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1913          JOHS          1913


Erhardt Johs was born October 26, 1880, in Jalagons, Hunkarin, Austria-Hungary. He was educated to be a tinner and business administrator, having four years in commercial training and three years in business training. On March 13, 1904, he left Europe to come to the United States. The trip was made by the way of New York, Galveston and Los Angeles. On his arrival in New York, he received his first Citizenship Papers. Immediately on his arrival in Los Angeles, April 16, 1904, Mr. Johs went to work as a painter. Here he met and married Elizabeth Werz, formerly of Jalagons. They married April 13, 1905. In this city, a son, named John, was born in August, 1907.


Before Mr. Johs came to the United States, he traveled extensively in Europe. He visited in Rumania, Jugoslavia, Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary. Practically all the trips were made by boat.


In March 1909, Erhardt Johs and his family moved to Richardson, North Dakota. In May of the same year, their son, John, died. While they were in Richardson, three sons were born, named John, March 9, 1909; Joe, August 17, 1911; and Tony February 3, 1913.


In January, 1912, Mr. and Mrs. Erhardt Johs received their last Citizenship Papers, at Dickerson, North Dakota.


Mr. and Mrs. Johs and family moved to Deutschburg the seventeenth day of November, 1913. They made their first home in the building south of the school house. In this house were born Erich, May 30, 1915; Albert, Henry, and Alice. Later, they moved to the home now occupied by Mr. Paul Gerhard. In this new home, another boy, Frank, was born. A year later they bought the home that they live in now.


John Johs, the oldest boy, was graduated with highest honors from the Palacios High School in 1927. He received a three-hundred dollar scholarship. He attended Schriner College in Kerrville. He was graduated from this college in 1929. For the past seven years, John has been employed by the Humble Oil Company in Houston. At present he holds the responsible position of Office Manager over the Accounting Department. He married Ruby Neely, February 17, 1934. One child, named Patricia Ann, was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Johs.


Joe Johs, the second son, finished the Deutschburg School and immediately became interested in the ranching business. On November 1, 1931, he married Rosele Cavallin. At first they made their home in Deutschburg. Later, they moved to Olivia. In Olivia a girl, named Emma Jane Elizabeth, was born. After their return to Deutschburg, another girl, named Josephine Esabel, was born. Joe Johs is now farming in Deutschburg. He is, also in charge of a section of Mr. Jim Weed's ranch.


Tony, the third son, was graduated from the Yoakum High School in 1933. In June the following year, he joined the United States Navy where he is at present.


Erich, the fourth son, attended the Deutschburg junior high school. His interests are turned toward agriculture. At present he is farming for himself besides helping his father on the home place.


Albert, the fifth son, was graduated from the Palacios High School in June, 1935. At present he is classed as a sophomore in Rice Institute, Houston.


The other three children, Henry, Alice and Frank are classed in the Palacios High school as Senior, Sophomore and Freshman, respectively. Frank has done outstanding work in the Deutschburg School. Henry won first place in senior spelling at the Interscholastic Meet at Edna in 1935. Alice has been an active worker with the 4-H Club for several years.


For the twenty-three years that Mr. and Mrs. Erhardt Johs have resided in Deutschburg, their services have been outstanding. Mr. Johns has held such responsible positions as trustee of the school (for eighteen years), drainage commissioner (for fourteen years), and manager of the building of state property.


1920          RAMPMEIERS          1920


John Rampmeier was born January 12, 1872, in Schluchtern, Baden, Germany.


He came from a family of farmers. He attended the public school from the age of six to fourteen, finishing the eighth grade. From 14 to 16 years he attended the school for Brewers and Malsters. Then from 18 to 21 years of age he worked in the brewery. At the age of 21 years he entered the army, serving for two years in Mewhlhawsen in Alsasse Lorranse, on his discharge from the army, he returned to the brewery and worked there until 1896.


In the year 1896 he was united in marriage to Johanna Tritt of Ulumander County, Wurtenberg, Germany. The next six years of his life was spent working for the railroad in Old Heidelberg. Three children were born, two sons, Herman and Hans, and one daughter, Lena.


On April 11, 1904 he came to the United States, settling in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here he worked for a short time in San Antonio.


In 1913 he came to Deutschburg where he bought land. He returned to Minneapolis and again in 1915 he visited Deutschburg. This time he worked for a short time in San Antonio.


In the year 1907 he was saddened by the loss of his only daughter. A year later, August 13, his son, Alvin was born.


He came to Deutschburg September 24, 1920, and made his home. Farming has been his occupation ever since. Death called his life companion on July 30, 1931.


He and his entire family are of the Lutheran faith. He has up to this date been a resident of Deutschburg for sixteen years.


1926          CAVALLINS          1926


The family records show that in the year of 1926, in the month of October, when everything was set for the winter, after many years of roaming from place to place, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Cavallin and children decided to settle on a place of their own. Mr. Cavalin and his wife, Annie, discussed the proposition and after much consideration, bought the Manley-Sexton farm, a tract of 640 acres, in a rundown condition at the time.


With a willingness to make a home for themselves, they repaired and cleaned the place to make it habitable. In the following years, with the help of the children, Mr. and Mrs. Cavallin worked hard and made a fairly good crop, considering the new land and many difficulties to over come.


On September 29, 1928 their daughter, Laura, became ill from appendicitis had have to be operated.


In 1929, when very few people made anything on the farm, including their family, Mr. and Mrs. Cavallin got a two year oil lease on their land and as a result were able to meet their bills.


In 1930, Claude, an older son, underwent an operation for appendicitis.


On July 8, 1934, sorrow fell over the family when Mr. Cavallin, the leader, died. Mr. Cavallin was honorable man, a good supporter of his family, and, in community service, he held the position of trustee of the school.


Before Mr. Cavallin had passed on to his reward, he had started a fine, large barn, but the barn was never finished, because a storm struck and destroyed the unfinished structure in the middle of July, the same month that he passed away.


At present Mrs. Cavallin is still going on in her best way, hoping that some day her efforts will be rewarded. Of the 640 acres, 200 acres are being cultivated with a Farm-All tractor, a four-row outfit of the best quality.


There are four children at home now, out of a family of ten. The others are married and live nearly, except Clarence and his family who live in East Texas.


The prospects for crops this year are good.


Family Record of Births and Places:

Mr. John Cavallin, Kansas, January 31, 1881

Mrs. Annie Cavallin, Swede Home, Nebraska, October 18, 1883

Clarence , La Ward, January 14, 1902

Ellen, Olivia, November 13, 1904

Clyde, Ganado, November 7, 1907

Claud, Ganado, November 7, 1907

Laura, Ganado, January 22, 1910

Calvin, Ganado, November 9, 1909

Rosalee, Ganado, April 2, 1914

Frances, Ganado

Ivan, Palacios

Mable, Palacios


At present Julian L. Rogers who came from the Rio Grande Valley is assisting Mrs. Cavallin on the farm. Julian has been a good citizen, being agreeable and friendly with the people of the community.



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