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Dr. Robert Holmes Chinn



Dr. Robert Holmes Chinn

Robert Holmes Chinn was graduated from medical school in Louisiana in 1845. He came to Texas and settled in the eastern part of Matagorda County. In 1856 he married Mrs. Ann Taliferro Thompson, a widow with three daughters. Dr. and Mrs. Chinn had one child of their own, Richard Taliferro Chinn. Richard was born on Caney in 1857 and died in 1929. He never married.

The name of Dr. R. H. Chinn appears on the Matagorda County Muster Roll of the Caney Mounted Rifles, a military company organized during the Civil War. The company belonged to the cavalry arm of the service. Dr. Chinn is listed as a private, together with three other doctorsóDr. J. R. Thompson, Dr. H. L. Rugeley and Dr. Thomas Thompson.

Dr. and Mrs. Chinn were both buried in the family cemetery on Old Caney. Their home has long been gone and there are no markers on the graves. The medical diploma of Dr. Robert Holmes Chinn is on display at the Matagorda County Museum.

Richard T. "Dick" Chinn
Son of Dr. Robert Holmes Chinn & Ann Taliferro Thompson Chinn

27 Jun 1857 - 1929
Baptized at Christ Church, Matagorda
28 Sep 1861


Buried at Cedarvale Cemetery,
Bay City, Texas


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