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Rains are abundant and did but little damage. Cane and cotton doing fine. Rice is coming up all o. k. Oats are in excellent condition and it is claimed that will yield 40 bushels per acre.

Mr. Plummer from Illinois is building an up to date bungalow on the west bank of the Trespalacios. He will plant oranges and figs.

Prof. Harwell left Monday for his old home in Illinois on a business trip.

L. W. Hill has a crew of 12 men gathering his crop of Bermuda onions.

Our community telephone company is busy setting poles for our phone line.

Health of community is fine, no sickness of any kind reported.

Protracted meeting begins Sunday at Ashby. Brother Chambers conducting services.

The colored people reaped a bountiful harvest in their two week's meeting: the comet helping.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 3, 1910

Dunbar Dots

Prairie Centerites are the proud owners of a beautiful new organ.

Peach trees in full bloom this 25th day of Jan. What about our northern friends? Can you boast of anything half so nice? It's the truth just the same, if you are from Mo., call at the C. W. Morgan farm and "we'll show you."

Harley Viets was the guest of Frank Snedaker several days last week.
When a man leaves the house to attend a temperance lecture with his wife's coat instead of his own overcoat and doesn't know the reason he can’t get into it, when he weighs 200 lbs and she only 90, we really believe he needs to hear temperance lectures and heed them. Of course, Mr. Dunbar couldn't wear the coat.

Mesdames Ifland, M. M. Johnson, Geo. Johnston and Morgan are attending the Sunday School Convention at Bay City this week. A full report will be given next week.

Mr. Monniger's sale was well attended by both ladies and gentlemen Tuesday. Everything brought a good price especially the chickens which brought 75 cents a piece for hens, and cockerels, $1 up to $1.10. Mr. and Mrs. Monniger left Wednesday morning for Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Viets went to El Campo for a visit with friends last Saturday expecting to return Sunday. On account of the inclement weather they did not return until Tuesday. They report enjoying themselves very much and think the country around El Campo is hard to beat.

Mr. and Mrs. Monniger were very agreeably surprised last Friday night by the Dunbar church people. Each one brought their share of the luncheon; at the usual hour sandwiches, cake, apples and candy were served.

On Saturday night the Prairie Center crowd took their market baskets and assembled at the same place to enjoy themselves once more before Mr. Monniger and family returned to their old home in Pa. Both nights were thoroughly enjoyed by all and many were the good wishes left them by their friends. About 50 were there Friday night and nearly 40 Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Monniger were the best of neighbors and all were sorry to lose these good people from our vicinity, but wish them good luck in their future home.

Little Mable Morgan is visiting Mable Snedaker, while her mama attends the Sunday School Convention in Bay City.

The temperance lecture given by Mr. C. W. Dunn, from Houston at the Dunbar churchhouse was a rare treat and those who were not there certainly missed a grand sermon.

A large crowd of ladies were out to the W. C. T. U. meeting which was held at the home of the president, Mrs. R. A. Snedaker last Wednesday afternoon. This being a called meeting no special program was prepared, but the business was taken up and gone through with at once, also roll call was responded to by scripture verses on repentance. Two new members were gained at this meeting. At the close Mrs. Snedaker served a delicious lunch.

The Palacios Beacon Supplement, January 27, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Everyone appreciated that fine rain last week, especially those who were fortunate enough to have their corn planted.

E. O. Ellis has been feasting on strawberries for a month.

We extend congratulations to J. E. Pierce and bride.

C. B. Viets and family called on G. W. Johnston and family Tuesday evening.

Only two more weeks of school, unless we have another month; here's hoping we do.

Clarence Ottoway, wife and son were guests of R. A. Phillips Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morgan and daughter ate a delicious dinner at C. B. Viets Sunday.

Miss Dessie Johnson visited Friday and Saturday with Dora Smith.

Mrs. R. A. Phillips and daughter, Lillian, called on Mrs. Viets Tuesday.

Mrs. W. H. Holman called on Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Sponeaman Saturday.

Misses Dora Smith and Dessie Johnson called on Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Morgan Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Hutchinson, who recently arrived from New York, has begun building on his 16 acres he bought on the boulevard. His wife will soon arrive and they will enjoy the "sweet sunny south." We welcome them to our community.

Chas. Percival spent Sunday with Walter and Leslie Johnston.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Snedaker were guests of Mr. Tippit Sunday.

The program given Friday night at the school house under the auspices of the W. C. T. U. was well rendered and a large crowd attended. This program was given as memorial to Francis Willard. The music was grand, especially the solo by Lillian Phillips. This young lady is not six years old and does her own playing for her songs. The young ladies of the No. 2 Sunday school class sold candy and popcorn balls, which they made and cleared $3.09. The whole affair was a grand success, and we hope for more such times.

Palacios Beacon, March 3, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Mrs. R. A. Snedaker was a Palacios visitor last Saturday.

Several refreshing showers fell last week. It certainly looks like bounteous crops this year.

C. A. Viets and family were guests of Mrs. DeBolt Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ifland and mother, Mrs. Hummer, called at the Theiss home Sunday evening.

The school election which was held last Saturday for the purpose of electing one trustee, was quite well attended. 20 votes were cast, the majority being in favor of Everett DeBolt, who will be in office we understand for 3 years.

