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Hubert Family

Photos courtesy of Chris Murat and Hubert Family.

Read the story of how the Huberts "found" Collegeport

Hugo & Hattie Kundinger

More Kundinger Photos

Memories of Mr. Hugo & Miss Hattie

George Hubert, Sr.


Clara Kundinger Hubert

Clara in front
of the possible
first Hubert
home in



George Hubert Sr.
and his dogs.

George Jr. and
his mother,
Clara Kundinger
Hubert, in front
of the Hurd House.
(about 1922)




George Jr. by Tres Palacios Bay in 1918

George Jr. (05 Nov 1910 - 13 Jun 1992)
Picture believed to be Collegeport about 1920

Ruth Hubert
and her lamb,
Mopsy, at the
Hurd house.


George Jr.,
Ruth Hubert,
a friend at the wheel
and George Hubert Sr.
at the Hurd House
about 1919.

George Hubert Jr.

Collegeport, Texas

Easter, April 1918

In the front yard
of the Hurd house.

Theo Smith home in
upper right.

Collegeport Pavillion
to the right of
George's head.


Sailing on the bay.



George Jr. sailing
on Tres Palacios Bay.

George Hubert Jr. probably near
White Oak Bayou in Houston, 1923.

In 1923 it became evident to
George Sr. and Clara that
they needed to leave Collegeport
and return to Chicago to try
to make a living.

About the time they reached
Nacogdoches, Clara became ill;
she and George Sr. determined
there would be better
care for her illness in Houston.

They set up a tent in Herman Park.
George Sr. sent George Jr.
out to find a hammer. It was time
to begin making furniture.

George Sr. opened a furniture
store in Houston.



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Aug. 10, 2011
Aug. 10, 2011