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Dr. Erastus S. Darling



Erastus S. Darling, A. M., LL. B., M. D.

Dr. Darling was born in Ontario, Canada, February 10, 1872. [He was the son of John Darling and Catherine E. Copper Darling]. He pursued his studies in Canada until reaching his majority. Graduating at the Victoria College of Toronto, Canada, he received his degree of Bachelor of Arts, after which he followed the lecture platform for two years, lecturing on popular scientific subjects. He next pursued a post graduate course in the New York University, studying philosophy and Christian evidences as special work, and with this excellent training he took up the study of law in the University of Minnesota, where he remained during the years 1895 and a1896, graduating in the two years' course. During the year 1897 the doctor occupied the rostrum as lecturer. In his Bachelor of Arts degree he took honor work in English literature and history, and in 1898 entered the Indiana Medical College at Indianapolis, where he graduated with the class of 1903. After spending a short time in that city as a physician he located in North Liberty, Indiana, where he has ever since continued in the practice of medicine. He has a fine library of fifteen hundred volumes, and is a gentleman of profound education and research, admirably fitted for the work to which he is devoting his life. He is a man whom to know is to respect and honor. he was one of the leading factors in the establishment of the lecture bureau in North Liberty, and is serving as president of the association. Fraternally Dr. Darling is a member of the American Medical Association, and is a Mason and a member of the Knights of Pythias and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Since the above compilation the doctor has purchased property in the coming greatest steel city of the United States, Gary, Indiana, and has located there to practice his profession. This wonderful city is calling for brains, enterprise and energy and men with such equipment are fast becoming citizens of this coming city. 
History of St. Joseph County [Indiana] by Timothy Edward Howard c 1907, Pages 982-983

Erastus S. Darling


Warkworth Cemetery
Northumberland County
Ontario, Canada

Photo courtesy of
Norma Darling


Additional Information

Dr. Darling was registered at Hotel Collegeport on March 14, 1910, April 8, 1910, April 25, 1910

Dr. Darling was living in Collegeport when the 1910 census was enumerated.



Officers Were Elected and Much Business Transacted.
A Large Attendance was Present.

The announcement that the election of League officers would take place on Friday evening, April 22nd brought out a record attendance.

Polls were open from 6:30 to 8:00 and after ascertaining that dues were paid Secretary Clapp produced the official ballot for the occasion. The vote for president and secretary was fairly solid for returning the old incumbents, but beyond this the slate seemed to be largely wanting. A large variety of names were nominated, showing that Collegeport Industrial League has plenty of men who are judge capable to fill the offices.

After the tellers had counted the result and the smoke of battle had cleared away somewhat, the result was read as follows; President, H. N. Sholl, Vice-president, W. H. Travis; Secretary, H. A. Clapp; Treasurer, S. A. Darling; Fifth Director, L. E. Liggett.

President Sholl then called the meeting to order for the transaction of regular business, when various committees reported. E. C. Van Ness reported on fire extinguishers, recommending the Babcock of various sizes. The committee on Club house reported variously, two plans being submitted, neither of which were adopted, the committee being given more time. Some discussion arose as to the location, the bay front, the city park and a central business location all having devotees.

The committee on the incorporation of the town reported no progress, having completed the duties required of them at the last meeting. This committee was discharged and a committee consisting of Messrs. Clapp, Darling and Gaumer was appointed to get out the petition and proceed with the election.

Collegeport Chronicle, Volume 1 COLLEGEPORT, MATAGORDA COUNTY , TEXAS , THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1910



President, W. H. Travis,

Vice-President, L. E. Liggett,

Secretary, Harry Austin Clapp,

Director, M. L. Herbage,


House, H. A. Clapp, Chairman,

Entertainment, E. S. Darling, Chairman

The Collegeport Chronicle  August 4, 1910


Dr. Darling died in 1931 and was buried with his family at Warkworth, Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada


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