R. T. Phillips and family spent Sunday evening at the Smith Brothers farm.

Miss Dora Smith is visiting her sister, Mrs. E. A. Sanford, at Pearland, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Johnston and family and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Morgan and daughter were entertained at the M. M. Johnson home last Sunday. A delicious dinner was served and only those who have eaten at this beautiful home can testify that Mrs. Johnson and daughters are mighty fine cooks. After dinner, singing was participated in with Miss Edith Johnson at the piano. These people are mighty good people and the best of entertainers.

Mr. and Mrs. Klingbeil and Mr. and Mrs. Best from the Ohio Colony, Mrs. Law from Blessing, Miss Lerena Ifland and brother, Loyd, from Dunbar and Misses Clark, Nettie and Gladys Leaman called on the M. M. Johnson family Sunday afternoon.

Don't forget Friday, April 8, "Gideons Band," or class No. 2, of our Sunday School will meet with Miss May Anderson for the purpose of electing officers for the coming three months. Each member of the class should and is expected to be present as this is our regular business meeting. Visitors are welcome.

Last Thursday morning ____ our W. C. T. U. ladies, who are Mrs. Mary Snedaker, Pres.; Mrs. Mollie Johnson, Secretary; and Mrs. Cora Ifland, Treasurer; and Mrs. Ellen Morgan, boarded the train at the beautiful little green spot named Pheasant for Markham, where as last week stated they went to organize a new union. These ladies were met at Blessing by Mrs. Mary Johnson and Mrs. Theiss also members of the same union. They proceeded on their way and was met at Markham by Rev. Chambers, who escorted them to his parsonage where they were entertained until 10 o'clock, when they were taken to the church,  where several ladies of this little town had gathered eagerly waiting to be enlisted in the fight against the dreadful foe that is trying to take our state, the liquor traffic. The president took charge of the meeting and organized a union of six members. While the union is not large they have the sympathy of this little town and as the business men there have a district organization for temperance, we predict great success for these women who have taken upon themselves to do something for the benefit of their fellow men. After organizing they were invited to a delicious picnic dinner which the ladies had brought with them and spread upon the platform. The time was limited after dinner as the train left at 5:20, but they visited the millinery department of Mrs. Barber and certainly saw a beautiful display of handsome hats. The day was all too short and the ladies reluctantly took their departure for home. But for one thing these ladies could have said they had the best time of their lives and that was the misfortune that befell Mrs. Theiss in losing her pocket book which contained over five dollars. We truly hope she will be fortunate enough to find her money as five dollars isn't picked up every day.

Palacios Beacon, April 7, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Rev. Chambers and family visited several days last week in this neighborhood.

Hear about our new church. It's coming soon.

Sunday School class No. 2 or Gideon's Band, met at the home of Mae Anderson last Friday evening and enjoyed a first class business meeting. The following officers were elected: Hassal Hargis, pres.; LaRena Ifland, vice pres.; Mae Anderson, sec'y.; Edith Johnson, treas.;
new members committee were Ina Johnston, Nettie Leaman and Letcher Hargis; absentee committee, Lloyd Ifland, Walter Johnston and Gladys Leamen; social committee, Mrs. Morgan; Ruth Snedeker and Lorena Ifland. These officers will hold for three months. Roy Leaman and Miss Clark were visitors of the class. The next meeting will be held at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Morgan.

Mrs. Ruby Borden and little son are visiting her mother, Mrs. N. S. Nail.

Mrs. G. W. Johnston is enjoying a visit with her sister and family from Nebraska this week.

Mrs. R. E. Snedaker visited with Mrs. Nail Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Nail and daughter, Mrs. Borden called on Mrs. Morgan Thursday afternoon.

C. W. Morgan has just erected a new galvanized iron cistern.

Mr. and Mrs. Nail took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Weimer Sunday.

Don't forget the egg rolling Saturday at the store.

The Ladies, of Blessing W. C. T. U. held a matrons contest Thursday night at the Prairie Center school house.

Preparations are being made for a good Easter program to be given Easter night at the Prairie Center school house. Don't forget the date.

G. W. Johnston and family and relatives from Nebraska were Palacios visitors Thursday.

Palacios Beacon, April 14, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Lumber is being hauled for the new church, which we hope to dedicate Children's day.

Another 4 inch rain came down slowly but surely Tuesday and Wednesday. This rain was not needed, but the ground absorbed it all which may be needed in the future.

Don't forget the picnic at Tide Haven May 1.

C. W. Morgan and family, M. M. Johnson and family and Rev. Chambers and family ate a delicious dinner at C. F. Ifland Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Phillips spent Monday afternoon at Viets.

A. J. Tippit has sold his farm, the owner will take possession soon, consideration $12,000. We have not learned where Mr. Tippitt expects to locate.

Mrs. T. D. Borden left Monday for her home in Houston after visiting two weeks with her parents Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Nail.

Dewberry season is gone rather early this year.

Several members returned to Sunday school Sunday after some delay. We hope to see everybody out next Sunday, altho we are a little crowded, but will find room for all.

Rev. Chambers and family visited several days last week in this neighborhood.

