Across the river from Francitas is Deutschburg, the home of a German colony as satisfied and contented as it is thrifty and prosperous. Of this colony Dr. Herman Gerhard is the father. He planned it and he laid the foundation for it when he built his home on his 120 acre farm there. Dr. Gerhard while editor of a national German newspaper published at Lincoln came here with Colonel Maher on a hunting trip and so delighted was he with the climate and soil that he requested Schwind and Maher to reserve 3,000 acres upon which he desired to locate a German colony. He showed his faith in the country by building a home there and installing his family.

He selected for his building site a most beautiful spot which overlooks the river and commands a view of the country for many miles around. There he has built a residence which he hopes in time will become the gathering place of the many friends that he is now assembling in our suburbs.

Dr. Gerhard is one of the best… He has been the head of the German-American alliance, and has as editor of one of the most influential German papers published, been a leader among his people. Educated in the best schools of the fatherland and inspired with a love of his adopted country, he is one of our best citizens. He is thoroughly in love with his Deutschburg and the days never grow too long for him to sing its praises. It is his ambition, and his ambition will surely be attained, to build up a Deutschburg a thoroughly German colony of contented, happy people. Recently the census showed 33 person[s] who have homes there solely upon the recommendations of the doctor. Among them is Dr. Eichmann, a German physician and surgeon, who for many years was the head of the department of a hospital in Berlin, who with his interesting family located adjacent to the father of Deutschburg. Dr. Eichmann, who formerly lived in Minnesota, had for some years sought a home where the climate would be agreeable. He selected Deutschburg and there is no better booster or more contented man in all Texas. He has demonstrated that he is a physician and surgeon of more than ordinary ability.

Deutschburg is only a few miles from Francitas and across the river connecting the two has been constructed a substantial steel bridge. So Deutschburg will always be a part of this town and if the settlers continue to raise bountiful crops as they did this year, it is going to be a mighty big part of us.

The Francitas Bee, Francitas, Jackson County, Texas, November 23, 1911, Vol. 1 No. 51

Dr. Herman Gerhard

Gerhard Family Obituaries

Oswald Richard Kubecka, Sr.

Bertha Augusta Stewart


Former Editor "Frie Presse," Lincoln Nebraska
cultivating 120 rich acres here (Deutschburg)

I gave up my literary work at Lincoln , Nebr., and came to Francitas two years ago. We have here the best farm land in the world; we have abundant rain-fall well distributed and the best drinking water that can be found anywhere; we raise two crops a year and a crop failure is unknown. I am located in a German settlement that is rapidly being developed into paying farms.



Residence of

Fred Schmidt

Who is farming 60 acres here


Residence of

Fritz Naglo

This gentleman is a native German and
is cultivating his 200 acres here



I came here from Ravenna , Nebraska , a year ago and bought 700 acres of this land northwest of town. I am more than pleased with my purchase. I broke out some raw land this summer and have planted some milo-maize. Within three weeks the crop stood 14 inches high. My hogs and cows are going well. The Francitas country is a great country. THERE IS NONE BETTER.


Who has
"10 acres of Poultry"

I was engaged in the poultry business in Nebraska for a number of years with good success. A year ago I came to Francitas and went into the poultry business. I regard this an ideal place to raise poultry. I never had young chicks do better than mine have done here. During the first fourteen days of February 40 hens laid 248 eggs, which is very good for winter laying.

Home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schuette - 1915
Anna Eloge, Louise and Mr. and Mrs. Schuette on porch


Erhardt and Elizabeth Johs with children, Albert, Henry and Alice - 1924

Deutschburg School students and teacher

Deutschburg Newspaper Columns


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wilrodt have gone to Nebraska for a few months visit.

Mrs. Peter Cerneka, little daughter and son, were Francitas visitors Tuesday.

Glenn R. Ellis of Francitas visited Saturday night and Sunday with Hubert Thatcher.

The Val Egger family of Francitas were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rantdmyre [Rampmeier] Wednesday.

Mr. Erwin Gerhard has a sale billed for Nov. 18, which he intends to sell and go to Chicago, Ill. to make his future home.

John Kopnicky, Jr. visited his mother this week end, returning to Refugio Monday where he is employed by the Brownsville R. R. Co.

There will be a Thanksgiving program at the Deutschburg school house in the night of Nov. 24, following a box social and cake. There will be a pie for the most homely man. We expect to have hamburgers and wieners for the unfortunate ones.

Palacios Beacon, November 19, 1920


Mr. John Kopnicky lost a fine mule one day this week.

John Randtmeyre was hauling lumber from Francitas Friday.

Harry Best and family made a business trip to Palacios Tuesday.

Mrs. Tchursich and Mrs. Lenarch were shopping in Francitas Friday.

Charles Jurgeck went up to Houston Monday to get repairs for his automobile.

Cotton is about all picked in and Joe Ruba each took a bale to the gin Friday.

J. F. Evers, a family of Palacios, were mingling with friends in this vicinity Thursday.

Mrs. and Mrs. C. J. Hansen and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Thatcher were Palacios visitors Monday.

Dick Schmidt motored to Francitas Saturday to market a crate of chickens for Thanksgiving.

C. J. Hansen butchered a fine beef one day this week which he sold out among the neighbors of this vicinity.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hecq of Raton, N. Mex., were the guests of Mrs. Hecq’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Moor this week.

Palacios Beacon, November 26, 1920


Messrs. Detrich and R. W. Schmidt motored to Francitas Monday.

Ira Ressler of Turtle Bay was in this vicinity Tuesday, selling sweet potatoes.

Mesdames Cerneka, Kopnicky, and Thatcher were shopping in Francitas Tuesday.

Miss Mary Kopnicky came home from Francitas to spend Thanksgiving with her folks.

A number of Deutschburg young people went for an outing on the Carancahua Sunday afternoon.

The basket social at the school house was well attended Wednesday night. There were Turtle Bay, Carancahua, and Francitas.

Mr. Fred Elbge, who has been up at the A. and M. College taking an eight week course in auto and tractor mechanics, is back to Deutschburg visiting friends and relatives.

Miss Virginia Atwater and Miss Margaret Schmidt of Palacios attended the box supper at the school house Wednesday night. Some of their friends are in doubt as to whom they ate supper with. It was Mr. H.”, as you anticipated, girls? Here’s hoping it was.

Palacios Beacon, December 3, 1920


Peter Cheneka made a trip to Francitas Sunday.

Mr. Michael George made a trip to Ganado Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Roda was a Francitas visitor Tuesday.

A new water fountain has been installed at the school house.

Mrs. Fred Roda visited at the home of her son Herman and wife Sunday.

Fred Schmidt butchered a beef this week and peddled it out among the neighbors.

Four new pupils started school Monday morning making a total enrollment of 28.

The heavy rains in this section are preventing the farmers from doing their fall plowing.

The school pupils are rejoicing over the new baseball goods and basketball outfit recently purchased.

Mrs. George Williamson and daughter, Miss Maude, of Palacios, were guests of Mrs. Hary Best Saturday.

Charlie Jergeck is sporting a new Maxwell car these days. Now, girls, Charlie could make some woman a man.

Deer hunting on the Carancahua seems to be the order of the day. Several deer have been seen on this side of the river.

Hubert Thatcher and Louie Hurta went duck hunting in the rice fields Saturday evening and brought home a nice lot of game.

We have had some fine, cool weather the last few days, of which some of the people of this vicinity have taken advantage by butchering and curing this week.

There was a family gathering at the Harbison home Sunday, those present being, father and mother Harbison, Ellis Jensen and family of Turtle Bay, R. H. Church and family of Ohio colony, and Miss Weaver of Markham.

Palacios Beacon, December 10, 1920


The social at the Deutschburg school house last Friday night was given as a program at the close of school. The program consisted of a pie and ice cream supper. The proceeds will be used for the benefit of the school. The social was well attended and good order and behavior prevailed, except that some of our neighbors from across the river had more appetite than manners and escaped with two pie plates and left the girl to return home without a taste of the pie. We are glad to say that we know the names of the above characters and shall watch for them the next time, as we do not need money from such sources.

Palacios Beacon, May 28, 1921


Haying is the order of the day.

The ladies club met at the school house Thursday, August 4th.

The Evers family of near Carancahua were callers in Deutschburg one day last week.

E. Johs, Prof. Harbison and D. S. Schmidt made a business trip to Edna Wednesday.

Miss Maude Williamson, of Palacios, visited her sister, Mrs. Best, a few days last week.

The storm of a few weeks ago played havoc with the school property. School begins soon so we will have to get busy and do some repairing.

Prof. Harbison and family and Mr. Massey and son, of Turtle Bay, went to Madisonville, Tex., Friday and spent a few days with Mrs. Harbison’s parents.

Palacios Beacon, August 5, 1921

Deutschburg Community Fair Grand Success

The Community spirit displayed and the way all the neighborhood worked together made the Deutschburg Fair a marked success. Miss Kucera, the Home Agent, gave some very interesting as well as helpful information  concerning chickens and how to pick the good layers from out a flock of hens without making a trap nest. Mr. Wilkinson, the County Agent, gave just as interesting and helpful information concerning dairy cows, and how they should have been judged. Then to throw in a little fun in on the side, the boys had a contest in climbing a greased pole, which afforded a great deal of sport for the spectators and much embarrassment to the ones who vainly tried to seize the pair of shoes at the top.

After lunch a talk by Judge Sample of Edna was most thoroughly enjoyed by all. He had a delivery of speech that holds attention to the very last, and one man expressed the sentiment of the entire audience when he said, “I could listen to Judge Sample all afternoon.” But such could not be, for the men, not to be outdone by the boys, made an effort to climb the greased pole. Much laughter was the result, for only one man succeeded in getting to the top.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent in having races of various kinds, and ended with a ball game between Francitas and Deutschburg, in which Francitas won by a score of 11 to 8.

Many thanks are due the business men of both Palacios and Francitas for the liberal prizes in cash and merchandise which they donated, and which caused the winners to go home with the smiles that wouldn’t come off.

Following is the list of contests and the first and second prize winners:

Best loaf of light bread

Mrs. C. R. Joines

Mrs. H. Best


Mrs. J. J. Harbison

Mrs. M. Sexton


Mrs. Harry Best

Mrs. E. Johs


Mrs. Willie Raulz

Mrs. F. Roda

Pumpkin Pie

Mrs. Harry Best

Mrs. John Evers


Mrs. Evers

Mrs. Reshly

Cream Apple Cake

Mrs. Rampmeier


Home-made Peanut Butter

Mrs. C. J. Hansen

Mrs. Kunover

Coffee Cake

Mrs. F. Schmidt

Mrs. Johs

White Leghorn Chickens

Harry Best

L. Lenarc

Brown Turkeys

Fred Schmidt


Rhode Island Red Chickens

C. J. Hansen


Cornish Game Hens

M. Sexton



Fred Schmidt



Joe Huerta

Alvin Rampmeier

Duroc Jersey Male

E. Johs


Jersey Male

Harry Best


Holstein Male

E. Johs


Jersey Cow

Gus Konover

L. Lenarc

Jersey Heifer-under 9 months

George Best

W. Willrodt

Boys’ Calf Club

Joe Johs

Alvin Rampmeier

Boys’ Pig Club

Alvin Rampmeier


Boys’ Peanut Club

Stanley Kopnicky

Fred Schmidt

Boys’ Cotton Club

Henry Schmidt

Fritz Schmidt

Boys’ Corn Club

Harry Schmidt

Fritz Schmidt

Girls’ Sewing Club

Miss Leita Kingham


Mule Race

F. Moore

Fritz Schmidt

Horse Race

Frank Raulz

F. Moore

Boys’ Race, 7-9 yrs

Thos. Hobson

Harry Schmidt

Boys’ Race, 10-14 yrs

Franz Evers

Alvin Rampmeier

Men’s Race, 15-49

J. J. Harbison

Manley Sexton

Men’s Race, 49-up

Manley Sexton

Fred Schmidt

Girl’s Race, 10-20 yrs

Vera Goodman

Fanna Weaver

Sack Race

Franz Evers

Anthony Huerta

Greased Pole Contest (boys)

Anthony Huerta


Greased Pole Contest (men)

Paul Gerhardt


Palacios Beacon, October 21, 1921


Mr. Wilkinson, county agent of Jackson county, took some farmers including Mr. E Johs and Mr. Harry Best, to Katy, Tex., to see some big peanut threshers in operation and to investigate how peanuts are handled on a large scale, from the time they are planted until they are marketed.

