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Sul-Ross Harrington Family



Sul-Ross Harrington Family

Sul-Ross Harrington was born in College Station, Texas, on October 19, 1893, and died on January 17, 1949, in Bay City, Texas. He was the first-born son of Dr. Henry Hill Harrington and Florine Ross. His maternal grandparents were Elizabeth Tinsley and Lawrence Sullivan Ross. Miss Tinsley’s parents were owners of a rather large plantation, and Dr. Tinsley was a prominent physician in Waco, Texas, throughout the mid-nineteenth century. Lawrence Sullivan Ross, famed Texas Ranger captain, Confederate Army general, sheriff of McLennan County, State Senator, fourteenth Governor of Texas, and later president of Texas A & M College, was born in Bentonsport, Iowa Territory, on September 27, 1838, to Shapley Ross and his wife Catherine Fulkerson. The Ross family traveled to Texas in 1839, with the promise of large land grants for farming. They settled in a village which is now Waco. Shapley Ross settled permanently in that community, becoming a noted Indian fighter, operator of the only ferry across the Brazos River, and owner of a moderately large farm. He died about 1890, being preceded in death by his wife.


Dr. Henry Hill Harrington was a professor of Chemistry at A & M while his future father-in-law, Lawrence Sullivan Ross, was president of that institution. During much of the early years of Sul-Ross Harrington’s education, his father served the University as a Professor and later as President. At the turn of the century, Dr. Harrington took a two-year sabbatical to study in Germany. This provided the young Sul-Ross with an opportunity to experience early education by European tutors. The Harringtons moved to Fort Worth, where Dr. Harrington was a consulting engineer for the State, and Sul-Ross received his high school education in that city. Shortly after high school, Dr. Harrington was appointed to the Board of Control in Austin, where Sul-Ross attended The University of Texas having returned home after a tour of duty as an Army Lieutenant in World War I. During that period, Sul-Ross met Thelma Chancellor, the secretary of a State Senator. After a lengthy courtship, they were married in August of 1925. Thelma Chancellor, who was the daughter of Charles and Georgianna Chancellor, was born on July 18, 1898, in Dublin, Texas, where her father supported the family as a carpenter. The Chancellor family moved to Austin when Thelma was four or five years old. Her father died in Mercedes, Texas, in 1938 and her mother died in Bay City in March of 1963.


After their marriage in the University Methodist Church in Austin, the Sul-Ross Harringtons moved to Bay City, and, for several years, lived in the old Robbins home. In June, 1933, they moved to 1709 Third Street, shortly before the birth of their only child, Sul-Ross Harrington, Jr. The couple was both socially and civic minded. Harrington was a court reporter for the Twenty-Third District Court for 25 years. He was an active Mason, Shriner, Knight Templar, co-founder of the Bay City Chapter of the Demolay, a member of the Board of Stewards of the Methodist Church, and a charter member of the Wesley Class. He was also a member of the Lions Club, American Legion, and the Bay City Booster Club. Shortly after his death, Mr. Harrington was honored with a Congressional Proclamation noting his personal and professional contributions.


Thelma Harrington was a secretary for owners of the rice dryers and later for the County Judge of Matagorda County. Thelma participated in Eastern Star, the Red Cross, and several social clubs. After her husband’s death, she served as County Juvenile Officer for twenty-seven years, until her retirement in 1976.


Dr. Sul-Ross Harrington, Jr. graduated from Bay City High School in 1951. After earning his PhD he had a private practice as a clinical psychologist in Houston, Texas, and resided in Katy and Bay City. He married Donna Jean Connally of San Antonio, and they had one child, Thomas Gregory Waters Harrington. Mrs. Harrington taught in the Katy Independent School District and was a principal in the Bay City Independent School District. Dr. Harrington, a member of psychological associations at the state, regional, national and local levels, was a Fellow and Diplomat in the American of Behavioral Medicine, and was named in Who’s Who in the Southwest.


Henry Hill (1859-1939)  and Florine Ross (1870-1945) Harrington, Sul-Ross (1893-1949) and Thelma Chancellor (1898-1987) Harrington, Georgianna Chancellor (1874-1963) and Sul-Ross Harrington, Jr. (1933-1995) are all buried at Cedarvale Cemetery.


Sul-Ross Harrington, Jr.                                                 Historic Matagorda County Volume II

         Sul-Ross Harrington, Thelma Chancellor Harrington& Sul-Ross Harrington, Jr.

Henry Hill Harrington

1859 - 1939

Florine Ross Harrington

1870 - 1945

Sul-Ross Harrington

1893 - 1949

Thelma C. Harrington

1898 - 1987

Sul-Ros Harrington, Jr.

1933 - 1995

Georgianna Chancellor

1974 - 1963

Guy Chancellor

1905 - 1943


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