This neighborhood was shocked last Sunday evening upon hearing of the sudden and untimely death of Earl James. He was taken sick Saturday morning, but thinking his condition was not serious, the doctor was not summoned until Saturday night, when Earl seemed worse. Dr. Moore was called, finding the boy in much pain, the doctor decided an operation was necessary at once, and returned to Palacios to get Drs. Wagner and Elliott, who operated on the lad Sunday afternoon. Earl's condition was such that no physician could help and he answered the Master's calling at 6 p. m., Sunday. The doctors pronounced it acute appendicitis. Joseph Earl James was born in Bosque county, Texas, 1899, and died at his home near Palacios, April 23, 1911, being 13 years of age at the time of his death. Earl was a bright, lovable christian boy and will be greatly missed by all who knew him. He leaves a mother, father and brother to mourn his departure, besides other relatives and friends. A sister preceded him to the glory world some time ago and today they are walking had in hand on the golden streets. The remains were taken to Hawley cemetery for burial. Rev. Israel, of Palacios, spoke a few words at the grave. We extend our sincere sympathy to the bereaved family and point them to Him who heals all our wounds.

Dear Earl thou hast left us
   And thy loss we deeply feel,
It is God who has bereft us.
   He can all our sorrows heal.

Palacios Beacon, April 28, 1911

Earl, the twelve year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. James, of this city, died Sunday evening at 6 o'clock. His illness was of short duration having been taken sick on the preceding Friday. The funeral was held Monday afternoon, and the remains laid to rest at the Hawley burying ground. The sympathy of all the people of this city goes out to the sorrowing family in their loss and affliction.

Palacios Beacon, April 28, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Leo Johnston ate dinner Sunday with Master Lloyd Ifland.

A dance was held at the home of Mrs. Hargis last Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis called on Mrs. Coulman Sunday p. m.

Mrs. Ifland and children, Mrs. E. Johnson and Mrs. Morgan were guests of Mrs. H. C. Hunt of Palacios, Thursday evening.

Next Sunday preaching at Prairie Center by Rev. Israel.

A little rain could be used to soften the crust that has formed since the last rains.

Mrs. Ray expects to leave next Sunday for Cripple Creek, Colo., her former home. Mrs. Ray has spent 6 months in this Gulf Coast country visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. Wilson, and getting her place put in order with expectations of returning with her husband, Dr. Ray, this fall. Her friends here will certainly welcome them should they decide to move here.

Miss Shoemaker from Palacios spent Sunday with Anna Daniels.

Misses Florence and Minnie Wood and brothers, Master Sam and John, are visiting with Mrs. C. W. Morgan a couple of weeks while their mother, Mrs. J. M. Wood is visiting in Kansas.

Preparations are being made for an entertainment Children's Day at the church.

Mrs. Chas. Bump and mother spent last Tuesday with Mrs. Geo. Johnston and Mrs. Ellen Morgan.

Sunday school and church was held in the new church Sunday. Sixty-two were present and everyone personally interested in the work of our Master. We feel sure others could come if they would only use God's day as he intended it to be used. Come out everybody and help us and we will send the best Sunday school monthly report in the county to our president, Mr. Dunn.

Palacios Beacon, May 19, 1911

Dunbar Dots
(Crowded out last week)

Rev. Chambers and wife visited several days in this neighborhood this week.

The presiding elder, Bro. Alexander, preached a very interesting sermon to a large audience Sunday night in the new church. The music by the orchestra was very much appreciated by all.

Mr. Sowle is looking quite happy, having recently received a letter from his wife, stating that she and son would soon arrive from Illinois to enjoy the cool breeze from the gulf.

Mr. E. Johnson is expecting his parents and sister from Kansas soon.

We have not had very good service over our phone line lately. The trustees were instructed to investigate which they did and after considerable work and close watching, informed the company the line seemed very much alive, and the only trouble they could find was too many "sparks" flying on the south end, every morning and night. Just what will be done has not been decided, but we think the only remedy is disconnection.

We sometimes wonder how any young lady can conscientiously stand at the phone an hour or less, and listen to a young man at the other end of the line, say things that are sickening to people whom she thinks are below her dignity to notice. If she was the lady she wants to be she would either talk common sense, or hang up her receiver and quit; there is such a thing as having to talk whether you want to or not to a certain extent when you are in company with a person, but in talking over the phone you don't have to listen unless you want to.

The union picnic held in Herbage's grove near the Tres Palacios river last Wednesday was one long to be remembered. 200 people came from Collegeport, as these people were the originators of the picnic. They certainly did their part in making it what it was, a grand success. Palacios, Ohio Colony, Blessing, Prairie Center, Ashby and Dunbar Sunday school were also out in full force. A miscellaneous program was given after the bountiful dinner had been served, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We wish to thank especially the ladies of the Blessing W. C. T. U., who so charmingly entertained us with their contest readings. These ladies are doing one of the grandest works of any union in the county, having held 6 silver contests in the last year, creating public sentiment along prohibition in every possible place. Chairman, Dr. Dunn, turned the program over to Collegeport, who had planned for sports. Sack races and foot races were indulged in for a while and then Dunbar and Blessing entertained with a ball game, ending in favor of Blessing. At 4 o'clock the people began to depart for their various homes. However a motion was made to return again next year at the same place.

Palacios Beacon, June 23, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Mrs. R. T. Phillips and daughter, Lillian ate dinner with the DeBolt family Sunday.

Miss Edith Shoemaker visited her sister, Mrs. Will Daniels Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Snedaker and Mrs. Geo. Johnston were Palacios visitors Wednesday.

