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1932          POLIFKAS          1932


Charles William Polifka was born November 5, 1875 at Donnerwitz, Austria, a suburb of Vienna. When two years of age he was brought to this county by his parents, landing at New York City and going to Ellis County, Kansas. Here he met Pauline Karlin when both were but children. On February 5, 1903 they were married and settled in Raton, New Mexico, where he was head hostler of the important Santa Fe shops. In 1909 Mr. Polifka was stricken with Bright's disease and was confined to the Santa Fe Hospital in Topeka, Kansas. Upon his discharge, one year after entering the hospital, he was ordered to move to South Texas. He had bought land in Deutschburg in October, 1910, and when he came to Texas he decided this was too small and rented a farm near Blessing. After farming here for nine years he with his family of five children, moved to Watsonville, California. Here he worked for the Granite Rock and Construction Company until failing health again forced him to return to Texas. He arrived in Palacios September 27, 1932, and immediately began improving his farm in Deutschburg. November 28, 1932, he, his wife, and youngest son moved on their farm and have since been living a quiet, peaceful life making their living farming cotton and corn, making hay and raising cattle, chickens and turkeys.


Pauline Polifka was born in Ellis County, Kansas, August 29, 1883. She was the daughter of the first immigrant county commissioner, Jacob Karlin. After marrying Charles Polifka she has always been the helping and devoted wife. Mr. and Mrs. Prolifka raised five children, Leo, born April 14, 1904; Helen, born November 12, 1905; Joseph, born October 4, 1907; Karl, born December 1, 1910; and Frank, born May 19, 1913.


Leo Polifka was graduated as valedictorian from Blessing High School in 1921. That summer he was sent to Watsonville, California, where he attended high school for one year and was graduated as the highest ranking boy and sixth highest in the class in June 1922. He was employed by the Granite Rock Company until the time of his death, February 10, 1923.


Helen Polifka attended school in Blessing, Texas, and Watsonville, California. She met Lewis Letternich in 1924 and became his wife June 16, 1926. She is the mother of a boy, Lewis, Jr., and a girl, Rose Mary.


Joseph Polifka attended school in Blessing, Texas, Watsonville, California, and Santa Cruz, California, where he was graduated from high school with honors June 16, 1926. He later attended the University of California at Berkeley where he studied mechanical engineering and received his B. S. degree May 11, 1934. He is now an engineer for the United States Department of Agriculture.


Karl Polifka attended school in Blessing, Texas, and Watsonville, California. During the time he attended high school in Watsonville, California, he became one of the best football players in his high school league. After graduating with honors from high school he attended the University of California and the University of Texas. He was married to Helen Gregg, October 18, 1931. He has completed three years of pre-medical work and intends to finish and receive his M. D. degree.


Frank Polika attended school in Blessing, Texas, and Watsonville, California. He was graduated with honors from high school and later attended the University of California for one semester. In 1932 he returned to Texas with his parents. In September, 1935 he registered in Texas A. & M. College to resume his studies. He is now classed as a sophomore.


In school and civic activities the Polifkas have always been loyal supporters. Mrs. Polifka is known for her fine pastries. Several times she has received prizes for cakes at school fairs. Her contributions to worthy causes will long be remembered.



1934          LITTLETONS          1934


John William and Laura Viola Littleton moved to Deutschburg, January 27, 1934. They bought twenty acres from Wymer Richardson and Company. Since they came they have purchased eleven cows and four horses.


The first year, they were very successful, raising 235 turkeys and 600 chickens. The second year, due to heavy rains, they were able to raise only 16 turkeys and 100 chickens. Mrs. Littleton is skillful in handling an incubator. In the past year, she took 200 chickens from the incubator for the people of the community besides a great number for herself.


Mr. and Mrs. Littleton are active members of the social and school life of the community. Mrs. Littleton is a member of the 4-H club, a reporter for news to the Edna Herald and sponsor for the Girls' 4-H Club plays. These new comers will long be remembered for the gracious and kind favors they have extended the school.




Settlers of Deutschburg whose history at present can not be obtained.


The Salsbury family--Nebraska farmers.

Hill Stayton--Edna rancher.

John Evers--Nebraska farmer.

The Knopp Family--Texas farmers.

Atwater family--New Mexico miners.

Charles Thatcher and family--Nebraska railroad employee.

Chadwick--Nebraska blacksmith.

Mason family--Civil engineer of Pennsylvania.

Tschersich family--Farmers.

Moore Family--Miners.

Hurta family--Texas Miners.

Kopnisky family--Texas miners and musicians.

Sexton family--Bay City ranchers.

Leonard family--Austria blacksmith.

Kunover--New Mexico miner.

Egger--Montana rancher.

Charlie Jurcheck--New Mexico miner.

Zaplata--Austria miners.

Louis Vrana and family--Farmers.

Mr. and Mrs. John Hillyard--Farmers.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Baltazar and family--Farmers.




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