A good attendance is expected at the Ladies’ Community Club which meets Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. J. J. Harbison. The Men’s Club meets the same evening of each month in the school house.

Palacios Beacon, November 4, 1921


Mrs. Harry Best accompanied her mother, Mrs. Williamson to Houston Fair.

Rosie Schmidt was married to Sam Schleisser of Carancahua, Wednesday afternoon. The happy couple will make their future home in Carancahua.

A demonstration of cheese was given at the home of Mrs. Harbison, by District Agent, Mrs. M. M. Daughterty from A. and M. College on Wednesday afternoon which was very instructive. All present thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon especially tasting all the good things made from plain “Dutch Cheese.”

Palacios Beacon, November 18, 1921

Deutschburg To Have Treat

Mrs. Barnes, the clothing specialist from A. & M. College, is to be at the Deutschburg schoolhouse Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 28, at 2 o’clock, and give some work in the line of clothes.

Each lady who is interested bring a scrap of domestic, or some cloth about ¼ or ½ yard, a pair of scissors, needle, thread and thimble. She will also have a suitcase full of children’s dresses which are very charming, and anyone who desires may bring some old newspapers and cut some patterns.

This is a special treat to this part of the county and it is hoped that a large crowd of interested ladies will be present to carry off a bushel of information that they can use at home.

Not only are the ladies from Deutschburg urged to attend, but from all around the country, for ‘tis seldom Mrs. Barnes gets out in any one section of the State, as she has so much territory to cover. So let’s all show our appreciation by having an extra large crowd present to absorb the information imparted.

Palacios Beacon, February 24, 1922|


Mr. and Mrs. Roda were Francitas visitors Tuesday.

Mr. Jas. Moore was in Palacios Friday on business.

J. J. Harbison and family spent Sunday at R. H. Churches in the Ohio colony.

The dipping vat on the Best place is almost completed and will soon be ready for use.

Messrs. J. J. Harbison, Fred Schmidt and E. Johs were business visitors in Edna last Saturday.

Mr. John Kopnicky and Mr. Frank Moore went fishing Sunday and brought home a good string of fish.

The ladies of Deutschburg are going to head off the high cost of living by filing 1,000 tin cans which they are purchasing.

The Mothers Club meets April the 7th at the Teacherage. Miss Kucera of Edna will meet with them and give a sewing demonstration.

Mr. Jake Lehman of Okla. and Mrs. Will Lehman of Ohio, who have been spending the winter camping on the Carancahua river returned home this week.

Mr. Byron Williamson and family of Angleton and Mrs. Geo. E. Williamson of Palacios spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Best on the Carancahua river.

Mrs. Kabolly, Mrs. Jas. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Evers, and Mrs. Hurta spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Kuba celebrating the 56th birthday of Mr. Kuba.

Notice the paper closely for the date of the entertainment to be given at Deutschburg. The entertainment will consist of some modern play given by the home talent of the community.

Palacios Beacon, March 24, 1922

Deutschburg Fair Friday October Six

Great preparations are being made for the Second Annual Fair to be held at Deutschburg Friday, October 6. There will be exhibits of stock, Jersey cows, poultry of all kinds, fruits, vegetables, canned goods, pies, cakes, bread, etc. Don’t fail to attend.

Palacios Beacon, September 29, 1922

Community Fair At Deutschburg Great Success
(By Mason Hirsh)

The Deutschburg Fair which held on Friday, October 6, was in many ways unique. First of all, an unprecedented turnout from Palacios was present, and in all about 300 persons attended the affair. For a community the size of Deutschburg this is doing mighty well.

While the fair was a distinct success from all angles, to be perfectly frank the writer was more than a trifle disappointed in the stock exhibits, or at least the majority of them. Neither so numerous, nor as a general thing in as good condition as the preceding year, the live stock did not represent the true worth of that which the community really possesses. Naturally there were exceptions, notably among which were the animals exhibited by Gus Konover, J. F. Evers, E. Johs and Harry Best. However, the stock was awarded prizes by a competent judge, and numerous valuable pointers were picked up by exhibitors and spectators alike.

The interior of the school building, where was displayed products of farm and kitchen, presented a sight to gladden the heart of the agricultural enthusiast and of the epicure. While the farm products were excellent and representative of what the community is doing in that line, it was the art of the kitchen which held the writer’s attention. Never was a more tempting array of pastry, preserves, candy and kindred products displayed to mortal eye. How the judges could pick the winner from such an equal array of perfection is beyond conception. We can find it in our heart to envy the lot of the married man of Deutschburg.

The afternoon was devoted to sports, among the most interesting of which was the horse races. Then of course there were the various foot races, including the fat ladies race, and the race for girls under six years of age, which were particularly good.

A greased pole was successfully assaulted, a greased pig captured, a bicycle race run and won, and the day terminated with the throwing of a guinea and two chickens from the roof of the school house into the crowd. One of the chickens was considerate enough to fly directly into the arms of R. H. VonKessel, and the famished bachelors who compose the Francitas Land & Improvement Company are at last to partake of a square meal.

While the writer has no definite information, the refreshment stand seemed rushed every minute or the day, and from the size of the crowd who at most times surrounded it, the day must have been a success financially as well as socially.

Following is a list of those who first and second honors of the exhibits named:

Dairy Cows

Over 2 years

G. Kunover

H. Best


Heifer, over 1 under 2

C. J. Hansen

G. Kunover


Heifer Calves under 1

G. Kunover

E. Johs


Over 2 years

H. Best

Fred Schmidt


Over 1, under 2

G. Kunover



Under 1

Anna Evers

E. Johs


Grand Prize on male

H. Best




J. J. Harbison




E. John



Turkeys, pen of 4

G. Kunover

F. Schmidt


Ducks, pen of 4

F. Schmidt

J. Huerta


Guinea, pair

F. Schmidt



Pigeons, pair

L. Lenarc

L. Lenarc


White Leghorns, pen of 4

G. Kunover

M. Sexton


Brown Leghorns

J. F. Evers




F. Schmidt

L. Lenarc


Egyptian Wheat

L. Lenarc

C. J. Hansen



F. Evers

D. Schmidt


Red Top

F. Schmidt



Shrok Kaffir

Franz Evers

F. Schmidt



C. J. Hansen

Gus Schmidt


Sweet Potatoes

Franz Evers

A. Rampmeier


Pop Corn

Mrs. Roda



Irish Potatoes

F. Schmidt

Mrs. Roda



L. Lenarc

F. Schmidt


Largest display of farm products

F. Schmidt

Mrs. Roda



Angel Food

Dora Schmidt




Mrs. M. Sexton

Mrs. Church



Mrs. Sexton

Mrs. Evers



Mrs. Evers

Mrs. Kunover


German Coffee Cake

Mrs. F. Schmidt

Mrs. Rampmeier


Light Bread

Mrs. T. Joines

Mrs. Sexton



Mrs. Sexton

Mrs. W. Raulz



Mrs. Evers

W. Raulz


Cottage Cheese

Mrs. Hansen



Cream Cheese

Mrs. Hansen




Mrs. Sexton



Peanut Butter

Mrs. Kunover

Mrs. Hansen


Best display of canned goods

Mrs. Hansen

Mrs. Roda


Sweet potato pie

Miss Anna Schmidt



Pumpkin pie

Mrs. Evers



Two-crust pie

Mrs. Sexton




Plain dress work

Mrs. Kunover




Mrs. Evers




Mrs. Evers


Girls 9-13


Freda Schmidt

Louis Schutte



Katherine Evers


Girls to 9


Gladys Harbison

Erminie Harbison


Other prizes awarded

Vivan Church, Eliese Evers, Christini Lenarc, Anna Evers


Home Industry

F. W. Schmidt

Anna Schmidt


Relics best display

C. J. Hansen

Mrs. Lubben



Mrs. Kuba



With the incidental excitement barely subsided, the community is already planning for a bigger and better fair next year, and with the experience of the past two years to model from the next Deutschburg Fair should surpass anything of the kind ever held in this part of the country.

We wish to thank publicly the Beacon editor for his valuable time and space he gave us in his paper; also Miss Allen, Home County Agent, and her help for judging the ladies’ exhibits; also Mr. Wilkerson, County Agent, and Mr. Johnson from A. & M. College for judging the agricultural exhibits, stock, and the demonstrating. Also thank the business men of Palacios and Francitas for their cooperation and their liberal donations which shows that they have a warm spot in their hearts for fairs of this kind. Also, those who helped and cooperated with us in any way, and everybody for their presence.

Our fair is still in its infancy and our exhibits accordingly, but as we pass over a few years may be the exhibits at the Deutschburg fair will be second to none of the community fairs held anywhere under the Stars and Stripes in our Grand Old U. S. A.

J. F. Evers, Chairman Fair Committee.

Palacios Beacon, October 11?, 1922


M. Sexton shipped a carload of calves Monday.

Karl Schmidt returned Thursday from Colorado and New Mexico.

E. Johs and L. Lenarc made a business trip to Bay City Monday.

E. Johs was quite sick last week, but is able to be up at this writing.

Paul Schmidt has been spending a few days in Houston and Freeport.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Harbison from the Lewis Ranch called at the teacherage Saturday.

Thanksgiving vacation will be here soon and we are having real Thanksgiving weather.

Remmer Schmidt spent Saturday night with his sister, Mrs. Sam Schleisser at Carancahua.

The Clubs meet Saturday night Dec. 2. There will be a social for the members afterwards. A full attendance is desired.

Palacios Beacon, November 24, 1922


The pupils enjoyed a two day vacation Thanksgiving.

There was no dipping at the Best vat Monday and Tuesday.

Prof. Harbison and family attended a family picnic dinner on the bay shore Thanksgiving day.

Byron Williamson of Angleton, and Mrs. Williamson, of Palacios, visited Mrs. H. W Best Saturday.

Gus Kunover is building a new chicken house. People passing through Deutschburg will see some of the finest pure bred flocks in Texas.

C. J. Hansen is completing a beautiful residence on his farm. Mr. Hansen is a pioneer in Deutschburg and it looks like he was always going to stay here.

Prof. and Mrs. Harbison entertained R. H. Church and family, C. E. Harbison and family, J. M. Harbison, Mr. Lewis, and Miss Fannie Weaver, of Markham, at dinner Sunday.