R. T. Phillips has helped his mother, Mrs. Parkens, of Blessing the last few Sundays. Mrs. Parkens is manager of the Blessing hotel and certainly needs Ray's assistance.

Mrs. H. C. Hammer? left Wednesday morning for her home in California. Mrs. C. Ifland and her daughter accompanied her as far as Rosenberg.

Mrs. G. W. Johnston and Mrs. Coulman visited with Mrs. E. Johnson Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnston and daughters, Dessie and Edith and Mr. and Mrs. Coulman ate a delicious dinner at R. A. Snedaker's Sunday and attended the pro. lecture given by Rev. Israel at Prairie Center in the afternoon.

Miss Minnie Viets spent Monday and Tuesday with Miss Lillian Phillips.

Charley Viets shipped a carload of hay this week.

A full house greeted Rev. Israel Sunday afternoon at Prairie Center, where he delivered one of the best sermons on "Why Prohibition is better than the local option," ever listened to.

Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnson were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Brown Sunday.

Next Thursday, July 27, is the date of the annual Sunday School Convention at Hawley church. Everybody will be there, so don't forget the date.

Those who enjoyed the camping at Grand View Bay from Tuesday until Friday of last week, chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, were Misses Rebah Clark, Edith Johnson, Nettie and Gladys Leaman, Dessie Johnson, Ira Johnston, Ruth Snedaker and Lakena Ifland; Messrs. George Anderson, David Sowle, Hassel and Letcher Hargis, Loyd Ifland, Warren Snedaker, Walter Johnston and Allen James. These young people compose the young people's class in our Sunday School and Mrs. Morgan is their teacher. This outing will long be remembered by all, as the most pleasant trip of the season.

The Palacios Beacon, July 21, 1911

Dunbar Dots

There were 64 present at the Christmas exercises Saturday night. It was a very disagreeable night as it was raining, but everyone enjoyed themselves, after once there.

Mr. and Mrs. Couleman, Mr. and Mrs. Haines, Elmer Johnson and family, Mr. Wright and Mr. Spencer spent Christmas day with Carl Ifland.

Miss Ina Johnston entertained a few of her friends Sunday.

S. A. Nail and family and Lewis Knight and family took Xmas dinner at Mrs. DeBolts.

Rev. Yockey filled his regular appointment at Dunbar Sunday.

C. B. Viets ate a delicious dinner last Sunday at Clarence Ottoways.

The three Misses Shumakers, Lovering and Jack Danniels spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Harrison.

A number of Miss Nettie Leaman's friends gave her a pleasant surprise Thursday evening in honor of her sixteenth birthday.

Benjamin, Will and Florence Leaman spent Xmas with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Leaman.

Paul Johnson, Walter Leaman, Clifford Clark and Mr. Craig returned Thursday from a two weeks hunt on Caney. They were successful in killing three deer.

Palacios Beacon, December 27, 1911

Dunbar Dots

Mr. C. B. Viets and family spent Wednesday evening at J. E. Raulerson's.

Sunday the 23rd is the regular preaching day at Dunbar. A short Easter program will be given before services in the evening, Easter services commencing at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Votaw left Saturday night for Angleton to look at land, returning Tuesday.

Mrs. Claude Nail visited her parents from Thursday till Saturday, returning with her husband’s family who went to Buckeye for a short visit.

Lloyd Ifland and sister Clara came out to Dunbar Saturday morning. In the afternoon while Lloyd was attempting to catch his pony by the mane she playfully wheeled about and left the marks of her hoof print on his face.

Mr. C. W. Morgan met Mrs. Marshall and daughter at Pheasant switch Saturday afternoon; on arriving at the residence they were some what surprised to find a quilting bee, which had been previously planned by Mrs. Morgan. Owing to the day being so chilly there was not a very large attendance. Those present were Mesdames Ifland, Johnson, Ellis, Coulman, Viets, Snedaker, Johnston, Morgan, Weaver and Wilson; the visiting guests were Mrs. Marshall and daughter, of Blessing, and Miss Nora Viets, of Kansas.

Mr. and Mrs. Viets and Miss Viets visited with friends at Hotel Blessing Monday of this week.

Sunday Ira and Dora Smith entertained the Viets and Snedaker families.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Morgan and Mrs. Marshall and daughter spent Sunday at Chas. Bump’s.

Mrs. S. J. Thompson, who formerly lived on the Tres Palacios, but on account of her health has been residing in Palacios for the winter, is visiting at M. M. Johnson’s a few weeks before leaving for the north to join her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. King, of Nebraska, visited Friday and Saturday at the M. M. Johnson home. Mr. King has recently purchased property in the Danevang settlement.

Palacios Beacon Supplement, Friday, March 21, 1913

Dunbar Dots

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Viets entertained C. W. Morgan and family Saturday.

The Misses Pearl and Ida DeBolt are visiting at home this week, also Miss Rose Dannels is visiting her parents.
Miss Dora Smith left Saturday for Pearland to visit her sister.

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Coulman called at the home of C. B. Viets Monday afternoon.

Mr.and Mrs. R.  A. Snedaker called at the Markham home Sunday afternoon.

Geo. W. Johnston and family visited their daughter at Buckeye Tuesday.

Paul Johnson departed Saturday for north Texas where he expects to spend the summer.

Mrs. C. W. Morgan and mother Mrs. Weaver spent Tuesday afternoon at the Snedaker home.

