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William Walter "Pudge" Heffelfinger

First Professional Football Player




Pudge Heffelfinger


Thomas Lee "Bum" McClung
March 26, 1870-December 19, 1914

Pudge Heffelfinger Football Card



Pudge Heffelfinger Card



Pudge Heffelfinger Card




An Old-Timer Gives Grid Hints

NEW HAVEN, CONN.--Yale's "Iron Man," Four-Letter Winner and claimed to be the greatest of All-Americans, W. W. Heffelfinger, of Minneapolis, Minn., gives the Blues Captain, _____ Walker, a few hints on why no one was able to put him on his back when he played guard for Yale in the late 1880s. Heffelfinger, who was three-time All-American, also starred in baseball, track, field and crew.

October 24, 1945


W. W. "Pudge" Heffelfinger, 65-year-old Minneapolis, Minn., business man, photographed recently as he played in an alumni game between two Minneapolis high schools. Heffelfinger knew all the tricks but there's a reason. He is an All-Time All-American guard, and won that title when he played at Yale. After the recent game Heffelfinger decided that he was too old for another one.



Amos Alonzo Stagg (left), Grand Old Man of football, grins up at his old Yale teammate William Walter "Pudge Heffelfinger, as they met at the railroad station here Dec. 19 [1946]. Stagg arrived to send his College of Pacific team (last he will coach them) against North Texas State College in the Optimist Bowl Dec. 21.



Walter W. "Pudge" Heffelfinger, the famous All-American guard of the 1888 Yale university eleven, celebrates his 82nd birthday in a hospital here. Heffelfinger is recovering from an operation. He said he hopes to spend the holiday season on his ranch near Blessing, Texas.



<---(ADVANCE FOR PM OF THURS., APRIL WITH ALL-TIME ALL AMERICA STORY) (NY14-April 4) FAVORED GUARD ON DREAM TEAM--Pudge Heffelfinger (above), indestructible Yale guard from 1888 through 1891, has been selected by the nation's football experts as a guard on the all-time All America eleven for Hall of Fame consideration. He polled 559 votes to lead 68 guard candidates as his nearest contender polled but 253. He is shown at left while at Yale in 1890, top right as he visited in California one year ago and bottom right as he prepared to participate in a charity grid game in 1933. 51


Playing football at 6[4?]  W. W. "Pudge" Heffelfinger, Yale Football Star in late 80's playing charity game.



William Walter "Pudge" Heffelfinger, Yale University All America football player of the 1880's, died today at his home in Blessing, Tex. 4-2-1954