Saturday night the clubs met and after each had their business session. We made a camp-fire and prepared a Thanksgiving feast. At a late time, after some music, we departed for our homes, declaring we had had a glorious time.

Palacios Beacon, December 8, 1922


Mr. Young, the County Agent, and Miss Bucher, Home Agent, were here Tuesday, the 18th of January to assist the boys and girls to organize a club. The following officers were elected: Miss Daramal Hart, President; Miss Louisa Schmidt, Vice-President; Miss Ivinal Dillard, Secretary-Treasurer; Joe Johs, Reporter. After a short pep meeting, Mr. Young and the boys adjourned to another room to discuss farm projects, while Miss Bucher demonstrated candy making to the girls, making chocolate bon bons and divinity. The judging was greatly enjoyed by boys as well as girls.

The Deutschburg Community Club composed of the adult people of the community of the adult people of the community met at the school house Saturday evening, Jan. 15th. After a short business session a very pleasant social hour was enjoyed by all. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen being hostess and serving sandwiches, cookies, cake and coffee.

Tuesday night, January 18th, the men had a meeting at the school house to discuss the advisability of planting tomatoes in acreage sufficient to justify car lot shipments. Mr. Young, the County Agent of Jackson county, was present to advise. After a pleasant discussion from both sides it was agreed to let the project rest for this year as it is getting too late to organize for such a project in time to get things done.

While playing foot ball, Joe Johs had his knee cap injured so from necessity, walks “stiff legged” this week.

Miss Louisa Schmidt was surprised last Tuesday night by her friends in honor of her seventeenth birthday.

Glad to report the roads through Deutschburg are being greatly improved. Try them and see!

Palacios Beacon, January 27, 1927


Mr. H. W. Best attended court in Bay City this week.

Master Joe Johs stayed at the Best ranch a few days this week.

The rain and norther Sunday night stopped road work for a few days.

Remmer, Harry and Fred Schmidt went to Carancahua pass Tuesday oystering.

Remmer Schmidt spent Sunday and Monday at Mr. Goodman’s near Francitas.

Miss Gladys Harbison visited her uncle E. C. Harbison at the Lewis ranch Saturday night.

Mrs. Rose Schliesser of Carancahua visited her parents, Fred Schmidt and family Sunday.

Prof. Harbison and family were the Sunday evening guests at the Sam Schliesser home at Carahcahua.

Palacios Beacon, January 26, 1929

Oil Company Is Leasing Land In Deutschburg

Oil Dutch Shell Shooters are now at work in the Deutschburg community, and frequent explosions can be heard several miles, from early day 'till evening. Mr. Fred Schmidt of Deutschburg tells us a large acreage is now being leased by this company where they have been dynamiting. Some 1320 acres of Mrs. Traylor's land has been leased, also 60 acres from Mr. Rampmeier, 142 acres from Mr. F. Schmidt and 740 acres from another tract of acreage nearby.

Palacios Beacon, February 7, 1929


Mrs. F. W. Schmidt is on the sick list.

Fred Schmidt was in Palacios Thursday night taking in the movies.

Almost the entire family of Bond Gillespie have been on the sick list the past two weeks.

Corn is coming up nicely in this community, but very little cotton has been planted so far.

The small boy staying with Roland Hunnicutt had his face stepped on by a mule last week. Dr. Wagner sewed up the wounds. The mule was not hurt.

Several of the farmers of the Francitas, Carancahua and Deutschburg communities, under the able leadership of Mrs. Judge Cornish, have agreed to plant quite an acreage to tomatoes and beans this spring. Mr. Meyers, the agricultural agent for the Missouri Pacific R. R., is supervising the work. Newton & Wallace, tomato buyers from the Valley and Jacksonville, are going to build a packing shed in Francitas and buy our tomatoes and beans there. Many farmers are now busy setting out tomato plants from cold frames in to the fields. Those who did not build cold frames are expecting their plants from the Valley in the next few days.

The beans are now up and seem to have stood the unfavorable weather last Tuesday night in fine shape. Burpee stringless and Giant Greenpod stringless are the varieties of beans planted, while Maryglobe is the name of the tomatoes, and they will be picked in the green stage. It would help wonderfully if the growers and the Crawford packing Plant could get together and work out a plan to utilize the ripe tomatoes.

It is hoped that after these communities are started in the right direction their efforts will be successful enough to induce a large number of farmers to plant some small part of their farms to truck and in that way attract buyers to this locality as the buyers desire to buy in carload lots.

The Deutschburg Community Club meets each month on the Saturday on or before the full moon. J. H. Adams is chairman and Leo Neuszer, secretary. Visitors are always welcome.

Palacios Beacon, March 27, 1930


Joe Cuba is still on the sick list.

Saturday, April 5th, is election of School Trustees for this district.

Weather has been fine the past few days for all growing crops and all look good.

The bean and tomato acreage is showing up fine, and everybody is busy now planting their cotton.

Rev. Koeppe, of Ganado, was over last Sunday to conduct regular monthly Lutheran services at the Deutschburg school house.

There was a good roads meeting in Francitas Wednesday night. Jackson County is going to try and put over a County-wide bond issue. Good roads is all we need to make this an ideal country.

Roses are blooming. We go to the garden and eat fresh radishes, get a mess of fresh spinach for dinner and green lettuce for supper and by the last of the month we figure on having new potatoes on the table. What more do you want?

Palacios Beacon, April 3, 1930

By Sec. Deutschburg Community Club

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. White of Blessing, were callers in the Neuszer home Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Jergenson has been the guest of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hansen of this community.

Blooms are noticeable in a good many of the tomato patches, looks like we will soon have ripe tomatoes.

The school teachers and pupils are hard at work on their closing play, which will be given in the near future.

The Deutschburg Community Club will meet at the school house Saturday night, April 12, we are expecting a great time as there will be a debate given at that time, the subject is:--“Resolve that Capital Punishment should be Abolished.”

The young folks of this community enjoyed a surprise party at Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt’s the other evening, the party given in honor of Mr. Harry Schmidt and Mr. Gus Jergenson as they are leaving for the northern states. Mr. Schmidt is going to Lincoln, Nebraska and Mrs. Jergenson is going to Chicago.

Palacios Beacon, April 10, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

The Debate Saturday night was enjoyed by all. Both sides made some good points.

Mr. and Mrs. Hale of San Antonio were visitors in the Rampmeier home the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Buckhorn, of LaWard were visiting in the Hunnicutt home Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schmidt visited in the Neuszer and Rampmeier home Sunday after noon.

Mrs. Hunnicutt of Bay City spent the week end with her son and wife Mr. and Mrs. Roland Hunnicutt.

The beans and tomatoes are just growing fine although a rain would be very much appreciated at present.

Mr. Myers, (Missouri Pacific Agricultural Agent), was around the past week inspecting the tomatoes also instructing how to prune.

There will be a play given at the school house Tuesday night April 22. Proceed is to go to sending the winners in the 4H club to A. & M. this summer.

Mr. McHenery will probably be here this week to cook over the tomato and bean prospects and to start building the shed to handle the crop. The shed will be erected at Francitas.

Palacios Beacon, April 17, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

A play will be given at the school house tomorrow night.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Koupa were visitors of E. Johs this evening.

Mr. Gerhard and Mr. Hunnicutt are engaged in making hay this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hurta, of Dawson, N. Mex., arrived Friday to visit their mother for a few months.

The Trustees circulated a petition for the purpose of voting bonds for the re-modeling and building a school house this week.

We’re glad to report that the tomatoes and beans are doing fine. Beans are in full bloom and have small tomatoes. Other farm crops are doing nice.

The young folks enjoyed a party last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Johs. A number of young folks attended the dance at LaWard Sat. nite.

Charles Brown, Miss Mary Pearce and Harold Ben Pearce of Francitas called in the Neuszer home Friday night. Miss Pearce will be our Primary teacher next year.

Palacios Beacon, April 24, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

Miss Mary Hurta, of Bay City, visited her mother Friday and Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerhard and children were visitors in the Neuszer home Saturday evening.

The farmers and truck growers of our community are rejoicing over the fine rain that fell here Monday evening.

School closed here last Tuesday. There was an interesting program rendered Tuesday night, and a school picnic was enjoyed Wednesday.

Joe John and Dub Matl have returned from Blessing, where they have been engaged in helping Mr. John Adams plant an acreage of rice.

This community will probably express out the first beans of the season this week. The tomatoes are doing fine, and shipments will start about the middle of May.

We regret very much to report the death of one of our friends and neighbors, Mr. Joseph Kuba. His remains were laid to rest in the Deutschburg cemetery. He had been in failing health for several years. We extend our deepest heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved ones.

The Community Club will hold its next regular meeting at the school house Saturday night, May 10, at which time there will be a debate between Francitas and Deutschburg. The subject to be debated is:--“Resolved, That Prohibition is Fundamentally a Success.” Francitas having the affirmative and Deutschburg the negative. Those to represent Francitas are, Messrs. Wm. F. Schwind, H. Bentz and Gillespie. Those to represent Deutschburg are Messrs. W. R. Neuszer, Paul Gerhard and L. P. Neuszer.

Palacios Beacon, May 1, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

There was an election at the School House Saturday for the purpose of voting bonds for the enlargement of the School House. The bond issue carried by a large majority.

Every body has been busy in our community picking tomatoes this week. They expect to ship two cars of tomatoes from Francitas this week. They are talking of putting in an acreage of tomatoes here for this fall’s market.

There was a nice crowd out Sunday afternoon to help organize our Sunday School. We divided the members into several classes, and elected officers and teachers. Officers elected were Mr. Paul Gerhard, Superintendent; Mrs. B. H. Pearce, Asst. Supt.; Miss Sybil Adams, Sec.-Treas;.; Miss Mary Pearce, Pianist and Mr. Nelson, chorister. We are trying to make our Sunday School a success, and we invite every one to come and help us.

Palacios Beacon, May 29, 1930


(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

Mr. and Mrs. R. Bolling were sightseeing in our community Sunday evening.

Mr. Peterson of Carancahua was a business visitor in the Rampmeier home Sunday.

We are glad to report Mrs. C. J. Hansen improving over a fall which broke her ankle.

Mr. C. J. Hansen was around looking over the Tomato and Bean prospects Sunday evening.

The first beans are to be shipped Tuesday, which from reports will probably exceed 100 hampers.

The first tomatoes will probably be shipped next Saturday as Mr. Myers will be there to receive them as they come in.

The Community Club called a special meeting to decide the day on which we would start picking beans, date decided upon was Monday, May 5th.

The Community Club will hold its next regular meeting next Saturday night, we are expecting a large crowd as we are scheduled for a debate that night.

Palacios Beacon, May 8, 1930


(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

The decision of the debate Saturday night went to Deutschburg, although Francitas has some very able speakers.

The tomatoes and beans are sure doing good since the rains, although the high winds hurt them to some extent.

Mr. Guenther, from the Valley, was in our community yesterday, looking after their property here, with the intention of moving here soon.

We intended to organize a Sunday School last Sunday but the rain prevented us from doing so, but lets all be at the school house next Sunday about 2:30 o’clock.

This community has been visited by several good rains in the past few days, which were enjoyed by every one, as it sure was needed on the growing crops.

Palacios Beacon, May 15, 1930


(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

(Too Late For Last Week)

The farmers are in need of a good rain at present to finish up the corn.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Johs were visiting in Blessing Sunday afternoon.