Mr. C. F. Ifland arrived home Monday evening from Galveston. He reports that his daughter Clara, who is at the hospital, is doing very well.

A play will be given at Prairie Center Friday evening April 18th at 8 p.m., entitled the “Deestrict Skule.” Come prepared to laugh, admission 25 and 15 cents.

Palacios Beacon Supplement, April 11, 1913

Dunbar Dots

Spencer Johnson is at home from school this week enjoying the chicken pox.

Oliver Ifland visited at home Sunday.

J. W Spencer and Mr. Anderson went to Midfield Saturday.

Geo. Johnston and family were guests at the Ifland home Sunday.

The W.C.T.U. met with our president, Mrs. C. Ifland, Thursday. Mrs. R. T. Phillips and daughter of Blessing, sang a beautiful duet, which added to our program. Delicious refreshments were served.

M. M. Johnson is much better of the poison he has on his face.

We had the pleasure of listening to two sermons preached by Rev. Hartseff Sunday.

Mabel and Warren Snedaker entertained a crowd of their young friends last Friday in honor of their birthdays. After the guests had enjoyed several different games, refreshments consisting of strawberries and cake were served.

About fifty friends were present at the home of J. A. Harrison Saturday evening at a reception given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Anderson. They all report a most enjoyable time.
Miss Lorena Ifland was the guest of Miss Maude Marshall from Tuesday until Thursday.

Blessing News, May 16, 1913

Dunbar Dots

C. Morgan cut his oats Monday.

R. A. Snedaker moved his barn from where it was to where it now is.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnson were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Coulman Sunday.

You will all have to walk to cultivate the corn next time as it is beginning to tassel.

Mrs. Will Dannels is enjoying a visit with her sister, Miss Shoemaker of Palacios.

Mr. Ifland and the family and J. W. Spencer called on Prof. Dyer and family Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Foisy has friends visiting him from Palacios. He took them for a joy ride Sunday in his new car.

There will be a balloon ascension at the farmers picnic July 4th. So far no one will promise to go up in the balloon--they say they are afraid they will not land in Texas again.

The Colorado river is the highest it has been since 1906. This makes plenty of water for the rice farmers across the river. The nice rain we had was much needed for our rice and other crops.

The young friends of Moses Surprise gave a surprise party for him Friday evening. Although he had not been invited to the same, he enjoyed the good time and also the ice cream and cake served by Mrs. Surprise.

Blessing News, May 23, 1913

Dunbar Dots

Prof. Dyer made a business trip to Bay City Monday.

Earl Hill with his wife and child moved back to Palacios Friday.

The Misses Lola and Estella Dyer called on Mabel Snedaker Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Jones and family, of Ashby were entertained at the Nail home Sunday.

Miss Lydia May and Rena Bell Bruner spent Sunday afternoon with the Anderson sisters.

C. B. Viets brought out furniture Tuesday from Palacios for their new house.

C. B. Viets and wife called Sunday afternoon at Mr.Galloa's.

Palacios Beacon, May 8, 1914

Dunbar Dots

Velma Shoemaker is visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Dannels.

J. L. Hartwell is among those who are enjoying early sweet corn.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnson visited at the "Idlewilde" farm.

Mrs. G. W. Anderson is expecting her daughter from Colorado.

The W. C. T. U. will meet with Mrs. G. W. Johnston Thursday June 12.

Mr. and Mrs. Burns spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

Miss Ruth Snedaker spent several days this week visiting with Mrs. Hill of Palacios.

Mrs. O. A. Ellis had the misfortune of a window falling upon her hands, which resulted in injuring four fingers.

Mrs. C. L. Ottoway and Mrs. C. W. Morgan left Tuesday for Kansas where they will spend the summer months with relatives.

Blessing News, June 6, 1913

Dunbar Dots

Mr. Ifland and Oliver were calling on friends here the past week.

Lily Smith visited with Marguerite Ellis Sunday.

Minnie Viets entertained her friend Mable Morgan Sunday.

Mrs. C. B. Markham and daughter spent Thursday with Mrs. Dyers.

O. N. Johnson and family were entertained with music on the piano and gramophone at the Lee home Sunday afternoon.

Nathan Ollie and Jack Dannels left the past week for Arkansas, Mr. Ollie's home.

Mr. Wilson and family, Mr. Dannels and family enjoyed a pleasant evening at the Dyer home Tuesday.

The families of S. J. Hill, Bonnett, Roberts, Harris, Jones and Homes McClary were entertained with music on the violin, mandolin and piano.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Morgan and baby were guests at the Snedaker home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of Collegeport spent several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bonnett.

J. W. Spencer's nephew and wife of Pittsburg, Pa., arrived last week, they came by way of New Orleans. Although it rained on them all the way down, they are delighted with the climate.

Having been in the navy for four years, Ray Snedaker is home with his parents for a visit; he stopped over two days at Alta Vista, Kansas, and a week with his sister, Mrs. Smith, at Carthage, Missouri, before arriving.

Palacios Beacon, February 11, 1914

Dunbar Dots

The program for Easter will be given in the evening at 8 p. m.

Mrs. Ellis called on Mrs. Lee Sunday afternoon.

An eleven pound girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Thursday morning.

Claude Nail, wife and baby have moved to Blessing where Claude has purchased the harness and repair shop.

