mrs. Amanda D.

Van Ness, Phoebe

Wall, Mrs. Anna

Walter, Miss Christine - Feb. 15, 1912

Walter, Miss Elsie - Feb. 15, 1912

Weborg, Mrs. Anna

Wellsby [Welsby], Mrs. Almeda

White, Mrs. Orville - Mar. 14, 1912

Wiedemier, Mrs. Amelia - May 8, 1913

Wiedemier, Miss Nell - May 8, 1913

Wilkinson, Mrs. Helen - Sep. 1, 1910, Mar. 30, 1916

Woodhouse, Mrs. - Sept. 26, 1912

Woodland, Mrs. Haddie

Woolpert, Mrs. Virginia

Wright, Rena Wright

Yerxa, Mrs. -  Jan. 28, 1915

Yerxa, Leone - Oct. 7, 1915

Yerxa, Lucy - Jan. 28, 1915



Progress of Woman's Club of Collegeport

A group of Collegeport's pioneer women met and formed the nucleus around which grew the largest woman's club for the size of the town in the general federation. From 36 women at the preliminary meeting, the club was formally organized with 66 members which number increased to 86 within one year, 32 of whom were college bred women. The first officers were President, Mrs. Burton D. Hurd; First Vice-President, Mrs. G. Knight; Second Vice-President, Mrs. E. C. Van Ness; Third Vice President, Mrs. S. Sicks; Secretary, Miss Grace Smith; Corresponding Secretary, Miss Myrtle Morris; Treasurer, Mrs. M. Herbage.

The motto chosen was: "Magnify the Good" and the object was "To be a Power of Good." The first work of the organization was to care for the sick, to institute a clean up program and to aid the church and school life of the community before houses were built for either.

In 1912 the club joined the state federation and it was a charter member of the Matagorda County Federation of Women's Clubs. Through the 21 years the club has functioned without cessation of interruption, observing all the local and national anniversaries of patriotism. Its greatest work has been the founding and maintaining of the free public library for 20 years, without income or endowment; collecting a library of 1500 or more volumes and keeping up the standard. A loan of 50 volumes was made to a neighboring community and a school library loaned to the public school, sufficient to maintain the standard asked by the county and state boards of education. Housed in an attractive building owned by the Woman's Club, located conveniently for every patron and open regularly for free use of the public has increased its popularity until the present sees the need of increasing both its volumes and space.

The Collegeport Woman's club enters its twenty-second year hopeful of a continued loyalty added to greater prosperity.

Palacios Beacon, May 7, 1931

Collegeport Woman's Club Will Celebrate 21st Birthday, May 9

Saturday, May 9, the Collegeport Woman's Club will honor its twenty-first birthday with a May Fete beginning at 3 p. m. and lasting through the Sunday morning, Mother's Day service which anniversary the club has observed each year since its inauguration.

On Saturday at 3 p. m. will occur the procession of subjects, pages, attendants, maids and fairies and the crowning of the queen, representing the spirit of the Woman's Club, the library, in whose honor the fete is being given. The queen will be crowned by the woman whose name appears on the register as the first charter member of the Collegeport Woman's Club. The queen will be the youngest daughter of the woman whose name appears second on the roll of charter members. The ceremony of crowning the queen of May will be followed by a May Pole dance and the presentation of silver and books in honor of the twentieth birthday of the "beloved child" of the woman's club--the Collegeport public library, which is the oldest public library in Matagorda County.

At 8 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burton D. Hurd on the bayshore will occur the informal birthday party of the Woman's Club to their husbands, men and women friends. There will be a field meet and athletic contests, but these are to be more in the knowledge of the field of literature. The town and community are looking toward the event with pleasurable anticipation of receiving friends from all parts of the county.

No cards are being sent, a general invitation having been carried to the last County Federation at Markham, by the Collegeport delegate, Mrs. Harry Austin Clapp, who is a charter member of the club and which invitation included the Federation and their friends, both men and women.

Palacios Beacon, May 7, 1931



Mrs. Rena Wright

Collegeport, Texas, is enjoying her 46th year of club work here in Matagorda County.
Mrs. Wright is a native Ohioan moving to Collegeport in January 1910. In May of
that year the Collegeport Woman's Club was organized, of which she is a charter
member. This club is the oldest Woman's club in the county, and is a charter
club of the County Federation. The "Federation" is now celebrating its 40th
anniversary this year. Mrs. Wright plans to attend the County Federation meeting
Saturday, June 9, in LeTulle Park at 10:00 a. m. This will be the annual "Friendship
Day" affair. Reports will be given at the business session, skits and stunts will follow
and the "covered dish" luncheon will be served at 12 noon. The Federation will
furnish bread, drinks, plates, cups, forks, spoons and napkins. Guests are welcome.


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Jun. 11, 2008
Jun. 12, 2008