Mr. H. W. Best, of Yoakum, was down on business the first of the week.

Mrs. Hunnicutt, of Bay City is visiting her son and family here this week.

Misses Sybil, Blanch and Fawn Adams were visitors in Ganado over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Bieri of Ashby, were visiting in the Rampmeier home Sunday afternoon.

The Sunday School was well attended Sunday. There were several visitors from other points.

Palacios Beacon, May 22, 1930


(By Sec. Deutschburg Com Club)

Everybody is sure glad to see this Gerhard home Sunday evening.

The first car of tomatoes was shipped from Francitas the first of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Buckhorn, of LaWard, visited Mr. and Mrs. Hunnicutt Saturday night.

Everybody is sure glad to see this good sunshine. We hope it continues to shine for about three weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. John Adams entertained a number of friends Sunday night with an ice cream social, which was enjoyed immensely by all.

A crowd met Sunday evening to organize a Sunday School. We ordered the literature and will meet next Sunday at 2:30 p. m. There will be a Singing Sunday evening also.

Palacios Beacon, May 22, 1930


(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hester, of Cuero, were visitors in the Neuszer home over the week end.

Mrs. L. P. Neuszer has returned from a visit at Cuero.

J. Paul Gerhard and E. Johs came in the first of the week from a business trip to the Valley.

The Trustees of the School informs us that they are hard at work getting necessary papers ready so as to speed up the building of the new addition on the school house. They intend to have it complete for this fall term of school.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Adams entertained the young folks of this community Sunday evening with an ice cream social.

Palacios Beacon, May 29, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club.)

There was a called meeting at the school house Saturday night, for the purpose of establishing a sweet milk route. There was not a decision reached so it will be decided at the next Community Club meeting.

Crops in our neighborhood are looking fine. Corn is in full silk and tassel. Will soon have lots of roasting ears. Most everybody has their cotton chopped, but if it keeps on raining will probably have to re-chop it.

The Lutherans held their regular monthly services here Sunday afternoon. There was a nice crowd out and also a good crowd at Sunday School, there being thirty-five present. Everyone seems to be taking quite a bit of interest, and we hope they continue to and make a success of the S. S.

Palacios Beacon, June 5, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club.)

Mrs. C. J. Hansen visited in the Rampmeier home Sunday.

The farmers are all busy cleaning the grass out of their cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. John Adams motored to Ganado Sunday to visit relatives.

Paul Gerhard and J. R. Hunnicutt are very busy this week making hay.

The firm of Newton and Wallace is loading their fifth car of tomatoes this week.

The tomato deal has been very successful this year, taking every thing into consideration.

The Community Club had their regular monthly meeting last Saturday night. The meeting was well attended.

Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Neuszer, Alvin Rampmeier and Miss Ruby Neuszer motored up to Cuero to spend the week end.

C. J. Cavallin had the misfortune of turning a car over on him Sunday evening, we are glad to report him not very seriously injured.

Palacios Beacon, June 12, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

The cotton crop is looking fine at this writing.

Mrs. J. Hillyard is reported quite sick this week. We trust she will make a speedy recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. Gunter and daughter, Helen are here from the Valley, putting up hay on their land.

Mr. and Mrs. Volkert, of Houston, and Mrs. Herman Roda and children, of Bolling, were visitors in Mrs. Schutte’s home the past week.

Messrs. Paul Gerhard, E. Johs and John Cavallin, the three school trustees, are leaving this week for a week combining business with pleasure.

Miss Selma Schmidt, who was kicked by a mule two weeks ago last Monday, is recovering from her injuries and able to get out of bed, much to the delight of her many friends.

Palacios Beacon, July 12, 1930

To Auction Off Old Deutschburg School Building Sat., Sep. 6

On Saturday afternoon, Sept. 6th, the old Deutschburg school building in District #20, of Jackson County, will be sold to highest bidder, also some left-over building material.

Palacios Beacon, September 4, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)

Cotton fields are being pretty well picked over.

The Union Sunday School, conducted by Mrs. Pearce of Francitas, was held as usual Sunday, Aug. 31, with good attendance and interest.

Our new school building is completed and ready for opening of school next Monday, with Miss Claxton, of Victoria, as principal and Miss Mary Pearce of Francitas, assistant teacher.

On Saturday afternoon the old school building will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, also some leftover building material.

 The new school building will be dedicated Saturday night, Sept. 6th, with a community program. Everybody invited.

Palacios Beacon, September 4, 1930

(By Sec. Deutschburg Com. Club)
(Too Late For Last Week)

Mr. Jones started to pick cotton this week.

Mrs. Schulte and family and Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt [Gerhard] went to Galveston Monday.

Messrs. Gerhard, Hunnicutt and Hamlin are supplying the Army Camp with hay.

Our Sunday School is getting larger every Sunday, with greater enthusiasm. Everybody is invited.

Mr. and Mrs. Gunter have returned to their home in the Valley, after a several weeks stay here looking after their property.

Palacios Beacon, July 31, 1930

To Auction Off Old Deutschburg School Building Sat., Sep. 6

On Saturday afternoon, Sept. 6th, the old Deutschburg school building in District #20, of Jackson County, will be sold to the highest bidder, also some left-over building material.

Palacios Beacon, September 4, 1930

Deutschburg School and Community News

Miss Aileen Howell spent the week end at her home in Ganado.

Mrs. F. W. Schmidt, who has been ill, is reported to be improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johs, of Olivia, visited in the community this week end.

Guests at the King home this week were Messrs. Woodrow King, Otha Padgett, and Alex Laznby.

The school children had a Valentine box Wednesday morning. A postman was appointed and OH, how the mail did fly!

Mr. and Mrs. E. Johs and family went to Houston Saturday to attend the wedding of their son, John Johs. We wish to extend our congratulations and best wishes to John and his bride.

The Rhythm Band and music pupils of our school were presented in recital Wednesday evening. Decorations were in red and white. The musical program was as follows:--

1. “Blacksmith”—Band.

2. “Soldiers on Parade”—Herbert Stark.

3. “Snake Charm”—Emma Gerhard.

4. “Tiddlewinks”—Frank Pearce.

5. “Moonlight March”—Frances Cavallin.

6. “School Days” (duet)—Martha Gerhard and Ida Mae Wilson.

7. Song, “Are You Ready?”—Hazel and Ida Mae Wilson.

8. “Annie Laurie”—Morgan Pearce.

9. Song and “Runaway Horses”—Martin Gerhard.

10. “Janet Waltz”—Herbert Stark.

11. “My Mamma’s Waltz” (duet)—Emma and Martha Gerhard.

12. Song, “Bob White”—Band.

13. “Mountain Dance”—Band.

14. “Minuet in G”—Band.

15. “Amarylis”—Band.

16. Song, “Big Bad Wolf”—Band.

After the musical program, Mrs. Harper, our county school Superintendent, made an address.

Refreshments, consisting of cookies, lemonade, and coffee were served by the girls of the school.

Palacios Beacon, February 22, 1934


25th Anniversary Of Deutschburg To Be Celebrated

The Deutschburg citizens are planning to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of this community on Tuesday August 18, at the school house. A booklet containing the history of the people, church and school is being compiled and 1000 copies are to be distributed. The business people are being asked to take space as an advertising medium. The sponsor, Mrs. H. S. Bell, has called on some, and those who would like a space, she asks them to please call the Beacon or see her.

Palacios Beacon, July 30, 1936

Deutschburg School -1936 Texas Centennial Program

Deutschburg Celebration

The Deutschburg people will celebrate the twenty-fifth year of the settlement of the community on Tuesday, August 25, from 3 until 12 p. m. For entertainment there will be a parade representing the ways of travel; a program which will be given on the campus around the flagpole that Mr. E. Johs will erect that day; an address by Mr. I. T. Taylor; songs by the community, and everyone will be asked to join in singing "America" and "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You;" contests of various kinds and prizes for the victors in them; an address by Mr. William Schwind of Francitas; a picnic dinner served at 6 p. m.; and a dance from eight until 12 in the evening.

A special feature of the celebration will be the fiddlers' contest of old time music. Everyone is invited to bring their musical instruments and take part in this contest. Each fiddler may bring as many as he desires to accompany him. There will be cash prizes for the first and second place winners. The contest will begin at 3 p. m.

Another feature of the program will be a contest in dancing.

Matagorda County Tribune, August 20, 1936

Deutschburg Items


Miss Hazel Wilson, principal of the Caranchua School visited homefolks over the week end.


The Edna Weekly Herald, October 6, 1938


Deutschburg Doin's

Mrs. Jennie Parrish of Dallas has arrived for an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. John Rampmeier.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Powers and son, Darrell, of Francitas Gas camp, drove to Shepherd Friday to visit Mrs. Powers' parents and brother. Mrs. Powers' brother, Jack Hafer, and her brother-in-law, Marcus Oliver, returned with them for a brief visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman E. Green attended a party given employees of the Skelly Oil Company at Bay City USO last Thursday.

Mrs. C. H. Wilton and sons, Wilford and Charles, spent part of the week in Houston and Channel View. Charles underwent a nose operation in Houston, from which he is recovering, and Mrs. Wilson and Wilford visited their daughter and sister, Mrs. "Dub" Boeker at Channel View.

Mrs. Charles Thatcher has returned home from an enjoyable visit in California.

Mr. and Mrs. John Looker and daughter, Frances Dawn, of Beeville, were guests of Mr. Looker's uncle, Mr. Albert A. Siegfried, Sunday. Mrs. Charles Simpson of Palacios returned with them from a visit with her mother.

Mr. A. G. Tinz of Los Angeles, while here on business, visited the Charles Polifkas.

Miss Mary Kunover came down from Houston last week end for a visit with her mother, Mrs. E. H. Sandlin.

Deutschburg district is sponsoring a comic style show and food sale Friday evening, March 29, at Deutschburg School, beginning at 8:00 o'clock. The show is for the benefit of the Red Cross and proceeds will be derived from sale of pie, coffee, cake walks, etc. The feminine sex of all ages from infancy up, is invited to participate. One of the prizes is a pair of nylon hose for the most unusual creation. Unique hat styles will be an important part of the consideration for winner. Male judges from outside the community have been obtained to assure that no undue influence will be brought to bear. Mrs. John Rampmeier is chairman of the community drive, and in charge of arrangements for the show. The public is cordially invited.

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club will meet Thursday afternoon April 4, in the school library. Mrs. E. H. Sandlin is program leader and hostess. Her subject will be "New Aids in Food Preparation."

Lt. and Mrs. Lonnie C. Cunningham are home after a visit with relatives in Harlingen and a jaunt into Mexico. With Mrs. Cunningham's mother, Mrs. V. W. Roberts, they plan a trip to San Antonio and Brownwood next week. During his assignment in Germany, Lt. Cunningham attended the Nuremberg trial of top war criminals and gave his friends interesting accounts of the ingenious methods used to bring all translations of the trials simultaneously to spectators.

