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1912          SCHMIDTS          1912


Frederick Schmidt was born at Steinberghaff, on October 7, 1868. He spent his childhood days on the farm with his parents. At the age of eight his mother died. He attended the folk school for eleven years, learning the fundamental principles of education. The courses consisted of geometry, navigation and mathematics. He studied with a purpose in view of becoming a sea officer. Due to the illness of his father, Frederick was compelled to remain at home to care for the eighty acre farm. At the age of twenty, he went to the army and served three years in Berlin as a member of the "Kaiser Franc Richmond Guard."


In 1889, he met and fell in love with Augusta Knote, a daughter of Carl Knote, a farmer, in Thuring. In 1892, due to the influence of his brother, Henning, Frederick came to the United States, by way of New York. By train he traveled five days and nights to Auburn, Nebraska. Immediately he went to farming. During Christmas time, in 1892, Augusta Knote came to Auburn, Nebraska, from Germany to be married to Frederick Schmidt. The ceremonies of marriage were performed January 12, 1893. The young couple rented a farm and became successful. A child, named Mary, was born September 28, 1893, who died when she was fourteen months old.


The next child, Emma, was born June 13, 1895. The Schmidts continued to progress by raising corn, wheat, oats and cattle. On October 8, 1896, a son, Carl, was born.


Mr. Schmidt, a member of the German Krierfahrien, made annual trips to Omaha to take part in military ceremonies. In these celebrations, the members took part in drilling, dancing, singing and making a merry time.


Here at Auburn, were born Otto, April 23, 1899; Remmer, May 21, 1900; Paul, June 29, 1901; Rosa, February 25, 1904; Harry, January 30, 1906; Frederick, Jr., June 16, 1908; and Selma, April 25, 1911. In 1910 at Auburn, Mr. Schmidt took his last citizenship papers.


In 1911 Frederick Schmidt and his wife had accumulated property valued at $5000 in Kansas lands. One year previously, he had met Dr. Herman Gerhard and became acquainted through him of the opportunities offered in Jackson County, Texas.


In December, 1912, Mr. Schmidt traded his Kansas lands for property in Deutschburg where he moved and has lived ever since. On May 16, 1913, a son, Herman, the first child to be born in Deutschburg, was named in honor of Dr. Gerhard. In November, 1915, the first wedding was celebrated for Emma Schmidt and Erwin Gerhard. To them a son, Herman was born October 19, 1916. The community mourned the death of Emma Schmidt Gerhard, January 30, 1920.


In 1914 Otto went to South Dakota to farm. He married in Malcolm, Nebraska, to Ida Dienert, November, 1928; Remmer was the only member of the family present at the wedding. In 1923 Carl married Anna Schmidt at Deutschburg; two boys and one girl were born to them.


In 1928, Remmer went to Lincoln, Nebraska to work on the Burlington railroad. He married Rosetta Dienert, November 23, 1929; one child was born, Erma Jean.


Rosa married Sam Schliesser of Caranchua, November, 1922; they lived in Caranchua for several years. For the past eleven years, they have made their home at Atascosa, Texas.


In 1923 Frederick, Jr. joined a German liner and went to Hamburg, Bremen and Bremenhaven, Germany. For eleven years, he followed the life of the sea; sailed under the flags of the United States, Holland, Canada, Great Britain, German and France; circumnavigated the globe twice; reached the rank of Chief Quartermaster on the S. S. Pennsylvania and Panama Mail Steam Ship Company; was a student of aeronautical engineering; and attended Baylor University in 1935. For the past year, Frederick Jr. has been employed on his father's farm.


Paul, Harry and Remmer have been on the old home place for the past six years.


Mrs. Schmidt died November 11, 1934. Her family and the community have missed her gracious and kind influence.


In May, 1935 Selma returned home, after spending five years in Lincoln, Nebraska. Herman was graduated from the Lincoln High School in June, 1936.


For the past twenty-five years, Mr. Schmidt and family  have been cooperative in all civic, religious and educational activities in Deutschburg.




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