C. B. Viets has purchased an automobile which adds greatly to their convenience and pleasure, living this distance from Palacios.

The Midfield baseball team played Blessing Friday evening winning by a score of 13 to 4. Two of our boys, Walter and Leslie Johnson are in the Midfield team. This same team played Markham winning the game.

The wife of Mr. Woolsey, a young woman, was taken seriously ill Friday and died at midnight Saturday. The remains were take to Blessing and shipped to Nixon where her people reside. She left a husband and one child five years old.

Palacios Beacon, April 1, 1914?

Dunbar Dots

Sunday the 25th is Rev. Yockey's regular appointment here.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson spent Sunday at C. B. Viets.

Prof. Dyer and family visited at Mr. Wilson's Sunday.

Mrs. Morgan and daughters visited with Mrs. Viets Friday.

Ben Hill has been suffering with a bone felon on this hand.

Miss Ruby Sikes is spending the week and Miss Mabel Snedaker.

Mr. Ruie took a load of pears to Palacios Tuesday. He is selling them at $1.25 a bushel at the orchard.

Messrs. O. A. Ellis and O. P. Anderson with their families have moved to their farm.

Loyd Lee visited with Frank Snedaker Sunday.

Mrs. Nora White, of Kingsville, is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hill.

We are having an abundance of rain; too much for the cotton as the worms are injuring it.

During the electrical storm Saturday the lighting struck the telephone wire in front of Mr. Viets residence cutting the wire, burning the phone out and throwing splinters from the pole across the road.

Messrs. Luther and Earl Hill and their wives visited their father Sunday returning Monday.

Miss Flora Markham has been employed as teacher for the primary grades at Prairie Center and Miss Winnifred Harrison teacher in the Ohio Colony.

Palacios Beacon, August 21, 1914

Dunbar Dots

Mesdames Wilson and Nail spent Wednesday with Mrs. Viets.

R. A. Snedaker was a Bay City visitor Wednesday and Thursday.

All those owning hay balers in this locality are busy these days.

Claud Nail and wife visited over Sunday with home folks.

The young folks of Gideons Band met with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson Wednesday evening to practice singing.

J. A. Harrison was around Wednesday collecting telephone dues. His wife accompanied him, and they spent the afternoon at C. W. Morgan's.

S. A. Nail and family expect to leave this week for Liverpool where Mr. Nail has taken a large contract for bailing hay. Owing to their leaving a few of their many friends did them homage. Saturday evening Prof. Dyer and family ate ice cream with them; Sunday evening the families of Geo. W. Johnson, C. B. Viets, R. J. Hill, of Palacios, and Frank and Mabel Snedaker; Monday evening J. E. Raulerson's and Mr. Wilson's.

Palacios Beacon, June 26, 1914

Dunbar Dots

O. P. Anderson left last Wednesday for Kansas

O. A. Ellis doing the carpentry work on the S. J. Hill's house.

There were quite a number of young people out to services Sunday evening.

Prof. Dyer and family were entertained at the Wilson home Sunday.

The school board held a business meeting at R. A. Snedaker's Saturday evening.

The Rev. Alkirk and family visited from Saturday until Tuesday with the members.

Mesdames Johnson, _____ and Fleming spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. C. W. Morgan.

Mr. and Mrs. Acres, from Caranchua were in the neighborhood and called at R. A. Snedaker's Monday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Murchison, who reside west of Palacios, called at C. W. Morgan's Monday.

George Hill and family have moved to Citrus Grove where they will reside for a while.

C. A. Anderson and wife left September 23 for Oklahoma. We are sorry to have them move so far away.

Grandma Anderson and her three grandsons and Walter Johnston were entertained at the Lee home Sunday.

J. W. Spencer returned home Wednesday after spending five months with relatives and friends, most of the time in Ohio.

C. B. Viets and family returned home Saturday evening after spending a week with S. A. Nail. They heard Rev. Russell at Houston Sunday afternoon, also visited Galveston. They report pears selling at 50c a bushel in that locality.

Palacios Beacon Supplement, Friday, October 2, 1914

Dunbar Dots

Mr. Ifland and Oliver were calling on friends here the past week.

Lilly Smith visited with Marguerite Ellis Sunday.

Minnie Viets entertained her friend Mable Morgan Sunday.

Mrs. C. B. Markham and daughter spent Thursday with Mrs. Dyers.

O. N. Johnson and family were entertained with music on the piano and graphaphone at the Lee home Sunday afternoon.

Nathan Ollie and Jack Dannels left the past week for Arkansas, Mr. Ollie's home.

Mr. Wilson and family, Mr. Dannels and family enjoyed a pleasant evening at the Dyer home Tuesday.

The families of S. J. Hill, Bonnett, Roberts, Harris, Jones and Homes McClary were entertained with music on the violin, mandolin and piano.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Morgan and baby were guests at the Snedaker home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of Collegeport spent several days with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bonnett.

J. W. Spencer's nephew and wife of Pittsburg, Pa. arrived last week. They came by way of New Orleans. Although it rained on them all the way down they are delighted with the climate.

Having been in the navy for four years, Ray Snedaker is home with his parents for a visit; he stopped over two days at Alta Vista, Kansas, and a week with his sister Mrs. Smith at Carthage Missouri, before arriving.

Palacios Beacon, December 11, 1914.

Dunbar Dots

A fine rain which was much needed fell here Sunday.

