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Family of
Joshua Fisher and Amanda Dinsmore Baxter Fisher

By Villa Mae Williams


Louisa, Joshua, Daisy, Amanda and Demis Fisher

Joshua Fisher was not among the earliest settlers in Matagorda County. His name does not appear in the 1860 census of Matagorda County, but he married there on May 30, 1861, to Amanda Dinsmore Baxter, who was from a pioneer family.

They were married at the home of her father, William Baxter, Sr., by Joseph Yeamans, a minister of the Gospel, and kinsman of the bride. Their marriage record is listed in Volume A., page 88, Marriage Records of Matagorda County. The Baxter family came to Matagorda County from New York State in 1829 as part of the group that traveled with Elias Wightman.

According to his application for a Civil War Pension, Joshua Fisher was born in Lincoln County, Missouri, in 1834. He was the son of Benjamin Fisher and Luiza Jones Fisher of St. Charles County, who, according to that county's records were married on August 31, 1828. Benjamin Fisher's father was also named Joshua, but his mother's name was unknown. The Joshua Fisher of St. Genevieve and later Charles County, Missouri, grandfather of the Joshua who came to Texas, was married secondly to a Mrs. Martha Donovan on November 11, 1811. He died in 1823 leaving his widow, Martha, and several children surviving him, including Benjamin. No further records were found concerning Benjamin Fisher. Family tradition states that the Elder Joshua came to Missouri with Daniel Boone. According to family history, Luiza died leaving Joshua and several other children, and Benjamin married second Elizabeth Isele (Ezell) on August 23, 1835, when Joshua was about one year old. In 1850 Benjamin Elizabeth Fisher were in Pike County, Illinois, located just up the Mississippi River from St. Charles County with 14-year-old Joshua in the family group.

Joshua and Amanda Dinsmore Baxter Fisher were the parents of eight children:
Joshua Sydney was born on April 5, 1862, and married Sally Smith
Ulysses Simpson Grant was born on June 28, 1866, and married first Laura Lorena Eidlebach, and second Mary Ann "Mollie" Smith
James Henry was born on July 21, 1872, and married Tennie Fisher
Mary Ada was born on November 21, 1875, and married first Mr. Brawley and second J. B. Delk
Demis Ester Everline (or Elizabeth) was born on March 31, 1877, and married R. E. Mangum
Lillie was born on July 13, 1879, and married first Mr. Lee and second G. B. Adams
Daisy Jane was born on February 22, 1885 and married Will Jeter
Benjamin, probably the second child, died in infancy

Joshua was a rancher and farmer. He died on June 30, 1905, and was buried in Cedarvale Cemetery, Bay City. Amanda Dinsmore Baxter Fisher was born on November 12, 1843, and died on July 24, 1924. She was buried beside her husband, Joshua.

Ulysses Simpson Grant "Grant" Fisher had seven children by his first wife Laura, who was the daughter of Henry and Maria Louisa Franz Eidlebach. Laura Fisher died on January 28, 1928, and was survived by her husband and six of her children, the seventh having died in infancy in 1903. The seven surviving children were:
Katie Mae, born on November 29, 1894, and married Thomas Baker Morehead. They where the parents of Villa Mae Williams.
Willie Henry was born on May 27, 1897, and his wife was named Ann.
Revia Everline was born on July 25, 1899 and married first Fred Smith of Bay City and second H. J. Fritsche of LaGrange.
Wilburn Louis was born on October 15, 1901 and married Maud Stiles.
Mamie Louise was born on October 13, 1904, and married Middleton Dunn Morehead.
Lillie Lee was born on December 24, 1906, and married first Harrison Alexander Morehead of Bay City and second O. B. Tarver of Angleton.

Ulysses Simpson Grant Fisher had several children by his second marriage to Mary Ann Smith, who was the daughter of David Erasmus Smith and his second wife, Sarah Sneed, widow of Asa D. Yeamans. Those children were Vestal, Marvin, Raymond, Boyd, Vivian, Margaret Jane and Vennie.

Historic Matagorda County, Volume II, pages 157-158

Daughters of Joshua & Amanda Fisher
Daisy, Laura Lorena


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