Palacios Beacon, March 28, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Styles exhibited at Deutschburg's fashion show Friday evening indicate a startling trend in every direction. Mrs. Sallie Hill, who posed as Miss Calorie Vitamin, gave a nice demonstration of what the vegetable garden will be wearing this spring. Clad in colors only nature would dare to don, Miss Vitamin's costume was overlaid with strands of garden produce in a manner that was overpowering at close range, due to her selection of chartreuse onions for a corsage. Miss Judy Canova (Juanita Siegfried) was swept to the stage in a round of applause. Her attire, designed for the Arkansas country girl, was pointed up by a pig-tail coiffure and the earliest form of footwear. The three demure ladies of the nineties were out-dazzled by Mae West (Mrs. S. M. Danner) who took the prize in a lavender lace garden party dress with large-brimmed hat which won the approval of the male audience (some of whom were judges). Little Miss Norman Rampmeier came as the youthful Shirley Temple, and got a big hand. Miss Mathilda Kunover, formerly of the WACs and now a teacher in Bay City schools, was interpreter of the fashions presented. Louis and Stanley Kopnicky furnished appropriate music for the parade.

Proceeds from a cake walk and a refreshment sale brought $22.00 for the Red Cross. Members of the arrangements committee were Mrs. John Rampmeier, chairman, and J. M. Hillyer, Mrs. Jennie Parrish, Mrs. Sallie Hill, Miss Ruth Woodrome.

Prize for the best-looking tie worn by the men (feminine judges) went to Chris Hansen with consolation favor to Lt. Lonnie Cunningham. The nylon hose won by Mrs. Danner were contributed by Mrs. Jennie Parrish. The men's first prize was contributed by Mrs. John Rampmeier. Mrs. Chris Hansen won two cakes in the cake walk.

Guests from Palacios were Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Gist, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harbison, the Paul Gerhards and Albert Schneiders.

Mrs. Lela N. Boles is established in the former Charles Polifka home. The Polifkas plans to leave this week for California.

Deutschburg school district will hold a school board election Saturday, April 6, at the school. Louis Kopnicky has filed for the vacancy which occurred when Albert Schneider moved out of the community Poll is open from 8:00 A. M. to 7:00 P. M.

The Murrel Dillards are occupying the property, in company with Mrs. H. Shutte, which house the popular Paul Gerhard family.

The J. H. Simpsons had as their guests this week Mr. Simpson's brother, C. L. and wife, from Beeville.

Members of the American Liberty-Francitas Gas Bridge luncheon club journeyed to Corpus Christi for their March meeting with a former member of the club, Mrs. Pat Purvis. Francitas Gas members who made the trip were Mesdames V. W. Roberts, S. M. Danner, Albert Siegfried, and Sherman E. Green.

The J. H. Simpsons have as their guests this week Mr. Simpson's brother, C. L. Simpson and family, from Beeville.

The Murrel Dillards are established in their new home in company with Mrs. H. Shutte. This is the property formerly occupied by the Paul Gerhards, who have moved to Palacios.

Palacios Beacon, April 4, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Louis Kopnicky was elected school board trustee for this district in last Saturday's election. 28 votes were cast,  25 were given Mr. Kopnicky and four were given Murl Dillard by write-in.

Deutschburg Home Deutschburg Club met last Thursday at the schoolhouse. Mrs. Oswald Kubecka presided, in the absence of the president. Mrs. Joe Hurta. A program was given on New Aids in Food Preparation. Mrs. E. H. Sandlin, as hostess, served a colorful plate.  Plans were made for a table display of fresh and canned vegetables and fruits, and flowers at Palacios Garden Club's flower show May 4.

Mrs. Marvin Powers entertained with a tea for her sister-in-law, Mrs. Jack Hafer, who arrived with her baby daughter, Linda, recently from Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. and Mrs. Hafer are living in Shepherd at present.

Marcus Oliver of Baytown spent several weeks with the Marvin Powers this week.

E. A. Whitley of Palacios is the new bookkeeper at Francitas Gas Company.

The D. D. Paris family returned from Church Sunday bringing with them Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gillespie, of Palacios, and found company awaiting them. Mr. Paris' brother, Otto Paris, came from Alvin, accompanied by his wife and daughter Miss Betty Ruth, who is attending college at Denton. Also in the party was Mrs. Lee East of Coolidge.

Mrs. L. C. McMichiel and daughter Peggy Lynn returned from an extended trip to Ohio and West Virginia, and were accompanied by Mrs. McMichiel's brothers, J. B. Wright and family, who spent the past week with the McMichiels before going on to Corpus Christi. Mrs. McMichiel will spend some time in Corpus Christi this week.

Palacios Beacon, April 11, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

With three lovely little girls to their credit, Stanley and Jean Kopnicky are now the proud parents of a son, Stanley Frederick. Pop says he held out for the name Padere_ski, but was out-voted.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Green will be happy to learn that four-year-old Pamela, who was badly lacerated by an angry Chow, appears to be recovering nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Looker of Beeville were guests of the Albert Siegfrieds last week-end. On Saturday evening, their twenty-seventh wedding anniversary was celebrated by a party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Danner.

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met at the schoolhouse Tuesday afternoon for a program on "Finishes for Kitchen Walls, Woodwork and Floors" by Miss Sybil Guthrie, Jackson County Home Demonstration Agent. Mrs. Joe Hurta acted as hostess, and the children were entertained by an Easter egg hunt by Mrs. Sallie Hill and her sister, Miss Ruth Woodrome.

Deutschburg School children and their parents attended the Jackson County Council of P. T. A. meeting last Friday night. Wallis Green, Johnny Cooke and Stanley Kopnicky, Jr., participated in a musical number. Refreshments preceded a musical program to which each local P. T. A. contributed. Mrs. Sallie Hill is president of the Jackson County Council.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Simpson, formerly of Beeville, have moved to Palacios, accompanied by young Charles, who has already entered Palacios High School. They are staying with Mr. Simpson's brother, J. H. Simpson, of Francitas Gas Camp, this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kalas and son, Joseph John, accompanied by Mr. Kalas' mother, Mrs. F. Kalas, attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Mrs. Joe Kalas' grandparents at Caldwell last Sunday.

A hearty welcome was extended Mr. and Mrs. Ed T. Cox, of Waco, their daughter, Betty, now Mrs. Henry Marino, and her husband, last week-end. The Coxes were a very popular couple when they lived at the Francitas Gas Camp, and Betty attended Palacios High School. The Marinos are on their way to Boston to visit Henry's relatives, before returning to settle in Texas. They were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paris.

Palacios Beacon, April 18, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Mr. George Kirkwood, San Antonio, president of Francitas Gas Company, spent several days at the plant last week, supervising work-over of one of the company's wells.

Families of the Francitas Gas-American Liberty Bridge Club, together with a number of other guests, had a taste of real Southern hospitality Sunday at the home of Mrs. A. B Pierce, Blessing. The occasion began with barbecue, prepared in a pit on the spacious grounds of the Pierce home, and laid on tables heavy with delicacies on the large veranda. Games and music were enjoyed by children and adults throughout the afternoon, and another lunch was served in the evening. Families from Deutschburg district were those of Albert Siegfried, Sherman Green, S. M. Danner and Howard A. Cooke.

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club will meet Thursday, May 16, 2 p. m. at the school house. A program on Labor Saving ideas will be presented by Mrs. Joe Johs, who will also act as hostess for the social interval  at the end of the meeting.

J. H. Simpson is leading a double life these days, as he shuttles from the plant to Palacios, where he has bought the Texaco Service Station formerly owned by his son, Charles.

Shelling of roads in the Deutschburg district has been completed, according to Stanley Kopnicky, who checked deliveries and directed placement of the shell. Residents of this area are now assured an all-weather road to the Carancahua intersection.

Wynn-Crosby have a rig up on the Skelly-Bowen No. 1, Francitas oil field, near the Francitas Gas Plant.

Jo Ann Fox of Palacios was entertained at the Phillip Mannig bayshore place last week with a birthday party, in which a number of folks from the camp participated.

Members of the family of Mrs. Stanley Kopnicky gathered at the Kopnicky home Sunday for dinner to celebrate the return to civilian life of Mrs. Kopnicky's brother, Albert Watzlavik, who spent 27 months with the Navy in Hawaii.

Palacios Beacon, May 9, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met at the schoolhouse Thursday afternoon with 14 members and one visitor. Roll call brought forth suggestions for program topics next year which included meat cutting, home nursing and first aid, parliamentary procedure, flower arrangements, book reviews, dress form construction.  Business was handled by Mrs. Joe Hurta, chairman, and Mrs. Joe Johs gave a report of the last council meeting. A discussion of _____ detection and control was had. Mrs. Johs also acted as hostess for the social which closed the meeting. The refreshment board was colorfully decorated with a miniature maypole surrounded by dancing figures, and May baskets filled with wild flowers, which had been prepared by the school pupils and their teacher, Mrs. Sallie Hill.

Elizabeth and Joyce McMichiel of the camp entertained Friday night with a school-end wiener roast at one of the flares near the camp. Guests other than camp children were Palacios and Deutschburg schoolmates.

Miss Selma Schmidt is taking life easy as one can during canning season at the home of her father after a long spell with the WACS.

Deutschburg School children are really enjoying school these days, with a rig set up to drill a new water well on the grounds.

The Phillip Mannings, Sherman Greens and S. M. Danners were guests at a "42" party given by the Nathan Dahlstroms of the Ben Pierce ranch near LaWard Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Dana D. Paris and Dana Kay were dinner guests of the Charles Johnsons Sunday, along with a group of friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Horton of Seguin spent Monday night with the Sherman E. Greens.

Mrs. F. Kalas has been in Wharton this past week with the family of her son, whose wife underwent an operation.

Mrs. John Neuszer and son Willie, Mrs. Alvin Rampmeier and children, Kenneth, Norma and William Alvin, attended baccalaureate services at Blessing High School Sunday. Their granddaughter and niece, Miss Margie Neuszer is a member of this year's graduating class.

Palacios Beacon, May 23, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Deutschburg patrons and friends were entertained by a delightful Tom Thumb wedding Friday evening at closing school exercises. The tiny bride, resplendent in white satin and pearls, carried a bouquet of cape jasmine. Bridesmaids in pastel shades and male attendants in white completed a colorful picture.

In addition to entertainment furnished by students and preschool children, a musical reading was presented by Mrs. S. M. Danner, a duet by Misses Jo Ann Fox and Myra Danner accompanied by Mrs. Muriel Fox, and a character sketch by Mrs. Alfred Siegfried.

Mrs. Alvin Rampmeier attended a shower at Blessing Community House Thursday afternoon complimenting her niece, formerly Miss Margie Neuszer. Miss Neuszer was married the previous Sunday to Robert Ackerman of near Blessing.

Mr. J. H. Simpson of the Camp has resigned to give full time to the Texas Service Station in Palacios which he recently purchased. He has purchased a home in Palacios and will locate there in the near future with his family.

Succeeding Mr. Simpson at the plant will be Frank Pearce, of Francitas, who, with his wife, will soon become a new resident of the camp.

Mr. and Mrs. Boeker and small daughter of Channelview were guests of Mrs. Boeker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wilson this week-end.

Mrs. Frank Looker of Beeville spent the holidays with her brother, Albert Siegfried.

Condition of "Dub" Wallis of Port Lavaca, driller for Wynn-Crosby, who was injured on location near the camp last week, is improved, and he expects to be back at work within a week. The rig elevator fell and the bales came off, striking Wallis a paralyzing blow. He was taken by a Bay City ambulance to Victoria Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Simpson have their daughter, Mrs. Allen Rogers and family with them this week. Over the holidays they were visited by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pennington and family of Beeville.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie C. Cunningham have gone to Kingsville, where Mr. Cunningham will attend school.