Jim Dyer is helping make hay over in the Ohio Colony.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan spent Monday evening with R. E. Jones and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Roacher spent Sunday evening at the Snedaker home.

Mrs. Chas. Bump and children visited with Mrs. C. W. Morgan Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnson were business callers at Palacios Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson were afternoon callers at Mr. Bonnets Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Viets and Mrs. Luther Hill made a business trip to Collegeport Thursday.

Mrs. Ed Johnson entertained her nephew and niece and Minnie and Harley Viets Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hill attended the services and picnic dinner at Ashby Sunday.

Ellen and Gladys Brown, Helen and Leona Lee were guests of Mable Morgan Sunday.

Misses Bessie Hill and Mabel Snedaker were among those who received certificates from the late teachers examination.

Among those who went to Bay City as jurors this week were C. L. Ottoway, C. B. Viets and R. A. Snedaker.

P. D. Sanders and wife, Luther Hill and wife, and Mrs. Earl Hill attended services at Hawley Sunday and partook of their dinner under the trees.

Mr. J. A. Harrison and Miss Mary Downer have made an exchange sale of property. Mr. Harrison trading his beautiful location on the river with its modern house and other buildings also and artesian well, for town property; we are indeed sorry to lost this good family from our midst. Miss Downer's nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, will move out and reside on her newly acquired property.

Palacios Beacon, June 18, 1915

Dunbar Dots

Master Roy Ottaway was quite sick the first of the week.

Mrs. A. L. Dyer was a Sunday guest at Mrs. Brants'.

Loyd Lee spent Sunday afternoon at the Galloa home.

C. B. Viets purchased a car of cattle while in Houston.

Morris Galloa is suffering with a very painful thumb.

Mr. and Mrs. Roacher were dinner guests at the Morgan home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Brown were guests at Elmer Johnson's Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Viets were callers at the Galloa home Sunday afternoon.

C. L. Ottaway and J. E. Raulerson filled silos the past week.

O. A. Ellis purchased a horse from J. E. Tanner Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bump and three youngest children visited at the Morgan home Monday.

The hum of the threshing machine can be heard at present in the rice fields to the north.

The Misses Winnifred Harrison and Mable Snedaker enjoyed a cup of tea with Mr. and Mrs. Lovering Friday evening.

The Misses Lola and Estella Dyer took dinner Sunday with Zelpha Shoemaker, and afterwards spent the evening with Mrs. Law of Blessing.

Mr. Carnish of Liverpool, an applicant for the school, was entertained from Thursday until Sunday at C. B. Viets'.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Snedaker and daughter and Miss Harrison and Mr. Dean were callers Sunday afternoon at Paul Johnson's.

The Misses Lily Smith and Mable Snedaker left Monday afternoon over the Brownsville to spend the winter with relatives a Carthage, Mo.

Palacios Beacon, September 3, 1915

Dunbar Dots

Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClara spent Sunday night with home folks.

Mesdames E. L. Johnson and C. W. Morgan were shopping in Palacios Tuesday.

C. E. Viets and family visited friends in Palacios Sunday.

Miss Mary Jane Hill spent the week end with home folks.

J. E. Raulerson and family were entertained at the Merck home Sunday.

C. B. Viets has leased several acres of rice land for fall pasturage including fine straw stacks.

The social gathering at C. W. Morgan's last Friday night was well attended.

Palacios Beacon October 19, 1915

News From Dunbar

Mrs. A. L. Dyer has been quite sick recently.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Snedaker were visitors Sunday at M. M. Johnson's.

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. White were entertained at the Morgan home Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. P. Burns were Monday visitors at R. A. Snedaker's.

Jim Dyer spent Friday night with Hayward Ellis and attended the Blessing Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Johnson were both quite sick Friday night the result of eating some oysters which proved to be bad.

Roy Ottaway had the stitches removed Saturday from the cut on his chin caused by a fall from a bicycle a week ago.

Mrs. C. W. Morgan is quite ill with tonsillitis. The doctor was called Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther Hill visited relatives in Palacios Sunday evening, returning Monday.

Will Lemon of El Campo attended the Blessing fair and visited Saturday and Sunday with C. W. Morgan and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Bonnett were visitors at S. J. Hill's Sunday.

R. A. Snedaker left Tuesday on a business trip to Northeastern Oklahoma.

Chas. I. Will of Dixon, Ill., arrived Saturday for a visit with his cousin, Mrs. M. M. Johnson.

The family physician was summoned the Dunbar home Monday morning on account of the illness of Mrs. D. W. Dunbar, who was removed to Palacios where he would be nearer medical aid.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, November 12, 1915

Dunbar Locals
Too late for Friday's issue.

Mrs. Gallva is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee spent Sunday evening at S. J. Hill's.

The Misses Mercks of Collegeport visited Sunday with Thelma Paulson.

Mrs. Ramie and daughter have been visiting with Mrs. Wilson the past week.

Miss Zepha Shoemaker was entertained by the Misses Dyer, Thanksgiving.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnson visited Sunday afternoon at the Snedaker home.

Mrs. Lee and Grandma Anderson visited at the McClellon home Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Roberts of Collegeport ate Thanksgiving dinner with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Bonnett.

Any one wishing to buy thrifty shoats three months old inquire of R. A. Snedaker.

The Rev. Goodenough filled his first appointment here Sunday and made a favorable impression.

