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To the Reader:

In my appreciation of what has been done to make the part of Texas which is known as Deutschburg a habitable place for Texans to make their homes, I dedicate this history to Dr. and Mrs. Herman Gerhard and family, the first settlers.


When I came to Deutschburg two years ago, I became interested in the people, because I recognized qualities in them of the highest type. Due to their modesty in expressing their qualifications, it has been necessary for me to become closely acquainted with the members of the community in order to be able to write their biographies.


No one has asked me to write the articles on the following pages. My interest lies in the facts that this is Centennial year for Texas, a time when all patriotic citizens wish to contribute to the celebration, and that this is the twenty-fifth year of the settlement of Deutschburg, an appropriate time for records to be made of the people.


I wish to express my appreciation in behalf of the good citizens who have placed their business cards with the history, thereby making it possible to have the book printed. The loyal supporters of this worthy cause will be remembered for their good will.


Sincerely yours,


Mary Elizabeth Reid Bell


By Dr. Herman Gerhard


Noch der Melodie:
"Es braust ein Ruf wie Donnerschall"


Es Klingt ein Ruf aus nord' schen Gaun

An deutsche Manner, deutsche Frau'n:

Nach Deutschburg auf nach Deutschburg hin,

Wer in der Brust hegt deutschen Sinn!


Mein Deutschburg du sollst bluehen fein,

Mein Deutschburg du sollst bluehen fein,

Furs Deutschtum eine Burg fur immer sein

Furs Deutschtum eine Burg fur immer sein.


Der deutsche Farmer hort das Wort,

Es Klingt in seinem Hernen fort:

Dort lasst uns uns're Hutten bau'n

Als Heimat deutscher Kinder, deutscher Frau'n!


Mein Deutschurg u. s. w.


So mancher in den Staedten hoert

Den Ruf "Zurueck aufs Land" und kehrt

Den Ruecken staedt' scher Tyrannei:

Du Deutschburg machst mich froh und frei!


Mein Deutschurg u. s. w.


So steh'n wir heut' auf Deutschburg Flur

Und leisten jedes still den Schwur;

Wir wollen treu und fleissig hier

In Einigheit uns scharen ums Panier.


Mein Deutschurg u. s. w.

Translations by Paul J. Gerhard


A call goes out in Northern States

To German men and their mates:

To Deutschburg, up to Deutschburg come

Who in your hearts have what it takes.




My Deutschburg you shall flourish fine.

My Deutschburg you shall flourish fine.

For German farmers a home will always be,

For German farmers a home will always be!




The German men hear the word

And in their hearts it rings forth.

There let us build our homes,--

Homes for our wives and kin.




Many in the cities hear

The call to the farm and turn,

Their backs to the city's tyranny.

O' Deutschburg you make me free!




So stand we on this prairie today

And promise that in every way

We will be true and busy here

And in harmony gather around the banner.




Copyright 2007 - Present by Family of Mary Elizabeth Reid Bell
All rights reserved

May 4, 2007
May 4, 2007