Mr. Marcus Oliver of Baytown is visiting the Marvin Powerses.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cooke and son John were in Freeport Sunday visiting Mrs. Cooke's brother and family.

Palacios Beacon, June 6, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Powers have as their guest Mrs. Powers' mother Mrs. John Hafer, of Shepherd. Mrs. Hafer will accompany them on a trip to Mexico this week.

The Johs family last week celebrated the return of Captain Albert Johs from two years service with the army in India. Captain Johs was accompanied by his wife on terminal leave, but was recalled to service unexpectedly and has returned to Maryland.

Miss Bertha Gerhard was complimented by a bridal shower Thursday afternoon when the Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met at the schoolhouse. The Tom Thumb wedding which was a feature of the school closing program was reenacted for Miss Gerhard for the tots of the neighborhood. The refreshment table was laid with a lace cloth on which rested a crystal and lavender centerpiece. White candles in crystal holders heightened the beauty of the three-tiered white cake, complete with bridal couple, and the large crystal punchbowl. Corsages were presented Miss Gerhard and Miss Sybil Guthrie of Edna, who conducted a program on Food Spoilage ahead of the shower. Punch and cookies were served on a table on the lawn to the children who spent the afternoon on the new gym set purchased by the school. Thirty-eight were present. Miss Gerhard will become the bride of Frank Stewart June 20.

Miss Louise Hurta returned last week from an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Fisher Kansas, in New Orleans. Mrs. Kansas accompanied Miss Hurta home for a brief stay. Charles Hurta has gone to Alvin for the rice season.

The Skelly-Bowen No. 1 on the Bowen lease near Francitas Gas Plant was completed at 7398 1/2 feet for a 65-barrel per day allowable.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. King and children, Patsy and Mickey, spent Saturday in Houston, wading through the zoo between downpours, and visiting with Mrs. King's sister, Miss Joy Byrd, during the evening.

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club will sponsor a box supper Saturday evening, June 15, at the schoolhouse, as a fund-raising venture to augment the club's treasury. Boxes will be auctioned and participants are urged to make them as decorative as possible. Members of large families should divide food for two or more boxes, to make them more salable. It is hoped to begin auctioning at 7:30.

Mrs. George Kirkwood and Buddy and Jane of San Antonio came down for several days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Roberts of the Camp last week. They were joined on Sunday by Mr. Kirkwood, president of Francitas Gas company, who spent the day here.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kalas and Mrs. F. Kalas visited Mrs. Kalas' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hlavaty of El Maton Sunday, bringing Johnny Hlavaty back with them for a brief stay.

The J. H. Simpsons have moved to Palacios, where they have purchased a home. We wish them luck in their new business venture, the Texas Company service station.

Palacios Beacon, June 13, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Lively bidding by Joe Tanner, E. H. Sandlin, Oswald Kubecka and little "Butch" Hurta helped bring in over $20 at the Deutschburg Home Demonstration box supper Saturday night at the schoolhouse. Paul Gerhard proved his ability for extracting money from reluctant customers by his silver-tongued auctioneering. The boxes were masterpieces of design. Sandwiches, pie and iced tea were offered for extra robust appetites.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johs have entertained a succession of visitors during the past week. Mrs. Johs' sister, and family, the G. R. Tubbses of San Antonio, and another sister and family, the R. L. Newsoms of Port Arthur, and Keith Dillard of Nederland.

Miss Mary Kunover of Houston spent the week-end with her parents, the E. H. Sandlins. "Tilly" Kunover of Bay City is a frequent visitor of the Sandlins, and has had a capable hand in the remodeling of the Sandlin home.

Mrs. Oswald Kubecka and sisters, Mrs. Emma Achers and Miss Bertha Gerhard made a trip to San Antonio in the company of Frank Stewart one day last week for some pre-wedding shopping.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Siegfried spent the past week with brother Albert Siegfried, and were joined Sunday by Mr. Siegfried's sister and husband, the J. F. Lookers and their son John and family of Beeville.

A small group enjoyed a fish fry at the Carancahua Bay place of the Phillip Mannings one evening, culminating in a couple of hours of grand homemade music by Phillip Manning, Louis Kopnicky, with Mrs. Muriel Fox at the piano.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Powers returned souvenir laden from Mexico, and Mr. Powers made another trip to Shepherd to take their guest, Mrs. John Hafer, to her home in Shepherd. Mr. Hafer, Mrs. Powers' father, accompanied Mr. Powers for a short visit in camp.

Mrs. Sallie Hill and sister, Miss Ruth Woodrome, were in Yoakum last week for the Tom Tom and returned just in time to receive a call to Houston by the family of Claude O. Fatheree, cousin of Mrs. Hill. Mr. Fatheree was fatally shot by a 16-year-old youth who had burglarized a cafe and was attempting to escape.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pearce of Francitas, are moving into camp this week to occupy the former Simpson home. Mr. Pearce is now a stillman at the plant.

A large crowd of relatives and friends gathered at the Palacios Funeral Home last Thursday morning at 10 o'clock for the funeral rites of Mrs. Beatrice Register. Rev. L. W. Crouch officiated with Rev. George F. Gillespie assisting. Active pall bearers were Messrs. _ S. Appleton, Dennis Clardy, John Bowden, Gordon Starr, L. L. Chiles, Calvin Sexton, Tom Slone and E. B. Foisy.

Beatrice Stulting, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stulting was born November 15, 1899 and died in Houston, June 11, 1946.

She was married to Everette Register, September 21, 1935, who with her aged parents survive.

Much of her life was spent in Palacios and she had a large circle of friends with whom we join in extending sympathy to the bereaved.

Out of town people who were here for the funeral included Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Kimbell, Mrs. Stewart Powers, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Boettcher, Mrs. Leslie Stulting, Mrs. Ray Collins, Mr. Bud Nelms, and Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Van Ostrand, Houston; Mrs. George Clark, Aransas Pass; Mrs. F. C. Reid, sister of J. C. Stulting, Tilman Reid, Gonzales; Mrs. Bill Waterman, Taylor; Mr. Harris Milner, Mr. P. P. Terry, Bay City.

Palacios Beacon, June 20, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Charles Wilson returned from Houston this week where he has been staying the past two weeks. He and Earl Engle, a Palacios boy who has been in the Armed Forces, went together and when Earl returned to his camp, Charles continued to stay with some friends.

Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Roberts took their daughter, Katheryn, and her husband, Lonnie C. Cunningham, who were on a brief visit from Kingsville last week end to Edna last Sunday afternoon to go with another young couple back to Kingsville where they now live.

Miss Bobbie Gene Green is leaving this week end for a short visit with her aunt, Mrs. J. F. Caulfield of Rockdale, Texas, where she will spend two or three weeks of her summer vacation.

The Home Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Will Thomas at her home last Tuesday, July 2.

More than thirty friends from Palacios and Deutschburg gathered at the bayshore home of the Phillip Mannings last Thursday evening for a mortgage-burning party celebrating the last payment on the Carancahua property from A. J. Turner of Palacios a year ago last April. Barbecued meat, flavored to perfection with the Manning's own sauce recipe, came off the pit despite a day spent in attempting to keep the rain out of the fire and the fire out of the rain. Skies cleared in time to present a dry lawn where the tables were set up to accommodate the rest of the menu.

The Howard A. Cookes are making a vacation swing through Oklahoma, visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. McMichiel of the Francitas Gas Co. have recently purchased a shrimp boat on which they had their daughters, Elizabeth Ann, Joyce Marie, and Peggy plan to spend their vacation.

Palacios Beacon, July 4, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Miss Joy Byrd was a week-end visitor of the J. E. Kings. On Sunday, they drove to Matagorda in company with the Sherman Greens, for a day on the beach.

Mrs. Sallie Hill and sister, Miss Ruth Woodrome, have spent the greater part of the past two weeks in San Antonio, where they were called by the serious illness of a sister.

Mrs. Marvin Powers is home after a week's visit with relatives at Houston, Shepherd and Goose Creek. Her son, Darrel Ray, who had been away for three weeks, returned with her.

Marcus Oliver of Baytown spent Monday with the Marvin Powerses.

Mrs. Tony Hurta and daughter of New Mexico have been guests of relatives in the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart have returned from a wedding trip to Carlsbad and the Davis Mountains and are staying with Mr. Stewart's parents, Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Stewart, while finishing touches are put on their new home.

The Murel Dillards and Oswald Kubeckas entertained with a fried chicken supper at Port Alto honoring Mrs. E. P. Gerhard of St. Louis, who was a guest at the Gerhard-Stewart wedding and remained for a brief visit. Out-of-family participants were Gerard Viets and Douglas Gayle.

The Howard Cookes are home after two weeks in Oklahoma.

Miss Myra Danner and Freddy Burdick entertained with a swimming party at the turning basin Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. John Looker and daughter, Frances Dawn, of Beeville, visited the Albert Siegfrieds last week-end.

The S. M. Danners, Phillip Mannings and H. A. Cookes were among those entertained with a hamburger fry Tuesday evening at the home of the Guy Claybourns.

Palacios Beacon, July 11, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Condition of Mrs. Sallie Hill, who underwent an eye operation in Houston last week, is reported as satisfactory. Mrs. Hill was accompanied by her sister, Miss Ruth Woodrome.

Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paris returned from a vacation trip to Waco, Dallas and Wortham bringing with them Mr. Paris' father, J. H. Paris, of Dallas. Last week they were visited by Mr. Paris' sister and family, the W. A. Griffins, of Dallas, who then proceeded to Alvin for a visit with Mr. Paris' brother.

The Howard A. Cookes gave a command performance party at which guests were called upon to provide the evening's entertainment. Memorable events were the soap-box pre-election speech of W. Jackson Milam, candidate for city custodian of canines, complete with campaign placards, cigars and promises, a suspense-packed drama by the Carroll Cairnes, two excellent readings by Mrs. S. M. Danner.

Mr. Marcus Oliver of Houston was a brief visitor of the Marvin Powerses.

Mrs. Frank Looker of Beeville spent the week-end with her brother, Albert Siegfried, and was accompanied home by Mrs. S. M. Danner for a short visit.

Palacios Beacon, August 1, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Friends of the E. Johs family extend their sincere sympathy in the loss of the Johs home which burned to the ground last Friday, taking all their possessions and those of a son, visiting them.

Overnight visitors of the C. H. Wilsons were H. Francine and sons, Erick and John, Carl Francine and Allen Clint of Kenedy.

Word from the Charles Polifkas is that they are now occupying a new stucco home near Watsonville, California, and recently enjoyed a family reunion, the first in 14 years. Karl flew over from his station in Alabama and daughter Helen and other two sons live in California now.

It's back to the grind for Joe Kalas, who spent part of his vacation by taking his family on a trip to Caldwell, Bryan and Granger, visiting relatives.

The Phillip Mannings are vacationing, having visited briefly in Houston and departed again, this time for Corpus Christi.

Mrs. Sherman Green and daughter and son Pamela and Wallis, recently accompanied Mrs. Green's brother, Russell Wallis, to Conroe for a stay with relatives, returning by way of Houston.

Miss Bobbie Jean Green is home after an extended visit with relatives and friends in Houston, Austin, Rockdale and Seguin.

Mrs. S. M. Danner is home after a visit in Beeville with Mrs. Frank Looker. Mr. Danner and daughter Anita Joyce drove to Beeville for Mrs. Danner and spent the night there.