The young people from this side of the river attended the entertainment given by the Ashby school Thanksgiving night. It was a good program.

J. W. Spencer, Elmer Johnson and family and Mr. Wimmer and family near Blessing were pleasantly entertained at the Ifland home Thanksgiving.

Homer McClary is moving onto the Ihenberg farm and Frank Harris and wife have moved on Mr. Roache's farm.

Mr. Griffin received a telegram stating that his wife had pneumonia and left Sunday morning for Hillsboro, Texas. H. C. Lewis, a graduate of Baylor University, is teaching during Mr. Griffin's absence.

S. J. Hill's three married sons, Earl, Luther  and George, with their families and C. A. Sanders and wife of Palacios all enjoyed a visit and dinner Sunday at the beautiful home of their father.

Mr. Rauleson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Mr. and Mrs. Pool of Palacios were royally entertained at the Stallard home Thanksgiving. The menu was all that could be asked, and from the way the repast was enjoyed they must have been whetting their appetites for some days past.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, December 17, 1915



Thursday the Lend-a-Hand Club met with Mrs. White. Nearly all the members were present. After the business meeting we enjoyed a song sung by Mesdames Ellis, Bland and Earl Hill. Mrs. Earl Hill gave a reading. The hostess served a dainty lunch. Adjourned to meet with Mrs. Bonnett April 26.


Our ball boys won the game Saturday. They played Blessing.


Mr. and Mrs. Bonnet are preparing to move on their farm near Collegeport soon. We hate to lose these good people but are glad they are going no farther away.


E. I. Johnson and family ate a sumptuous dinner at Mr. Hogg's Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. John White spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. Dannels.


Mrs. M. M. Johnson was making calls here Monday.


Wanted--a good old soaking rain.


Mr. Viets has his car at the hospital and says it will soon be able to come home.


Merl Viets has got the habit and is nursing a case of whooping cough.


We all took in the penny supper at the schoolhouse Friday evening. A neat sum was realized. The play given by Miss Schley and seven young ladies was simply great and we are still laughing. The teachers and pupils are preparing a program for the last day.


Rev. Goodenough preached an interesting and instructive sermon to a good crowd Sunday.


Carl James has been quite sick. We are glad to report him better.


Mrs. Harrison and daughter were out from Palacios visiting her son George.


Palacios Beacon, April 20, 1917  

Dunbar Items

The appraisers for the Farm Loan Association, E. I. Johnson, J. W. Spencer and S. J. Hill, were appraising land at Collegeport and other points Thursday and Friday.

Rev. Fleer delivered a delightful sermon at the Dunbar church Sunday.

Miss Minnie Viets visited at the Ellis home in Blessing Saturday and Sunday.

E. N. Hawes sprained his arm rather badly last week cranking a car.

A meeting was held Monday night to organize a county Cotton Growers Association. It was decided to request further information. The meeting was fairly well attended.

C. B. Viets and family visited at the Sherman home in Palacios Sunday.

The school teachers, Misses Emma Schaedel and Estelle Dyer, visited with home folk Saturday and Sunday.

Palacios Beacon, February 28, 1919


Mrs. Elmer Johnson is on the sick list.

Moving seems to be the order of the day.

Gilbert Armstrong and Iva Bolling were married Nov. 5.

John Rockenbaugh and Bessie Lamburger were happily married last Tuesday, Nov. 9.

Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Foraker are leaving Dunbar for Ohio Colony. We wish them much success.

Joe Jenkins and Lee Russell are moving back to Dunbar and will soon be tilling black soil for another year.

Ben Hill and family have moved from Dunbar and are now located in Bee county. We have to see good people leave.

Cotton picking is almost a thing of the past in this section of the county, and since the price dropped so low, we are rather glad there is no more picking until another year.

Mrs. Ann Turner of Houston visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jenkins Tuesday.

Palacios Beacon, November 19, 1920


Little Clodie Russell has chicken pox.

The hoot owls have been keeping us awake at night.

The young folks had an enjoyable time last Saturday at the home of Joe Jenkins.

Mr. and Mrs. Logan visited Mr. Rockenbaugh, Sr., and bought two fine milk cows.

Mr. Gene Hall of Blessing visited his sister, Mrs. Mildred Johnson, one day last week.

The young folks had quite a nice dance at the home of Geo. Harrison last Saturday night.

And still we are having lots of rain. That means plenty of rest, but we are anxious to get to plowing.

The road grader is close by and we are in hope that we will get our new mail route now very soon.--from Blessing to Dunbar.

Palacios Beacon, December 3, 1920


Mrs. Fox is sick with a cold.

Mrs. Withers and Miss Fox called on Mrs. Swinford last week.

Miss Clara and Irma Schley of Palacios visited their sister, Mrs. Boyette Thursday of last week.

Helen Danielson is able to go to school again after a week’s absence on account of chicken pox.

They are talking of organizing a Sunday school at the Illinois schoolhouse and also having a community Christmas tree.

Mr. Tweedle and family started in their car Tuesday morning on a visit around San Antonio and Temple, Tex. They expect to be gone a month or two.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyette had a narrow escape from serious injury least Thursday while returning from Midfield in their car. Two huge Brahmas jumped over a fence and ran into their car, damaging it so badly that they have to leave it and get a farmer to bring them home.

Palacios Beacon, December 10, 1920


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