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1927          NEUSZERS          1927

John Neuszer was born October 26, 1861 in Neutitschen of Seitindorf in Austria. He came from a family of farmers. He attended the public school there from the age of six to eleven years. At the age of eleven years he came to America with his father and mother. They landed at New Orleans, thence to Weimer, where they engaged in farming for eight years.


At thirteen he prepared ground, planted, cultivated and harvested a crop of 10 acres of cotton and corn. This crop was made with a yoke of oxen.


Pen money was made by doing odd jobs for neighbors. He picked cotton by moonlight through one cotton season, and the money derived from this labor was used to buy a cow. This cow was the basis of a large herd.


From Weimer the family moved to Fayette County and from here they moved to Lavaca County.


In 1886 he was united in marriage to Charlotte Dreyer. Two sons were born to this union, Otto and Henry. Death claimed his wife in 1891 and a few months later he son Henry followed her in death. He then allowed his other son Otto to be adopted by the Martins of San Antonio. Mr. Neuszer's health being slightly impaired, he went to Shiner, Texas. Here he followed the butcher's trade for several years.


Later he moved to Cuero, in DeWitt County, where he bought land and farmed for several years.


On November 24, 1897 he was united in marriage to Catherine Hester of Cuero, Texas, DeWitt County. Their first child, a girl, was born August 3, 1899, dying at birth. On September 8, 1900 another girl was born, also dying at birth. Then June 25, 1903 a son, Leo was born. Another son, William, was born, April 23, 1906. Three years later a daughter, Rubye was born March 1, 1909.


He then engaged in the real estate business besides farming on a small scale. For sometime he made his home at Pilgrim, Texas in Gonzales County. He and his family then moved to Orange Grove, Jim Wells County, here he owned and operated a large ranch for several years. He moved to Sandia in the same county where he farmed for five years. From there he moved to Mathis, Texas, San Patricio County. A few years later he moved back to Sandia to engage in the truck farming business again.


The year 1921 found him and his family moving to Sample, Texas, Gonzales County, where he farmed for six years, besides carrying on real estate business.


On January 23, 1927 he and his family moved to Deutschburg where he continued his real estate business and farming.


Mr. Neuszer is of the Catholic faith. He has been to date a resident of Deutschburg for ten years.


At present his daughter Rubye and her husband, Alvin Rampmeier and their son Kenneth are making their home with Mr. and Mrs. Neuszer. The two families are noted for their cooperative community spirit.

1927          BROCKERS          1927

Amelia Hanzelka Brocker was born January 19, 1901, at Shiner, Texas; moved with her parents to Baylor County and here entered her first school; lived in Baylor County five years; moved to a farm near Yoakum; attended school at the Beasley School and the Convent at Shiner; quit school at the age of fourteen years; finished the fifth grade. She had many friends and relatives who made her life happy. She married J. V. Brocker in Koerth, Texas, at the Catholic church, January 10, 1927 where he was honored by a large crowd attending the wedding, the numbers running to 300 or more, barbecue being served to everyone and a dance being held until 2:00 a. m. She moved to Deutschburg to join her husband in the ranching business. Here she has been an active member of the 4-H club, civic and educational activities. As a home maker she is not to be excelled; her interest in keeping the surrounding of the home is shown by the well-kept yards, the fruit orchard and the garden.


Joseph Virgil Brocker was born February 14, 1901, near Koerth, Texas; went to live in Koerth at the age of one year, where his father was a merchant; at the age of seven entered the Gephart school; entered St. Mary's College at San Antonio in his sixth year of school; made his home in Koerth until he was eighteen; moved to Jackson County where he made his home with his brother until he was twenty-five years old. He then went to Collegeport where he was field foreman for the Collegeport Rice and Irrigation Company for three years; and moved to Deutschburg in 1926 where he has resided ever since. Shortly after his marriage to Amelia Hanzelka, he moved from the Kopnisky farm to the Jordan-Campbell place, and from there the couple moved to the old Wilrodt place where they have been for the past five years. Mr. Brocker has been trustee of the school for two terms. In education and social activity Mr. Brocker is known for his quiet and unassuming manner in getting the work done.


For short periods at a time, Jeff Meinke has made his home with the Brockers, assisting in ranching.


1929           GILLASPIES          1929


Mr. and Mrs. B. Gillaspie moved to Deutschburg in 1929. After four years of residence here they moved away. Again they moved to the community in 1926. The children Lillard, Dorothy and Otho Lee have all attended the Deutschburg School. In May, 1926, Dorothy was graduated from the grammar grades here. Otho Lee is now in the third grade. Dorothy and Otho Lee took part in the Edna Centennial Fair; Dorothy represented Miss Texas and Otho Lee a French pioneer. Both the pupils are well mannered and studious. The family has given their loyal support in the school work and other activities. They have expressed their pleasure of the Community Fair held April 30, 1936. Dorothy showed a kind and unprejudiced manner toward all the school children; her attitude toward her teacher was right. Many of her friends will miss her, as she will leave for the Palacios High School where she will be classed as a Freshman next year.




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