Mrs. Frank Pearce had a short visit with her sister from Beaumont recently at the home of their mother, Mrs. E. G. Green, Vanderbilt.

Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Hafer of Cedar Bayou spent the week-end with Mr. Hafer's sister, Mrs. Marvin Powers, and left son LeRoy, Jr., for a longer visit. The Marvin Powerses also are enjoying a visit with Mrs. Jack Hafer and daughter Linda, of Shepherd.

Mr. Frank Pearce's brother, Harold Ben, and wife of Corpus Christi, were week-end guests.

Palacios Beacon, August 8, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Mr. and Mrs. "Bud" Stewart have as their guests Mr. Stewart's brother and family from Enid, Oklahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Cunningham came up from Kingsville where Mr. Cunningham is attending school, for the week-end with Mrs. Cunningham's parents.

The Phillip Mannings entertained at their bayshore place last week with a house party to which came Mr. Manning's brother and wife, the A. L. Bachelors, and his sister and husband, the John Dotys, of Damon and Mr. Manning's niece, Mrs. Mildred Viviel, and children of LaWard. The days were spent fishing and visiting.

Ab Siegfried set some kind of record for the camp with a catch of 90 trout and 2 redfish, and that was before he got his new pistol-grip steel rod with the built-in reel.

Mr. and Mrs. John Looker and daughter were over from Beeville to spend Sunday with the Albert Siegfrieds.

Mrs. Charles Wilson and sons, Wilford and Charles, Jr., drove to Houston and Galveston last week.

The Sherman Greens had a week-end jaunt to Seguin.

Palacios Beacon, August 15, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Highlight of activities in the community last week was the shower given Mrs. E. Johs, whose home recently was destroyed by fire. The party, was planned and refreshments prepared by Mrs. Joe Hurta, and many friends inside and outside the district came to the schoolhouse gifts calculated to make the Johs' future home more attractive. Arrangements for pre-cut lumber have been made in Houston, and work on the new home should begin within a week or two.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hurta entertained a group from Dallas last week, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Salmons and son. They enjoyed a fish fry at Port Lavaca and suffered a back-bake during an afternoon of swimming.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Green have Mr. Green's father, E. A. Green, with them for some fishing.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. King entertained Mrs. King's brother, Ned Byrd, and friend, Bob Allaire, both of Hawkins, last week. The boys were on their way to Galveston and a tour of the southern states.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Rampmeier and children, Kenneth, Norman and William Alvin, left for San Antonio and points west on a vacation whose length will be determined by the hot weather they encounter.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pearce spent the week-end with Mrs. Pearce's mother at Vanderbilt.

The Frank Stewarts are settled in their new home, with improvements being added daily.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Milam and daughters, Dollie Ann and Berry Jo, were dinner guests of the S. M. Danners Sunday.

Palacios Beacon, August 22, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Looker and son John and family were guests of the Albert Siegfrieds over the week end.

Wilford Wilson drove to Austin for a visit with friends and to get his sister, Ida Mae, who has been in school there the past year.

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club will meet with Mrs. Lela Boles Thursday afternoon, September 5.

Marcus Oliver of Houston was an overnight visitor of the Marvin Powerses.

The Howard Cookes visited Mrs. Cooke's brother, H. H. Back, and family near Freeport and brought young Charles back with them for a week's stay.

Election at the schoolhouse with J. V. Brocker in charge, Saturday, brought out 24 votes.

Miss Ann Brandon spent a couple of days with Dana Kay Paris this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Manning of Bay City were guests for several days of Mr. Manning's brother, Phillip Manning.

Word comes that Mrs. Sallie Hill is staying with her sister at Humble, while convalescing from an eye operation at Houston several weeks ago. Mrs. Hill is still undergoing treatment.

Palacios Beacon, August 29, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. King and children have gone to Winsborough, where they were called by the death of Mrs. King's grandmother.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Siegfried headed for Oklahoma City to spend part of their vacation with relatives and friends.

The Phillip Mannings' week-end guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Manning of Bay City and Mrs. Jimmie Howe and two children of Old Ocean.

Mr. and Mrs. Rampmeier and children have returned from a grand vacation in New Mexico, where they visited the Tony Hurtas of Jal, and with them drove to Carlsbad Caverns.

Friends of Mr. John Neuszer will be happy to know that he is progressing satisfactorily on his return to death after being taken to a Houston hospital. Mrs. Neuszer is with him and his daughter and family, the Alvin Rampmeiers, have been making regular trips to Houston to visit him.

Mrs. Sallie Hill and her sister, Miss Ruth Woodrome, are busy getting things in shape for Deutschburg school opening Monday the 9th.

Palacios Beacon, September 5, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Ida Mae, Charles and Wilford Wilson made a week-end trip to Houston and Channelview, where they picked up their sister and family, the Dub Boekers, and drove to Galveston and Texas City.

Earl Ringo and family have moved to Palacios and their former home is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. E. Johs and son Frank, until all material is available to build their new home.

Mrs. Oswald Kubecka recently had as their guests her sister, Adele Gerhard and husband's sister, Florence Kubecka, who are working in Austin. Mrs. Kubecka took the girls to Victoria to catch the bus home, and while in Victoria visited with friends.

Miss Irene Gerhard spent a couple of days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Murel Dillard. Mr. Dillard's parents, the Mark Dillards of Palacios, spent a few days with them also.

Johnny Johs and wife of Houston spent part of their vacation with Mr. Johs' parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Johs. The Johs family enjoyed a family reunion at the home of Joe Johs recently at which were present, Capt. and Mrs. Albert Johs. The latter have returned to Maryland, from which they will go to Germany.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmidt and children of Victoria, were recent visitors of the Frederick Schmidt family.

Newlyweds in our community are Mr. and Mrs. Ed Watzlavik, who occupy the Frank Marek farmhouse. Mr. Watzlavik is an employee of Skelly Oil Company, and Mrs. Watzlavik is the former Ethel Harris of LaWard.

Mrs. Frank Pearce left for Houston Sunday to be with her mother Mrs. E. G. Green of Vanderbilt during an operation.

Mr. John Neuszer has been returned home from a Houston hospital and continues improvement,.

Mrs. Sallie Hill and Miss Ruth Woodrome have as their guest, Miss Ella Loos of Yoakum.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Manning and sons, Phillip, Jr., and Alfred, and Miss Jo Ann Fox, drove to Yoakum Sunday to help celebrate the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. Maning's sister and husband, the A. Listners.

Mrs. Joe Hurta and Mrs. Joe Johs attended a two-day homemaking institute in Edna sponsored by the Home Demonstration Council.

Palacios Beacon, September 12, 1946

Deutschburg Doin's

Mr. Frank Pearce was taken to Bay City hospital last week for an emergency appendectomy, from which he still is in serious condition. Mrs. Pearce, who had gone to Houston for the operation of her mother, was called home. Her mothers' condition remains unimproved.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Siegfried are home from a vacation in Oklahoma City and Kansas City.

Mrs. J. H. Paris of Dallas is visiting her son, D. D. Paris and family.

Wilford and Charles Wilson accompanied Miss Ida Mae Wilson to Houston where Miss Wilson spent Friday night with Miss Ermine Harbison of Palacios. Saturday they continued to Texas City where Miss Wilson will teach in the grammar school.

Folks of Francitas Gas Camp enjoyed some delicious shrimp from a catch of L. C. McMichiel's shrimp boat last week.

Mrs. Marvin Powers had as her guests last week her mother, Mrs. John Hafer of Shepherd, and her aunt, Mrs. Callie Bigler of Houston.

Palacios Beacon, September 19, 1946

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club

The Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met with Mrs. Murel Dillard on Wednesday, September 25th, at 2:00 P. M. Thirteen members, six visitors, and Miss Guthrie were present.

The president called the meeting to order, and the secretary called the roll and read the minutes of the previous meeting which were approved.

Election of officers were held and the following were elected: Mrs. Joe Tanner, president; Mrs. E. H. Sandlin, vice president; Mrs. E. E. Johs, secretary and treasurer; and Mrs. Frank Stewart, council delegate. Mrs. O. R. Kubecka was elected as the club nominee for the county T. H. D. A. chairman, who will be elected at the next council meeting. The new president appointed Mrs. Joe Hurta as 1947 club reporter.

The organization of a Meat Club was discussed and it was decided to obtain more information first.

Miss Guthrie invited all club members to attend Council at Edna, on October 8th, to hear the reports of the delegates who attended the T. H. D. A. meeting in Amarillo.

Miss Guthrie discussed fitting garments, and gave us some very helpful ideas and suggestions.

The club women will meet at the home of Mrs. E. Johs for an all-day meeting with a covered dish luncheon on Thursday, October 3rd, at which time they will complete the quilt.

The hostess served refreshments of sandwiches and grape juice and the meeting adjourned to meet on Oct. 17th with Mrs. Joe Tanner.--Reporter, Mrs. O. R. Kubecka

Palacios Beacon, October 10, 1946

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club

The home of Mrs. Jaul J. Gerhard was the scene of the annual Christmas party of the Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club on December 12th, at 2:00 o'clock.

The living and dining rooms were festive looking in their Christmas decorations, and the living room had the prettily decorated Christmas tree as its main attraction.

After seventeen members, Miss Guthrie, and three visitors had gathered, everyone got into the Christmas spirit by singing "Joy to the World." Several entertaining games were then played, and the program ended with everyone receiving a gift from under the tree.

Refreshments of sandwiches, fruit cake with whipped cream, coffee and cocoa were served from a lace-laid table, decorated with a Christmas arrangement in crystal of Turk's Caps and candles.

All left wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hoping to see each one at Mrs. Louis Kopnicky's on January 9th, for the first meeting of 1947.

Mrs. O. K. Kubecka

Palacios Beacon, January 9, 1947

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club

The Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club had their first meeting of the year at the home of Mrs. Louis Kopnicky, Thursday afternoon, Jan. 9, 2 o'clock with fourteen members present.

The new club president, Mrs. Joe Tanner, called the meeting to order. After the opening exercises, minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The Year Books were filled and the following Club Committees appointed: Year Book, Mrs. Joe Hurta; Recreation, Mrs. M. W. Dillard; Good Neighbor, Mrs. O. R. Kubecka; Finance, Mrs. Joe Johs; Marketing Committee, Mrs. Eric Johs.

Mrs. O. R. Kubecka reported the club had on hand Jan. 1, 1947, $8.85. Mrs. Kubekca, Mrs. Joe Johs and Mrs. Alvin Rampmeier were appointed as a committee for serving refreshments at the Land Owners Association meeting to be held at the school house, January 24, thanks to the president of the F. D. L. O. A. The association is to pay the ladies for their trouble and the proceeds will be given to our club.

Mrs. Sallie Hill gave a brief talk on the new school lunch law. Hereafter Mrs. Howard Cooke will send a timely reminder to each Club member, so as Club Days will not be overlooked.

After all business was finished, a delightful social hour was enjoyed, during which refreshments of sandwiches, cup cakes and coffee were served by the ladies.

The next meeting of the club will be on Thursday, Jan. 30th, with Mrs. Howard Cooke, as hostess. We are looking forward to a busy year and visitors, also new members, are welcome at all times.--Club Reporter.

