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Bowie Family Photos

Courtesy of Katherine Hill

Frances Sophia
Milhous Bowie

15 Sep 1826 - 26 Jun 1899

Wife of
George John Bowie

Buried at Bowie Cemetery
Cedar Lane, Texas



Richard T. "Dick" Chinn

1857 - 1929

Buried at Cedarvale Cemetery,
Bay City, Texas

Half-brother of
Louisiana Thompson Bowie



Louisiana Thompson Bowie

1848 - 1933

Wife of Harris Bowie

Buried at Cedarvale Cemetery,
Bay City, Texas




Bible of Laura Frances Bowie White
Typed by Faye Cunningham


First printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society Periodical, Oak Leaves, Vol. 7 #4, August 1988


Children of George J. and Frances S. Bowie

George J. Milhouse Bowie born Jan. 23, 1844

Harris Walker Bowie   born Oct. 7, 1845

Sarah Rebecca Bowie born May 1844

Laura Frances Bowie born Nov. 15, 1848

Mary Jane Bowie born Feb. 7, 1857

Anna Milhouse Bowie born May 28, 1853

Freeman King Bowie born Oct. 25, 1855

Philip Milhouse Bowie born April 19, 1859


Father of Mrs. Frances S. Bowie, Philip Milhouse, son of Daniel and Frances Milhouse was born April 23, 1804


Frances Sophia Milhouse, daughter of Philip and Frances Rebecca Milhouse was born the 15th of Sept. 1826


Daniel Edward Milhouse was born Oct. 6, 1831



James K. White and Laura Frances Bowie were married November 15, 1875

Norris G. Pier and Vassar White were married January 23, 1901



George J. Bowie died Sept. 6, 1861 (age 42 years)

Sarah Rebecca Bowie died June 11, 1847

Freeman King Bowie died Feb. 18, 1859 (age 15 months)

Anna Milhouse Bowie died an. 2, 1860 (age 6 years)

George Milhouse Bowie died Jan. 1864 (age 20 years in Matagorda Bay Disaster)

Laura Frances White died Sept. 11, 1891

Frances Sophia Bowie died June 26, 1899

James K. White died Nov. 28, 1915

Infant daughter, Sophie, of Jas. K. and Laura F. White died Sept. 6, 1876

Mary Alma, daughter of Jas. K. and Laura F. White died Dec. 17, 1879, 18 months less one day


These names were added later:

Norris Gault Pier died June 5, 1940

Vasser White Pier died Feb. 5, 1957

Emmy Lou Pier Jenkins died Jan. 18, 1960

Laura Frances Pier died Aug. 17, 1968

Norris Gault Pier, Jr. died April 19, 1985

Adolphe Bowie Pier died Feb. 21, 1988 (buried Veteran's Cemetery, Portland Oregon)


Children of George J. Bowie and Frances Sophie Bowie

George J. Bowie was either drowned or froze to death along with 21 other young men in Matagorda Bay during the War Between the States. They were attempting to defend the peninsula from the enemy. He is buried with his companions in a common grave in Matagorda Cemetery.


Harris Walker Bowie married Mary Louisiana Thompson. He was Matagorda County Commissioner in 1895. He and his wife are buried in Cedarvale Cemetery, Bay City.


Laura Frances married James K. White. They had two children, Vasser and James Bowie White.


Mary Jane "Mamie" married Green Cameron Duncan. They lived at Egypt in Wharton County. They were the parents of five children, one girl and  four boys.


Philip Milhouse Bowie married Hubert Weisiger, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Weisiger of Brazoria. She died in childbirth June 2, 1890. Their son, Hubert W. Bowie was raised by his Grandmother Bowie


Contributed by Nantie Lee and printed in Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves Aug 1988 - Vol. 7 #4

Bowie - White Family Bible                   
Bowie Family Cemetery

Marker photos courtesy of Betty Crosby


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