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“Lest we forget,” the Sunday school services at 3:30.

Seven papers and three ribbons—an average of 42.8 per cent. How is that?

A number of De Moss citizens were at the fair Saturday and report “a good show, all things considered.”

Mr. Crowson says that fish do not bite very good, but that oysters are easily gotten since the norther has blown most of the water out of the bay.

Mrs. Rogers was suddenly taken sick Thursday night; was up Saturday and at the fair, but was taken down again Sunday and has not been able to leave her bed since.

Did you say rain? Well, we have had our share this week. One consolation, however, it is fine weather—for ducks—and they seem to be fully taking advantage of it.

Last Friday evening quite an interesting program was given by the pupils of our school. Those who were present expressed themselves as pleased with the interest the pupils are taking in these programs. You are invited to attend.

Master Leonard Heemer took his fine rooster to show him off at the fair. Said rooster won for his master a blue ribbon, but when said master went to get said rooster after the services Saturday night, behold, said rooster, crate, blue ribbon and all were gone. Said master is debating the question: Resolved, That I do not understand how a rooster can fly away with a heavy crate when he is within said crate, and when to the weight of same has been added that of a blue ribbon.

I must confess that I was greatly surprised at the exhibition of the good things that may be grown around Collegeport. From the knocks and kicks that we have heard this community given we would suppose it to be just about as good for nothing as a certain story teller would have us believe old Rip Van Winkle. Now we are convinced that if all the energy were spent in real work that has been and is being spent in “knocking” a certain class of people, as well as the community in general, would be in much better condition financially. If we cannot “boast” then let us “keep our heads closed.”

Collegeport New Era, November 26, 1914


Willie Redmon is spending the week with Mr. and Mr. Rogers. He is expecting to attend school at this place the remainder of the term.

Mrs. Luce has spent several days with Mrs. Morris in Collegeport.

If this fine weather continues farm work will soon be in full blast.

Miss Ora Luce has been visiting with Miss Lizzie Morris, of Collegeport, for some days. She also visited the Collegeport school, and reports a pleasant time all around.

Who said the sun could not shine in south Texas? This week has convinced us that it could.

Mr. Rosen has been sick, but, we are glad to say, is better at the present writing.

Mr. and Mr. Rogers took birthday dinner with Mrs. Rogers’ father in Palacios Saturday and remained over Saturday night.

Collegeport New Era, December 13, 1914.


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