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Original Hawkins Family Home
Hawkinsville, Matagorda County, Texas
Built of cypress in the 1840s with hand-hewn foundation timbers, wooden pegs and square nails.

Pictures taken in 2009.

Unfortunately vandals have removed most of the inside wall boards and well as all of the bricks from the chimney and fireplace through the years. Though unfortunate, the construction techniques are more apparent without the inside walls intact.

Brick foundations underneath the house

Floor boards underneath the house

Downstairs wall


Downstairs wall


Front entrance from

Downstairs wall
with inside wall
boards missing

Front parlor with extra
posts for support



Side of stairs showing

Upstairs room


Upstairs room with
supporting walls
without interior boards

Upstairs room


Upstairs room


Rafters and roof
from inside

Upstairs room


Upstairs room
looking out
over cemetery


Upstairs porch
entrance from inside


Looking down into
the parlor from

Rafters and roof
from inside


Inside wall boards
still intact


Exterior Pictures of the Plantation House

Hawkins Family

Hawkins Family Cemetery

Rugeley-Hawkins Family Cemetery


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