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In 1912, Mr. Wilkerson organized the first 4-H Club in Deutschburg. By Mrs. Wilkerson, who assisted with the Ladies' Club, the first steam pressure cooker was introduced in 1917. A brother to Mr. Wilkerson helped the boys with their club in 1918. The first joint club for the boys and girls was organized in 1923 by Mr. Wilkerson and Miss Allen.


At the Community Fair in 1924, the Joint Club placed their products on exhibit. Poultry, canning and sewing were the projects for the girls. Louise Schmidt won seven first places in canning, sewing and baking, and Jewel Hunnicutt, all the second places. In poultry, Tony Johs won first place and Louise Schmidt won second place.


In 1925, Deutschburg was without a County Home Demonstration Agent.


Miss Martha Jane Bucher organized the club with gardening, sewing, and canning as the projects in 1926. This year Louise Schmidt won a trip to A. & M. College Short Course by writing the best essay on "The Agricultural Possibilities of Jackson County." The trip was given by the Missouri Pacific Railroad.


In 1927, nine members were enrolled, making the largest club for girls that Deutschburg had ever had. The members were Laura and Rosalie Cavallin, Mary and Annie Mae Hurta, Iva Mae and Donna Fae Dillard, Dora Mae Hart, Jewel Hunnicutt and Louise Schmidt. The projects were canning, sewing and gardening. Miss Bucher sent an exhibit of fruit, fruit juices, table linens and silk dresses to the Dallas Fair. Louise Schmidt won second place on grape juice and table linens.


In 1928 Selma Schmidt and Erich Johs won trips to A. & M. Short Course by writing the best club history of their work. In 1929 Anna Mae Hurta and Joe Johs won trips to the Short Course by having the best history and records of their club work.


In 1931 and 1932 Miss Bryant took Miss Bucher's place as agent. The girls enrolled were Martha Gerhard, Rosalie and Frances Cavallin, Donna Fae Dillard, and Louise Hurta. The projects were baking and cooking.


In 1933 Miss Bonnie Cox became the agent. The club members were Ollie Brod, Francis Cavallin, Louise Hurta, Alice Johs and Martha and Emma Gerhard. Gardening and yards were the projects.


In 1934 Miss Cox outlined gardening, clothing and yards as projects. The girls elected Louise Schmidt as their sponsor. At Rally Day, Alice Johs won first place in sewing and Emma Gerhard fourth. Martha Gerhard won third place in the group over twelve years of age. This same year Jackson County awarded a trip to the Dallas Fair to the one who wrote the best club history. Martha Gerhard won the trip.


In 1935 the two new members enrolled were Adele Gerhard and Jessie Mae Skrabanek. In the group under twelve years of age, Emma Gerhard won second place in sewing and Jessie Mae Skrabanek, fourth. In the group over twelve years of age, Martha Gerhard won third place in sewing and Alice Johs, fourth. In the same year, the Ladies' 4-H Club was organized. The members were Mesdames W. Littleton, Chas. Polifka, Ruby Rampmeier, John Hillyard, E. Johs, Rosalie Johs, C. J. Cavallin, Paul Gerhard, J. V. Brocker, Louis Vrana, W. M. Brown and Misses Louise Schmidt and Selma Schmidt. In the Spring of 1936, a quilt was made and sold by the ladies for the purpose of sending their delegates, Louise Schmidt and Alice Johs to the Short Course. The projects were mattress making, bedroom and pantry improving and scoring of vegetables.


For 1936 the club projects are not yet completed. Miss Cox is still carrying on the excellent work.



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May 4, 2007
May 4, 2007