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By Rev. A. E. Flathmann


Dr. Hermann Gerhard and the early settlers who founded the Deutschburg Community were Christian of the Lutheran faith. Religious worship was conducted in the schoolhouse of the new settlement; Dr. Gerhard, who had been a Lutheran pastor in Wisconsin, conducted the services for a few years. He, however, urged the founding of a congregation; and on December 27, 1913, the ST. PAUL'S Evangelical Lutheran Congregation was organized; a constitution was adopted and Elders were elected. The following members signed the constitution: John F. Evers, Fredrich Schmidt, Diedrich Schmidt, Henry Schuette, Wm. Schliesser, Fritz Rodo, Dr. Herman Gerhard, Heinrich Schmidt, Will C. Paulson, Wm. Sasse, F. W. Schmidt, H. Rodo, Erwin Gerhard, Sam Schliesser, Paul J. Gerhard, Fritz Eloge. The first Board of Elders were Henry Schuette, Fritz Schmidt, John Evers. In its constitution, the Congregation confesses the Holy Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God and the Lutheran Church Confessions as the correct setting forth of Bible truth. The newly-founded congregation applied for pastoral services to the Lutheran Synod of Iowa and other states (now the American Lutheran Church). The first pastor to serve the congregation was Pastor J. P. Franke of Rosenberg, Texas; he conducted his first service on January 25, 1914; in this service, the first Board of Elders were inducted into their office. Other members, later settlers who joined the Congregation included John Rampmeier, B. Biere, M. Dietz. The congregation received monthly pastoral services; the following pastors have served since its founding: Rev. J. P. Franke of Rosenberg; Rev. W. Wolf of El Campo; Rev. T. J. Roth of Ganado; Rev. R. C. Albert of El Campo; Rev. A. C. Koeppe of Ganado; and Rev. A. E. Flathmann of Ganado. In the course of years, many of the Lutheran settlers have moved away from Deutschburg; the remaining members have joined the St. James Lutheran Church of Ganado; and Pastor Flathmann of Ganado is now conducting services twice each month in the Deutschburg School House, on the first and third Sundays of each month. Everyone is cordially invited to attend these services.




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May 4, 2007
May 4, 2007