Palacios Beacon, January 23, 1947

Deutschburg Land Owners Elect Officers At Annual Meeting

The Francitas-Deutschburg Land Owners meeting as the Deutschburg school, Friday night, was quite successful. There was a large attendance of resident land owners and a few out of state owners were present. The meeting was called to elect new officers.

The following officers were elected: P. J. Gerhart, re-elected president; J. V. Brocker, vice-president; Louis Kopnicky, secretary; E. H. Sandlin, treasurer.

After a short business session, the meeting adjourned and the crowd enjoyed a real neighborly get-together that lasted until midnight. Some played "42," others danced and still others just visited with neighbors and made new acquaintances.

The Ladies Home Demonstration Club served refreshments of hot dogs, sandwiches, doughnuts, coffee and cocoa and earned $14.61 for the club. It was like giving a party and being paid for it.

Palacios Beacon, January 30, 1947

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. Howard Cooke, January 30 at 2 P. M. There were 17 members and five visitors present.

The Club voted to donate three dollars to the "March of Dimes."

Following a brief business session, Miss Guthrie, our County Home Demonstration Agent, gave a very interesting demonstration on Kitchen Equipment for Cooking, Serving and Cleaning.

After the meeting was adjourned, refreshments were served by the hostess and a delightful social hour followed.

We are happy to welcome Mrs. Charles Thatcher, Mrs. Frank Pierce and Mrs. Ed Wotzslavik as new members in our club.--Mrs. Joe Hurta, Reporter.

Palacios Beacon, February 6, 1947

Country Store Sale At Deutschburg Feb. 15 For Hospital Fund

Deutschburg Women's Home Demonstration Club has decided to conduct its campaign for funds for equipment for the Palacios Hospital by means of a country store and white elephant sale, finishing off with bingo, dancing and refreshments. Date for the sale and entertainment will be Friday evening, February 14, beginning at 8 o'clock, at the Deutschburg school. Fresh eggs, butter, home canned fruits and vegetables, and other country produce will be sold at attractive prices. White elephant goods gathered up to date include furniture, radios, feed sacks, books, magazines, dishes, patterns, small farm and auto equipment, and numerous articles, useful and otherwise, at bargain prices. There will be 5c tables, 10c tables, and even surprise packages.

A bingo game will be running most of the evening to relieve shoppers of any stray nickels they may wish to squander. Sandwiches, pie and cake with coffee will be sold. Dancing will provide an outlet for any energy still available at the end of the evening.

All in all, the evening is designed to furnish a painless means of extracting funds for a project from which all in Palacios' environs stand to benefit.

It is hoped that a large number of prospective buyers will present themselves during the evening. A postcard to Mrs. H. A. Cooke, Star Route, will bring a truck to your door for any usable article you may wish to donate for the sale.

Palacios Beacon, February 6, 1947

Country Store Sale at Deutschburg Friday Night to Aid Hospital Fund

Enthusiasm is running high out in Deutschburg community over the country store white elephant sale and fun night planned for Friday evening, February 14, at Deutschburg School, as a means of raising funds for Palacios hospital equipment. Hens are being urged to overproduction, cows are getting pep talks, attics are being searched for antiques or just plain old things Mother put away and forgot about. Bingo prizes are being collected, "42" experts are going over strategic plays to use in the tournament designed to name the community champion. Pies are baking, coffee is brewing and some choice records are being gathered up for the dancing which will end the evening.

Last-minute good news is that we'll have hill-billy music and old time favorites furnished by Ed Warzlavik, John Maynard, Phillip Manning, Sr. and John Edward Martin, some really good string hoe-down.

Folks always have fun at  Deutschburg, and this will be fun mixed with excellent bargains in food stuffs and miscellany.

Already, valuable donations have been made for the white elephant sale. For instance, there's a Philco table radio, 1930 model. We've spent $25 on this radio in the past year and it still brings in the programs, but gets mushy-mouthed just when the villain is in hot pursuit, or the hero is getting in some effective arguments. It will tide you over until you get that super-duper set, and it's yours for $5. Folding playpen with floor. We don't need it--at present. What's your offer?

Here's a stepon-type tire pump. Even the salesman tried to argue us out of buying it, but it seemed such a wonderful invention, taking the work out of tire pumping. Well, we're convinced, now, and you may take a course in mountain climbing with it for a mere 50c.

Here's a good buy! A glass angel food cake pan, but don't try to bake an angel food cake in it. Most of the batter ends up on the oven racks. Just won't hold a recipe, but fine for fruit and pound cakes. Yours for a quarter.

We have dressers, end tables, chairs, what-not racks and whatnots, old costume jewelry, dishes, vases, magazines, feed sacks, toys, and more coming in.

Best and surest way to Deutschburg is out No. 35 to the marked Carancahua-Deutschburg intersection, turn right and we're a few miles down the road.

Friday evening, February 14, at Deutschburg School, at 8:00 p. m.

Committee chairmen busying Joe Johs, sales; Mrs. O. R. Kubecka, food; Mr. Joe Johs, Bingo; Mr. Wilford Wilson, "42"; Mr. Paul Gerhard, dancing; Mrs. H. A. Cooke, publicity.

Palacios Beacon, February 13, 1947

Country Store Sale at Deutschburg Nets $154.71 For Local Hospital Fund.

Deutschburg Women's Home Demonstration Club's country store and white elephant sale last Friday evening was a hilarious success, thanks to the efforts of the whole countryside. Folks from Palacios, Carancahua, Midway, La Ward and other point came to buy, to play, to dance, and left a sum, which, in the final counting, netted $154.71 and three pence and one centavo for the Palacios Hospital Equipment Fund.

At the end of the evening, only a small box of assorted oddments was left of the many things offered. The things they bought! Even the crutches sold, though Guy Claybourn forgot to take them home. Remember the radio we advertised last week? Sherman Green bought it and resold it before he got outside the schoolhouse for $2 profit so we took the difference for a subscription to the Beacon. Small fry bought most of the ladies' handbags and all the funny books. Folks bought furniture, household articles, canned foods, eggs, clothing, toys, jewelry and a mouse trap. Late in the evening, Muriel Fox came out with a large batch of stuff which turned up when she moved her shop next door temporarily, and the sale was on again. Such expert arguments were given by the sales ladies and at least one of them rebought an article she had contributed to the sale. Behind the elephant counter were Mrs. Joe Johs, Mrs. Frank Stewart and Mrs. H. A. Cooke. Cashier Mrs. Marvin Powers had a line waiting sometimes six deep to pay for purchases.

When the buying slowed up, the hungry crowd attacked pies, sandwiches, cake, coffee, chocolate milk, and even delicious Kulochies (however you spell it) and were served by Mesdames O. R. Kubecka, Erich Johs, Sallie Hill, Louis Kopnicky, while Mesdames Murel Dillard, Lela Boles and Misses Louise Hurta and Ruth Woodrome blushed unseen over a fountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen. When it appeared everyone was stuffed and scads of sandwiches and pie still remained, Mrs. S. M. Danner who had cashiered the food sales, put on her auction hat and disposed of all the pies and a bunch of sandwiches, and even a few slow movers in household goods.

Alvin and Kenneth Rampmeier, and S. M. Danner kept a crowd at the Bingo tables all evening, and Joseph Tanner kibitzed the "42" tables.

Music by John Maynard, Ed Watslavik, John Edward Martin and Stanley and Louis Kopnicky entertained the sitters and enlivened the dancers, who finally tried some square dancing called by Jesse Munds. Dancing master Howard Cooke (temporarily lamed) tapped shoulders to collect for dancing and tried a round or two himself. We think every one had fun and hope the evening developed no immediate patients for the new hospital.

Sorry we couldn't pick up the kitchen cabinet offered by Lloyd Olson, Star Route, but if you need one and buy it, we get the proceeds. Sales didn't end with the evening. Next morning, club members cleaning up dug around in the box and bought some more.

We singned the following persons for Palacios Beacon subscriptions: Marvin Powers Stanley Kopnicky, Sherman Green, S. M. Danner, Ed Watslavik, Steve Watslavik, Joe Johs, D. D. Paris, J. V. Brocker, and H. A. Cooke. Entire proceeds of new subscriptions taken went to the fund.

Donations of white elephants, food, or money by persons outside Deutschburg community and the Athena Club were made by: Mesdames R. L. Price, Jess Munds, John Bolling, G. A. Salsbury, Ben Hilburn, Ted Fields, W. C. Gray, R. J. Sisson, B. W. Trull, C. W. Nester, R. T. Phillips, Geo. Hunter, Carlton Crawford, Carroll Cairnes, L. D. Chappell, V. G. Way, Paul Gerhard, Clarence Buller, and Miss Alpha Bussell. D. M. Green gave us a pickup load of stuff, which melted away during the evening, with only two huge ceiling globes left.

Thanks to everybody for contributing to a grand evening.

Palacios Beacon, February 20, 1947

Farewell Party Given C. J. Hansens In Deutschburg Area

Members of Deutschburg community gathered at the schoolhouse Sunday evening for a farewell party honoring Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Hansen, who have moved to Palacios after 33 years in Deutschburg. After an evening of games, visiting and refreshment, the Hansens were presented with potted plants for their new home and a leather book of autographed good wishes from their former neighbors. Palacios guests were Mrs. Dell Arnold, Mrs. Jennie Marco and Mrs. Mary Breuer.

Palacios Beacon, February 20, 1947

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met Feb. 20 at the home of Mrs. O. R. Kubecka. There were 13 members present.

The club voted to pay 35c per member to the Council fund from the club treasury.

The Country Store and White Elephant sale given by the club on Feb. 14 was a great success and much enjoyed by all. The sum of $157.71 was collected and given to the Palacios Hospital Fund.

Mrs. Eric Johs was elected candidate for delegate to the District T. H. D. A. meeting in Port Lavaca.

Mrs. O. R. Kubecka gave a very interesting demonstration on the four ways to cook meat. After the demonstration the ladies enjoyed a nice neighborly chat while Mrs. Kubecka served slices of the roast she had prepared in the demonstration. It was delicious served on bread with the pan gravy, cole slaw, and cookies and coffee.

The club will meet March 13, with Mrs. Lela Boles.--Reporter.

Palacios Beacon, February 26, 1947

Results of School Trustee Elections


The following are the official returns of Saturday's school trustee elections throughout Jackson County:




District 20--Deutschburg


W. L. Wilson......................28

P. L. Manning....................22

John Rampmeier.................4


The Edna Weekly Herald, April 15, 1948


Deutschburg H. D. C. “Jitney” Supper.

The “Jitney Supper,” given at the Deutschburg school house Friday night, sponsored by the Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club was well attended. Proceeds were $39.20; less some expenses.

Games of 43 and dancing were enjoyed later in the evening.

Thanks to each and everyone who contributed to make the supper a success.


Edna Herald, November 24, 1949

Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club

The Deutschburg Home Demonstration Club met August 7 at the home of Mrs. Howard Tanner. Plans for the exhibits for the Jackson County Fair were discussed along with other plans for the club.

An electrical demonstration was presented by Mary Dillard and Verle Miller, members of the 4-H Roundup Club. This same demonstration by these girls was presented at the home of Mrs. Hobbins at Pledger on July 25.

This meeting was adjourned and delicious refreshments were served by our hostess. Our next meeting will be an all day meeting on Septemer 6 at the home of Mrs. Muriel Miller. This meeting will be on various hand crafts.--Reporter N. Wilson.

Palacios Beacon, August 16, 1956


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